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They landed on the hill above the city. It was silent - Hiccup found the lack of theme music eerie. They dismounted their dragons, and stood on the hill, the long grass swaying around their ankles and the tough wind rustling their hair into knots.

The hill was almost deserted, expect for a pile of rocks further up on the crest of the slope. Apart from that, there was simply tall grass, overlooking the city of Tomorrow. The city swept over the island and Hiccup felt himself give a little sigh.

He knew that Berk could never look like that.

"Isn't it beautiful?" sighed Camicazi, who had appeared next to him out of nowhere.

"It's nothing compared to Berk," said Astrid defensively.

"It is beautiful," said Hiccup, surprising himself. It was beautiful - wooden buildings and smoke and glittering rooftops - that it made his heart almost wish that Berk could look like that.

"Ummm... not to interrupt, but aren't we meant to be looking for Hiccup?" pointed out Fishlegs. "I mean, the view's great and all, but -"

"You're right - search first, talk later," snapped Camicazi. She stood up straight, her eyes flashing. "Right. Hiccup was last seen here, before he left on his quest six months ago. We're searching for clues - anything. Anything that will help us to find where in all of Thor's old fishing nets he could have gone."

"But seriously - what are we meant to be looking for?" demanded Astrid, hands on hips.

"Anything," ejaculated Camicazi, with a nod. "Bet I find it first - you can't stop a Bog-Burglar from finding clues, after all!"

But she said it quite half-heartedly.

With a sigh, the group dispersed and began to search the hill. To be truthful, it wasn't a very exciting hill. It was tall, and covered in grass, but there wasn't much else.

Hiccup headed over to the pile of rocks. It wasn't until he had passed the first rock that he realised that it wasn't just a pile of rocks -

It was ruins.

"Um... Camicazi?"

She appeared at his side in a second, faster than a silver phantom. "What? What did you find?"

"Nothing - but aren't these ruins?"

"Yes." She nodded, almost irritably. "This is where Hiccup was crowned, three years ago."

Hiccup stood tall, almost in awe of the place. As Camicazi disappeared back to searching through the grass, he wandered through the fallen rocks and imagined if he had been crowned in such a place as this - on a tall hill overlooking his future kingdom.

Instead, he had been made king on the edge of a lake as he mourned his father.

This Book Hiccup seemed to have a much nicer life, that's for sure.

Just as he was in the middle of thinking these sorrowing thoughts, he turned a corner around the ruins and spotted, out of the corner of his eye, something glimmering.

A glint and a bright dazzling light caught his vision.

He hurried towards it. Inbetween two rocks, wedged in between what had once been a wall and what had once been the ceiling, there was a glimmer of red light.

Hiccup stuck his hand into the gap. It was small, and it was tough, but after a little jiggling he pulled out a small, red stone.

Except it wasn't a stone. It was a piece of sap. Inside, there lay a little dragon, looking like it was asleep.

Hibernation, Hiccup whispered to himself.



"The King's Jewel!" Camicazi breathed.

"... The what?" demanded Astrid.

"The King's Jewel. Don't you know what that is?"

"Camicazi, we've only been in this land for what, 24 hours? How on earth are we meant to know what this king's jewel thing is?" Hiccup burst out.

"But - it's one of the King's Lost Things," explained Camicazi.

Then, at their blank looks: "You don't know what the Lost Things are?"

"Look, can we just agree that they don't, Camicazi? Stop being so overdramatic," said Fishlegs, expressing Hiccup and Astrid's feelings perfectly.

"Sorry, can't help it," grinned Camicazi, twirling the Jewel around in her fingers. "The King's Lost Things are basically Ten Things that the King Lost."

"By King, I can only assume you mean Hiccup?" said Astrid.

"No, no no," said Camicazi, shaking her head. "This was a king that was ages and ages before Hiccup. He said that only his true heir would be able to find all of his Lost Things. He lost them (on purpose, probably, knowing him), and then had to go and die. There was no more King of the Wilderwest - at least until Hiccup found all of the Lost Things, that is. Then he was crowned King, and that's that."

"Soooo... this is one of the King's Lost Things, that Hiccup had to find?" asked Hiccup.

"Yep. Though what it's doing out here, I've got no clue."

"It's also exceptionally important and very, very dangerous," said Fishlegs. "Camicazi, for the love of Thor, please please please stop twirling it around like that."

"Sorry, can't help it," came the sing-song voice, as Camicazi balanced the stone on her helmet.

"This Jewel has the power to destroy dragons everywhere," explained Fishlegs. "See that dragon in the amber?"

Hiccup and Astrid nodded.

"That dragon, if released, contains a virus that is sure to wipe out dragons everywhere. It's just one of the burdens of being king. Looking after the King's Jewel."

"So - if the other Hiccup needed to keep this jewel so safe -" began Astrid.

"And he didn't -" added Hiccup.

"Then he must have planted it here, for us to find!" finished Fishlegs. "Of course! This is a clue! Wherever Hiccup is, he left this here to help us look for him!"

Camicazi stood on her helmet, making her only just a little shorter than everyone else, and even more intimidating. "Ladies and gentlemen! We have a quest! Let us work out why Hiccup left us this, and where to go next!"

"I've got a hunch," said Fishlegs.

"Tell us your hunch, Fishlegs." Camicazi placed the jewel on the ground in front of her, and mounted her helmet again.

"I think we need to go where Hiccup found the jewel."

"That is the most obscure hunch I have ever heard," said Camicazi. "There isn't anything there, remember? It would only be a fool's errand, and I say that as the queen of fool's errands. We can't possibly go there."

"I agree," said Astrid, before blushing fiercely at the realisation that she had just agreed with Camicazi.

"I think it's our only choice," said Hiccup. "I mean, does anyone else have any other ideas?"

There was an awkward silence.

"Thank you, Hiccup, for your support," said Fishlegs. "All in favour, raise your hand."

Hiccup's hand rose slowly, after Fishlegs' hand had shot up.

Camicazi shrugged and said, "Why not, I suppose? Whoever heard of a Bog-Burglar turning down a challenge!" She raised her hand.

They all looked at Astrid.

She sighed, before raising her hand with a shrug and a "I guess there's no other option."

"Great!" said Camicazi.

"Right!" said Fishlegs.

"Let's go where Hiccup found the jewel, then," said Camicazi.

"And where is that?"

Fishlegs and Camicazi looked at each other.

"Well, there were kind of two places," explained Camicazi. "There was right here, in Fishlegs' lobster necklace."

Fishlegs nodded for clarification.

"And the other place was a dark, dank, and terrible place."


"It was loud and awful and stunk terribly, and some of my worst days were spent there, as a slave smuggler."


"It is the -"

"The Amber Slavelands," interrupted Fishlegs. "It's not a very nice place, but it's mostly in ruins now. However, I think it's our best shot."

"We might as well try it then," said Hiccup.

"Well, let's be off," said Astrid.

And so, the four of them mounted Toothless and the large three-headed dragon, and took off into the morning sky, leaving the isle of Tomorrow for tomorrow.

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