Chapter 2 Kiss my badge!

Judy was angry as she walked into the bullpen several minutes after Nick had already arrived. She was angry at herself for agreeing to this stupid bet between her and Nick, was angry at Nick for even promoting it, and angry at Clawhauser for being the instigator of it all.

Though she was still mostly angry at Nick. She stormed into the room allowing the door to slam behind her. Several of her coworkers made way for her as she marched over to her regular seat to prepare for their morning assignments.

She stopped before her chair, glaring angrily up at the smirking fox who occupied half of it.

"You're in your own chair today, Wilde. Move it!"

"My, my, aren't we a bit emotional today Carrots?"

"!" Judy hissed as her foot began rapidly tapping the carpet.

Once again the door slammed open, this time the massive form of Chief Bogo taking up the entire frame.

"Alright everyone, find your seats. Let's get started."

Nearly all the officers moved to their respected chairs. All except for one.

"Hopps, do you not understand what find your seat means?"

Judy was about to open her mouth to explain, but the glare from the water buffalo silenced her. She angrily hopped onto the chair, purposefully jabbing her partner with her elbow as she sat down.

Bogo proceeded with the assignments for the day, most of them quite boring to be honest. When he finally reached the two shortest officers, he spoke the words most dreaded by both of them.

"Parking Duty."

With a loud, 'Dismissed', Bogo walked out of the bullpen, leaving the bunny and the fox as the only two mammals left in the room.

Judy turned and glared at Nick. "Look what you did, we got parking duty now because you!"

"Why Carrots, I have done absolutely nothing wrong." He was grinning at her. "If anything, we got parking duty because you weren't in your seat on time."

He tussled her ears as he hopped off the chair and began walking towards the door.

"Are you coming, Fluff?" Nick shouted over his shoulder as he opened the door to leave. He took one step before he felt a paw jabbing him in his stomach. Looking down, he saw Judy glaring at him.

"How did you get here so fast, Carrots?" Nick asked, as he had only opened the door a second before and could have sworn he hadn't heard her leave the seat yet.

"I have my ways, Nick." She jabbed him in his stomach again as he reached down to rub it.

"You're going to bruise me if you keep doing that. I'll have to file assault charges on you if you don't cease and desist."

Judy was fuming, yet he still had that smirk plastered on his face.

"Look, Nick," she began, poking him again for good measure. "Even with this bet we have, I don't want you pulling any of your stunts while we are at work. It could cost us our partnership if you try anything stupid."

"I don't do anything that is stupid," Nick laughed, placing a paw over his chest in mock hurt. "I'd have you know that I am by far, the smartest animal in the room."

"That isn't hard considering since I'm standing out here, you're the only animal in that room." Judy retorted with a grin of her own.

"Touche Carrots." Nick bowed elegantly before Judy, leaning his head up so he could watch her reaction. The rabbit rolled her eyes, mumbling something along the lines of stupid fox.

"You know you love me," he laughed as he opened the door further and gently slid himself past the rabbit obstacle.

"Don't push it, Nick!"

"I would never dream of doing that," he said. "I value you way too much to put your job in any jeopardy." He began walking away. "Plus, who else would I be able to annoy if you weren't around."

He waved a shiny metal object in the air, the gold glistening in the early morning sun. Judy's eyes widened as she looked down, only to see her badge missing from the kevlar covering her chest.

"Hey!" she yelled, sprinting after the fox who had just turned the corner of the hallway. She dashed around the turn, only to barely stop before running into Nick who was waiting just around the corner.

She managed to stop barely in front of his head which was lowered to her level. He leaned forward and gave her nose a quick kiss as he placed the badge back upon her chest. Her nose twitched and she pulled backwards as Nick laughed and straightened.

"That's number two, Carrots." That sly grin was plastered over his face again as Judy tried wiping at her nose.

"Seriously, Nick?" she rubbed her nose one last time with her arm before glaring at him.

"Serious as blueberry pie," he responded. "Now let's get to parking duty before you run into any more trouble."

Judy glared at the retreating form of the fox. Her nose twitched.

She would get him back for that.

Kiss Count

Nick: 2

AN: Hope you are enjoying these one shots! I'm finding they are quite fun to write so I hope you are enjoying them as well! Again, keep the ideas coming! I have around 20 of the chapters planned out already so expect them to come rapidly as you. Next up, Chapters 3 and 4 written by Blenderguy15! :)