You Don't Know Me

It's easy isn't it?

You look my way but you don't see me.

Standing here in the open surrounded by people I feel alone.

I have lost so much.

My family, my home, my friends.

For existing.

It's senseless.

My home is made of cardboard.

A bridge my only refuge from the skies above.

The weather grows colder, the ratted wool wrapped around me, my only comfort.

My body numb.

So cold…so cold….

Speech becomes difficult, my teeth are chattering.

I need to move, but I lie here.

My spirit spent and my soul forgotten.

My body used.

You judge, I know what you're thinking.

It's in your eyes.

Pity…you don't know.

I once was a prince, a cherished being.

I could climb mountains, walk on water, love unconditionally.

But all that's gone.

I've fallen, I've fallen hard.

My faith gone, my heart broken and my sense of hope shattered.

I was so much more…now I'm so much less.

You took that from me, I let you.

So cold…so cold….

I wait, for what I'm not sure.

I'm tired.

Sleep, sleep is my friend.

My only comfort.

So cold…so cold….

I hear them, the distance.


Echoes of the past mingled with the roaring of the ever present wind.

Is it real?


I can see them listening, watching, waiting.

So cold…so cold….

Time passes and with it the dawning of a new day.

I lay there.

Frozen, an ice capsule, forgotten.

John Doe, the tag reads.

You don't know me.

AN: Found this in one of my journals.