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Xion sighed in content as she and Roxas sat on top of the clock tower in Twilight Town, the two had just finished their respective missions of the day and it was just her and Roxas today, but she didn't mind one bit.

"Xi? I have something to tell you." Roxas turned to look at the fourteenth member of the organization. The raven haired girl, took the last bite of her ice cream as she looked at the stick. "Hm, not a winner. What's up?" The girl looked over at her boyfriend for over a year, noticing his usually bright cerulean eyes were dim. "Is something wrong?" Roxas nodded. "Look Xion, I'm just going to come out and say this, I'm sorry but, I don't think we should be together anymore."

Xion looked taken back, blinking her eyes a few times in shock as she instantly felt a sharp pain in her chest as she tried to swallow the dry lump in her throat. "O-Ok.. Uhm.. What brought you this on? Did I do something wrong?" She whispered. "No Xi, it's not you, I've just, I've just met someone else and I feel like she & I are better for each other. Please don't hate me, I really hope we can still be friends though."

Xion nodded as she tried to shake her head of the warm prick behind her eyes as she stood up to leave, pulling her hood up over her head. "Well, I don't hate you. I never could, yeah we're friends. I just hope you two will be happy together. See you later Roxas." Xion left the clock tower without another word to Roxas as she RTC'd. She loved him, and didn't want him to see the pain he just caused her. Thankfully the dark corridor she opened led her straight back to her bedroom in the castle. The broken puppet collapsed on her bed as streams of water fell from her eyes, broken sobs escaping her throat. She had heard from Demyx once before that this water from her eyes were called 'tears,' Xion didn't know what to do or how to stop them so she just let it be as she fell asleep.

About two hours later Xion woke up, feeling alone, she decided to seek out comfort in Axel. That pyro obsessed best friend of hers could make anyone cheer up as she found his scent of burnt out matches, campfires, and cinnamon comforting. Leaving her bedroom Xion walked straight ahead, Axel's room was six doors up from hers, or so she thought, as she only counted five doors in that hall. "This can't be right." Xion muttered to herself. Turning around Xion walked the other way and ended up in the common room where she always reported to Saix for missions. "What?!" Xion held her head confused as she ran back down the hall, turning the corner only to end up back in the hall with her's, Roxas's and a few other doors. Xion looked around the endless hallways of castle oblivion as tears began to fall down her cheeks again for the second time that day, the feeling of helplessness and weakness getting to her. She often got lost in these endless hallways, they were worst than the mazes in Wonderland. Not knowing where to turn she slumped her back against the wall on her right, burying her head into her knees sobbing as she wished for the day to just be gone.

Lost in her own sobs, Xion didn't even hear the clacking of boots coming down the hall toward her. "Hey puppet!" Xion's sobs came to a halt as she froze at the sound of the voice, wiping her cheeks quickly, Xion jumped to her feet as she came face to face with the savage nymph Larxene. "What are you doing in the hallways? Shouldn't you be on a mission or something?" "N-No. Not-Not today, I finished earlier. " Xion whimpered and stuttered shaking her head no. Larxene pushed her up against the wall as she held a knife at Xion's throat.

"Then what are you doing by my door?! No one goes into my room! Ever!" Larxene hissed. Xion's eyes widened as she looked a little to her right to see a door with knife slashes in it. "I'-I'm sorry Larxene! I- I got lost and I-." Tears of fear began to well up in her eyes again. Larxene rolled her eyes at Xion's weakness then stepped back in surprise. "Wait. You're crying?! HOW are crying?! Nobodies have no hearts! We can't feel emotions!" Xion shrugged. "I- I don't know." She whispered. "This is all new to me myself." Larxene growled then muttered under her breath. "Maybe that water logged Sitar player was on to something."

Larxene turned her attention back to Xion, who was still back on the wall, wiping her eyes and standing in fear of the savage nymph. Larxene let out an exasperated sigh. "Calm down puppet, I'm not going to hurt you, but if you keep sniveling, I'll give you something to cry about." She threatened, holding up her knife. Xion nodded straightening up. "Right. Where were you going?" "Huh?" Xion questioned. "You claimed you were lost." Larxene said crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes. "Oh. I was uh, looking for Axel." "Tough luck kid, he's gone on a three day mission." Larxene giggled. "Poor fool doesn't stand a chance."

"Don't talk about Axel that way!" Xion retorted. "Well.. Do I detect a soft spot for the flaming pyro?" "He's my friend!" "Haha! Yeah, what a friend, leaving you here all alone without even a goodbye. What do you need him for anyway? Don't you have a little boy toy to talk too?" Larxene questioned rolling her eyes at Xion's so called "romance" with Roxas. Xion whimpered and whispered. "Not anymore." Larxene turned her attention to her. "Awh, did the little keyblade weilder break your heart? Poor baby." Larxene asked, voice dripping in false sympathy. Xion growled at the older woman as tears of hatred filled her eyes. "What's it matter to you?! You're a cold hearted person who's never loved anyone! Ugh! Why am I even telling you this?! You don't care about anyone but yourself! You're such a bitch! Now just leave me alone!" Xion yelled as she ran past the savage nymph down the hallway.

Wiping hard at the tears in her eyes, Xion didn't know where she was going and she didn't really care. Without another look as to where she was going, she turned the corner, then another only to run into a tall black coated male with pink hair and blue eyes. Xion was more scared of him then she was Larxene. "M-Mar-Marluxia!" Xion stuttered out, backing away from the man slightly, afraid by him. "Well.. Look what the dusk dragged in, our little flower wandering about on her own. How lovely." Marluxia stared into Xion's blue eyes in a seductive way which made Xion shivered. "Word is around the castle that Roxas broke up with you for a little blonde artist." Xion blinked back her tears, looking away from the man as Marluxia continued. "I don't know what you ever saw in the keyblade wielder but I know that I can make you very happy.." Marluxia crooned. Xion took a few more steps backwards as Marluxia moved toward her, not caring about her pleas. "No.. Please don't. Leave me alone!" Xion said backing up as Marluxia cornered her back against the wall, pinning her arms down over her head before she could summon her keyblade to fend him off.

"Aw, we don't want to be alone forever do we? Besides you smell radiant.. Like a beautiful rose." He started to kiss her lightly on her cheeks then trailing down to her neck as he started to suck her skin, running his tongue down her collar bone and down to her chest, moving her coat aside and sucking on another spot of her skin lightly. "My dear, you taste better than you smell.." Marluxia moaned. Xion whimpered at the thought of him taking advantage of her in the way he was, and despite Xion's cries to get off as he held her arms down with more force, her wrists slowly cracking under the pressure. Marluxia snapped a finger as thorny vines appeared around Xion, fully trapping her, thorns piercing through her coat, poking into her skin, blood running down her arms, torso and legs. The gay lord pansy chuckled in delight at himself as he went to lick Xion's neck again. "So succulent!" Marluxia continued to suck on her skin, adding more force, then began to nip Xion's neck, thin lines of blood appearing in various spots. "GET OFF OF ME!" Xion screeched trying to get out of Marluxia's grip and vines. Just then a flash of lightning flew by and stabbed the wall as a familiar looking knife barely missed Marluxia's head.

"MARLUXIA!" Larxene yelled making Xion and the man turn to see the savage nymph, fuming and crackling with electricity. Xion was never more relieved to see the blonde girl in her life, now regretting calling her a bitch. "Get away from her! NOW!" "Or what Larxene? You'll miss me with another knife?" Marluxia taunted. Larxene growled as she summoned her ten knives in her hands as lightning flashed and crackled through the hallway, the lights flickering throughout the whole castle in the process. Demyx and Zexion stepped out of the room at the opposite end of the hallway, and upon seeing the commotion silently retreating back into their room, resuming their activities. "Oh I assure you, this time I won't miss!" Larxene giggled hastily.

Faster than a arrow from Xigbar's gun, Larxene grabbed Marluxia from behind, pulling him by his hood, slamming him against the opposite wall as Xion fell to the ground, free from Marluxia's hold, the vines disappearing. With her free hand Larxene opened up a dark corridor. "Run!" She called to Xion. "I'll take care of him." Xion nodded and quickly ran through the corridor, the sound of Marluxia's screams echoing in her ears. Even though their corridors are usually meant for transportation from a mission to the castle and vice versa, they're often used in times of great need. When Xion emerged on the other side of the portal, she saw she was in another member's room, and the door of that room seemed to have slash marks on both sides. Xion knew that she would be safe here, no one dared to come into Larxene's room without consent and they knew it.

Observing the room, It looked like this wasn't that different from her own room, with the exception of a futon underneath the window, the small vanity with mirror, the bedside table with lamp, and the large wardrobe by the main door next to the connected bathroom. Xion sighed as she looked in to Larxene's cracked and chipping vanity mirror. Her eyes were red and puffy, faded tear streaks on her cheeks. Pulling off her organization coat to see the punctured tiny holes from the vines, and to where she was wearing just a pair of black shorts, a black bandeau across her chest and her boots revealed bruises, small scratches, and small smears of blood from the vine piercings. A rather large hickey from where Marluxia had sucked on her neck and a smaller one right above the bandeau rested on her left side where he had gone down to her chest, fresh and dried bigger smears of blood covered her in the spots where Marluxia had taken advantage with his teeth. As she removed her gloves she saw two more bruises on her wrists where she had been pinned to the wall, broken blood vessels underneath her porcelain skin. Disgusted with herself and not wanting to see the evidence of sexual abuse any longer, Xion slipped her coat and gloves back on then sat on Larxene's bed, waiting for her return.

After about twenty minutes with no sign of The nymph's return, Xion had curled up on top of Larxene's bed as the room was nice and warm and made one feel instantly sleepy. At an instant the bedroom door slammed open and shut again as Xion jumped up from the bed. "Ugh glad that's over. I need a drink." Larxene muttered as she walked past over beside the futon and reached down to retrieve a bottle of an alcoholic drink called a Screwdriver from the mini fridge that Xion must've overlooked when observing the room. "Catch." Larxene called as she threw Xion a bottle of Strawberry Ramune soda. Xion caught it as she pressed down on the cap, releasing the marble to make the drink fizzy. "Thank you, what's that you are you drinking?" "It's a big girl drink that you're too much of a shrimp for." Larxene stated, gulping the contents of the bottle down. The raven haired girl shrugged as she still had no idea what alcohol was, only that the Superior, Luxord, Xigbar and Saix liked to drink it during their poker games.

After the last drop was gone, Larxene turned to Xion. "What did he do to you?" "Who? Roxas or Marluxia?" Xion questioned, not sure which 'he' the blonde was referring too. Larxene shrugged. "Both. Not like I care but you're too young for the shit you've been through." Xion shrugged and looked down to the floor, to her, she felt like she had deserved what Roxas had done and Marluxia too for that matter. A puppet like her wasn't allowed to be happy. "Hey... HEY!" Larxene's voice brought Xion back. "Huh?" "You're bleeding." Larxene stated as she walked over to Xion, unzipping her top zipper a bit to see the damage. "Oh, it's nothing." Xion said as she took a step away from the savage nymph. "Hm, maybe so, but who knows where that gay psycho's vines have been and his teeth and tongue for that matter." Xion shivered. "Take off the coat, I'll clean you up." Larxene huffed. Xion nodded as she followed Larxene into her bathroom, taking her coat off and down to where her chest and bandeau, and shorts were exposed, she sat down on the closed toilet lid. Larxene rummaged around in some drawers until she found a small yellow first aid kit, as she took out a tube of antibiotic, a few bandages, a wet washcloth, and a small towel.

Xion stayed silent as she watched Larxene attend to her wounds, wiping the blood off her neck with a warm cloth, then applying antibiotic ointment and bandages to the areas then making her way down the girl's' body. "Larxene?" Xion spoke up. "What?" "Why are you helping me?" Larxene shrugged without an answer. "What were you like before you became a member of Organization XIII?" Larxene rolled her eyes, "Look shrimp, I might as well tell you since you're asking all these stupid questions, but what's said between us, stays between us or I'll slit your throat. Got it?" She hissed. Xion nodded in agreement. Larxene scoffed. As Arlene I was defenseless, weak, picked on a mercilessly messed with... Nothing like I am now." She admitted.

"The Superior found me one day after I had been beat up by some high school bitches. My ankle was fucked up as I rested in an alleyway for safety, I didn't want to risk going home as I came from a bad family, abused for not being good enough. Xemnas found me and fixed me up, he promised absolute power and more than I could ever want. I could get revenge on my family and everyone who had ever hurt me. After that, I wanted nothing more than to become stronger and make all the ones who hurt me suffer.I remember what it's like, you feel abandoned and such. Like you, I went through stuff alone and now, we have to stick together, since we're stuck in a castle full of "men"." She air quoted. "That's all your getting out of me, you're patched and cleaned up so I'll walk you back to your room."

Xion nodded and sighed as Larxene headed for the door, she really didn't want to stay alone tonight, but she'd never admit it to the older woman. The girl looked at her body once more, now covered with various yellow bandages as she slid her coat back on before following Larxene. The two walked back in silence, Xion making mental notes of where her room actually was. "Here." Larxene stated as she came upon Xion's door. Taking out a small bottle of purple paint, the nymph dipped a knife into it as she slashed a giant 'XIV' in the door. "There, now you won't get lost again." "Thank you, for everything." Xion noted, gratefully. Larxene nodded. "Yeah well it keeps from having you show up at my door." Xion nodded as the blonde started to walk down the hallway.

"Hey Larxene?" Xion called. "What?" She snapped turning around, crossing her arms and cocking her hip. Xion stopped her thoughts for a moment then shook her head. "Nothing. Goodnight." Larxene's glare softened slightly as she gave a small almost invisible smile. "Xion. I'll be up for awhile, just portal if you need anything." Xion nodded with a small smile as it was like the older girl could read her thoughts.

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