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Two weeks had passed since the breakup, the abuse, and the saving by the queen of lightning. The older woman seemed more approachable when Xion was around but still cruel around anyone else. Marluxia continued avoiding Xion and Larxene at all costs and even still walked with a limp, instantly disappearing if he even came into sight of one of them. Tension between her and Roxas seemed to be easing off once Axel had returned from his mission, but only slightly for their only ease was the voice and presence of the flaming pyro. Despite the fact that they were still friends, Xion still couldn't help but feeling a pang in her chest every time Roxas was around.

It was late morning as Xion approached Saix for her mission, waiting for her there was Roxas and Larxene. The blonde keyblade wielder gave Xion a small smile but flinched under Larxene's hard gaze. "Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen. Your mission today consists of taking out three minor leveled heartless and a Darkside that has surfaced in Twilight Town. These heartless are powerful and will require Twelve's guidance. After your mission is complete you are to report back here as usual."

Roxas's face lit up at the mention of the town, where he could hopefully sneak away to the mansion to visit his girl while Xion sighed wearily as Larxene growled at the Lunar Diver. "Are you kidding me?! I have to waste my day being a babysitter?! For some stupid creatures that these twerps could probably handle on their own?!" Why not send Axel? That pyro or even freaking Demyx can handle this! It's not like they do anything else! Do I look like I run a daycare center?!" Larxene held up a knife to Saix's throat threateningly. The blue haired man's face did not waver as he pushed the knife away. "Scream all you want Larxene, nothing is to change my mind. Now silence. Get on with your mission, the superior is not a patient man. Besides these two could use a little magic lesson." Larxene growled as she stormed off. "Ugh, this is the worst! Twerps! Let's get this over with! Now!"

Xion nodded as she followed the blonde woman, Roxas following behind. "Geeze, who shoved a keyblade up her butt?" Xion shook her head tiredly, not wanting to hear it. "Leave her alone Roxas, honestly, I'm not looking forward to this either." Roxas stopped in front of Xion. "Xion, what's going on with you? You used to love bashing Larxene, it's like you've changed. It's like you're mad at me or something, if this is about me and Namine then.." "Roxas just stop." Xion said cutting him off, looking into his eyes. "I don't care. I'm glad you're happy, but I really don't care about you and her. You may be my friend and you may not know it, but we do have feelings, I do, and so did Larxene. So just back off." Xion left the boy as she followed the blonde through the corridor. Roxas standing there stunned and confused, only to catch the portal right before it closed.

The three organization members arrived in the town and began to search and take down the first three heartless, an ice plant, a fire plant, and a dark plant. "Xion! Take the ice! Roxas the fire! And I'll take out the dark plant. And no hitting em with your keyblades!" Larxene instructed. "Right!" Xion called as she sped forward, immediately casting a fiagra spell, weakening the ice plant. "Roxas! Stop standing there like an idiot and defeat the fire plant! I got my own damn plant to destroy." "Right! I'm going!" Roxas yelled as he lept forward, only to get blasted and burned by a fire ball, landing straight on his ass. "Hm. Serves him right." Larxene smirked and muttered as she took down the dark plant with a blast of thunder, Xion finally killing the ice plant with one more fiagra spell. "Can I get a little help here?!" Roxas called as he struggled to stand. "Heal yourself." Larxene spat. Xion sighed as she shook her head. If she didn't help him they'd be here all day. "Blizzard!" The puppet yelled as she killed the plant, Roxas taking an hp potion.

"Great, that's done. Let's take out that Darkside and get out this stupid town. Worst mission ever." Larxene huffed strutting off towards the clock tower where the Darkside was presumably lurking, Xion followed the older woman, with Roxas limping slightly as the effects of the attack wore off. The three soon came to the station at the base of the clock tower, usually Xion awed at the vividness of the twilight sun from the station view but lately things just seemed dim and depressing. "Hmm." Larxene pursed her lips as she looked around the area. "Something's not right." She muttered. "Larxene! Up there!" Xion called out as the organization members looked up to the top of the tower, where a black and dark purple clouds gathered with a menacing rumble.

With gleaming yellow eyes the Darkside emerged from the clouds, with a low growl, it's arms and legs dropping to the ground. Larxene summoned her knives and stood her ground, as keyblades appeared in both Xion's and Roxas's gloved hands. "Here's our target!" The savage nymph immediately leapt forward, rapidly slashing at the Darkside's heart shaped hollow chest, then releasing a Voltic Rush attack, trying to put a dent in this monster. As it went to swing its arm at the woman, Larxene backflipped, dodging the attack as she landed in rage charging up her knives.

"Well what are you waiting for?! An invitation?! You're supposed to be killing this damn thing, not me! Watch it!" Larxene yelled as Darkside's fist hurled towards the ground, Roxas standing in its path. Xion immediately dashed forward, pushing Roxas out the way. "What are your feet made of lead?!" Larxene yelled. As the heartless released pure blood shadows and a purple and black vortex, Larxene immediately slashing at its hand. I-l'm sorry!" Roxas stuttered, the older girl scoffed. "Let's just end this!" "You got it! Roxas get ready and when I say, fire an aeroga attack at me!" Xion called as she charged forward. "O-Okay!" Roxas stuttered as he readied himself. "Puppet what are you going to do?!" Larxene yelled after her. "You'll see!" Xion let out a determined war cry as she ran forward and leapt into the air, releasing a string of attacks, throwing in fire and blizzard spells when necessary.

As gravity began to take it's toll, she yelled out. "Roxas! Now!" "Areoga!" The thirteenth member shot the attack at the raven haired girl, shooting her upward, as she came face to face with the Darkside then thrusted her keyblade straight through the center of the head. The Darkside began to shake and shatter, fading away but not before it raised its fist one last time, slamming Xion backwards into the clocktower walls as she fell forward, landing on top of Larxene. Roxas cringed. "Ouch. Are you okay?" Roxas held out his hand for Xion only to have Larxene grab it and crush it, then twisting his wrist. "Hey! What was that for?!" Roxas yelped holding his hand. Larxene growled as she go to her feet. "For being the most useless member on a mission ever! Hell even Demyx could've done this better! You couldn't even take out a damn fire plant by yourself! Roxas glared harshly at the woman.

"I did the best I could! You know I don't know what Xion see's in you, you're always going to be a bitch. Anyway I'm out of here. Don't wait up." Roxas walked off with Larxene restraining herself from impaling the boy with one of her knives. She then looked to the ground to see Xion still lying there with her right arm covering her eyes. Larxene cocked her head and crossed her arms. "Hey puppet, you're not dead are you?" "Do I look like I'm freezing over and fading?" Larxene smirked. "I think I'm rubbing off on you shrimp." The older girl knelt down to Xion's level and pulled out a green hp potion. "Drink up." "Thanks." Xion sighed and sat up, gulping down the contents of the glass jar.

"Hey, where's Mr. Ice Cream going off anyway?" Larxene asked looking off in the direction Roxas left in. Xion shrugged then sighed. "I think I have a pretty good idea though." Larxene raised an eyebrow at the girl. "I don't know about you shorty but I'm going to follow him." Larxene started to walk away only to have Xion shortly follow her behind. The duo silently followed Roxas' footsteps through the hole in the wall and the Twilight woods only to arrive at the old mansion. Xion silently peered around the tree as she gazed to the mansion gates where the two Nobodies stood in a warm embrace, Namine smiling up at the blonde boy.

Roxas then pulling out two bars of sea salt ice cream for him and Namine. Xion felt the air leave her lungs, like a snake constricting her chest at the thought of him sharing their treat with someone other than her or Axel. Larxene placed a hand on Xion's shoulder making the puppet jump as she witnessed what Xion saw, Namine and Roxas smiling at each other, then sharing a kiss. Xion sighed as she placed her hood up over her head, her chest becoming painfully tight as a tear fell down her cheek.

"Don't worry kiddo, she'll get bored of him in time, men without hearts are dreadfully boring." "Even though we don't have really a heart to feel in the first place." Xion muttered sadly as she watched the two for the moment then proceeded to RTC, leaving Roxas alone and behind with her as they entered the gates to the mansion.

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