chapter 1.

"They called me names,I wore shoes that compacted my feet into blocks, but that never stopped me wanting to be a cop...I took part in several clubs all helping me toward being a cop.I did ballet to help give me strength,tap to be better on my feet,gymnastics to also get stronger and self defence lessons to obviously protect once,it paid off , i got my bag stolen by one of my classmates and I may have got into a fight with them and I won but I was never was i asked out." Said Judy with pain flowing through her voice from recalling these memories and a tear now flowing down her gray furry now feeling deeply guilty and sorry for her had noticed that her nose was twitching more rapidly with every word that slipped out of her mouth.

"Judy,I..I had no idea how come you never told me?" Nick asked in the most comforting voice that he could muster.

"I didn't think it would matter." She replied with honesty.

" know I love you so...let me hunt them down and kill them!" He humoured trying to lighten the mood.

"So is this why you don't want to go?" He added reaching to stroke one of her ears surrounding her face.

"Well..yeah to be honest."

"I think that you should go..with me and rub it in thier face of how beautiful, successful,gorgeous little bunny you are." he advised as he pecked her ,now blushing,said "you promise you won't leave me,I don't think u could handle it on my own?" She asked with starry eyes.

"What kind of boyfriend do you think I am?" They both shared a chuckle. Nick and Judy had been going out with each other for a year. It took him a while to pluck up the courage to ask her he was worried that she wouldn't feel the same way he asked her after the gazzel concert but she surprised him she had felt the same ever since the time he opened up to her on the tram.

"You're right,I'm sorry I'm just really nervous about going but I have to admit that I really want to rub my life in the faces after them treating me like that." A lost smile returned to her face,the smile that nick had once found irritating but now picked up Judy's invitation and read it.

*Judy's invitation*

Judy hopps plus guest,you have been invited to class of 2009 reunion it will be at the manor house and the night consists of a ball and a evening meal. It will start at eight forty five aprox. Dress code ball dresses and to see you there.

*end of Judy's invitation*

"Its a ball!?" He asked with a bit of surprise and awe of thinking of Judy in a prom dress.

"Yeaaah that's the thing if we went you would have to wear a that all right?" Judy asked.

"Yeah of courstated. I'm thinking about you aren't prom dresses really expensive,did you go to your prom?"

"No I didn't have a date and don't wanna go really but I will just borrow my sisters." She stated.

"It doesn't say what day it is?"

"It's on tomorrow so my sis better come down she said she would but.. You know what its like."Nick's smile stretched into a yawn and he checked his watch.

"Right come on, bedtime I don't want you being grumpy tomorrow moaning all the time ." Judy shrugged and followed his orders.

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