Chapter 1:

10 Years Earlier...

"What is so special about her?"

Anna turned and glanced where the high-pitched whiney voice came from. Katie Strauss was standing with a group of football players and other cheerleaders, as she was the head cheerleader herself. Tall, blond and beautiful she could have any guy in school, which is probably why she was currently standing next to the hottest one the school currently, produced.

Anna sighed as her eyes looked over Brad. He was captain of their varsity football team with gorgeous dark brown straight hair that fell over his hazel eyes. Perfect features and a perfect build completed his perfect look. If only he would look in her direction.

Gasping, Anna turned around realizing he was looking at her and that she was the one Katie must have been questioning about. But why were they talking about her?

Turning slowly she peeked back over her shoulder and saw Brad walking towards her. Sitting up straight against the tree in the front of the school, she pushed her glasses up on her nose and tugged her cardigan straight. She was brushing her dyed blond curly hair out of her face when he stepped in front of her and kneeled down.

"Hey Annie." Brad said in his deep heavenly voice.

Anna smiled and would have responded, her name was Anna not Annie if she wasn't in complete awe of the fact that Brad was speaking to her…in reality.

He chuckled at her adoring look and sat down next to her, "So I was wondering if you were busy this Saturday?"

Were heart attacks at 17 possible? Could you die from complete happiness? Prom was this Saturday, and she couldn't believe what he was asking her! Ignored for most of the 4 years at school and finally she was busting out of loserville and entering the big world of the popular. After all this waiting, she was finally noticed.

Anna smiled and shook her head, still too shocked that he was speaking to her.

"So you're not going to prom?" He asked shaking his hair away from his eyes with a flip of his hand.

Dear god, her heart just skipped a beat, "no-no-nobody asked me-me." She stuttered.

Breath Anna, don't forget to breath!

"Ok, could you do me a favor then?"

"Anything!" Anna exclaimed a bit too loudly making his eyebrows shoot up.

It should have been the laughter behind her, or maybe the way he grinned in their direction. It should have been the fact that Brad was speaking to her in the first place that should have alerted her that this wasn't what she thought it was. But she ignored all the warnings and set herself up for the biggest downfall of all of high school.

"Great, well I still have this biology paper due in Mr. Mitchell's class on Monday, and the truth is, if I don't pass, I don't graduate. I could really use your help. Do you think you could take my paper and edit it for me over the weekend?"

"What?" Anna asked confused at the words coming out of his perfect mouth.

"I was nominated for prom king and so of course I have to go, but I also need to turn in a good paper, could you work on it over the weekend for me?"

Heart breaking and tears threatening to clog her throat, Anna nodded. He reached into his letterman's jacket and pulled out a set of folded in half papers. Handing it to her he stood, "Thank you so much! I'll see you Monday!" he said and waved as he walked back to his army of gigglers.

"That's why she's special, she's so smart!"

Anna unfolded the paper and looked down at what Brad had already written.

His name, the date and…nothing else. The man could have at least given her the subject.

Stuffing the paper in her bag she stood up and began her long walk home. Truth is, she was still going to write the paper, still going to miss prom and still going to be a pathetic loser. But one thing Anna could keep telling herself was after high school she was going to be a different person. Nobody was going to push her around and nobody was going to make her feel inadequate ever again. So when that 10 year reunion rolled around Brad and Katie are going to wish they were her friends instead of the other way around.

Chapter 2 - Upload Date 5/16/2016