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Chapter 3: Foreigners of the New World

Grimoire Card: End of Axiom

The tragedy of that Golden Age is the death of wonder. A past of ideas and newborn thoughts; of half-formed visions that stretched beyond the horizon of dawn.

Once upon a time, we dreamed gloriously, past the call of the cosmos and beyond the edge of human understanding. We reached far with nothing to stop us. We were ravenous for the unknown. Under the guidance of the Traveler, we would go farther than our ancestor could hope to understand. Clumsy children left fumbling in the Dark.

Only rotting empty corpses left to us now.

Only the maggots and the worms.

Echoes of a thought half-remembered left as an inheritance. A testament to what was. Ivory towers closed to us as a mockery to what we once were.

All a waste.


With barely any room left for comfortable seating, he sat hunched and bundled on the metal floor amongst the numerous packed cargo boxes. Apparently, Cloud-9 had been doing a supply run to a colony located at one of the outer territories when she had gotten Ghost's distress call.

"Sorry about leaving you on the floor," Cloud-9's mechanical voice broke through the peaceful mechanical hum of the ship. She sat comfortably at the helm of her ship. Navigating the spacecraft through the night sky with well-practiced ease. "Wasn't really expecting guests. Would have tidied up a bit."

"It's alright," he assured her. "Before this, I was in a grave. So it's a bit of a step up."

Trying not to jostle the boxes too much he clutched tightly at the blanket she had handed to him. It was a threadbare thing of blue and white cotton, its patterns having faded with time but still, it kept the cold from seeping into his bones.

"I guess it would be," she answered back with a quiet chuckle. "So what should I call you? Well, instead of Crazy Cliff Jumper?"

"I-I don't know. Should I be called anything?" He asked in alarm. The thought of a name seemed so large a question, especially with everything that had happened. Twiddling with a few strands of loose thread he curled the strings tightly between his fingers.

"Well everyone's got a name," Cloud-9 shrugged, "but don't sweat it. It'll come to you in time. Or, hell, just pick a new one. You wouldn't be the first Guardian to do so."

"We'll figure it out together." The quiet comfort of his Ghost settled him the tight ball in his chest.

"Do you have a name?" He asked Ghost. It was strange that he had not thought to ask earlier. But he could chalk it up to running for his life, which took precedence before etiquette.

"No," Ghost admitted. "Some Ghost take names before meeting their Guardians and some don't. I wanted to do that when I met my Guardian. When I met you."

"Oh," Warmth bloomed in his chest as he ducked his head touched. While he had no memory of anything before he could tell the honor of her admission.

"Should we-," He licked at his dry lips, suddenly feeling shy. "Should we do that now. I mean names and stuff?"

"Sure! I mean we can if you want." Even though Ghost had been going for nonchalant he could feel her excitement racing through him.

"Yeah, uh sure I want to. Its important stuff, right?"

"Yep, absolutely. Very very important."

At the front of the ship, unbeknownst to the two passengers, Cloud-9 shifted her face plates into a pleased smile.


He awoke with a start, disoriented and confused. Panic gripped him tightly as he scrambled flailing his hands clawing at the open air searching for something. Something was holding tightly at his chest, stilling his heart.

He couldntbreathheoudntbreath.

"Guardian! Guardian! It's okay," Ghost voice soothed through his mind like a cool balm. "You're safe! We're safe." Her quite assurances murmuring in his head.

That's right, he thought, I'm here. I'm alive. How strange it felt to even think those words.

"Sorry," he clumsily wiped the cold sweat from his brow as he tried to still the shaking in his hands. "Sorry," he said again as he laid his head back against one of the cargo boxes as the panic began to dissipate with each harsh exhale. "Don't know what-"

"Its okay," Ghost interrupted him. "You just came back from the dead not everyone's alright with that. It happens. It's okay. Just breathe."

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Breathe," counting to ten he slowly released another breathe. "Sorry," he couldn't help adding again at his failings, at his panic.

"Guardian," sighed Ghost.

"Rise and shine sleepyheads!" The voice of Cloud-9 rattled them out of their conversation. "Get your keisters up here! Do I have a view for you."

Grateful for the distraction he scrambled to his feet. Blanket in hand he raced to the front of the ship nearly planting face first to the floor.

Cloud-9 chuckled at his enthusiasm, "Take a look," she indicated he turn his eager gaze to the front window of the ship.

"Blimey," And for a moment his breath left him.

A large settlement- no a city- with lights representing the lives of so many people. Large walls encircled it in a protective barrier against the elements and horrors that exist out in the wild. Snow covered mountains decorated the horizon as bright sunlight pierced through the clouds washing everything into an almost ethereal glow.

And hovering above it all in a scale he could not begin to comprehend was an enormous construct that pulled his eyes towards it in a pull of familiarity.

His heart thrummed as warm comfort washed over him as the tension slowly melted away.

It felt like coming home.

"Never fails to take your breath away." Cloud- 9 glanced at his still form in a teasing manner. "Welcome to the Last City."

"What is it?" He could barely force a breath past his awe, too afraid to break the moment with speaking.

"That," Cloud-9 chuckled, "is the Traveler."

"The Traveler?" He tested the weight of the word in his mouth. Trying to confirm the name with the behemoth hovering above.

"Don't worry. You'll get used to it."

He very much doubted that. How could anyone get used to that hovering before them? It sounded like madness.


They had dropped her ship in a nearly empty cargo bay, having gotten here at first dawn. The Tower had not fully awoken as he took his first steps on the stone flooring. Behind him Cloud-9 had her hand gripped at his shoulder, a steady comfort.

Godsmacked, he tried to take in everything as Cloud-9 marched them forward with purpose in her stride.

There were a few individuals walking around, some doing some form of maintenance or other varying tasks from a quick glance. A few small Ghost flew past them. There were mechanical beings, Frames, not Exos apparently, was also walking about. There was even one whistling a happy tune as it swept at the gathering leaves.

In the distance, he thought he caught a glimpse of two people playing around the plaza with a large purple ball.

They hurried past a small group of people dressed heavily in various weapons and armor decorated their forms as they huddled together in front of a console

Cloud-9 gave a few of them a firm nod which they returned. He tried not to shrink back from the few curious glances that turned towards him.

"Are they all Guardians?" He whispered, trying not to be heard.

"That group there?" She asked. "Definitely.

"Oh," he said. "Is everyone here a Guardian?"

Cloud-9 laughed as she gave him a reassuring squeeze. "Don't worry Cliff Jumper, not everyone here is a Guardian. Some just work at the Tower keeping it in tip-top shape. This place doesn't just run itself, you know."

"Right. Of course. That would be ridiculous." He murmured, trying to combat his growing unease.

They traveled deeper into the belly of the Tower, down flights of stairs and a number of turns. Until the number of people became nearly nonexistent and the noise ceased. Then took one final sharp turn past a wide red stone archway etched with strange symbols and lettering

Then they stopped.

Before them was a plaza, much smaller than the one at the top of the Tower. The smaller plaza flooring was decorated in red and white stone with an open ceiling which allowed the elements of nature to come through.

Flowers and other forms of vegetation decorated the wall the encircled everything. At its center was a large old tree; rays of light scattered amongst its vibrant red leaves. The wind rustled its leaves in an almost friendly greeting.

Kneeling at the base of the tree in meditation was a man dressed in simple clothing. The soft wind rustled his short shorn dark hair and the soft light highlighted dark skin.

As their footstep came to an end brown eyes snapped open with heated intensity.

"My, my, what do we have here." A dark eyebrow rose in an unperturbed fashion, amusement coloring his smooth voice. "Grave indeed is the offense when it comes to disturbing a someones morning meditation."

"Um," he cringed nervously, at a loss for words.

"Don't worry kid. I got this." Giving him a reassuring pat Cloud-9 took a confident step between them. "I am Guardian Cloud-9. Before you, I bring a new Risen to the refuge of the Last City. So that he may follow in the Traveler's path. So may his steps be that of the Light." She finished her speech with a mocking flourish before returning to her spot beside him.

"Hmm," the mysterious stranger cocked his head in consideration. His eyes heavy with judgment racing over them both. "And his he true? Is he willing? Willing to take this mantle?"

Nervous sweat gathered at his brow as both occupants turned their gazes on to him.

"Say yes!" Ghost piped up.

"Yes." He squeaked.

The man nodded accepting his answer. "And what of his Ghost? Do they walk the same path?"

There was the familiar soft light as Ghost appeared before him.

"I do," Ghost's voice spoke wot convection he did not feel. "Where his steps go, I will follow."

"Very well," a pleased hum answered back. "Welcome Risen. We are honored to have you. My name is Kalim." Standing up gracefully the strange man beckoned them forward. "Come."

"Bu-But," Feeling slightly overwhelmed he nearly stumbled back but the strong grip of Cloud-9 kept him in his place. "I don't-," his green eyes searched her mechanical ones.

"Hey now, what happened to that brave cliff jumper I met earlier," she gave him a sympathetic squeeze. "No worries kid, I didn't bring you all the way here just to put you in more danger. Go with Kalim, the guys a bit of an old fart but he won't steer you wrong. You'll learn what it means to be a true Guardian. The things you need to know to survive." Nodding to his Ghost she put him back on his unsteady feet. "Besides, you won't be alone. You've got your guts and your Ghost with you."

Giving Cloud-9 another look he answered her with a nod.

"Okay." He hardened at his resolve. Taking a few steps forward he stopped in front of Kalim. "I'm ready."

"Good," Kalim smiled with reassuring approval. "Come then, there is much to do. To learn." Kalim turned away beckoning him to follow

He took a few steps forward before he stopped suddenly. "Wait!" Hurriedly he raced back to Cloud-9, his Ghost following quickly behind him.

The Exo Titan watched as he stopped in front of her larger form. "Harry. My name is Harry," he rushed out. "And it was a pleasure to meet you, Cloud-9."

Following his lead Ghost floated forward in excitement. "And my name is Hedwig. Thank you again, for helping us."

Cloud-9 stared at them in a bit of disbelief before shaking her head in quiet mirth. "Nice to meet you, Harry. Hedwig. I hope our next meeting will be just as memorable as the first."

He grinned with delight. "I'll be sure to make it an adventure."

"And hopefully there won't be any jumping off of cliffs next time." Ghost sighed.

"Oh I don't know, it certainly leaves an impression." Cloud-9 gave his messy hair a playful tussle. "Hopefully next time you're both be a bit more than baby Guardians. Goodbye, you two. Keep those guts of yours."

With a nod of farewell, she gave him a gentle push forward.

Solemnly she watched as they took confident steps towards the waiting arms of Kalim.

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