"Er… Rachni."


"Protheans, obviously." John Sheppard stretched his arms wide before placing them behind his head, his chair tilting ever so slightly backwards in a practiced, nonchalant gesture.

"Shouldn't the Wraith be Reapers, then? Since they wiped out the Ancients?" McKay replied in his usual annoyed voice, eager to one-up the pilot.

Sheppard sighed. "Look, it's not a perfect match. I'm just saying a lot of things are similar between us and this game. Eerily similar in fact, considering the main character."

"Oh, right. Just because the names are similar doesn't automatically make you Commander Shepard!"

"He's Commander John Shepard, I'm Colonel John Sheppard. That's about as similar it can get, Rodney!" Sheppard was eager to prove his point.

"Fine, but that makes me Garrus, right? Shepard's right-hand man. Or you know, turian."

Sheppard scratched the back of his head in an awkward gesture. "I think Ronon's more suited to be Garrus. Or a krogan. Yeah, definitely a krogan…" he smiled.

"Then who am I?" the scientist whined pitifully.

"You're Mordin," Sheppard said in a mock comforting tone.

"Oh, I get it! On the one hand he's a brilliant doctor, but on the other he's an awesome fighter on the battlefield. I can totally see that."

"Actually, I was thinking more that you're both doctors who talk really fast and have a penchant for making people uncomfortable. But sure, whatever works."

A/N: This just nestled into my brain and wouldn't let go until I wrote it down. Sorry for the silliness :3