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Tadashi Hamada was living the dream. He earned a scholarship in robotics at the San Fransokyo Institute. His idol, Robert Callahan, was one of his professors and Tadashi would consider him a father figure. He had friends who were just as nerdy as he was and his little brother graduated high school at thirteen. He's never been prouder.

With his schoolwork, he was practically occupied. The robotics project he was working on had him seriously stressed out. His Aunt Cass would notice that he had been at the school several times overnight trying to fix it. He practically lived off coffee to stay awake. Tadashi Hamada didn't do 'breaks'.

He did, however, wind down. When he wasn't working on his project, he was helping at the café, hanging out with his friends, spending time with his brother, and like every young adult, he browsed the web.

Since the invention of social media, he was able to connect with people he hadn't seen in years like friends he went to elementary school with then left town and friends he lost touch with. He tried to keep them all in mind as he set up his account.

One girl came to his mind as he typed up names and sent out the friend requests.

Violet Parr.

They haven't spoken to each other in years. Maybe it was a great time to catch up with her. The last time they met, there was an incident, but that was years ago. She had to be passed it by now.

The first search result showed a profile picture of a girl with black hair. Her hair was tied back instead of in her face. It didn't take long before she accepted. Tadashi jumped right into a conversation and they have been talking ever since.

"That's Violet?" Aunt Cass questioned when she looked over his shoulder once. "She sure looks different."

When his classmates saw a freaky little kid, he saw a girl lost and scared. They wouldn't be laughing at her if they saw her now. Chances were they'd be trying to hide their boners.

Puberty was working its science on her. Her black hair was out of her face, either pulled back with a headband or a sideways ponytail. That skin of hers was so clear he thought her pictures were shopped. And those eyes.

They were so majestic, he thought they were edited in Photoshop. Her eyes were blue when he met her. In the pictures they were purple. When he asked her, she told him they changed color when she turned fifteen.

[Tadashi Hamada]: Because of your powers? :P

Tadashi began to regret saying that after Violet did not respond right away.

[Tadashi Hamada]: Hey Vi, it's ok. I've never told anyone.

He was ready to punch himself in the face for scaring her.

[Violet Parr]: You never forgot?

[Tadashi Hamada]: How could I forget something like that?

He would never understand what it was like to have a secret like hers. Who could you trust with that information? He tried to picture how frozen she was behind her computer screen, hoping neither of her parents were looking over her shoulder. One wrong move and her whole life could change.

[Tadashi Hamada]: Vi, I get it if you're scared but I will never tell anybody. I haven't even told Hiro.

Tadashi and Hiro were closest as brothers could get, she knew. When they talked about their little brothers, Tadashi would say more positive things about Hiro. Too bad Violet couldn't say the same about hers. His little brother was a genius like him. Her brother could burp out all the names of the supers.

[Tadashi Hamada]: And thank you. I don't know if I said it to you before, but I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. You're really something Vi.

They did have plans for her to come into town on the bullet train and spend a day with him, but she had to tell him she couldn't come after all. He was looking forward to seeing her, only to get a bad text.

Text from Vi: 'I'm so sorry to tell you this Tadashi, but I can't come into town. My dad was in a car accident and is getting spinal surgery right now.'

She would not make something like this up. Violet liked a couple of jokes but she'd never go that far, but Mr. Incredible breaking his spine? Well he was getting old. Tadashi was wowed that a man deemed too old to be a superhero brought back the field and would probably keep going in his golden years.

Oh man. If something like that could happen to her father, Mr. Incredible, it could happen to anyone.

Text to Vi: 'I'm really sorry. If there's anything I can do, please let me know.'

Text from Vi: 'Thanks Dashi'

He left her to tend to her business and he went on to his. His robotics project was taking over his life, stressing him away from his friends. He was nowhere near completing it. It made him want to bang his head against the wall or to tear out his hair. It would be easier to give up. Tadashi Hamada was not a quitter however. He was determined to make the world a better place and this invention would help millions everyday.

A year later, the project was still not cooperating. The young inventor needed a break.

Looking at his social media account, he saw at the top of his newsfeed a new status from Violet.

Welp, guess I'm not going this year either :/

There we no likes but there were a few sad face reactions and comments.

[Franny Framagucchi]: This is your last chance to have an experience like this! Why don't you want to go?

[Violet Parr]: Idk, just don't feel like it

Feel like what? And then it hit him.

Senior Prom.

Violet was no social butterfly, but he agreed with the person who commented; she could never get to do anything like it ever again in her life. Tadashi always believed that people should try everything at least once as long as it was legal. Being the cheerleader he was, he thought she'd like to open up about it.

[Tadashi Hamada]: Hey. I saw your status. Wanna talk?"

It didn't take him long to get a reply from her.

[Violet Parr]: Idk. I'm conflicted right now.

He wanted to say what he was thinking; Go to that dance.

[Tadashi Hamada]: I'm guessing you don't have a date for your prom.

[Violet Parr]: :/

[Violet Parr]: I'd go with my friends but they all have dates.

[Violet Parr]: I would only be invisible to everyone

He sighed. This girl had the ability to turn invisible before everyone's eyes but too often, she didn't even need her powers to go unnoticed.

[Tadashi Hamada]: Vi, you work way too hard. Go have some fun.

This girl had been through so much in her life. She battled and defeated depression. Her father neglected her and her brothers for years because all he cared about was becoming Mr. Incredible again. When the Incredibles became a sensation, she was given the weight of two worlds on her shoulders. She was forced to be two people at once.

Tadashi was no expert on supers, but he assumed as an intellectual that she had to go through vigorous training and confront some unnerving people. She had to balance school and hero work. School made Tadashi busy enough, he couldn't imagine living a double life like she did.

[Violet Parr]: I would love to have fun but I'd rather come back to San Fran

She missed the city. He remembered her saying once that she wanted to go back. Violet wanted to eat sushi and Japanese candy, drink Japanese soda, go to the theme parks and see a Ninjas game.

Tadashi didn't respond immediately. He began thinking about the Parrs, about their powers and how Violet scared off that living nightmare. Years had passed and he still hadn't repaid her.

She was seven and he was around ten. When Tadashi saw some guys picking on her at school, he told them to back off. The two became friends gradually and eventually began meeting up at each others houses.

One day, they were amusing themselves at a playground close to where her family lived. The two were enjoying themselves. Being the only kids there, they had the whole jungle gym to themselves to play. Around the time they were expected to be home, Violet stopped into the restroom. He asked her if she could hold it and she insisted she had to go.

As Tadashi waited, he felt strong hands grab him, yanking him against a chest stiffer than iron. At first, he thought it was Violet playing a joke, but once he heard a mans voice, he realized what was really happening. This man was going to kidnap him.

'How am I going to escape? What if they try to take Violet too?' He wanted to scream for help but he couldn't let them know he was with a girl. Tadashi protected her at school and would protect her from bad people if need be. A little girl didn't stand a chance against these men.

To his horror, Violet had just come out of the restroom. She couldn't see what was happening from the door but she could hear him screaming, "Run!" She never heard Tadashi say it that way before. The look painted on her face was sheer terror.

"Oh shit." The guy cursed. "We have a witness, grab her!"

"Run!" Tadashi hollered to her, planting his shoes in the dirt. "Just run!"

But she didn't move. She was paralyzed on the spot. He watched in terror as the guy got close to her. That's when everything changed.

Violet turned towards him, her arm reached out in a 'stop' gesture. Out of her hands came this purple light that blasted the man backwards. The back of his head collided with the side mirror, knocking him unconscious.

The guy holding Tadashi let go when he saw what happened. If a little girl could overtake his accomplice, taking the boy would only cause her to attack him. This boy wasn't worth the trouble. He shoved Tadashi to the grass, picked up his partner and ran back into his van.

They drove off, never to be seen again.

Tadashi could not believe what he had seen. He read comic books about people with powers and always thought about how cool it would be to have powers. Then he finally met someone with powers, a little girl who appeared as a rabbit but fought like a tiger.

"Tadashi, I can explain." Her voice was trembling. Why was she more scared than before? "Please, I didn't mean to hurt them!"

He was still processing everything. Seeing a little girl overtake a grown man made his brain freeze like a computer. Somehow the wi-fi wasn't working.

"I understand if you don't like me anymore." She bowed. Violet knew this was too good to be true. No one could ever stay her friend."

This girl was so incredible, she blew his mind.

"Are you kidding me?" he eyes popped and he started laughing. "Vi, you saved my life!" He had a big grin pasted on his face, remembering the look on the guys face. "You're incredible!" He gave her the best Baymax hug, lifting her slightly off her feet.

It was, at that moment, Violet felt accepted. To be accepted by other people with powers was one thing, but winning the approval of people without them was more rewarding.

They both swore they wouldn't speak of it and have kept their word.

Tadashi could never come up with a way to repay her. Had it not been for her, he may have been sold off like a slave or dead. He was able to keep making the world a better place because of her.

Another thought came in mind. Without looking too far into it, he typed a new message.

[Tadashi Hamada]: Can you bring guests?

This took Violet by surprise. Yes, they did but why would he ask?

[Violet Parr]: Yeah, why?

[Tadashi Hamada]: When is it?

[Violet Parr]: Next Friday at 5:30

Did he have plans for that day? Of course he did. Tadashi always had plans.

But for her, he'd make an exception.

If he was going to do this, he should have been at least looking at her. He logged on to his video chat and called her. Her pretty face appeared on the screen shortly after. He could see how scrambled her room was.

"Hey, why are we video chatting now?" she laughed nervously.

Tadashi took in a few deep breaths.

"I finally figured out how I'm going to repay you for saving me."

Violet felt like she swallowed her heart whole and was chocking on it.

"You really deserve a prom night Vi. You deserve a lot more actually. Not just for what you did for me, but for what you've been through." He saw her face scrunch up. "If you don't go next week, you'll never get to go. I never went to either of my proms because of studying and I kind of regret it."

Violet said nothing. She didn't know what to say. Should she have made a comment or let him keep talking? She'd keep him talking obviously because there was something reassuring about his voice.

"Vi…" He took in a few deep breaths. "I would be more than happy take you to your prom."

Her nervous system had become ten times faster once he said that. Tadashi Hamada, the guy she might be in love with, is offering to take her to prom. Now her mind was blown.

"You…" Vi could only think one word at a time. "You want to take me to prom?" Her eyebrows arose in disbelief. "Really?"

"I'm serious Vi," He was smiling warmly. "I'll go with you."

Those mesmerizing eyes vanished under her eyelids. Looking at her, Tadashi suspected she was beginning to weep. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve to smother any coming tears.

"That would be the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me." Violet looked into the eye of her webcam, at him. "That is, if you're actually going to show up and not just say you're showing up."

The thought of someone doing that to her disappointed him. "Hey Vi, I'll definitely show up. I wouldn't want to keep you waiting all night." He could see her putting her hand on her chest, checking her heartbeat. "So how about it?"

She wanted to compress herself against a pillow and squeal. The way she looked at him, the way she smiled, that was the Violet he wanted to see more of.

"Ok. Yeah." She nodded. "That would be awesome."

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