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"This guy's a fucking asshole!" Ruby yelped in frustration. "No wonder it took 30 minutes to fill. Blacklisting his ass!"

The red and black haired second year university student leaned back, tilting her office chair with a groan as she took off her red and black Logitech G930 headset. She placed her headset on top of her desk and switched her Voicemeter audio program to switch to her speakers. Why did the game have to be such a pain in the ass with audio drivers anyway? Ruby didn't mind it –too- much. It allowed her to switch easily between the headset and her speakers on a whim. She also didn't have to keep pulling her headset's USB out all of the time or plugging it back in. She didn't have to deal with having to close the game whenever she needed to switch between speakers or her headset which was the bigger plus for using the program.

Ruby had just left another failed pug party finder group. The leader, a Warrior named Cardin Winchester, had been a grade A ass. He had fucked up the mechanics multiple times which had led to multiple wipes. He must have thought that no one would notice him as the reason for their wipes by making the people who had said they were new and learning to be scapegoats. It was –his- party finder that Ruby had joined and she had decided continuing for another hour with him was not worth the time and effort.

'Friendly to newbies party my Lalafell ass,' Ruby thought. She turned to her second monitor, checking out her Discord notifications to see if anybody had tried to contact her before turning back when she heard some ping sounds from the chat in the game.

"YANG! I'm –right here- in this same house you know! We can talk, face to face!" Ruby yelled, shaking her head though her sister wouldn't have seen this what with being in another room in the apartment home they rented with some friends they'd met in their freshman year dorms.

"Well, are you free baby sis? Our raid leader is freaking out because that asshole ditched us. –And- we have raid in 30 minutes!" Yang's voice had gotten steadily louder before her blonde head poked into Ruby's doorway. "Akouo's switching to Warrior and you've subbed before. Everyone's already said they were ok with it if you wanted to sub in. They know you're good."

Ruby scratched the back of her neck with a hand, stretching a little bit. She had just tried to pug the raid but it honestly hadn't gone very well and the pug had split after only an hour of wipes. "Think you can ask them to give me another 30 minutes after your start time? I need a small break from the pugging I just had to do myself. I can get some munchies before we head in."

Her older half-sister beamed, "Thanks Rubes! We're only just starting to work out all the mechanics so you don't have to be so anxious! I'll let them and Akouo know. Maybe you can join the static? Before that Warrior joined and left, we'd been having DC problems with another person. You'd be saving us a ton of time if you can Black Mage for us."

Ruby shook her head, walking out of the room as Yang stepped aside to let her out. She made her way into the kitchen, grabbing a bottled water and some strawberries that she had already washed and cut up before the pug attempt. "I don't know… I haven't joined a static before and this is the first time you've ever mentioned joining yours permanently, why now?"

Yang gave her an apologetic smile, looking up from her phone, the sounds of Discord message notifications letting Ruby know that her older sister had most likely been informing the static about everything. Yang glanced back at her phone, apparently pleased with what they were saying, before she answered Ruby.

"I would have liked to but –somebody- bought the game later than I did even though I kept talking about it. By the time you wanted to start raiding, the static was formed. After that you were never free or we never had a spot that you could fill up!" Yang hooked an arm around Ruby's shoulders. "It'd be great if you could! It'd be so much fun! I'd get to raid with my baby sister!"

Ruby shook her head, shrugging Yang off and sighing at her, but she also gave Yang a small smile. She'd been hoping to one day join the static that Yang had been monking for but it just had never worked out like Yang had said. Maybe this time… they'd always said thanks for joining when Ruby had had to sub for the sake of Yang's static being able to raid without pugging someone completely new in the past but Ruby had always had anxiety over it.

What if she didn't meet their expectations? What if she'd let Yang down? It was easier to just do her own thing without having to live up to being Yang's younger sister. Plus, there was the fact that Blake and Weiss, who lived with Yang and Ruby, were also a part of the static Yang was in, though the two were somewhat newer additions. It calmed Ruby's anxieties a little.

"Look, just… see how tonight goes? They were hoping you might be interested," Yang suggested.

Ruby just shot out a, "We'll see!" as she slumped back into her chair after lightly closing the door. If they were going to raid over voice communications, she didn't want to have to deal with the fact that four of them were raiding in the same house together. She tugged on her headset, settling the mic into the position where the red light on it let her know she was muted.

Ruby accepted the party invite from Akouo Milo, Yang's static leader, ignoring the little small grin and flutter in her chest at the sight. She'd always sort of admired the other player, knowing that Yang and the others respected her. Akouo had always seemed calm during the times Ruby had subbed in for their static, and it was not a surprise to the 18 year old that she thought the player had a nice, calming voice. It was reassuring yet also stern when sometimes Thunder got really excited and sometimes made the avoidable mistakes. She switched her chat channels to party chat and started typing, her fingers fast on top of the keyboard.

[16:30] Red Reaper: What's your discord info again?
[16:30] Akouo Milo: I'll send you an invite link.
[16:31] Red: Thanks! :3

Ruby copied the link text that appeared in the channel before opening it up into her discord application on her desktop. She checked all her audio settings, nodding before joining into the static channel. The audio in her headset that had been somewhat muted with the sounds of the game came much more alive as seven other voices greeted her. She grinned a bit, shaking her leg a bit in anticipation and anxiety, shaking her fingers a bit before tugging her mic back down.

"H-hey everyone! Thanks for having me!" Ruby thanked them, her voice not as exuberant as it usually was.

Yang greeted her, "Thanks again Rubes!"

Weiss, Nora, Ren, Blake and Jaune also echoed their thanks and appreciation, all of them in their own way. Ruby licked her lips, anxiety still gripped her nerves as she checked her gear durability status, potions amounts as well as food. She nodded appropriately, speaking up, "All right, I'm ready. Sorry for making you wait guys. Thanks again for letting me join Ak… god I'm so sorry. I really don't know how to pronounce your name still."

The group laughed, some more uproarious than others. The laughter died down until it was left to a soft chuckle while Ruby's cheeks burned red. "It's Greek. Don't worry about it. It's ak-oo'-o. Otherwise, you can just call me Pyrrha."

"Right, so Akouo is Pyrrha. I've already got everyone else's names, especially since Weiss and Blake live with Yang and I… What about Crocea Mors? What's your name?" Ruby asked, getting much more comfortable now with the situation.

"Hey Red uh... Ruby! Right well the name's Jaune. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. Ladies love it," came another voice.

Ruby lifted an eyebrow, a smirk hidden to everyone else in the voice chat, "Really? Do they?" She asked, teasingly, very obviously directing it towards the other females in the group.

A resounding "No~" echoed in their headsets while Jaune groaned, "I hate you all."

This time everyone laughed, even Jaune. Things changed as Akouo, Pyrrha, asked everyone to once again check everything before asking them if they were ready to head in. Everyone replied in the affirmative, before they all clicked "Commence" to start the raid.

"All right everyone, pulling in 10… 9… 8…" Pyrrha spoke and while Ruby heard it, her attention was focused on the raid boss at hand. She started running to a position that she knew would be able to allow her to get into her rotation without much movement and, most importantly, without pulling the boss herself. … That would hurt, a lot. It would also waste everyone's times and buffs.

Ruby's hearing immediately latched back onto Pyrrha's voice, honing in on the countdown as she timed her actions to coincide with the moment Pyrrha's Warrior pulled the boss. Her anxiety left her, excitement and determination taking over as once again she subconsciously started to tap a foot against the floor. It was raid time and her worries about everything, Pyrrha, her self-doubt... nothing mattered now but this.


Author's Note: I blame Jefardi for everything. Really, a bunch of thanks to Jefardi for the encouragement and so much help! Thank you.

Pyrruby aka Milk and cereal is just so good and yet there's not enough. I decided I'd want to write them. I also realize that well… I also can't really write a completely fleshed out and thorough story so as with the Ladybug fic these are just drabbles or shorts. Modern College Gaming AU that I thought of because I don't have an original bone in my body.

I was told that my dialogue isn't quite as developed, which goes back to my fears about not being able to give the characters their right voices. Hopefully I'll be able to do that as I write more….maybe. Please tell me what you think about how I write the characters. I try to keep them in character but… I'm not sure if I am and I'm afraid that I am not.

If you don't know, the game they're all playing is Final Fantasy XIV. I haven't quite detailed all of their jobs yet but for now know that Ruby plays a Black Mage, Jaune is a Paladin, Yang is a Monk, and Pyrrha is playing as Warrior. Nora and Blake are the other DPS but I put Blake as a Machinist because Nora was put into a Dragoon role to mess with FFXIV's issues with having two of the same job in building Limit Break. I'm hoping to expand on this in the future, like having certain Light Parties do dungeons together.

Pug or Pugging refers to PUG – Pick up group

A static is generally a group of people who run content together at set times who don't have members coming and going. Their party members are supposed to remain 'static'.

For other terms and phrases, I tried to make it clear what they were by context but if you have questions, please let me know and I'll try to rectify that.