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Ruby's grin widened as she just finished catching up with the Producer's Live Letter, finishing that up with watching the next patch's trailer. It was the end of finals week and she'd just gotten back from the long lab session so most were partying, sleeping, or whatever other people did to unwind. Ruby just happened to quite enjoy unwinding by catching up on her hobbies' news.

She opened up Discord, on the off chance anyone in the FC weren't partying away and had caught up on the new stuff for the game and noticed that only one other person was online. She quickly private messaged her.


Akouo: Haha, hi Ruby! Weren't you busy with finals?

RubyReaps: I'M DONE! DONE! I just caught up with the Live Letter and the trailer! SO. MUCH. HYPE! How are you?

Akouo: !

Akouo: I finished during your day time! Everyone else has been busy while I got hyped up too! What do you think about Nidhogg's Dragoon hybrid thing?

RubyReaps: Legend of Dragoon vibes for sure! We fight Mistbeard! And Ozma. Fucking A Ozma.

Akouo: Mistbeard is clearly a Warrior of Light Ruby. This is why he knows Warrior techniques. It's very special, having the warrior Job stone.

Akouo: Ozma looks amazing and I'm almost sad that it's a 24 man. It's going to be so easy after a few hours on the first day.

RubyReaps: I heard that about Diabolos and Lost City but hey you never truly know.

RubyReaps: ALSO, I hate you.

Akouo: :)

Akouo: You're just angry because you hate having to deal with people policing RP. Just stop paying attention and everything will be more fun.

RubyReaps: Pffft. I regret telling you that I liked to roleplay once in awhile.

RubyReaps: OH! I forgot to ask, did you get your schedule yet for next term? Everyone else said the current raid schedule still looks good for them.

Akouo: I think I should have been the one asking you that. But yes, looks like we'll keep to the current schedule unless something comes up.

Akouo: Did you want to do anything when servers come up as a group?

RubyReaps: Gimme a sec.

Ruby checked what day the maintenance patch should end and saw it was an off day. She beamed as she typed out her reply.

RubyReaps: Yesss! Gotta unlock the 24 man and crush Ozma. Then gotta get the dungeons so we can unlock expert. Then main story.

Akouo: And then Hildebrand?


RubyReaps: I must see more of Vivi doll lookalike and Hildebrand!

Akouo: Hah. I can't believe you want to spend the first day on that.

RubyReaps: It's hilarious. I think that's reason enough.

Akouo: That's fair. :)

Ruby turned her head, hearing some giggling and then a door slam in the house. She frowned, wondering which of her roommates that was before turning back to her keyboard. She should probably see what the noise and fuss was about. It was bordering on a time when such noise would start getting noise complaints; no matter if some of the other neighbors were Beacon University students or Vale Community College. They still lived in a residential neighborhood that had other adults, parents namely.

RubyReaps: Sorry brb gotta afk for like 5 min

Akouo: Hey Ruby I have something to tell you.

Akouo: Oh yes, of course.

Ruby got up from her chair, turning the light on in her room before opening her door to peak out into the hallway. The giggling got louder as the noise wasn't being muffled by the closed door and so Ruby walked out to investigate what was up.

"Hey what's up?" Ruby asked, pitching her voice so that she knew she was being heard. She walked into the living room to find Blake, her black haired amber-eyed roommate sitting on the couch while Yang was slumped against her. One of Yang's arms hang limply to her side as she blinked drunkenly up at Ruby.

Ruby glanced at the sound of the refrigerator door opening and closing, seeing her white haired roommate Weiss in the kitchen preparing some drinks. Ruby raised an eyebrow as Weiss slumped to brace herself on the kitchen counter with her elbow, holding a bottle of water pressed to her cheek and pinching the bridge of her nose with the other hand. Weiss groaned again before slinging Yang's limp arm around her shoulders as she and Blake picked up Yang.

"Hey Ruby," Blake answered for the three. "We went to a party and well… apparently Yang drank some of the spiked punch. Not a lot of it but enough that she's obviously a little drunk. Don't worry about it. We'll get her to her room and take care of her."

Ruby pursed her lips before nodding, accepting that her roommates would take care of Yang while she was incapacitated. She sighed, grabbing her own water bottle before returning to her room, turning the light off and returning to her desk. She blinked, eyes widening in a little bit of surprise as well as guilt for making Pyrrha wait when the other girl wanted to tell her something.

RubyReaps: Sorry Pyrrha. Looks like Yang, Weiss and Blake had gone to some party to celebrate but Yang got a little drunk off the punch.

Akouo: Oh no.

RubyReaps: What's up? You wanted to tell me something?

Akouo: Oh, yes! I do, I have to thank you.

RubyReaps: Why's that?

Akouo: You pushed me to do what I wanted… and I've put in an application to Beacon University.

Ruby let out a small whoop before wincing in self-embarrassment.

RubyReaps: That's great! When do you find out if you have any good news?

Akouo: Not until another few weeks but I have a favor to ask.

RubyReaps: What? What's that?

Akouo: Any chance you can ask your roommates about having a person stay over, just for a few days in say… two weeks?

RubyReaps: Ohhh! You wanna visit the campus? :D?

Akouo: Yes! :D If you can help me out, it would save me a bit so that I don't have to pay a hotel fare…

RubyReaps: I'm sure it'll be fine! I'll ask when Yang's not drunk. Hehe.

Akouo: Thank you very much Ruby! Hopefully I'll get accepted. I hope to start my third year at Beacon University… :)

RubyReaps: It'll be great! OH! When you visit, maybe we can go try this Greek place I've heard some things about. You can help me judge it.

Akouo: Hah!

Akouo: Sure! Do you know what stuff they have?

RubyReaps: Well, I'm not really sure what foods are usually served… but I heard that their chicken shawarma is really good.

Akouo: I'm sure it'll be fine. :) You can show me the other places you like!

Ruby checked the calendar, seeing if the dates might match up.

RubyReaps: I've got my last planned meet… you might come in during that. You think you'll be fine at the house while I go?

Akouo: Ruby, if you don't mind I'd love to see what a meet is like!

RubyReaps: It's really not all that special but if you don't mind coming to watch that's great too!

Ruby yawned, feeling a bit grumpy that this was all that she'd be able to chat with another person today about non-university related work. She was starting to feel the need for sleep so she decided that it was time to end her chat with Pyrrha.

RubyReaps: Ugh sorry Pyrrha. I think I should get to bed. I'm gonna need to deal with Yang tomorrow morning so that we can make it before the rush for dim sum starts.

Akouo: Dim sum?

RubyReaps: A style essentially of Chinese food. Little-plate portions of steamed, boiled or otherwise cooked foods. Dumplings, buns, and a variety of other stuff.

Akouo: That sounds wonderful. Who are you going with?

RubyReaps: Uh… pretty much mostly everyone here. Ren, Nora, Blake, Weiss and Yang.

Akouo: What about Jaune?

RubyReaps: He said he'd be leaving early to meet with his sisters so he wouldn't crashing the party.

Akouo: I admit to being quite jealous.

RubyReaps: When you visit and when you get in, we'll go for sure!

Akouo: Yay! Let's plan to do this dim sum stuff when I visit you guys. And if I get in.

RubyReaps: No, Pyrrha. When. I'm telling you it's going to be when.

RubyReaps: Anyway, going to crash. Night Pyrrha!

Akouo: Good night Ruby. Take care.

Ruby smiled a little as she closed her eyes, and listened to her desktop shut off. She followed her nightly routine of a nighttime shower, teethbrushing and charging her cellphone before crawling into her bed and falling asleep.

Author's Note: Welp. Not as great but it's sorta moving along. Patch 3.3 comes June 7 for us FFXIV players and I thought it would help bring up some things Ruby and Pyrrha can talk about and do in the future.