So this is my first Junjou romantica story and it is done in first person

THIS STORY IS SIMILAR TO A STORY WRITTEN BY AJ Maxima FOR A REASON. It is similar to her story How I Met Your Brother because we were discussing her story and something popped up that I thought would be funny for the story and thought a Mute Misaki would be cute.

After that I tossed some ideas her way and was writing this just for my personal amusement and when I told them they asked if I was going to post it and gave me the go ahead. so Our stories will have similarities but I will TRY and make it as unique from theirs as possible. SO please bare with me.

And to AJ if you do read this hope you like what I got so far. As I said previously Its a little hard for me to write first person but I agree that we need more! Well on with the show. I'll try and get chapter two up as soon as possible.

Chapter 1

It was quite a normal start to a fairly generic day for me, wake up, make breakfast for Nii-san, after finishing breakfast do the dishes and then finally head to the bathroom to get ready for my day. Except today just so happened to have an unusual twist to it that has me more annoyed than usual. My name is Misaki Takahashi and I have been kidnapped of all things.

So just to recap everything was normal until someone knocked on the front door and being the kind seventeen year old I am I opened the door to reveal two goons in black suits. Who thus proceeded to pick me up, toss me into a black car with tinted windows, drive off as if the flames of hell were on their back and finally stop in the middle of nowhere seriously this place was in the middle of woods. I didn't even think woods existed this close to the city but apparently I was very wrong in that assumption, very wrong indeed.

Now here I sit in the sitting room of the extravagant mansion that was hidden within the lush greenery with my nerves frazzled waiting to be told why I was taken. I haven't been this scared since the car accident that cost me my parents and my voice. I guess that's part of the reason I'm so nervous right now, there's no telling if there is any way possible I'd be able to communicate with my kidnapper.

I could feel my left hand absentmindedly rubbing at the base of my neck where my scar from that accident remains as a constant reminder of what had happened. My one moment of selfishness that cost me my parents and my brother his dreams of entering a top rank college. It's not like I can't speak any more, no I have full capability of doing so unlike in the beginning where my vocal cords were to damaged to even utter a squeak. Yet once they were healed and I was given the ok to talk I couldn't bring myself to do so. According to the doctors at the time I became mute because of something psychological and there was no telling when that would heal or if it would ever heal.

Letting out a sigh I could feel my muscles bunch up as I jumped and tensed at the sound of doors opening and footsteps approaching me. I quickly turned towards the sound to see and tall gentleman dressed in a brown suit with strict features, well trimmed brown hair, and glasses perched on his nose. Behind him was what appeared to be a butler of some sorts who just stared at the wall on the other side of the room with his arms behind his back.

"Huh, so you're Takahiro? I thought you'd be more beautiful considering how much that dumb rabbit talks about you. Although stealing you from him is definitely worth the trouble I must ask though what is it that you see in him?"

I couldn't help but to tilt my head at his question my eyes trained on his as his words settled in my rattled brain. Dumb rabbit, who the hell is this rabbit he keeps speaking of? My eyes widened as I realize who he was talking about. Although I have never met him I remember my nii-san talking about a friend of his called Usagi-san. Could that be who this lunatic was talking about and why would he want nii-san anyway?

As usual I opened my mouth to at least attempt to speak only to have shivers roll down my back making me visible shake before I snap it shut. Giving the strange man an irritated huff I lift my hands to start my jesters and pray at least Sebastian the butler (not his real name), knows some form of sign language when a loud screech followed by a bang interrupted my thoughts.

Tilting my head as I turned it towards the door I could hear the strange man huff as he spoke something to the butler before grabbing my arm and dragging me up the stairs. I could feel my feet stumble as he pulled me to a room and pushed me in.

"It looks like he's figured it out. Now stay quiet until I return and we can discuss out soon to be relationship."

My brow furrowed as he closed the door and locked it behind him causing a flutter of panic to bubble in my chest. I ran to the door and slammed my fist against its wooden surface glaring daggers in hopes that they would slice through the thick wood to give me my freedom. After a few extra bangs and a couple jiggles of the door knob I gave up shrugging my shoulders. Turning I looked around the room to see that there was an empty book shelf on one side of the room with a dresser right next to it, a window that showed the view of a well groomed tree and garden and right next to it a fully dressed bed. I couldn't help but to perk up at that, looks like I had my ticket out of here.

Quickly gathering up all the blankets I tied them together before tying them to the bolted down frame of the bed and dragged my bundle over to the window. Opening the window I shivered as a light breeze made my hair flutter and looked down to see a row of what seemed to be rose bushes below. Biting my lip I tossed the bundle of tied cloth out the window and started to make my way out using the bedding rope as the sound of abuse being brought to my door sent jolts of fear through me.

Scrambling out the window as fast as I could I looked up in time to see the door splinter and explode into the room as if it was hit with a battering ram as a silver haired, violet eyed man stumbled in after. He quickly made his way to the window which caused me to lose my grip on the cloth and being to plummet down to the bushes below only to be stopped by a strong grip on my wrist.

Opening my green eyes to look up into shocked violet eyes my brow furrowed as the man's grip loosened on my wrist allowing it to slip through sending me back down. Terror filled me as I fell and the last thing I saw was the man's confused look as if he was accusing me of not being my brother. Well excuse me for being the wrong Takahashi maybe you should tell the idiotic lunatic downstairs to get his damn facts straight!

Once that though passed through my brain the last thing it processed was the sudden impact of thorns and dirt that rattled my bones and crushed the air from my lungs. Then there was nothing but darkness as my vision faded to black from the force of the impact.

I have to admit this is one of the SHORTEST chapters I have every written. So yeah sorry about that. It takes me a lot to process first person writing and I have a hard time making the chapters longer. SO wish me luck I'll do my best to extend the chapters and make them longer so just bare with me. Hope you like the chapter and reviews are much loved and in this case MUCH NEEDED. Thank you.