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"misaki speaking in sign language"

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Chapter 2

A blinding white ceiling and a pulsating headache was the first thing I noticed as my eyes fluttered and my subconscious mind came back from the dark oblivion it had taken refuge in. Closing my eyes once more to bathe them in the darkness I couldn't help but to frown as my thoughts stray back to the last few moments I remember before being accepted into the darkness. A flash of silver hair and violet eyes buzz through my minds' eye making me shoot up in the bed I was now laying in.

My eyes were wide with shock as everything came tumbling down like dominos from my kidnapping all the way to my very unfriendly greeting with some well manicured rose bushes. Pain danced through my body with the sudden movement causing my muscles to spasm and a light groan to escape my lips as I flop back down against the bed.

Blinking a few times to allow my sight to adjust to the lighting I cast my gaze around the room taking in all the in and outs of the sterile territory. On one wall a large bay window looked out over the city with a comfortable pillowed ledge where someone could sit or lay while waiting for the hours to pass. Next to the window seat sat a small oak dresser with ornate knobs and a couple of pictures sitting on top of it. Hanging above the dresser in the corner a large flat screen TV reflected my image in its black screen as my jade colored eyes widened slightly.

A familiar buzzed vibrated through my body as my eyes moved further along to settle on a door with a sign that marked it as the bathroom hung from a hook and right next to it were doors that led into a closet. Following the wall my sight settled on the far wall where an open door looked out into a long hall way with a door on the opposite wall.

Sucking in a deep breath I realize where I am as I reach over to the oak bed side table and pick up a glass of water that was most likely set there by the nurse. Putting the cool glass to my lips I start to quench my thirst only to nearly chock as my brother tossed himself through the door screaming my name and gripping me in a death hug.

Sighing once I get my breath back I pat his back in a reassuring manner calming him as he pulled back and pulled his glasses away from his dark eyes and wiped tears from the corners. Watching I gave him an airy chuckle as I pull my hands up and move them in a series of signs.

"Nii-san what are you doing here shouldn't you be working?"

Plopping my hands back down in my lap I watch as my nii-san composes himself before settling his dark eyes on my with a huff.

"Work is not as important as my precious little brother. When I got the call that you were brought to the hospital out cold why I couldn't help but to drop everything and run here at hyper speed just to make sure you were alright."

Blinking a few times I can only shake my head at Taka-nii's antics as I rub my hands over my face to try and get rid of the grogginess. It was then that a deep baritone voice echoed through the room causing shivers of delight to play with my skin giving me prickles.

My eyes widened as the same silver haired, violet eyed man from my kidnapping case came waltzing into the room with his head held high as if he owned the place. Which if my memories serve me right he did not. No if I was correct which considering how much time I've spent on this particular floor of this particular hospital the owner was far more terrifying than the man.

Tilting my head in confusion my brow knits back together as my emerald eyes lock with amethyst as said man walks over and flops against my brother causing me to bristle in annoyance. A fight lights in my eyes as my shoulders tense as I watch the man nuzzle against my completely unfazed brother who just gave him a light chuckle and pushes him off with a smile.

"Now, now Usagi-san enough of that although I must thank you for rescuing Misaki and bringing him here I don't know how to repay you for your kindness."

I could feel my brow twitch and my eyes narrow at the silver haired man. It seems Nii-san doesn't know that this man is half the reason I'm here in the first place. Opening and closing my mouth like a gaping fish I lift my hands in an attempt to start explaining things to get this strange rabbit away from my brother when a familiar melodic voice cut through.

"My, oh, My little Ta-chan I never thought you would swing that way? I've only ever seen you with women after all."

Quick as lightning my eyes shot up to the owner of the voice to settle on a young woman with shaggy shoulder length dark brown hair with the layered tips dyed a dark blue and her playful light blue eyes shimmered with a mischievous spark. Her lips were quirked up into a playful smirk and her head slightly tilted reveal the trail of star tattoos that stretched up both sides of her neck. She wore a simple black T-shirt with a petit scull pattern etched at the shoulders in white and tight form fitting jeans that were covered by knee high black boots. Pulled over the outfit she wore a white doctor's coat that fluttered down just past her knees.

A scorching happiness blazed within me as I wriggled to get up in order to tackle the woman in a hug only to have her blue eyes narrow at me as a sign to stay in bed. Stopping all my movement I couldn't help but to feel jittery seeing the young woman whom saved my life many years ago. Doctor Terra LeeAnn an American doctor ex-gang member and owner of the very hospital we currently resided in is a force to be reckoned with. She is known for never turning down a case but has no problems with making any case worst than when it entered her domain if they become a problem for her. She was, is and always will be my hero as the doctor that saved my life the day of the car accident that took my parents life.

Jumping slightly when a hand settled over mine I look to nii-san to see him smiling at me before looking back at Terra.

"It's good to know that you're the one taking care of Misaki in his time of need. I can never repay you enough for all you have done for me."

Rolling my eyes I could only shake my head as Nii-san bowed his head to Terra who just shook her head and kicked his leg in a friendly reprimand.

"Seriously Ta-chan you need to stop being so formal with me. I just adore my little Mii-chan so much! How can I abandon such an adorable boy in his time of need anyone with the ability to do such a thing are nothing but Neanderthals in my book!"

A protective glint flashed in her eyes as she looked towards the man called Usagi and it was then that I knew that she knew. Oh boy was this going to be interesting. I could feel my heart flutter as I looked form Terra to Usagi before tapping my brothers hand to get his attention.

"Nii-san do you think you could possibly get me something to eat? Preferably Ice cream please, I need something to sooth my throat."

I knew from the second the excuse flowed from my finger tips that it was weak one. I also knew that from the second they fell that my brother would comply. With a flurry of movement, agreements, and a few muffled snickers coming from the doorway I watched as my brother left the room, a serene and friendly smile plastered on my face.

Once out of sight I glared at the nobler then thou man who was now reclined back in his chair his eyes scanning me and visible shivers humming through his body. Blinking in confuse I looked from him to Terra only to realize she had already gotten to the man and had probably scared the poor guy half to death. I don't care how rich and powerful you are that woman is terrifying when pissed and she only gets pissed when it involves her family or me.

"Now I don't know how to even begin apologizing to you for my brothers mistake but I guess the best place to start with is a simple I'm sorry. I let slip when visiting with the family that I wished to marry your brother my ever so beautiful Takahiro which in turn caused him to try and take him from me. For your involvement in this farce I must apologize."

Once again I was dumbfounded by this man not only was it his fault I was caught up in this whole hair brained event but on top of that he admitted to loving my sweet and lovable brother. There's no way in hell I'm going to let this crazy rabbit taint my precious nii-san! I could feel my eyes narrowing as my hands moved in a fluid series of jesters and the giggle lined voice of Terra translating.

"How dare you involve nii-san and me in your brotherly troubles? Leave nii-san alone he's to pure and kind to be caught up in your twisted love fantasy. Why nii-san any man would do right so why not go choose one of them!?"

I was breathing heavily through my nose with my anger flaring as I ignored the feminine laughter coming from the door way. I watched as annoyance twitched on Usagi's brow as he quickly got up and pinned my arms and body to the bed.

"Any man would do huh? Then what about you?"

Panic pulsed in my heart as my eyes widened as I watched him lean in only to halt as a flash of silver settled against his neck. Slowly he turned his head to the side attempting to avoid the fairly sharp object pressed against a fairly vulnerable part of his body. I too turned to see the sinister smile stretched on Terras face as she held the scalpel to Usagi-sans neck.

"Now, now you overgrown horny rabbit I'm all for getting to know someone but it will not be my cute little Mii-chan. Besides didn't you know that molesting is against the law? Not many can get away with breaking the law. Although I can guarantee that if you try anything I will get away with sending your cold corpse ten feet under."

A sliver of fear shuttered through me as she sang the last few words as the pressure of the larger, warm body pulled away bringing a strange spark of disappointment to my heart. The sensation caught me off guard making my face go blank as I blinked a few times to make sure what I felt was true. Shaking my head as fast as I could muster to clear whatever strange feelings were popping up within me I couldn't help but to notice the glaring match between Terra and Usagi-san. It was quite comical to see and feel the larger man shiver from her intense eyes as he continued to straddle my waist.

"Listen here you over confident bastard stay away from my cute little Mii-chan or else I-"

It was at that moment that we all heard the intercom buzz into life and call her down for an emergency making her growl in annoyance. Crossing her arms and pouting like a child she walked out the door and stopped by its frame glaring daggers to her left. Tilting my head I watched as she pointed a finger in that direction and spoke to whoever was hidden from my sight.

"As for you jackass you best get your overpriced ass in there and apologize for this mess as well or else I'll pull through with my threats to you and your brother from earlier. No one hurts my Mii-chan and gets away with it."

At that moment she disappeared as a light scuffle could be heard before my Kidnapper appeared in the doorway being brutally kicked into the room by a black booted foot. The action moved the doctors' coat enough to give us all a flash of the bag attached to her leg that housed an array of deadly objects before settling back into place around her frame.

A noticeable spark of satisfaction flashed in Terra's eyes before she turned from them and left the room altogether leaving me here, alone with two lunatics. I'm starting to see trouble in my future as once again Usagi-san bent back down and pinned my arms above my head causing a light dusting of pink to greet my cheeks heating them slightly.

"Now that the crazy guard dog is gone we can get back to what we were discussing. Any man would do right little Mi-sa-ki?"

Sucking in a deep breath I could practically taste the scent of tobacco and aftershave fluttering off Usagi-sans skin in little waves as he leaned in and locked his lips with mine. A shutter passed through my being as his soft lips pressed to mine and his tongue snaked out of his lips pushing past the barrier my own had created to glide playfully across my teeth. Panic settled in me slightly as I wriggled to try and break free which only gave him enough leverage to slip a leg in-between my own and rub against my groin causing me to groan slightly.

Warmth pooled in my stomach and made my body tense as he pulled back slowly with a smirk stretched on his lips. I gasped for breath as my body felt like jelly and the pain in my muscles was replaced with pleasure.

"Heh, who knew you'd be so sensitive to touch, how cute."

Huffing and glaring at the man above me I wiggled some more to push away the buzz of pleasure that was trying to cloud my judgment that only the sound of someone clearing their throat startled me. Looking over to the door both my kidnapper and my brother were standing watching us causing a slight flutter of panic to pump into my veins only to be shot away as nii-san spoke.

"My Usagi-san you and your friendly way but remember he is still healing from his nasty fall. I'm so grateful that you and your brother had found him in time to bring him to the hospital before something horrific happened to him."

Yup I was right my nii-san knew nothing. These two rabbits had somehow managed to skirt around the fact that I was kidnapped in a mistaken identity case which resulted in my injuries and my current predicament. I love my nii-san but boy can he be naïve sometimes but I guess that is just a part of his appeal and what makes him who he is.

"It is no problem to me Takahiro-san. Although I must agree with you Akihiko is being so disruptive to a healing person that I am appalled at his behavior. If you were to wish it I would be more than happy to remedy this problem and call the police post haste."

Oh great it seems the Usami-nii is trying to play the innocent card here. I couldn't help but to glare in his direction as my body shrunk in on itself with tensed muscles poised to spring out in annoyance. Yet the deep baritone that rumbled against me caught my breath and instantly relaxed me as it hummed through the air.

"Enough of that Haruhiko don't you think you've done enough helping for one day. Don't you have some company to take over or some children to frighten off?"

I watched as Usami-nii huffed and tilted his nose into the air just a bit higher as if he was looking down on Usagi-san.

"As you well know the health of a person is far more important than the hostile takeover especially considering the takeover can take care of itself at this point. No need for my interference so long as those incompetent fools do their jobs correctly and follow my orders."

The tone in Usami-nii's voice for some reason ruffled my feathers as I gave out three annoyed huffs showing my displeasure which caught the attention of the others within the room. The action caused my Nii-san to laugh heartily as he walked over and handed me my ice cream while Usagi-san pulled himself away from me to sit in the chair next to my bed. Oh the joys of being stuck in bed with a foot elevated and at the mercy of two lunatics.

A deep chuckle made me shiver as I shoved a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth with a slight pout on my lips. Looking out the corner of my eyes I could see violet eyes locked onto my injured form with a twinkle of mirth shimmering in their depths. It was then that I noticed that the same twinkly was reflected in the older brothers eyes as well causing a feeling of dread to pool in the pit of my stomach. I could feel the impending storm coming and the strong possibility that my normal life is about to be turned so upside down that there would be no way to right it once more. Damn why did I ever have to get involved with the Usami brothers. Fate sure has a strange way of kicking a guy when he is down doesn't it.

This thought continued to reverberate in my skull as I continued to sulk while eating my ice cream and trying to ignore the impending doom and conversation what swirled around me. Yes from this point on my normal life will be far from normal.

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