A/N: THIS IS JUST A VERY SHORT ONE SHOT TAKEN IMMEDIEATLY AFTER THE LAST KISS AT THE END OF SEASON 7 (because we all know that season 8 better known as 'seasons' will add to that).


Both of them drew away, breathless.

"Wow..." Lorelai whispered.


Lorelai nodded. "Yeah."


"Luke... I- I don't think I can go through this again if it doesn't work out. I need to know that this is going to be permeant," she told him. "No more breaking up, ok? No more being apart. I just- I don't think I can go through it again."

"The song you sang the other night," he said, his face serious. "Did you really mean it?"

"Why would you even ask me that?" she was baffled. It was evident in the way she kissed him, wasn't it? And in the way he kissed her and had surprised her with a town party for Rory. How Lorelai could never fully commit to Chris because her feelings for Luke were always just below the surface. All of this was shouting out love. What more did he need to convince him?

"Because you told Babette and Miss Patty at the diner that it didn't mean anything," he admitted.

"Oh," she said. Was that why he hadn't looked at her that morning? Why he was so aloof? It had nothing to do with being humiliated and embarrassed. He had felt rejected. "Oh, Luke. I was just- I came in to see how I felt about you. I wanted to be sure that these were new now feelings and not old feelings, and when they bombarded me with questions, I just panicked. I didn't mean... I was confused. I'm so sorry if you thought I-"

"And now?"

Lorelai smiled at him. "Luke... I will always love you."

He nodded with a small smile. "Good. That's good."

"Well... good. That's good then."


"And you...?"

He kissed her again, briefly this time before replying. "I'll always love you, too. You kinda got stuck in my head, you know."

Lorelai nodded. Oh yeah, she knew only too well.