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What I've Always Wanted

Chapter 2- Weekend at Terra's

Location: Bus en route to Terra's place

Beast Boy was on his way to where he knew Terra lived, taking the bus for much of the way. It was hard to fly since whatever animal he turned into would have to carry his luggage. He didn't have much, so he was wondering if a pterodactyl form might be the way to go. After he got off the bus, he turned into a pterodactyl and flew towards her location. He noticed a few wooded areas with no people around and only wildlife. If he didn't have the luggage, he would have turned into different animals and played around with them. Maybe he'd come back here sometime to do that.

Soon it started to rain, much to his dismay. He was trying to think of what animal he could trun into to keep all of his luggage from getting wet. He couldn't think of an animal that could do that. It started pouring down rain and a thunderstorm began. Getting under the trees wouldn't help. He flew down to the ground and morphed back into a human. He took his bag off and hovered over it protectively, shielding it from the rain. He started running through the wild area, going as fast as he could until he could reach a place with shelter from the rain.

The thunderstorm suddenly stopped. The clouds parted and moon and clear sky shone down in the area almost instantaneously. It was as if somebody played the Song of Storms from the Legend of Zelda video game.

Beast Boy: Huh?

Well, he was glad it stopped raining. He had just slung his bag back on his shoulder when two figures suddenly touched down in front of him.

Thunder: Brother, it is the green one. We have been baring our thunderstorm down upon him.

Lightning: Oh, our deepest apologies. We didn't realize you were traveling at this time.

He recognized them. He had talked them down from villainy when the team encountered them shortly after they had come together. These two somehow living forces of nature were "having fun" causing destruction in the city. The Titans arrived to fight them, but Beast Boy could tell that if given the right guidance, they would be a force for good instead of causing trouble. They ended up becoming honorary Titans and helping out against the Brotherhood of Evil.

Beast Boy: Oh, it's just you guys. What's up?

Lightning: We were just having fu- uh- I mean practicing for when the unpleasant people with gifts arrive.

Beast Boy: It's cool. A little rain won't hurt the animals. It really was awesome how you guys helped us defeat those bad guys too.

Thunder: Of course. We have our gifts, it is only fitting that we use them to do good for others.

Lightning: Say, green one, would you like to join us for some fun? Where there is no life and no living thing can come to harm of course.

Beast Boy: I might take you up on that sometime, but right now I really need to go see a friend. Oh, I know! Maybe in a day or two you guys could meet her! Her abilities revolve around nature just like you guys.

Lightning: We would be honored.

Thunder: Yes, any friend of yours is a friend of ours.

Beast Boy: Great! Since you guys both have your comms on you and I've got mines, I can let you know when we're gonna do this. I gotta go now, though. See you guys in a day or two.

Thunder: Very well. Farewell, green one.

And with that, Beast Boy left to continue on his way to Terra's place. He once again morphed into a pterodactyl with his bag on his shoulder and flew until he saw another bus stop. This hadn't been the first time he visited Terra, so he knew his way around. Once the bus arrived at his stop, he got off and walked the short distance to the small, run down apartment complex. There were only five or six apartments in there, and the whole building was a single floor.

He got to her door and knocked. The door opened and she offered him a kind smile before greeting him.

Terra: Hey Beast Boy.

Beast Boy: Hey Terra. Can I come in?

Terra: Sure. You didn't think I'd make you stay outside the whole weekend, did you? Besides, how else would I get any of that delicious tofu?

He entered. Her apartment wasn't fancy at all. It was very small, but the girl took care of it. The landlord let her live there for an extremely discounted price, in exchange for helping her out with cleaning. She also had a part time job at the place where she had taken him the night they went to the carnival, since it was within walking distance of the apartment. She was a waitress there, and she made just enough to live. Sometimes not quite enough, though her landlord would sometimes help her out with food and such. It wasn't the ideal situation for her, far from it, but she didn't really have a home or a family, and the local shelters were too afraid to keep her after she accidentally used her powers in front of them.

Beast Boy absolutely refused to eat any of her food. Not because he thought it was nasty or anything, but because he knew how hard it was for her to have enough food, and he wasn't about to contribute to that. No, instead he brought over some extra tofu so that he could share with her. It was the least he could do. That way his visits worked out for the both of them. She'd have some extra food, and he'd have someone to talk to when his team wasn't being as friendly as they should have been. Though she did enjoy his company as well. He thought about how he met back up with her.

Terra had been out in Jump City about six months ago when she happened on the team on one of their outings. At first none of them saw her, but curiosity had gotten the better of her. She discreetly followed them, and while he was briefly seperated from the rest of the group, Beast Boy had glanced up and saw her. He had excitedly run up to her, recognizing her immediately. She didn't try running away or anything, as she was glad to see him. It was true that his romantic feelings for her had died, but they both still cared about each other. They exchanged contact info and she left before the others came back.

It was about a week after that he casually suggested they take a stroll around Jump City. To her it just seemed like he wanted to take a walk. They just happen to be near this high school when she made a comment to him exclaiming that one of the girls was practically her twin. It was then, seeing both Terra and the look alike at the same time, that Beast Boy found out that the high school girl really wasn't Terra. He was somewhat embarrassed, but at least he had found who he had been looking for.

As he came into the apartement and started to take a seat, Terra cleared her throat to get his attention.

Terra: Um, Beast Boy, not to be rude but... can we eat... now? I'm starving.

Beast Boy: Sure, let me get my tofu out. I really hope no water got into it.

To his relief, the thunderstorm genreated by his other friends did not get water into any of his containers. He went to her stove and started to whip up some tofu burgers. In a seperate pan, he cooked some tofu eggs.

Terra: Eggs and burgers? That's new.

Beast Boy: Hey, don't knock it till you try it. It's actually not bad if you put some eggs on the burger.

As they sat down to the table with their plates, Terra quickly began scarfing the food down. Beast Boy gave her a minute to get her hunger under control before he would begin speaking.

Beast Boy: So Terra, I was thinking of something fun we could do tomorrow.

Terra: I don't have a shift tomorrow, so I'd be up for it. What were you thinking?

Beast Boy: Well, I never told you this, but I kind of met these two.. uh... living things, I don't know exactly what they are to be honest, but they're really cool, and they've got these thunder and lightning powers. Maybe we can have some kind of play date with them.

Terra: Sounds fun. It's hard to fit in with my powers and all, so it would be nice to meet some people, or whatever they are, who have powers like me.

After that, they ate in comfortable silence. After they finished eating, they went into the living room area to sit on the couch and talk.

Terra: So, Beast Boy, want to talk about why you ran away this time?

Beast Boy: Well, me and Raven had a fight, and it really wasn't my fault, but when the others came, they assumed I did something wrong, so they were on her side.

Terra: That sucks. Everyone knows how much of a jerk she can be.

Beast Boy: Yea, I've noticed them doing that kind of stuff for a while but tonight was the first time I said anything to them. Anyway, when I confronted Robin about it, he started making these excuses for her, saying how she had a hard life and all that.

Terra: Yeah, so have I. And you. And a lot of the people who are Titans. You and Robin are orphans. No one else acts like she does. And as far as her emotions go, if she can't feel joy and happy emotions, why does she have no problem being angry and unpleasant, and lashing out at people? Those are emotions too, and somehow she allows herself to feel those!

Beast Boy: Yea, tell me about it. So I told them I needed to get away from them because clearly none of them understand me.

Terra: Well, I'm here for you, Beast Boy. Even if Robin and the others don't get it, you've got me.

Beast Boy: Thanks, Terra.

Terra: Anytime. Everyone thinks Raven is so perfect.

Beast Boy noticed that Terra disliked Raven even more than he did. He didn't even really dislike Raven, it was just that her attitude got on his nerves sometimes. And the fact that no one else wanted to say anything to her about it made it worse.

Beast Boy: I think it might be more than that, though.

Terra: What do you mean?

Beast Boy: I think that Robin sees me as the weakest link on the team, so he isn't as concerned about how I feel.

Terra: Wow, what a wonderful leader he is.

Beast Boy: It seems like he doesn't do it on purpose though. He didn't want me to go. I guess me and him just have a love/hate relationship.

Terra: Admittedly, your abilities could use some training. Why doesn't Robin try to help you instead of putting you down?

Beast Boy: Sometimes he does. He has good days and bad days. One minute he's my best friend, the next he's throwing me off the team again. Makes it hard not to be scared of him.

Terra: Sounds complicated.

Beast Boy: Yea. As much as we fight, we still have a bond. He even let me into his room with Star a few times.

Terra: Hehe, a little too much info there.

Beast Boy: Sorry.

Terra: But you're into that?

Beast Boy: I don't know. I guess I was experimenting.

Terra: You think maybe the whole thing weirded Robin out?

Beast Boy: Maybe, it could have put a strain on our relationship as teammates. Not like I'll be doing it anymore anyway. That kind of thing isn't for me.

Terra: Maybe. It sucks how your team is treating you, but I'm glad you're here. I could use some company... and food... every now and then.

Beast Boy: Speaking of which, Terra, you seem like you're barely holding your own here.

Terra: I know. I wish I had a better living situation. I'd go back to my cave, it would be less expensive. But then I'd have no running water, electricity, heat, etc.

Beast Boy: Robin seemed like he felt bad when I was going. Maybe he'd be in the mood to entertain me if I asked him to let you back on the team.

Terra: I already tried. A few times actually. But he never lets me. He always says that-

At that point, Beast Boy's communicator rang. It was Robin. He answered.

Robin: Beast Boy, I need to know if you're okay-

Beast Boy: Yea, Robin, I'm fine. Thanks for the concern.

He went to hang up but Robin wasn't done yet.

Robin: Beast Boy, wait!

Beast Boy: What is it Robin?

Beast Boy's patience was wearing thin. Didn't his leader trust him to look after himself?

Robin: A-Are you staying with Terra again?

Beast Boy: Why?

Robin: Rav- I mean, I... just wanted to know.

Beast Boy laughed. He had to admit one thing about Robin, he was good at knowing when the truth was something a person didn't want to hear.

Beast Boy: Yea, I'm staying with Terra again.

Robin: Can you put her on?

Beast Boy: Sure.

Terra came to stand next to him so that she could talk to Robin.

Robin: Terra, please make sure you take care of him while he's there.

Terra: No problem. You know, I kind of wish you could do something for me.

Robin: It's not what I think it is, is it?

Terra: I wish you'd let me back on the team. I've done a lot of good since the incident with Slade.

Robin: Terra, we already talked about this. It's not happening.

Terra: But-

Robin: We can discuss it later. I have to go now, Terra. I'm sorry. Beast Boy I'll see you when you get home.

The connection was terminated after that.

Location: Titans Tower

Raven approached Robin and sat down next to him just after he ended the call. Cyborg and Starfire were also nearby. They all were worried about the changeling's whereabouts.

Robin: I'm sorry Raven. He is staying with Terra.

Raven: I heard. I'm glad that someone's there to take care of him and all, it's just...

Robin: I know. Terra's protective of him.

Cyborg: And that kind of puts her against you, Raven. She sees you as a bully.

Starfire: But Raven is not the bully! She is merely the 'being herself'.

Robin: I'm sure she's been saying a lot of bad things about you to him whenever he stays with her. That's probably the reason he accused us of showing you favoritism earlier.

Cyborg: It's possible. But we are a bit hard on him from time to time-

Raven: Can't he recognize that chewing as loudly as he was is incredibly annoying?

Cyborg: Hold up, that's what the fight was about?

Raven: Yes.

Cyborg: Girl, you were being unreasonable. No wonder he said the stuff he said. If I'd have known that was what you were chewing him out for, I would've stuck up for him. No pun intended.

Raven: Just because he doesn't chew quite as loudly as you do doesn't mean it isn't annoying.

Robin: Guys, it's getting really late. I think I'm going to bed.

Cyborg: Same here. My batteries are running low. Goodnight, guys.

Robin: Goodnight.

The two boys both departed to their rooms.

Starfire: Raven, I am afraid that Beast Boy will be too upset with us to come back.

Raven: Don't worry, Starfire. He'll be back, he was just blowing off some steam.

Starfire: But he was very upset. Even more than Robin was with me one year ago.

Raven: You mean the time he threw you off the team because he thought you took his utility belt?

Starfire: I believe that he was more upset when I became the defensive. But I remember being the shocked and appalled when he thought I had stolen his possession.

Raven: But you guys made up, right? It'll be the same with Beast Boy.

Starfire: But us making up was only the result of you forcefully demanding that he forgive me. And threatening to physically harm him if he did not take me back.

Raven: It worked, didn't it?

Starfire: I suppose. But why did Beast Boy say that he saw you take the belt?

Raven: If he believes that the team shows me favoritism, then he must have thought that if Robin thought I stole the belt instead of you, niether of us would get in trouble. He was trying to save you, Starfire.

Starfire: Then I should be grateful. I had been the worried that he and Robin would do the 'bedding' without me.

At this, Raven's eyes glowed red, and her voice became demonic.

Raven: Beast Boy was never doing anything like that with him! EVER! Whatever you guys did didn't mean anything!

Starfire was shocked and startled by Raven's sudden outburst. She was trembling.

Starfire: Raven, I did not mean to upset you.

Raven: I'm sorry Star. I just...

Starfire: You have never had a problem with Robin and I being together.

Raven: I know. It's just... Beast Boy...

Starfire: You have the feelings for Beast Boy.

Raven: What? No. Well... okay maybe.

Starfire: Oh Raven, this is wonderful news. You simply must tell him.

Raven: I can't. He's run away, mad at me, and with someone who would encourage his anger at me.

Starfire: Then I shall make sure that does not happen.

Raven: Thanks, but I don't know what you can do about it. Look, thanks for the talk Star, but I need to go to bed.

Starfire: Goodnight, Raven. I shall see you in the morning.

Raven really did like Beast Boy, as more than a friend. While she was in her bed, she thought about the situation. Terra didn't like her, and probably wanted to discourage Beast Boy from even continuing a friendship with her. But it wasn't likely because she herself was interested in dating him. No, Terra was just someone who looked out for him, and thought of Raven as a heartbreaker. Which was ironic, considering how it was Raven who once saw Terra as the person who hurt Beast Boy.

But if he and Terra weren't going to be getting together, his running away shouldn't be a problem. And she would have sensed the emotion of love coming from him when he called Terra if that were the case. He would eventually return home and they could move on from the incident, and then she would make her move.

It was true that she often portrayed feelings of disgust towards him, and for a while she really felt them. He had once had feelings for her which she sensed, but she pushed him away. And his love for her eventually died. Now that she had feelings for him, it would be easy for her to reawaken the fire his heart once felt for her. And she was certain that the other Titans would not stand in the way. He would soon be all hers.

After breakfast the next morning, Starfire set out on an important mission. She had to find Beast Boy so that Raven could reveal her true feelings to him. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if she let her friend down. She knew that her feelings were the "secret", so she musn't tell Robin or Cyborg.

Starfire: I am going to find Beast Boy this instant.

Robin: Starfire, no. He needs time to-

But she was already flying out the door. She was determined to find their friend and seek his immediate forgiveness at all costs. Robin went to the garage to get his R-Cycle and go stop her.

Starfire: We must find him or he may never forgive us!

Robin: Starfire, wait!

She flew into the city and started asking random people if they had seen him. She flew past a small, subtle shop which sold a few handy items, including really strong rope.

Starfire: Please, we need the assistance! Our friend Beast Boy has run away on his own after expressing the belief that we were playing "the favoritism", and now he is vulnerable and seperated from those who can protect him and if we do not find him, I fear something terrible may happen to him!

Robin: Starfire, you don't have to do this. He'll be fine with Terra for the next day or two.

Location: Handy shop near Jump City streets

Jason Todd was at the shop gathering some strong rope in order to put his plans into action. He wore a black baseball cap and a jean jacket that matched the blue jeans he had on. He had brought his backpack which contained his suit into the shop. Well, maybe not exactly his suit, but luckily the shopkeeper didn't insist he leave the bag at the entrance. He had already unloaded the debit card and got some cash earlier, and had just used some to pay for the rope.

Just as he was walking outside, he noticed Robin ride by on his R-Cycle. The rest of the Titans weren't in sight. He started getting ideas and looking around for a alleyway to change into the suit and capture Robin when he heard what Starfire said. So Starfire was also present, and since there was a crowd full of people at this time, kidnapping Robin right now might not be the best course of action.

But he also took into account the situation that she described. Beast Boy, vulnerable, and seperated from his friends?

Jason: Hmm. Change of plans.

Last night, he had managed to swipe a couple of syringes with a temporary power dampening drug from some second rate super villain wannabe, just in case something like this happened. It seemed that it could work on any of the Titans. Hopefully it worked on Beast Boy. It was a nice break after Maverick took one of his debit cards from him.

The new plan was to capture Beast Boy. He was staying with this "Terra" person, whom he didn't know much about, but he could research her. He went home to do just that. After finding out what her powers were, what she looked like, and what area she was frequently seen in, he set out to apprehend the green Titan. She wouldn't be too difficult to defeat, and it wasn't an overly crowded area that they were staying in. Both the rope and the syringes were small enough to fit in the pouches on his suit, so there was no need to take his backpack.

With this in mind, he put on the Red X suit and set out to Terra's apartment. He didn't find her there, and he started to wonder how he was going to locate these two. He couldn't very well ask anyone.

Red X: Maybe I should've taken my backpack.

He was considering going back to his original plan to capture Robin when he noticed an odd sight in the distance. There was a single cloud spewing rain and lightning, and the rest of the sky was clear. Even as the daylight faded and dusk was setting in, he could see that storm was too small to be at all natural.

He made his way over there and beheld quite a sight. Beast Boy was there, as was the girl he recognized as Terra. There were two other figures he didn't recognize, one big and blue and the other skinny and yellow. The two seemed to be controlling the storm. Terra and the two storm creators seemed to be holding together some kind of makeshift obstacle course for him to go through. Beast Boy must have been having a falling out with his team, as this was Robin's job. It was probably a good idea to wait for a while until some of them leave, as he would have better odds against less super powered opponents. He situated himself in a spot carefully hidden from view and silently observed what was happenning.

Terra: Wow, Beast Boy, that was your fastest time yet!

Beast Boy: It was?

He couldn't really say any more, as he was trying to catch his breath.

Lightning: Brother, did you see that? The green one is becoming stronger than he has ever been before! I never knew our gifts could be useful in this way.

Thunder: Yes, it is amazing what we can accomplish when we try to do more than just destroy.

Beast Boy had finally got enough energy back to speak.

Beast Boy: Totally, you guys rock! I'm so glad we ditched the idea of having a playdate and instead you guys helped me train.

Thunder: It was our pleasure. But I am afraid the heavens are calling us. Brother, we must go.

Lightning: Yes, we must. Farewell, green one. And it was nice to meet you, blonde one. We shall see you again for another day of fun!

Terra: Yea, it was nice to meet you guys, too. See you both next time.

And with that, the two vanished into the sky. Beast Boy and Terra sat down on the edge of a flat, protruding rock.

Terra: I'm really glad I was able to help you, Beast Boy.

Beast Boy: Yea, me too. Seriously, you have no idea how much this means to me.

Terra: I know you're a hero, but I never knew you cared so much about being good at it. I mean, no, of course you care about saving lives, I just mean-

Beast Boy: It's okay, Terra. I know what you mean. But yea, being a good super hero is... it's what I've always wanted.

Terra: I understand, Beast Boy. But you already are a good super hero.

Beast Boy: Well yea, I did lead us to victory against the Brotherhood of Evil, but I wish I could do it more consistently. Taking down tough baddies, being a good detective, helping people through emotional hardships... I wish I could do that.

Terra: You've helped me through a lot of emotional hardship. And you've done the same for your team, whether they realize it or not.

Beast Boy: I wish they did realize it.

Terra: You know, I think they do. Sometimes at least. They just get caught up in how many bad guys you didn't capture. Your leader just has kind of a one track mind.

Beast Boy: Yea, I guess. Maybe being the one to capture a super elusive thief like Red X is what I've always wanted.

Red X: How about I capture you instead?

Beast Boy and Terra both whipped their heads around towards the sound of Red X's synthesized voice. Their eyes were wide with shock and fright.

But Terra quickly put on a dangerous look.

Terra: Who are you and what do you want?

Red X: I'm the Red X guy he just mentioned, and I want him, just like I said.

Beast Boy: Sorry to disappoint you, Red X, but I don't really care to hang out with criminals.

Red X: If you're so eager to put me behind bars, give it your best shot. I'm sure the Titans would be impressed if you two managed to get me.

Terra: You leave him alone!

With that, she hurled a swarm of small rocks in his direction. He teleported out of the way. He brought lots of explosive X's, two capsules of xenothium, and a bunch of other gadgets with him, since he knew he'd be in for a fight. Beast Boy and Terra were standing close to each other still, so Red X teleported behind them and with both hands, gave each of them a hard shove on the backs of their necks. He had just put the readers on them.

Terra whipped around, but not with enough time to react as Red X delivered a kick that sent her sprawling away. Beast Boy had morphed into a gorilla and was about to bring his fists down on the thief when he was blown backwards by an explosive X.

Using the short break he had while they recuperated, he checked his stamina scanner to see what kind of shape his opponents were in. Beast Boy's stamina was at 120. It was already low, undoubtedly due to the fact that he had just been training. Terra's was at 450. It was okay, though, since Beast Boy was the primary target. Terra wasn't as well known and wasn't part of the main Titans team, so taking her wouldn't have been as effective. He still wasn't sure what he'd do once he got his victim. He was hoping that maybe he'd contact Slade and tell him he had Beast Boy or something. The idea of him outdoing Maverick was too good to pass up.

But he could figure that out later. Right now, Terra was back up and hurling a pretty big rock his way. He teleported out of the way and threw some X-a-rangs at her. They connected, and she stumbled. He teleported in front of her and started delivering a flurry of punches and kicks at her. They were all hitting her and he seemed to be doing good, but one rock suddenly nailed him in the back, interrupting his attack sequence. Terra let her foot fly and kick him in the face, knocking him down and skidding him a few feet away.

He quickly jumped back up and tried to prepare another attack, but was forced to dodge a rock the size of a basketball. He dodged, but had no time to do anything else except dodge some more as a wave of rocks flew at him one by one. He dodged a majority of them, but some of them hit him. As he was doing this, a plan came to him.

He let one of the rocks hit him square in the stomach, and fell down. Terra then lifted up a big rock and prepared to throw it at him. He chucked an explosive X at the boulder that she had raised high above her head. It crumbled, raining the debris down on the geomancer. While she had her arms up trying to protect herself from the debris, Red X threw another explosive X at her. It hit her and sent her flying. Her stamina now read 125. Red X began looking around for Beast Boy when he heard the sound of an elephant above him.

He looked up just in time to see the huge green creature about to crash down on him. He teleported, but he couldn't get quite far enoug away. The elephant didn't actually land on him, but the resulting shockwave knocked him to the ground. As Red X forced himself up, Beast Boy morphed into a pterodactyl to go in for another attack. Red X teleported up to the creature's back, planted an explosive X on it, and teleported back to the ground. When the blast blew him downwards in a diagonal trajectory, he was unable to keep his animal form and morphed back into a humanoid form. Red X had teleported in front of him, and while he was still flying downwards, but he was close to the ground, Red X delivered a roundhouse kick to his face and knocked him back.

Red X looked at his stamina scanner. Red X was at 196. Beast Boy's stamina read 0, and he noticed the changeling on the ground not moving. The scanner still read a heartbeat, but he was now unconscious. Red X heard shuffling from a few feet away.

Terra: Y-you w-won't get away with th-this...

Red X: Looks like I already have.

Before Terra could throw another rock at him, he threw an electric shocking X at her. The resulting shock brought her to the ground, after which he secured her with two sticky X's. He teleported to where Beast Boy was and retrieved his limp form.

Red X: I'd love to stick around, but I've got stuff to do and people to call. Catch ya later.

Terra: No! Beast Boy!

She watched helplessly as the thief teleported away from her in small hops, carrying her friend away with him.

Terra: Beast Boy... I let you down.

Tears began to form in her eyes as she could only wonder what this guy wanted with Beast Boy, and hope he didn't hurt him.

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