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What I've Always Wanted

Chapter 8- Showdown!

The Teen Titans were Jump City's prized super hero team. They had taken on threats to the civilians of the city, from small fries like Johnny Rancid and Doctor Light, to bigger threats like Slade and Brother Blood. One of the worst and most powerful enemies they've ever faced was the demon lord Trigon the Terrible. One of the Teen Titans, Raven, happened to be Trigon's daughter. Her true destiny was to destroy the world, but she managed to defy that destiny when she defeated her father to save earth, with the help of her friends. They all thought that was the end of that whole thing, but it wasn't. Some kind of cult group eventually rose up not too long after Trigon's defeat. They wanted Raven to fulfill her horrible destiny. No one knows why, but they wanted to see her end the world. Supposedly they thought they'd have a good afterlife by getting in good with Trigon if they did that. Raven said she'd never do that, but these guys managed to craft a very powerful spell. This spell was absolute, meaning that once it was done, it could never be undone. They waited until all the Titans were asleep, and then used various materials gathered from all over the world to create what appeared to just be a spray painted circle with weird markings in it. It looked demonic, but no one was prepared for just how bad it really was. The way it worked was, once Raven stepped into the circle, she would become corrupted and fulfill her destiny. They also put one outside of their church just in case that one didn't work. No one knows which one she stepped in, but she did step in one. She instantly became totally evil. She promptly murdered all of the other Titans, then all of the rest of the heroes on earth. The spell made her even more powerful than Trigon, and no one could stand against her. She didn't kill the whole world, instead she enslaved them. She ruled the earth with fear. This world was a complete hell.

Then one day, one of the Titans from a paralell universe (the one where the rest of this story takes place) somehow landed there. The Titans from that universe thought it would be a good idea to explore another dimension. It just so happened that Raven was the one who went first. She had a good heart when she arrived there, but during her exploration of the terrifying world, she stepped into one of the circles, the one in front of the church. She too became corrupted. Because she wasn't the same Raven who actually belonged there, the effects on her were slightly different. She became somewhat more powerful, but not nearly as much so as her paralell counterpart. She didn't want world domination or anything, she just instantly became selfish and greedy, and would hurt whoever she had to in order to get what she wanted. When she got back to her world, she set her sights on the boy she had secretly had feelings for, Beast Boy. Rather than just talking to him and trying to be a good friend to him to show him how much he meant to her, she used her powers to try to manipulate him. She beat Red X within an inch of his life because he was a romantic rival. She used her spells to take control of her friends to force them to do her twisted bidding. She molested Beast Boy while he slept, and tried to force him to kiss her. And now, she had just raped the boy she claimed to love. And she felt no sense of remorse or regret whatsoever. She only left him alone long enough to get the people she needed to take care of in one place, then she'd kill them and take Beast Boy, along with her mind controlled teammates, and disappear to somewhere where they could never escape her again.

Location: Titans Tower

Red X ran frantically down the halls, searching for the green changeling that he felt obligated to protect.

Red X: Hey, kid! Beast Boy! Beast Boy!

Of course he didn't hear any response, but he kept searching and yelling. Finally, after what seemed like hours of running, he heard something that sounded like crying. And it didn't sound like any of the females. It was coming from behind one of the doors. Red X suddenly remembered that Beast Boy was scared of him. He slowly approached the door. It slid open, but something was still blocking the entrance. He tried pushing it, but it wouldn't move.

Red X: Beast Boy? Looks it's not-

Beast Boy: Red X! I'm sorry, please, just don't leave me!

Red X: Kid, I need you to stand away from whatever this thing is, okay?

When he heard the boy move back, he gathered one of his explosive X's and threw it at the object. Since he came here expecting a fight, he was stocked up on his gadgets. It turned out the object was a bookcase, which was instantly blown to smithereens. Red X ran into the room. He saw Beast Boy, but the state he was in shocked him. Beast Boy was curled in a fetal position on the bed sobbing uncontrollably.

Red X: Beast Boy, what happened?

Beast Boy tried to speak, but was overcome by more sobs. Red X got the sense things were more serious than he anticipated.

Beast Boy: I'm s-sorry...

Red X: It's okay. You didn't know what to believe. But you believe that I wouldn't do what Robin said I did, right?

Beast Boy: Y-Yes, I b-believe y-you...

Beast Boy latched onto Red X and cried into his shoulder. Though Red X was relieved that Beast Boy trusted him, he still had to figure out why he was so upset.

Red X: Beast Boy, why are you crying? Did Raven do something to you?

Beast Boy began sobbing even harder.

Beast Boy: Y-Yes...

Red X: What did she do?

Beast Boy: I t-tried... not t-to l-let her... I c-couldn't help...

Red X: Couldn't help what, Beast Boy?

Beast Boy: I told her... to s-stop... but she d-didn't... and I couldn't move... I tried not to give her what she wanted... but I couldn't help it... I don't even know where my clothes are!

It was only then that Red X noticed that Beast Boy was naked.

Beast Boy: She used her magic to take my clothes off of me and then she... she...

Realization dawned on Red X, and he was flabergasted. He knew Raven was manipulative and could be a piece of work, but he never thought she would be a predator. She had raped Beast Boy. And he said he couldn't help "giving her what she wanted". Red X understood exactly why Beast Boy was so upset by this. The bad thing was, he had no idea how to make him feel better.

Red X: Listen kid, it's not your fault. She made your body do what she wanted it to, you couldn't control it.

Beast Boy: She said I must have enjoyed it, but I didn't... P-please don't leave me, Red X!

As Red X pressed the weeping Beast Boy into his shoulder, anger began to boil in him. When he got his hands on this witch, he was going to make her pay. Beast Boy was in so much pain right now. Not only had she raped him, she had even taunted him about being forced to climax just to worsen the psychological damage. He was amazed that anyone could do that to someone they claim to want to be with. It was unbelievable. And she was supposed to be a hero?!

He pulled out his communicator and called Terra.

Terra: Red X, what's up?

Red X: Is Starfire still with you?

Terra: Yeah. Why?

Red X: I need you two to come to where I am. Use the tracer function and lock onto my comm.

Terra: Why? We haven't found Kid Flash yet.

Red X: I know, but I need you to help Beast Boy. I'll explain when you get here. Oh, and go to his room and get one of his uniforms.

Terra: Okay, sure. Starfire, let's go.

A few minutes later the two girls came through the door. They both immediately noticed Beast Boy lying on the bed sobbing. Red X took the uniform from them and handed it to Beast Boy, who went out of sight to put it on.

Starfire: Oh no, Beast Boy, what is wrong?

Terra: Yeah X, what's going on?

Red X sighed, not knowing how they'd react to what he was about to tell them.

Red X: He was raped. I want to do something for him, I just don't know how to help.

Terra gasped.

Terra: By who, Raven?

Red X: Yea, looks like it.

Starfire: What does "raped" mean?

Terra: It means he was forced to mate with her even though he didn't want to.

Just then, Beast Boy walked back out fully clothed, but still crying.

Starfire: Oh my god, Beast Boy! I'm so sorry!

The two girls walked over to him. Starfire looked horrified. Terra hugged him first.

Terra: Beast Boy, I'm so sorry. I should have followed you guys-

Beast Boy: No Terra, it's... not y-your fault...

Starfire looked very sad, like she was about to cry too.

Starfire: The fault is mine. Terra told me Raven was like this, but I refused to believe her. Beast Boy, I-

Red X: It's not your fault. No one knew what to believe.

Starfire: But you do not understand, Red X. I... I knew that Raven had the feelings for Beast Boy. And I promised to help her. I did not realize she would go this far.

Red X: Exactly. You didn't know what she was like until it was too late.

Terra moved over and Starfire came around to hug Beast Boy, who was still weeping.

Starfire: Oh, Beast Boy! I am the sorry!

Beast Boy just continued sobbing and clinging to her.

Just then, Red X's communicator went off. Someone was calling him. He looked and it appeared to be Kid Flash. Red X was relieved, as he was worried the speedster had gotten into some trouble. He quickly answered.

Red X: Kid Flash- What the...

He was looking at Raven through the communicator.

Raven: Don't worry, your friend's safe, for now.

She moved the comm's camera to show Kid Flash, whose arms and legs were still bound. Robin and Cyborg were on either side of him.

Red X: Raven, let him go!

Raven: Sure, just bring me Beast Boy and we have a deal. I know you're with him.

Red X: Never, especially after what you just did to him!

Raven: We're in the ops room. You have thirty minutes to bring him or your friend gets it.

The comm call was ended. Red X punched the wall in frustration. What were they going to do?

Red X: We need to find a way to rescue him. There's no guarantee that she'll keep her word even if we wanted to bring her Beast Boy. And we're NOT giving him to her.

Beast Boy: But what should we do?

Terra: We have to go and fight them. It's the only way.

Red X: But we can't go in guns blazing. She could still hurt Wally if we're not careful. Besides, even if we could take her, she'll send Robin and Cyborg at us, and I don't want my stepbrother hurt either.

Starfire: I have the idea!

Starfire told them her idea.

Terra: That would work, but then what? While we're here, we might as well try to figure out how to bring her down. She's stronger than normal.

Red X: But she's not invincible. If she was, she wouldn't be still using the other Titans as puppets.

Terra: Or, maybe she wants to use them as a shield if we try to attack her.

Starfire: Still, it would make her easier to take down if we break her spell.

Beast Boy: I have an idea for that. But we need Kid Flash.

Beast Boy told them his idea.

Red X: That would work, but it would need to be just you and Kid Flash. Terra has no rocks to use her powers on in here, so it would be me and Starfire against the three of them. Raven could easily send her attack dogs at us and intercept you guys.

Beast Boy: We'd need more people.

Terra: I have an idea for back up.

After sneaking up to Robin's room and gathering some things they needed, they headed towards the ops room where Kid Flash was being held. The door hissed open, and Terra walked into the room. She saw Raven standing with her arms folded, with Kid Flash floating next to her. Robin and Cyborg were on the other side of their captive.

Before Terra could get far into the room, Red X teleported a few paces in front of the group with Beast Boy next to him. He was looking down with a depressed expression on his face. He stood still in perfect sadness.

Raven: I didn't think you'd actually bring him.

Red X: First, let Wally go.

Raven: I don't think so. Bring Beast Boy over here first.

Red X: Why don't you come and get him?

Red X knew that normally she would just use her powers to bring him over, but he had a feeling she was going to try to touch him. His prediction was confirmed as she walked until she was directly in front of the boy.

Raven: You look kind of sad, Beast Boy.

The changeling said nothing, only continued to look down to the ground. She started taunting him.

Raven: It was fun what we did earlier, wasn't it? Do you know how lucky you are to get to do what you did with me? You know how many guys wish-

She was suddenly cut off by a punch to the face. She looked over and saw Kid Flash standing next to Red X with his fists raised.

Kid Flash: I couldn't stand listening to you anymore. And they say you're the quiet one?

Raven got up and made a move to snatch Beast Boy, but her hand went right through his arm. The image of him faltered. It was a hologram. Raven floated up to the three intruders menacingly.

Raven: Tell me where he is. Now.

Terra: He's with Starfire, safe. Away from you!

Raven: Tell me where he is!

Raven tried to rush in and attack Terra, but an explosive X hit her, and she was blown out the window. She used her powers to land safely, but Red X teleported in front of her.

Red X: You will never touch him again! And that was for all the times you threw him out the window!

He was glad to pay her back for that, but he was actually doing that because he wanted to take the fight outside. He didn't want to destroy Beast Boy's home. Raven disappeared, and then quickly reappeared with Robin and Cyborg at her side. Red X pulled out his comm.

Red X: Kid Flash, you and Terra go meet up with Beast Boy and Starfire to work on breaking her spell, with the help of an old friend. We'll handle Raven and her puppets.

Raven: We?

Two figures suddenly crashed down next to Red X. He quickly touched their shoulders, placing readers on them.

Thunder: You will be stopped, purple one.

Lightning: Brother, wouldn't she be the gray one?

Red X: Just call her the dark one! Anyway, You two hold off her attack dogs. I have a score to settle with her.

If Red X was making the best decisions, he would have had Terra or Starfire stay behind and back him up. After all, the last time he fought with Raven, things went really badly for him. But he was fueled by anger and vengeance. She had hurt Beast Boy even worse than she ever had before, and he needed to make her pay. He looked at his comm once again.

Red X: Thanks for calling in help, Terra.

Terra: What can I say? Beast Boy has some awesome friends. Good luck, Red X.

Red X: Keep Beast Boy safe. I'll be here for him when this is all over.

Terra: You got it.

As soon as X cut the connection, Terra and Kid Flash went back out into the hall, where Beast Boy and Starfire were waiting. The four of them made their way to Raven's room. They told Kid Flash what they needed, since he was the only one that could get into the room. He vibrated through the door and found the chest that Beast Boy told him about. He opened it, grabbed the book, and left the room the same way he came in. Once he was back in the hall, he opened the book and turned the pages until he saw one page with a pair of eyes.

Kid Flash: So, they said you talked or something.

Malchior: Who are you, and how did you know I was here?

Beast Boy took the book from Kid Flash.

Beast Boy: Listen, we really need your help with finding a way to remove a mind control spell.

Malchior: I can, but in exchange, I would like my freedom.

Beast Boy: No deal, dude.

Malchior: But why not?

Beast Boy: Um, because you're an evil dragon.

Malchior: I'm not evil. I am a dragon, yes, but all I wanted was my freedom.

Beast Boy: Then why did you lie about who and what you were?

Malchior: You never would have let me out otherwise. I had to pretend to be like you because you would see me as a threat if you saw the real me. I didn't enjoy lying or using your friend but I was desperate for freedom.

Beast Boy shut the book and turned to the others.

Beast Boy: What do you guys think?

Kid Flash: I dunno. I mean, when Jason said he was an old friend, I thought you guys were actually on good terms.

Normally, Beast Boy would have laughed at this. But the things that happened today made it impossible for him to smile.

Starfire: If he attacks us again, we will be unable to return him to the book.

Terra: Maybe, but we really do need him right now.

Kid Flash: I'll try to negotiate with him.

He opened the book back to where Malchior's eyes were. But the book bound dragon spoke before Kid Flash could get a word in.

Malchior: Okay, I will tell you what you need to know. I only ask that you take me away from this tower.

Terra: Huh?

Malchior: Even if I cannot be free from the book, at least I can be free from her.

Terra: What do you mean?

Malchior: I just want to be away from Raven. Normally no one can cause me pain in this state, but she has a special spell which allows her to do so. And for the past few weeks, she's pulled me out to do it every day!

Terra: Really?

Starfire: She has even made the dragon afraid of her.

Malchior: She always complains about not being able to have Beast Boy. Then she says I can make her feel better. She pulls me out and starts hurting me! And when I scream, she laughs!

He sounded like he was crying. The four heroes were shocked.

Beast Boy: We can definitely get you away from her. But how do we know your spell really does what you say it does?

Kid Flash: I'll be able to tell. I can't think of how to do a spell from scratch, but being around Jinx, I can recognize this spell, if the spell's authentic.

Terra: Isn't that why you wanted him to come with us?

Beast Boy: Oh yeah. It's kind of hard to think straight right now.

Starfire: Malchior, we are ready for you to teach us how to do the spell.

Malchior: Okay, I'll have to talk you through it. There are some materials required but they should all be available in your tower.

The heroes got started on their liberation spell.

Back outside, Red X was preparing for battle. He, Thunder, and Lightning stood back to back at 120 degreee angles of each other. Red X was facing Raven who was standing across from him, with Thunder facing Cyborg in the same position, and Lightning doing the same with Robin.

Red X quickly cycled through everyone's stamina, and they all read 600 or close to. Checking stamina would be tough because there were so many people being picked up by the scanner.

Raven: I don't know what you think you're doing, X, but I will enjoy making you scream in pain until you tell me where to find Beast Boy. Then I'll make you watch while we-

She was interrupted by an uppercut.

Red X: You seem to get punched while you're talking a lot.

Raven: You'll pay for that!

She rushed towards Red X, who also ran towards her. He saw Robin and Cyborg try to jump him from the sides, only for Thunder and Lightning to intercept them. He chucked an explosive X at her, which she had not prepared for. The blast sent her sprawling to the ground. Red X followed it up with a flurry of punches just as she was getting up. Every last punch connected with her face. He ended it with a huge kick to the face which actually spun her around before she hit the ground again. He leapt back and checked her stamina. It said 510. He then remembered his last fight with her and how her stamina wouldn't go down. But he had to keep trying.

When he looked up from his scanner, she was gone from where she had been lying moments ago. Before he could even start looking around, he felt her arms grab him from behind. He struggled but could not get free. She was never this physically strong.

Raven: This is pathetic, X. I'm overpowering you without even using my powers.

Red X: Oh yeah, well...

He was still squirming against her grip and too preoccupied to form a comeback. Suddenly he feels a searing, burning sensation all over his body.

Red X: Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Raven: What's wrong, X? Am I too much for you? Maybe you should just give up, and I might think about not killing you.

Red X: Give up? Never, I'll never give up my chance to beat you into- aaaahhhhhh!

Raven: Oh yeah? I think I'll keep this up until you tell me where Beast Boy is.

He felt her hands moving around on him. Red X squirmed, both as a reflex against the pain and to get away from her. But then he had an idea. He reached into his belt and managed to get a short curcuiting X out. He stuck it to her hip which was pressed the closest to his hand.

She screamed and let him go instantly. He flipkicked her and looked at his stamina and hers. His was at 485, and hers was at 450. He did it! He guessed that it just went down slowly with her spell.

Raven: You'll have to do better than that!

Red X didn't reply, instead going for a kick to her face. She turned intangible and he went right through her. Before he could land on the ground, she used her dark energy to fling his whole body in the opposite direction. He hit the ground with a thud, but he immediately flew back into the air and slammed the ground a second time. She tossed him around again and again. His arms and legs would be broken if this kept up.

Raven just cackled as she was doing this. Red X let loose some painful grunts and a few curses before he finally was able to chuck an explosive X at her in midair. He was released as the projectile impacted her and exploded. He checked her stamina. It was at 425 while his own was at 370. Explosive X's weren't doing enough damage. He sprang back into action by tossing some X-a-rangs where she was. They impacted her and stunned her, leaving her open to another physical assault. After he got those punches in, her stamina was at 410.

She suddenly teleported away from him and threw some large rocks at him, which he dodged. Terra would have actually been able to help here. Raven's stamina was going down too slowly. It was much more likely for his own to hit zero than for him to defeat her. He reached for his communicator to call for Terra or Starfire to come outside and help him. But oddly enough, he couldn't find it.

Raven: Looking for something?

Red X looked up and saw Raven with his communicator covered in black energy and floating next to her. He saw the device crumble before his eyes.

Red X: Let me guess, you took it when you grabbed me.

Raven: You're not as dumb as you look. But your little friends can't save you now. You've used every trick you had, and they've all failed to bring me down. Speaking of tricks, I haven't even used any of my powerful attacks yet. Silly me.

She rose into the air ominously. Her eyes glowed white.

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

The bad thing about this for Red X was that he knew something really bad was about to happen, but he had no idea what. Pieces of the ground he was standing on suddenly jutted up and almost hit him. He teleported away but the rocks curved towards his new location. They were homing in on him. He teleported again and he saw that the rocks didn't change course, but something didn't seem quite right...

He suddenly turned around and threw an explosive X behind him just in time. Raven had created a portal behind him to send the rocks into to hit him, but he managed to blow them up. While the dust had kicked up and he was hidden from sight, he chucked another explosive X at her. He had brought a lot of those with him to this fight. But she put a shield up and though the projectile exploded on impact, she was unharmed. He started throwing random X's at her. The X-a-rang did nothing. The sticky X did nothing. The short curcuiting X did noth- wait. The short curcuiting X shocked her even with her shield up. She screamed and fell to her knees. He checked her stamina. It read 350. The electric X's were really doing good damage, but he didn't bring that many of them. He anticipated needing the explosive X's more.

He teleported to her face and threw out some punches, which all connected. But he ended it with another shocking X. He used an explosive to blow her away while he checked her stamina again. It was now 275. He felt more confident until he realized he only had one left. His eyes widened beneath his mask. He needed to change his strategy a bit.

Before he had any more thoughts, he felt a punch to his gut. He looked up and saw Raven in front of him. She had teleported there while he was distracted.

Raven: I would think you'd guard your weak spot a little better, X.

He recovered quickly and punched her in the face, followed by another explosive X. He then teleported away from her and towards Cyborg and Thunder. He teleported behind Cyborg and put the last explosive X on him, knocking him out.

Red X: Thunder, I need you to fight Robin. I need Lightning to help me.

Thunder: As you wish, skull masked one.

Thunder attacked Robin with a booming sound force. Red X checked his stamina, and it was at 250. Raven had done so much damage with that one punch. He looked at Lightning. His stamina read 480.

Red X: Lightning, I need you to help me fight Raven.

Lightning: I shall gladly assist you with the dark one.

They made their way back to where Raven was. Red X teleported in front of her to begin a punch and kick assault, but her dark energy took hold of him before he got a chance to throw any punches in.

Raven: So where did you run off to? I thought maybe you got scared and-

She was suddenly struck by a powerful lightning bolt. Red X dropped to the ground, landing on his feet and quickly throwing a smoke bomb in the direction that he saw Raven go flying towards. He jumped into the fray to begin an assualt, and he heard her voice all around him.

Raven: You're an idiot. First you run away because you can't fight me on your own, and then you do this. You know I can sense where you are and don't need to see you, right? You obviously have some tech that lets you see where I am through the smokescreen. All you've done is make it hard for Lightning to see where I am.

Red X was hit hard. He couldn't tell if Raven had punched him, kicked him, shot him with energy, or threw something at him. He was hit again and again. Suddenly she appeared and her knee connected with his stomach. He fell to the ground and had a hard time moving.

A round of thunder erupted and blew the smokescreen away. Thunder had assisted them. Lightning then shot another bolt at Raven, which she failed to dodge since the thunder had startled her. Red X saw that his stamina was at 125, while hers was at 120. Just as electric shocks were her weakness, blows to his stomach were his. His stomach must have been sore from his last encounter with Raven.

He forced himself to stand up. She wasn't showing it much on the outside, but he knew from his stamina scanner that Raven didn't have too much fight left in her. He chucked an explosive X at Raven, who actually dodged it. Lightning shot her with a bolt of electricity. She got up and used her telekinesis to throw some rocks towards Lightning. He used his bolts to destroy the rocks, but was suddenly imprisoned in a rubber tire. Raven had grabbed it from their garage with her powers.

Raven: Lightning can't use his powers if he's encased in rubber. You're finished, X!

Thunder tried to intervene, but Raven shot him with a blast that knocked him down and imprisoned him. Red X saw that her stamina was at 50. He could do this. If he got her down to zero, he'd surely have enough time to get the others and free Robin and Cyborg so they can send her to jail.

He saw Raven float into the air, chanting her mantra again, and energy in the shape of a raven rise up from behind her. It flew towards him at too high of a speed to even teleport out of the way. It hit him full force.

He went flying and crashed into the ground. He glimpsed his scanner. His stamina was at 35. But he forced himself to stand again. He would fight her to his last breath if he had to. He could not let Beast Boy or his stepbrother fall victim to this monster any longer.

Red X: I'm... not... losing... to.. you...

He hit her with an explosive X. He tried to teleport, but his teleporter was too damaged to function. He saw her float into the air again, this time with her legs crossed like she was meditating.

Raven: You're still standing after that? Wow, you're annoying. I can't believe I have to do this now.

Dark energy shaped like her came out of her. She was resorting to her soul self. He had no idea what would happen if she got into him with it. He tried to run but was tackled from behind. The puppet controlled Robin was now holding him down. Her soul self contacted the thief.

He saw a montage of images. He saw some of her memories. Her taking Robin's belt. Her traveling to another dimension. Her stepping into a circle. Her yelling at Beast Boy. Her telling Starfire about liking Beast Boy, and Starfire agreeing to help her get him. Her attacking Terra for letting him capture Beast Boy. Her mind melding with his rival. Her placing a spell on Robin and Cyborg. Her trying to put one on Starfire too. Her beating him savagely at his hideout. Her letting Robin take the fall for the beating she herself had given him. Her molesting Beast Boy in his sleep. Her grabbing Beast Boy's arm. Attempting to kiss him. Her scolding Robin in his mind. Her stopping Robin from talking to Beast Boy. Her capturing and taunting Kid Flash. Her binding Beast Boy to the bed. Her laughing while Beast Boy cried his name.

A surge of anger was going through him now witnessing all of her horrible actions. He tried to lift his fist for a punch, but nothing happened. He screamed, but didn't hear anything. He kicked, struggled, but nothing.

Suddenly, he was back outside where they had been fighting. He was lying on the ground. He sat up and looked around. Raven was on her knees. A green bull stood a few feet from her. He spotted Terra, Kid Flash, and Starfire running towards them from the direction of the tower. Kid Flash zoomed up to him.

Kid Flash: You okay, dude?

Red X: Ugh... not really.

He stood up slowly and looked around. Lightning was now freed. He stood over Cyborg and shot a small bolt into him. The cybernetic teen awoke and came online. Starfire was helped Robin to his feet, and after a moment, gave him a strong, affectionate hug. The green bull had turned back into Beast Boy and was talking with Terra, who had what he presumed to be Malchior's book in her hand.

The two of them looked over to him at the same time. Then suddenly, Beast Boy bound towards the thief and wrapped him in a tight hug.

Beast Boy: Red X, you're alive!

Red X: Of course I'm alive, Beast Boy. I couldn't let you down.

Beast Boy: We used Malchior's spell to free Robin and Cyborg from Raven's control. Then I saw her trying to do some weird move on you and I stopped her.

Red X: Listen, if today has taught me anything, it's that sometimes, when you wait too long to do something, you might never get the chance to. And so, there's something I need to do.

Beast Boy let go of him and stepped back. Red X pulled off his mask. His face was more handsome than Beast Boy had ever imagined.

Jason: My name is Jason Todd. I had never gotten the chance to show you my face before, so here it is.

He strode up to Beast Boy and gave him a long, passionate kiss on the lips. The two of them hugged a moment longer, and then separated.

Jason: Why don't you go catch up with Cyborg while I talk to my stepbrother.

Beast Boy nodded and headed in Cyborg's direction. Jason walked up to Robin and Starfire. He was about to apologize for interrupting when Starfire addressed him.

Starfire: Red X, I realize that we are not always on the same side, but I must thank you very dearly for returning Robin to his usual state of mind.

Jason: It's no problem. It was my fault he was like that in the first place.

Starfire: No it wasn't. I understand that it was your love for Beast Boy that drove Raven to do what she did, but it was her decision, and you cannot be blamed. I am going to check on Beast Boy. Please, do not blame yourself.

With that, she floated over to where Cyborg and Beast Boy were. Robin then regarded him with concern.

Robin: Jason? You're alive! How?

Jason: It's a long story. But it's good to see you, Dick. You know, now that you're actually you and all.

Robin: It's good to see you too. How long have you been back?

Jason: A while. Look, I took a bit to find myself and all that, you know? Taking your suit for a joy ride, I can't really explain it. I mean, I'll give it back if you want-

Robin: No. After what you did today, you deserve it.

Jason: And no more heists. I really care about Beast Boy and if I had to choose between my lifestyle and him, I choose him.

Robin: Good. And be good to him. I turned a blind eye to someone hurting him because I thought they were a friend. I won't make that mistake ever again.

Jason: Make sure you don't. I care about him too.

Robin: And Jason? Star's right. This incident wasn't your fault. If anything it's mines. I should've known-

Jason: That someone you trusted for years had suddenly turned evil? Look, don't blame yourself. Just try to be the best person you can be to everyone. For Beast Boy.

While the two of them were talking, Terra was looking at the two eyes that peered at her from the book she was holding.

Terra: Your spell saved everyone. Between you and me, I really don't think you're that bad of a guy, dragon or not.

Malchior: Thank you. It's nice to know that there's at least one person out there that doesn't see me as a monster.

Terra: After today, I doubt anyone sees you as a monster. In fact, you're kind of a hero.

Malchior: Me? A hero? After all this time being the evil one, there's nothing I would love more. Doing good for others made me feel good.

Terra: You can do it some more. You have gifts, you just have to learn to use them.

Malchior: Still, I wish I could live in the outside world again. It must be so beautiful.

Terra: I'll help you. They said Kid Flash's girlfriend knows magic, so we'll get her to help us.

Malchior: Terra, was it? Why would you do that for me?

Terra: Because you helped us even though you didn't have much to gain from it. And because of that, Beast Boy is safe.

Malchior: But I did say-

Terra: You would be away from her regardless. You really think Robin's going to keep her on the team after this?

Malchior: I suppose not.

Terra: But I'll take you with me so I could help you find a way to the outside world again. That is, if you're okay with it.

Malchior: Of course. I would like nothing more.

Terra: Good. You know what? I always thought dragons were cool.

Before Malchior could reply, Beast Boy and Starfire came over. They each hugged Terra.

Beast Boy: Thanks for helping me, Terra.

Terra: Yeah, Red X came to my house begging me to help him. I didn't want to at first, but when I heard you were in trouble, I had to come.

Beast Boy: You're a great friend. Oh, and tell Mal I said thanks for helping us.

Malchior: I can hear you Beast Boy, and it was no problem. You never deserved to get stuck with her.

Beast Boy: Yea, same with you. I kind of overheard you guys talking about getting you out of the book, and if you need anything, I'll be more than happy to help.

Malchior: Thank you very much, Beast Boy.

Jason walked over to where they were. He looked at the book.

Jason: So you're Malchior, huh? I have to say, not bad how you saved them with that spell.

Thunder and Lightning came over to join them.

Thunder: Brother, it is a wonderous occassion. But do you see them talking to that book?

Lightning: Yes, brother. That must be a very interesting book indeed.

Kid Flash: Yea well, that book is what saved the Titans.

The heroes heard a series of grunting sounds. When they looked over, they saw Raven climbing to her feet.

Raven: W-what? Beast Boy, what are you doing with Red X? You should be with me! And why are you talking to Terra? And- wait, is that Malchior?! What are you guys doing with him?! He's an evil dragon, destory him!

The group of happy heroes all turned a collective glare on the sorceress. But Terra spoke up first.

Terra: He's not evil. You are.

Raven: Me?! You only defend him because you're just like him. A traitor!

Beast Boy: Don't you dare talk about them like that!

Raven looked at Beast Boy with wide eyes. She was surprised that he would be so angry with her.

Raven: Beast Boy, please, listen to me. Terra isn't your friend, she'd just betray you again. And Red X is a criminal-

Beast Boy: Terra and Red X have been better friends to me these past few weeks than you EVER were!

Raven: Beast Boy, you can't seriously think these idiots you've been hanging out with can replace the Titans-

Lightning: Why you insolent... How dare you!

Beast Boy: I never said that. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg are still family to me. But these people you just referred to as "idiots" are my friends, which is more than I can say for you.

Raven: Beast Boy... are you saying... we're no longer friends?

Beast Boy: After what you did, is that really even a question?

Thunder: You have done many wrongs, dark one. You must now reap the consequences of your actions.

Raven: Beast Boy I... I'm sorry-

Beast Boy : Sorry? That's supposed to make everything better?

Raven: N-no, but I... Guys, a little help here?

She was addressing Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg. Said Titans glared at her in disgust.

Raven: Guys? Aren't you going to help me get my friend back?

There was a long pause. Finally, she recieved an answer.

Starfire: No, we will not!

Raven: What? Starfire, I thought you were going to help me.

Starfire: That was before your unforgivable actions! I feel the stupid for ever even trusting you! I shall never help you!

Raven: B-but... Cyborg, you'll help, right? You're like my big brother-

Cyborg: Don't say that. You know you went too far.

Raven: Robin-

Robin: Don't. I considered you one of my best friends. I showed you the utmost respect. and to say you've abused it would be an understatement.

Raven: B-but, can't you forgive me?

Jason: He's already shown you way more forgiveness than you deserved.

Raven: I wasn't talking to you, thief-

Robin: He's my stepbrother so shut up! You know, Raven, you never stopped to think about the relations people had and how your selfish actions could affect others. You might have also known that my relationship with Batman and Red X are not at all what they seem, but you were too self absorbed to pay attention.

Raven had really thought she could talk her way out of this. But things were not going as planned. Someone should have stuck up for her by now. Tears begam forming in her eyes.

Raven: Guys, look. I know I've made some mistakes-

Kid Flash: You're right, they were just mistakes. We should forgive her. Not!

Raven: But I... I just have trouble expressing my feelings, you know, the whole getting along with others thing, it's hard for me. I only wanted to...

The rest of the group scowled and waited for her to finish her pathetic excuse, but she never thought up the rest of it. Then Terra let loose a tirade on her.

Terra: So you took control of Robin's mind, beat his stepbrother to a pulp, framed him for it, made him hurt Starfire, throw out Thunder, Lightning, and Kid Flash, and then you raped Beast Boy, all because you "have trouble expressing your feelings"?!

Robin's eyes went wide at the last thing on her list. He hadn't known what she did to Beast Boy.

Robin: Wait, she what?

He noticed that Starfire and Jason had uncomfortable expressions on their faces, while everyone else looked shocked.

Robin: Beast Boy, is this true?

Beast Boy couldn't bring himself to answer. His eyes were welling up with tears at the thought of what she'd done to him.

Terra: I'm sorry Beast Boy. I didn't mean to upset you by bringing it up again.

Beast Boy: No, i-it's okay. Robin has t-to know, but I w-wouldn't have been able to bring myself to talk about it.

That was all the confirmation that Robin needed. He saw Beast Boy bury his head in Jason's shoulder as he cried. Revulsion and anger ripped through him.

Robin: Cyborg, can you please go up to her room, and use your override code. I need you to pack up her things.

Cyborg: I'd be glad to.

Raven: Wait, what? Pack my things? Why?

Robin turned to her with the most hateful glare she had ever seen.

Robin: Get out. Once Cyborg gives you you things, get off this island. You are no longer a part of my team. Don't you ever come back here again!

Raven: Robin, you can't do this. This is my home.

Starfire: Not anymore, it isn't. You are no friend of mines.

Cyborg: Or mines.

Robin: Or mines.

Raven: No, you can't do this. I won't let you!

She tried to use her powers to levitate some rocks, but as soon as she started to lift them, they went crashing back to the ground. She was too damaged to use her powers.

Robin brandished his staff and ran up to her, striking her across the face and sending her sprawling backwards. She tried to get up, but Cyborg's sonic cannon hit her and knocked her back down. A barrage of starbolts then rained down on her.

Jason and Terra were very happy to see this. After all she had done, they were worried that Raven would somehow convince them that it wasn't her fault and they would forgive her. After all the times she physically beat the changeling and humiliated him in front of others, nothing made them happier than to see this witch's own friends beat her up to defend Beast Boy.

Raven had gotten back to her feet after the assault. She was now sobbing, tears streaming down her face. She thought she would get sympathy, but really she was just embarassing herself. She managed to compose herself long enough to speak.

Raven: Robin, you can't kick me out. I'm the strongest person on your team. Who else is going to heal you when you get hurt? You need me-

Robin: No, I don't. Beast Boy is a valuable member of my team, and what you did to him was awful. He may not be as physically capable as some of us, but his personality and kind heartedness are what keep us together. You on the other hand have been a selfish witch, you've been considerably worse the last couple of weeks, but you have always been hurtful to those who wanted to help you. And today you hurt Starfire, Kid Flash, and my stepbrother too, and. I can never forgive you for that. I may have been taken in by your fighting capabilities and charms before, but now I've realized something. Beast Boy is a brother to me, one that I am lucky to have by my side. And I am never going to let you hurt him again! Now leave!

Raven: Robin-

?: I think the tribe has spoken, Raven.

The group hadn't noticed the ship land on the island. When they looked over, they were surprised to see some of the top members of the Justice League. Batman was the one that had spoken. Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter were there too. Raven had been encased in a magic cancelling forcefield.

Cyborg: Wow, it's the Justice League.

The League approached the group of scattered Titans. Robin stepped up to meet his mentor, some tension in the air.

Batman: Robin, I had figured out what happened to you based on out conversation recently. We wanted to help you guys if you needed it-

Jason: We have everything under control, thanks.

Robin hated having to be saved by Batman. But luckily, Jason took care of everything and for that, Robin was grateful.

Batman: If you want, we can take her to the prison Belle Reve. The local jails might have a hard time keeping someone like her.

Robin: I... I'd like that, yes.

Raven: Wait, you're sending me to prison?

They ignored her.

Batman: Martian Manhunter, take her out of here. We'll send for her belongings later.

Martian Manhunter had come in a smaller, seperate ship. He took Raven in the forcefield and boarded her on his ship, and promply took off.

After a long silence, Robin spoke up.

Robin: That's not the only reason you came here, is it?

Batman: No, it isn't. Robin, I have some news and I don't think you're going to like it.

Robin tensed at this.

Robin: What is it?

Batman: The way you've been operating the Titans was somewhat of a dictatorship.

Robin: Dictatorship? No, I always involve my team in the decisions I make.

Batman: Not always. You've made a number of rash decisions that should have been well thought out-

Robin: My body had been hijacked-

Batman: I know. But even before that, you've made mistakes that could have cost you powerful allies.

Robin: I know I'm not perfect, but no one is-

Batman: Exactly, Robin. No one is perfect, therefore, no one person can be trusted to make all of the decisions. The way the Titans have been run up until this point leaves you open to bad decisions due to mind control, hypnotism, impostors, and occasionally making the wrong choices and cracking under pressure.

Robin: What are you saying?

Batman: The Titans' decisions can no longer be determined solely by you.

Robin: What? So I can't be the leader anymore?

The others had been listening to the conversation. At this point, Beast Boy came to his defense.

Beast Boy: Wait! Mr. Batman, Robin may not have been the perfect leader, but he's been a great one that I'm honored to have.

Batman: I understand, Beast Boy. But because of what happened recently, Kid Flash cannot operate as a Titan until we overturn his removal decision officially, which can get complicated and take a long time. What about next time any telepathic villain comes along and makes him remove everyone?

Starfire: But we wouldn't let that happen!

Batman: Sometimes it can't be helped, but the team is left too vulnerable if it does.

Cyborg: So what now? He can't be our leader anymore?

Batman: This is how it will work. Robin can still be your leader and make some decisions. But things like adding people to the team, removing people from the team, and what to do with some of the more problematic criminals are things others need to be involved in. If there's an addition or removal of a team member, it first must be agreed on by all four of you, the remaining core members of the Titans. Once that happens, it will be sent to us for approval. Barring any unusual circumstances, we'll sign off on it and it's as good as done. Ths way, if one of you isn't yourself or isn't making the right call, the others can keep you in line.

Robin hung his head in sadness and shame.

Robin: I failed...

Batman: No, Robin. Beast Boy was right, you've done the best you can, and while it may not have been perfect, it was better than anyone else could have done. Don't think of this as a penalty. Think of this as an opportunity for change and a chance to start over.

Robin still felt like he had failed, but he lifted his head and forced a small smile onto his face.

Robin: Okay. I'll... try to make the best of it.

Batman: I know this is hard, but it's for the best. I need to get back to Gotham City before the Joker runs amok. Until next time, Robin.

With that, he and the rest of the Justice League headed back to their ship.

Robin: Wait!

Batman stopped walking and turned around.

Robin: I know you said you'd work on getting Kid Flash back to my team. Can you do the same for Thunder and Lightning?

Batman: I can, Robin.

Robin: Can you also lend me a few dollars?

Batman: Just let me know how much you need, and I'll wire it to your account.

Robin: Okay. Thanks...

Batman: You're Welcome.

Robin told him how much he needed. Batman then climbed onto the ship he arrived in and flew away with the rest of the Justice League.

Robin stood there looking pensive. Beast Boy trotted over.

Beast Boy: Robin...

Robin: Beast Boy, you know I meant every word I said earlier, right? You're like a brother to me. Words cannot begin to describe how sorry I am for the way I treated you, even before Raven was controlling me.

Beast Boy: And I meant what I said, even though you had some rough patches, you were still a good leader. And you've always been like a brother to me.

Robin: Also, I was impressed at how you handled yourself. You managed to gather a number of people who respected you enough to help fight the good fight. And I can't thank you enough for being there for Starfire when I couldn't. Needless to say, your 'house arrest' is lifted, effective immediately.

It was rare to see, but the two hugged. Their friendship was stronger than ever. They didn't see Jason walking up to them.

Jason: Careful, Robin. I hope you're not trying to steal my guy.

Robin spun around and saw Jason. The two chuckled at the joke.

Robin: Jason, I wanted to suggest something to you.

Jason: Okay, what is it?

Robin: Thunder, Lightning, and Kid Flash can't be part of the Titans for a while. Batman just wired me some money, which I'll help to fund for a new base for you guys. Cyborg and the rest of us will get started building it as soon as we can.

Jason: Wait, for me too?

Robin: Take the three of them, Terra, and Malchior and start a new team. The way you lead people you didn't know today was impressive.

Beast Boy: Yea, that's a great idea! Terra was having a hard time on her own, and you needed something to give you your thrill. This could be the perfect solution.

Jason: Okay. I'm thinking we could be called Titans X.

Robin: Sounds good to me. Oh, and I'm about to give you a 500 dollar check too. You and Beast Boy haven't had a proper date yet. Take him somewhere nice.

Jason: Wow, thanks!

Beast Boy: You're the best, Robin!

Robin: It's the least I can do after all that's happened. Now if you guys will excuse me, I'm going to go find Starfire so we can go on a date.

With that, he went inside to write the check and leave it for Jason.

Beast Boy: Garfield.

Jason: Huh?

Beast Boy: My name's Garfield Logan. I figured if we're going on a date, we should at least know each other's names.

Jason chuckled.

Jason: So, Garfield, where do you want to go tonight?

Beast Boy: Well, let's see, what has the best vegetarian menu?

The two of them laughed as they enjoyed the pure bliss of each other's company.

A few days later, in his hideout, Slade had the newspaper in his hand. Word about the incident traveled fast.

Slade: So, the Titans have removed a very powerful member from their team. It seems like the perfect opportunity to deal with them. But we need to wait and prepare. After all, we want to make sure we strike when they least expect it. Isn't that right, my new apprentice?

His eye beneath his mask moved to the side to regard his new apprentice. And though they didn't say anything, Slade knew that it meant yes.

Author's Notes: I know that was a really long chapter, but I had a lot to cover. I was really mean to Raven in this chapter too, hopefully you guys didn't mind too much. I'm not always going to do things like that in my stories. The reason I made that stuff happen to Robin towards the end is that I think it'll help his relations with the other Titans. I just think he could be much closer to the others if they didn't have to be scared of him because he could throw them off the team whenever he felt like it. So that concludes Act two of the story. No, it is not over. We're only halfway through. Here's the synopsis for chapters 9-15:

The Titans have a long while of peace, but eventually an opportunistic Slade thinks he can bring the team to its knees with their most powerful but untrustworthy team member kicked out. He wreaks havok, with the help of his new apprentice, who elects to try to destroy Red X's relationship with Beast Boy. During the struggle, Red X makes some decisions that could cost him everything.

I'll probably start rolling that out in January. For now, we'll take sort of an intermission while I put out some more one shots and such. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, stay tuned, and reviews are appreciated. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!