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Lux sighed as she attempted to go through the heavy books and papers for her exam at the end of the week, the requirements for getting in to some of the top end magic universities seemingly having increased overnight, and every time she checked the work outstanding more and more just seemed to appear! Did they really expect anyone to have the time to do all of this? Sure she was a budding mage, but not even she could make time appear out of nowhere! Growling, she eventually found herself throwing the book to the floor, letting out a small grunt of anger as she headed over to the small kitchenette in her room opening the door to the freezer before looking for a tub of icecream, only to realise that the strawberry swirl had already long since vanished to the previous few nights of frustration.

Lux was visibly angry at this point, her eyes starting to glow brightly as the magic within her body burned, the Mage just seconds away from blasting the damn box of plastic to hell, that was until her new brightly shining form revealed a small tub in the corner, Lux's eyes widening as she quickly pushed herself forwards, grabbing at the small box as she leaned deeper into the freezer, her white-socked feet on their tips as she grabbed it and quickly pulled it into the open, a small squeal of glee as she looked it over.

"Huh? Busty Bubblegum flavour? Guaranteed for 24 hours of stress free fun? Ew… guess this was that free sample thing they were handing out at the enchantment stall. Wasn't this supposed to do something?" She muttered, something about her remembering that the effects were meant to be temporary, so it couldn't be all that bad. All that mattered at the moment was that it was sweet, frozen goodness, and with a small giggle she ran over to her couch and flopped on it, starting to happily munch on the pink ice cream, turning the TV to whatever low maintence drama happened to be on as she tried to forget the days of studying she still had ahead of her.

Surprisingly, it became all too easy to do, the show wasn't particularly compelling, but combined by the sense of relaxation lying down on her couch, wearing little more than a pair of tight blue short shorts, an oversized t-shirt and just a small pair of white socks, eating the ice-cream slowly, it felt like everything was just slowing down. The slow pace of the characters and plot on screen, the slow melting of ice-cream in her mouth, even her slower breathing seemed to create an air of relaxation. Half a tub down after the first episode? It wasn't really that big a portion, but it just felt so nice to eat it, and as she did so she was finding it hard to remember why she had started in the first place. It just felt so right, but she knew that she couldn't stay here all day, and pausing the service she got up and placed the ice cream back in the freezer, heading back over to the desk as she began to pull on those tight shorts a little bit.

Had they always been this tight? She was certain they hadn't been, her ass seemed to be pushing a little bit out the top and her hips straining the waste line, was she getting fat? The ice cream binges really didn't help, but she was certain that with enough exercise it wouldn't happen this quickly right? Her top seemed to be riding up a little bit too, she was certain it was a size or two larger, why was her stomach starting to show? Her chest felt rather tingly too, though for what reason she couldn't even begin to guess, for some reason the thoughts about why this was going on seemed like a pain to dwell on.

With a slightly more hefty squishing of flesh than usual, Lux sat back down at her desk, picking up one of her books and trying to make her way back to where she had left off. It was slow going, the incantations for this particular batch of spells seeming to merge into one another as she realised she kept re-reading the same line, the blonde slapping her cheeks a little to focus, but becoming momentarily distracted by how well her tits jiggle at the motion. Had they gotten bigger? She knew she was a b-cup, but these looked certainly a lot more like Cs? They never jiggled this much either! She knew she wasn't wearing a bra, but still… focus! Going back to the page again, she managed to make a few more notes, her handwriting a bit more squiggly than her normal perfect cursive, Lux starting to slowly but surely get back into the swing (and jiggle) of things before the opening sounds of the show she was watching before sprung to life again, the blonde jumping in shock as she quickly turned around to face it.

"Damn auto-pause! You're not helping me study much you know Mr TV!" She exclaimed, talking to the box like it was a person, the strangeness and silliness of doing so making the blonde mage giggle a little bit as she smiled. "Now you better turn off or I'm going to get-" She paused as an important plotpoint unveiled itself on the scene, her eyes going wide as that large ass flopped straight back down on the sofa, her hands reaching out and surprisingly finding the Busty Bubblegum ice cream already there and waiting, Lux starting to dig in once again as she flopped back down on the coach to enjoy another heavy sitting.

Three episodes later and the ice cream was gone, Lux giggling to herself at the most innate trivial things that flashed up on screen as her tits jiggled and bounced, the blonde softly rubbing her new, curvaceous body as the scene continued to drivel on. Her shorts had snapped slightly, button flow off leaving them mainly undone on her plump, face crushing thighs, her ass spilling out the top as her cute pink panties were on full display, puffy lips dripping beneath the surface and pushing against fabric as her impossibly smooth, pale skin glistened in a mixture of sweat and her own drool. Her top had risen up to practical a tube top as her jiggly double ds swung with ever little motion, sending waves of pleasure through her body as the show finally drew to a close, Lux whining as she looked down at the tub and frowned, that negative expression only crossing her face for a second before that bubbly, bimbo like smile plastered it again.

"Heh… woowie, I musta spent so much time eating ice cream and stuff I totally forgot I had to finish that studying! Betta get too that before it gets too late!" She giggled, bouncing back over to the desk as she looked around for her notes, just finding paper and books as she frowned a little bit. "Huh? Where did all my stuff go? These things just have stupid squiggles on them! Where are like.. All the words and stuff?" She asked, not realising that in her dumbed down and bimbofied state she couldn't even read anymore, her simple mind looking for a solution as she grabbed her small wand, intent on using it to find her notes, but as she looked at it, she found it was hard to remember what she even used it for, Lux staring at the small staff as she fell back down upon her sofa.

"Use this to study right? Like… uhh… ohh…" As she tried to think about what to do, her hand already brought the tip of the wand down to her sex, a slow motion rubbing it against her swollen vulva as she began to pleasure her aching sex, Lux not quite realising just how horny she was as she began to grind and hump against the magical object, her other hand groping her fat tits as her eyes rolled up just a little, tongue hanging out and dribbling over her buxom chest, squeezing hard as she let out panting groans of pleasure. Eventually working out how to move it past the fabric of her panties, it wasn't long before that glowing stick was thrusting in and out of the blonde's sex, her large ass grinding against plush upholstery as she groaned out in lust, pounding it harder and faster as the stress and worry of exams faded completely from her mind, knowing that only this pleasure mattered as her body shuddered and drew towards a conclusion.

And then it hit her, a final flash of light as she accidentally triggered her staff within her sopping cunt, an explosion of light magic filling her body and making her scream out in absolute pleasure, her body shuddering as she drove herself well over the edge, cumming hard as she sprayed her sweet love juices all over her couch and coffee table beyond. As her breaths and pants filled the room, busty body slumped over the arm of the chair, she heard a knocking at the door, the concerned voice of her next door neighbour calling inside, asking her if she was alright. She could even hear the sound of the spare key jingling in the lock as she began to rub her cunt eagerly, wondering if Ezreal would be kind enough to use her slutty ass next for a true twenty four hours of stress free fun…