Hey so a lot of you were fairly supportive with this so I decided to publish another one. Like I said, often the grammar is a little poor and it jumps back and forth from perspectives a lot, so I'm sorry about that. Just the nature of RPs I guess. This one is a lot more hardcore than the last one. Involves BDSM, Rape etc. So don't read if you aren't interested in that sort of stuff (will upload lighter stuff too). Feel free to let me know what you think, or even if you want to RP a little some time.

A cold winter wind blew through the Ionian forest as the Kinkou assassin moved through the thick snow, her feet bounding without noise as she leapt across the surface of the drift. Her training had taught her to step lightly, an act that certainly helped when it came to avoiding the deep snow that often came tumbling as avalanches from the mountains above. As the trees grew thinner, she looked began to slow, stopping as she perched on a low hanging branch. In the Valley below her stood one of the former Kinkou temples now occupied by the Order of Shadows. She had known many of the men and woman that had served here, and her face contorted in anger as she remembered the tales of their deaths.

Another gust blew, causing her to shiver and pull her mask and hood tighter around her face. She had been traveling for hours, and if it hadn't been for the rapid pace she had been keeping, she would of died of frostbite long ago. She had to get inside quickly, standing still would be the death of her.

She approached the edge of the compound slowly, watching for guards or sentries. No-one would expect someone to wade through here at these temperatures as the whole place was surrounded in over 10ft deep drifts of snow, and to this end the sentries stood huddled around their small fires, more intent on keeping their fingers from falling off than to watch for any intruders. With a rapid motion, she had scaled the wall, nothing but a dance of shadows appearing in the corner of their eyes before she was gone. Soon she would reclaim what she came here for…

"Ah... look who is here..." Zed thought to himself from his throne deep in the shadow temple, leaning forward and steepling his fingers in front of the cold mask with dark red eyes and red fabric covering part of his head. Akali was undetected from the guards as she approached the temple, the men stationed on the walls unable to see too far with the thick drifts of snow covering the normally grassy and forested area. However, the Temple of Shadow was almost a part of Zed, and once Akali took a step into it she was detected by the master of the temple.

Standing up, Zed signaled his guards to go after the intruder. The two men bowed before their master, before disappearing into shadows to search for Akali. The guards would not find the Fist of Shadow - she was too stealthy for anyone less than Zed himself. Zed sent them out anyways as a distraction, make Akali think that once she evaded them, she was safe - and that was far from the truth.

Zed tsked once, before smirking under his mask saying, "Young one... you do not know what you are getting yourself in to." With that, he himself disappeared into shadows - his destination unknown.

"How did they catch onto me so fast?" Akali thought to herself, ducking out of sight once again as yet more guards marched rapidly down the halls. She was certain that she hadn't been seen by anyone - a fact that made her even more nervous at the sudden raised state of alert. Somehow they had known she was coming, which means she now had to act fast.

As she perched in the rafters above the corridor, she mapped on the temple once again in her mind. Her destination was close at hand, the only thing standing against her was the large Iron door that barred entry into the Temple's vaults. As she looked around, she saw a small gap in the stone walls, barely wider than two feet. Even a sealed chamber would need some airflow, and it seemed she had found her way in. Squeezing through the tight and narrow opening, she managed to drop down into the dark room beyond, her eyes adjusting quickly to her surroundings. Many of the lost artifacts of the Kinkou order were stored down here, but she was just looking for one specifically…

"I thought I might find you here, fist of shadow!" a voice cried behind her. Akali instinctively ducked to the side as a pair of shuriken soared over her head. Turning to face her aggressor, she noted a high ranking member of the shadow order clad in the colours of their dark master standing at the ready in the corner. It appeared she hadn't given the Master of Shadows enough credit for his teaching, the man had been practically invisible. Unsheathing her twin kamas, she turned to fight the man. She would make this quick.

The Shadow Member moved first, charging forwards before weaving rapid hand gestures. With a burst of darkness, multiple clones spewed forth. They quickly surrounded Akali, circling her menacingly before moving in for the kill. This wasn't Akali's first confrontation with the Shadow order, and while a normal fighter would be confused by such tactics, the Ninja had underestimated the Fist of Shadow. With a circling kick, she dispelled several shadows at once before landing, composing herself, and launching from the ground. Her twin disciples swirled around her as she pierced through the darkness, landing deftly behind their original creator. Catching him by surprise, she plunged her kamas into him, ending his life quickly like she had done many times before. As he fell to the ground dead, Akali removed her hood and mask, catching her breath as she began to search the room for the artifact she had set out to reclaim.

As Akali rummaged through the vault, trying to find whatever she had been looking for, she probably did not notice a shadow form taking form a mere few feet behind her. Slowly and quietly, this form took the shape of the master assassin himself... Zed. The next second, the shadows disappeared to reveal the master himself.

Once his true form had entered the vault, Zed stepped in the direction of the unsuspecting woman that had infiltrated his temple, his home... and now, killer of one of his students. The Master of Shadow made note to allow the student's brother some... revenge after they capture Akali. However, Zed quickly pushed the thoughts out of his head as he made another step in the direction of Akali - equally silent as her own.

Zed paused if only for a moment once in range, before delivering a quick, strong blow with his hand to the back of Akali's head intending on knocking her out quickly.

She soon found her objective, a legendary blade wielded by the Second Master of the Kinkou Order. She examined the casing, cautious for any more traps or devices that might be surrounding it, before moving to open the case. As she reached her hand out, she sensed a disturbance as an arm swung through the air behind her at rapid speeds. Her mind raced, trying to defend herself as she panicked, trying to think how the assailant could of caught her by surprise.

She was too slow.

With a heavy blow to the back of the head, the Fist of Shadow crashed to the floor. The last things she saw were a pair of black and red boots as her vision faded to black.

The Master of the Temple stood over Akali for a moment, looking over her for any hidden tricks. Once he was confident that she was not trapped, Zed hefted the younger assassin over his shoulder and allowed the shadows to take them. In what would be a second, they appeared deeper into the temple - though it was clear the room was more sinister intent. Shackles donned the walls, metal tools on two wooden tables, a nearby fire had two brands in it, ready to brand. Surprisingly, however, the room was rather clean with no blood anywhere in the room or in the cracks between stone.

Zed laid the woman against one of the walls, grabbing the shackles and clasping them around her wrists. After doing so, he grabbed her weapons and gave them to a waiting student.

Letting out a sigh, Zed turned to face the table looking over the many tools on the table. Until Akali woke up, however, the master assassin would make no movements to do anything.

Akali groaned as she awoke, a dull pain in the back of her head still ebbed through her skull, slowing her reactions as she moved to rub the tender wound.
Her arm was yanked back into place as she heard the clanking of metal. She opened her eyes, widening in shock as she realised she was chained, shackles around both arms preventing her from doing anything as she began to feel the soreness in her shoulders from being hung up like this. She attempted to kick with her legs, only to find them shackled in a similar manner.

She began to panic, her mind racing back through what she remembered. She recalled the biting winds, running through the snow, scaling the walls of the temple before finally…

A low chuckle caused her to look upwards, the distinctive laugh sending shivers down her spine. "You…" She managed to whisper, staring into the cold mask of the Master of Shadows.

Zed took off his bladed gauntlets, setting them down on the table as he spoke, "...You. Of all the infiltrators they send to my temple, you should know that I detect intruders the moment they step into my temple." Turning to face the younger woman, the assassin continued, "And I knew what you were looking for - the sword of second master of your pathetic order - who was unable to get it before I did." Zed let out another laugh as he crouched to eye level of the captured Akali, his mask concealing his face. He looked over her once more, before saying, "Two options. One; you tell me everything you know about the Kinkou Order and their plans about my order. Two; I will break you, then send you back as a warning to your fellow clansmen about what will happen if someone tries to infiltrate my temple." After saying those words, he stood up, his presence bearing down on the assassin.

"You truly have gone mad if you think I'll willingly tell you anything!" Akali spat at him, staring at Zed defiantly. There was no way she was going to betray any of her order, she knew any names she gave would be signing their death warrants. This wasn't the first time she had been tortured, but she had heard rumours about the brutal and unconventional methods that the Shadow order imposed, and a deep dread began to grow within her. Through her defiant gaze, a hint of fear could be seen, tugging at the edge of her facade.

The Shadow Assassin laughed at what Akali said, her defiance being lost on the mysterious visage of the man. "The question was for mercy's sake. That way you know that we gave you the option - I knew you would not take the first option," Zed stated as he made a motion to the guard at the entrance - who nodded and departed. Turning back to Akali, Zed would continue, "For killing one of my students, I will ensure that ten of your clansmen suffer a worse fate - starting with you. As I recall, he has a brother. I'll ensure he gets his revenge as well by being a part of this... Session." The masked man would walk to the wooden table to grab a metal object - hidden by his body. When he turned to face Akali, she would see a nasty looking knife. He took one step to the other ninja, before slicing it upward cutting through her clothing with one slice. Everything was cut vertically enabling Zed to pull her clothing off with one strong pull. All Akali would have protecting her was her undergarments and the mask around her mouth. That wouldn't last much longer as he ripped the cloth protecting her mouth off, discarding it into the fire along with the rest of her clothing. As he did that, an assassin - looking much like Zed maybe a little smaller - appeared at the door. "Master," started the shadowed assassin, taking a bow out of respect to his master. "Your brother was just killed by this infiltrator here. I grant you to do with her whatever you wish - but do not kill her. She will be a warning."
The other assassin was quiet for a moment or two, a stunned silence at what he just heard. He would bow his head thanks to his master, before stepping to Akali growling, "I would try and kill you - but my master forbade it. Plus... I would not waste a body such as yours like that. I wonder how your mouth feels..."

Turning his head to ensure what he wanted to do was okay - Zed nodding his approval - the smaller assassin took a step towards Akali, undoing two buttons that were his fly, then exposing his swiftly hardening member. The assassin would roughly press it against the face of Akali, barking, "Start sucking, slut."
"If you cause any harm to my student, Akali, I will pull every tooth from your mouth. Accommodate him," Zed spoke up, crossing his arms

She stared forward in disgust, a slight blush of embarrassment covering her face as she was left exposed in just her loosely fitting undergarments. A simple linen wrap around her chest as well as a pair of silken white panties all that protected her from the chilly room, the small fire doing little to warm her up as her nipples began to harden reactively to the cold. She looked up at the man before her, his face was covered like the other members of the order, and the expressionless mask seemed enhance the embarrassment she was feeling as she was exposed to the two of them.

Hearing the man and Zed's commands, she glared at him angrily. "I'm not doing anything to that filthy thin- urff!" She gasped as the man slapped him for her defiance before shoving his cock forcibly into her mouth. She gagged slightly, trying to spit up the large rod that had invaded her mouth but to little avail, her hands and feet still chained to the wall. As the man yelled at her again, she reluctantly began to try and move her tongue around the large intrusion. Licking the tip of it hesitantly as she explored around it, trailing over the head bringing some light moans out of the Shadow Student.

Zed laughed slightly as he walked to the fire, taking out one of the brands and looking over it for a moment - an idea formulating in his mind as his student began to enjoy himself. Said student at this point placed a gauntleted hand and harshly forced Akali's head further down his member, a groan of pleasure coming from him as she licked at his stiffened manhood. He was not being gentle with the woman, his hips thrusting forward trying to get more into the warm mouth of Akali. It is to note that this assassin was well endowed, his manhood slightly above average in length meaning that Akali may struggle a little to accommodate him. "Yeah... Take it..." Grunted the student, thrusting more into her.

She gagged as the student went deeper, his manhood occupying more than her mouth could take. Pushing her tongue down, he invaded her deeper forcibly thrusting into her mouth and beyond, beginning to move down her throat. She tried to gag, but the student's grip was firm, and she found herself unable to breathe as he finally managed to insert his full length down, her throat visibly bulging slightly from the outside. Her eyes began to roll up slightly as the man groaned, taking pleasure in abusing her hole as she struggled for air. After a few seconds, he withdrew, allowing her to briefly catch a breath before thrusting back in again. Sometimes he would only go part way, others he would insert fully and wait a few seconds before retreating. All the time, Akali struggled to catch her breath between thrusts, the man groaning more and more as he increased his speed. With a final thrust he inserted his full length again before exploding violently into her throat, his thick semen running down her esophagus as she was forced to swallow his entire load. By the time he was done, she was coughing violently, flecks of semen coming forth as she struggled to catch her breath after the assault.

Zed would turn as his student finished up - noting that said student was raring for more. However, before the younger man could do anything Zed stopped him saying, "You had your fill, my student. Leave now, knowing that you have started this infiltrator down to being mentally broken - and your brother will be the reason nine more of the Kinkou will suffer much like Akali." The student was apprehensive at first, before bowing and disappearing into the shadows. Zed turned his attention back to Akali saying, "The first of many. I hope you like the taste and feel of him - there is more to come." The master assassin grabbed a red hot brand and approached the girl saying, "Every climax, one mark is added. To show your order how much of a slut you truly were." Once those words left his hidden mouth, the assassin shoved the brand onto her exposed leg leaving a single red mark that would scar into a tally mark. The rod would be placed back into the flames, before Zed approached - his own member now exposed to the cold air. In comparison to the student's, the master's hardened manhood was much larger and would possibly cause Akali panic knowing that Zed would do much more. With one slap to force the woman to gasp in pain, Zed forced his erect prick into the mouth of Akali roughly, no regard for her.

Akali tried to muffle her screams of pain as the hot metal burned into her skin, but despite her best efforts loud grunts of pain could be heard echoing through the chamber. She tried to return Zed's taunting with another look of defiance, but her strength was slowly fading, and the size of Zed's even larger manhood caused her eyes to open wide in fear. It's larger girth and even more impressive length terrified her. With a slap, he shoved it into her mouth, inserting it right to the back as she gagged in protest. The girth pushed her mouth wide, it's size too big for her small hole as Zed took little regard in his prisoner. After enjoying her suffering for a moment, he began to insert it deeper, stretching her throat wide as she desperately struggled for breath, the great size of it hurting her throat as it expanded. The chains rattled loudly as she attempted to struggle to little success other than the bands of linen around her chest beginning to loosen, her small but full breasts beginning to show from beneath.

Laughing lightly to himself, Zed enjoyed the control over Akali and the pleasure he was getting from her. He placed a hand on either side of her head, before with one thrust fully inserted himself into her throat, holding her there for a moment to cut off her breathing. Approximately ten seconds passed before he pulled out just enough to allow her a second to breath, but Akali would only have that second before he repeated what he did. After the third or so time doing so, he pressed her head against the stone, thrusting hard into her mouth repeatedly with a quick pace enabling him to reach his climax quicker. Upon doing so, he shoved her head off his manhood, stroking it before releasing his semen onto her face. A massive load came forth, several ropes of cum glazing the face of Akali enough for some to drip off of her face and onto her body below.

Akali struggled as Zed assaulted her mouth, her mind fading in and out of awareness as it begged for oxygen. She felt her head being pressed hard against the stone wall before a shower of thick white cum exploded onto her face, the warm liquid staining her face as she attempted to close her eyes. She could feel it begin to drip off her face, unable to do anything about the situation as her arms were bound. Her face felt warm and her cheeks were flushed from having to hold her breath so much. She tried to focus on the situation, her mind losing its edge from the constant abuse to her mouth. She snapped to attention with another scream of pain as she felt hot iron plunge into her flesh again, this time making no effort to mute herself as she felt the mark form on her soft flesh. She looked up at the Master of Shadows, an almost comical expression of defiance on her tired cum-covered face as her eyes failed to focus on him correctly, rolling slightly as she caught her breath.

The menacing man laughed aloud once more, crouching before her and grabbing her chin with one hand, forcing Akali to look at his cold mask. He would spit, "What's the matter, Fist of Shadow? What happened to the defiance you showed earlier? Or are you regretting what you did? No matter, we are only just beginning." Zed let go of her head, allowing her head to droop. He then grabbed the chains holding her arms to the wall and undid the bindings around the legs. The assassin would force her over the table - the shackles attaching to the opposite side of the table. He then shackled her legs to the floor so that he had easy access to either hole on her ass. It was at that point he pulled her panties off, exposing her pink lips to the cold air. Before she could react to said cold air, Zed would shove his manhood into the warmth of her pussy roughly, slapping her ass causing a harsh slap to crack the air.

As he undid the shackles on her legs, she kicked at him weakly, the Master of Shadow ignoring her feeble attempts as she threw her onto the table. Akali gasped in pain as she hit the hardwood, struggling feebly as she was restrained once again. As her mind struggled to process what was going to happen next, she felt a sharp gust of cold air below her as she felt her panties being removed before Zed's large cock penetrated her. The lubrication her mouth had given it allowed it to slide in, causing a gasp of shock from Akali as the large manhood filled her up. The slap on the ass elicited another, and she squirmed uncomfortably on the table. Though her hymen had broken long ago - a common occurrence with girls that trained as vigorously as she did, she had never truly slept with a man. Such things being forbidden by an order dedicated to preserving balance. As she lay with the cock inside of her, she felt a certain warmth build in her core at the sudden stimulation the entry to a far more sensitive are brought her.

Zed then began to pump into Akali with a fair amount of animosity in every stroke. One hand reached out to her single ponytail, grabbing onto it and roughly pulling her head back using it (the pony tail) as a grip. His other hand would slap every now and again, trying to leave a red mark onto her exposed ass. The large manhood was penetrating deep into Akali thanks to the position she was in and the force Zed was pushing onto her. It was be a question how he managed to keep an erection despite having recently orgasmed - but that question was far from the mind of Akali as he pushed deeper.

"How does it feel... Akali... knowing that I am taking your purity?" growled Zed as he thrust into Akali, easily able to use her as a cock-sleeve thanks to her being unable to fight back.

As she pulled her head back strongly, she felt a sharp pain as their hair was almost pulled from her scalp. As he began to pummel her ruthlessly, he cries of pain changed as a great feeling welled up from within her. As much as she was disgusted of the situation, and despite being in so much pain, Zed's large member began to hit her most sensitive areas, and soon she began to moan in pleasure, the pain of his rough handling and slapping mixing with the pleasure of his large cock hitting her deepest areas. Her breast rubbed roughly into the hardwood of the table, causing her even greater pleasure as the friction stimulated her nipples. She found it hard to think correctly as she tried to silence her moans.
"I shouldn't… be enjoying… ohhh… god…."
Her mind couldn't keep a single thought straight as Zed picked up the pace, his words lost on her as she began to moan louder in pleasure, rapidly approaching a climax as she found herself unable to resist the immense pleasure in being penetrated for the first time.

"I knew... you were a slut. I could tell..." the man groaned out as he thrust into Akali, her muscles contracting around his member causing him to reach his climax at a quick pace. Zed couldn't lie about how well she felt as he said, "Nice and tight... surprising for a slut..." Lewd noises filled the room as his hips slapped into her behind, hand slapping into her ass, and the sound of his manhood in hers would reverberate in the room - alongside their moans and groans of pleasure. It only took him about three more full length thrusts before Zed shoved himself all the way into her womanhood, semen exploding deep with every pulse of his large prick.

After a few moments, Zed pulled out - his manhood still managing to stay erect despite two orgasms close in timing - moving to where the brand was. Once more, he would add another tally to the growing count. "That's three, Akali..." the man said, his breathing still pretty even though showing slight exhaustion, "...How many more will it take?"

As Zed came inside of her, she reaching climax as well, her mind going completely blank as she lay there panting in ecstasy. Her entire body felt sensitive all over, and even the tight pressure as she rubbed her now completely exposed boobs on the table felt so good. As the mark branded her again, her cry of pain ended in a small moan, her body beginning to connect the two feelings together as a mixture of the two Ninja's juices flowed from her once virgin pussy. She turned over her shoulder, unable to truly process what the masked ninja was saying anymore, her mind finding it very difficult to concentrate on anything other than the sensations that still flowed through her body. Though she couldn't really look at Zed from the position she was tied in, she was breathing heavily, her eyes slightly glazed as the rolled around, unable to focus clearly.

Laughing slightly, Zed repeated what he said earlier in the one word 'Slut' before shaking his head and dropping the brand into the fire once more. At the same time, another idea cropped into the head of Zed as he took his position behind her once more - the idea pushed off until later. Noticing that Akali wasn't hearing properly what he was saying, the shadow assassin delivered a harsh slap to the side of her face barking, "When I speak you listen, slut! I will not tolerate insolence!" After saying that, the master assassin would shove into her tighter hole, slapping her ass harshly as he did so. Zed was not planning on showing any mercy any time soon clearly - and Akali was in for a long few hours.

Akali snapped back to attention as Zed slapped her face, looking directly into his mask. Signs of her former resistance came back for a moment as she began to respond. "I'm not your slu-!" She was silenced as Zed's member shoved into her asshole and slapped her ass, her defiant words fading into another moan. With all the juices coating his dick, Akali could barely respond as he began his new assault on her, moving in and out of her rapidly, ecstasy flowing over her mind again. She moaned loudly, struggling against her restraints as her desire to touch herself increased. Her now incredibly sensitive body longed to be touched, her pussy, her nipples, she wanted to run her hands all over her body and soak in the feeling of Zed's powerful cock thrusting in and out of her. She began to move the best she could with Zed's motions, moving her ass up to meet his hips as he thrust into her, forcing her face and chest into the table as she tried her best to satisfy the burning feeling in her breasts through the raw stimulation of the friction.

As sensitive as she was, she came before Zed had even finished himself, bathing in the orgasm as he continued to thrust into her, prolonging the ecstasy as coherent thought once again faded into a distant memory. As one high fell, another arose as Zed came violently into her ass, the thick cum filling her insides causing her to orgasm again, her eyes rolled up into her sockets as her tongue hung out almost comically. As the Master of Shadow removed his cock once again and returned to the fire, she collapsed onto the table, her mind a mess of orgasmic bliss caused by the powerful mix of pain and pleasure.

When the shadow master pulled out, semen dripped onto the ground below Akali adding that noise into the mix of what was going on. Once more, Zed branded Akali's legs not paying attention to her cries of agony or pain. He then said, "Feeling good, Akali? Able to think?" He slapped her ass once more, getting ready to penetrate her ass once more - but this time he growled, "Or are you broken? Because I think you are." His still hard prick prodded the now looser hole, ready to penetrate the cum lubed hole.

She moaned again as Zed teased her. She had thought that he might tire after pounding her so many times, but her thoughts had gone beyond that now. She turned the best she could to face the Master, her eyes glazed with an almost pleading, lustful look in them. As exhausted as she was, she couldn't get enough of the mind numbing pleasure that Zed's cock brought her.
"Plea- pleas...please…" She tried to beg, writhing in her restraints as she wriggled her hips to gain more stimulation from the tip that poked at her folds, her arms trying desperately to reach her own body. She needed the touch, she needed the pleasure.

Zed chuckled darkly, knowing that his mission was more or less accomplished. Obliging the now broken woman, he plunged his cock deep into her ass once more, equally rough as the previous times though the hole was much looser than before. Slapping her ass hard, Zed growled, "Call yourself a slut - and I'll keep going." When he said that, his hardened member was as deep as he could managed waiting for Akali to say those words. If she did so, the master assassin would continue. If not - no more pleasure for her.

"Ahhhh…" She moaned, the pleasure from the stimulation was too much, and she groaned in desperation as Zed stopped, waiting expectantly. "Please…" She moaned, trying to turn and face him, "I'm...I'm a Slut…" she managed to gasp between breaths, grinding against him feverishly as if begging him to continue.

Although unseen, a dark grin crossed the face of the man. "As I thought," he grunted, before continuing to thrust in and out of Akali's abused hole occasionally slapping her ass or pulling on her hair. Thanks to his recent orgasms, his member was really sensitive so he would climax much quicker than normal. Unlike previous times, Zed pulled out as his climaxed and would thrust in between her asscheeks twice - his sack slapping against her womanhood causing more lewd noises to fill the room. As his member throbbed, ropes of cum would cover the back and ass of Akali relentlessly allowing a glazing of her skin with his semen.

As she felt Zed's warm semen coat the back of her well toned but now very loose ass, she orgasmed again. Writhing on the table as she bathed in the mess of their two juices. Her mind was truly broken after countless orgasms as she lay, an expression of pure bliss on her face as her tongue dangled out of her mouth. She was exhausted, pure adrenaline and hormones had kept her going through the copious amount of pleasure she had received. She looked up lazily at the Master of Shadows, no, her Master now. She would tell him everything just for him to continue...

Another branding completed, Zed moved to sit down on the table where Akali was spread out on. He stared at her for a moment, almost expectantly, before saying, "Now. What is your clan's plan for fighting my order." Next to Zed was a leather whip, waiting to be used.

She hesitated for a moment, before realising the potential reward, explaining her mission in detail to Zed. How she had been asked to recover the artifact from his temple, the growing number of initiatives recruited by the Kinkou to help in their struggle and the recent talks of assistance from the Ionian guard. She told him everything, groaning between each sentence as she writhed against her restraints once more, missing the pleasure that had occupied her for so long now.

The Master of Shadow grinned under his mask, before stating, "Thank you, slut. I shall reward you." He removed the chains on her hands, sitting down on a chair deciding not to use the whip - to be used for when she does not do what he wants. Zed then motioned to his hardened cock, stating, "You may pleasure me."

She crawled over slowly, her arms and legs sore from the restraints that she had been held in as well as her general exhaustion from the ruthless fucking she had been receiving. Her hands moved quickly to his member, stroking and caressing it firmly before she began to rub it as if she were polishing a weapon. Noticing her Master discontent with just her hands, she moved towards it with her mouth, opening it wide once again to accept his girth. She started by licking the tip, still coated in a mixture of their juices as she ran her tongue around the head, making sure it was spotless before beginning to take his length into her mouth. Her hands moved along his length, one reaching his balls as she began to fondle them softly, gauging his reaction for how best to proceed. As she did so, her other hand moved down to her breasts, circling and tweaking her aching nipples as she moaned deeply, the first time her ample assets had received direct stimulation.

Based on his hard member, everything that Akali was doing... was working quite well. He placed one hand on her head as she worked her way downward, speaking, "Good, my slave. Master will reward you for your efforts." Zed allowed the woman to work some more, his cock starting to throb as he started to reach his climax. "Drink it up, slave. Your reward," he said in between strained breaths, indicating his oncoming orgasm to his slave.

As she heard her master's praise, a sense of joy bloomed within her as she increased her speed, sucking as hard as she could on his large manhood. Her other hand moved down to her dripping womanhood as she began to move her fingers in and out, increasing in speed as she also played with her breasts. Her head bobbed up and down on Zed's shaft, trying her best to accommodate his length. As she felt his orgasm building, she made sure to tighten her lips around his member, not wanting to let any of his cum escape as he blew his thick load in her mouth. Trying not to gag, she swallowed as much as she could, her own hands bringing her to orgasm as she was finally allowed to touch herself. When she had swallowed it all, she looked up at her master submissively, hoping to see that he was satisfied with her work.

Zed released his cum into the mouth, his hand pressing against the back of Akali's head slightly trying to encourage her to go deeper - but did not force her. After a few seconds to recover, his member softening now, Zed commented, "Excellent work, slave. I am your master, don't you forget. I need to brand you for the orgasms you have given me." With that, he stood up and grabbed the brand, burning it next to the other markings. The master of shadows then said, "I also need to mark you to show everyone that I am your master. No one else, not even your former order." He drew another brand out - this one with the Order of Shadow's emblem on it.

"Stand up," he ordered, and once she did, Zed would place the brand firmly on her cheek - burning the mark into her skin.

Akali followed her new master's orders without hesitation. Standing weakly, she swayed slightly in exhaustion. Had she not been in peak condition due to her training in the Kinkou she would of passed out a long time ago. As it stood she waited meekly, trying not to make a sound as he branded her twice, looking at her master as he marked her as his, doing so filled her with a certain amount of joy, her loyalties to her own order forgotten. All she could think of now was how best to please her master, for he was the only one that brought her this much pleasure.

"Excellent," the man said as he stood up, looking into Akali's eyes through his mask. "You follow my orders, slave, and I will give you the pleasure of your dreams," he said as the guard outside the door came in and brought a basin of water for them to wash up and clothing for Akali. Zed then said, "You are mine and no one else's. You may not give any other pleasure to any other member of my temple or any other man. Doing so will result in severe punishment - including not having pleasure from me or any other source."

"You. Are. My. Slave."

Yes Master," She replied, staring at him submissively, "I am your Slave, I will do anything you command." With this she tried to move over to the basin in an attempt to wash up for her master. As she walked she stumbled, falling onto the cold floor exhausted. She could barely move, the soreness and exhaustion of the past few hours catching up to her. As she tried to crawl to the basin, she fell again. Falling unconscious as her body hit her limit - her dreams moving only to that of her master and his cock, and how best she could please it….