Here we are! Everyone's been joking about "Jaspertale", where when Jasper disappears into the earth she actually shows up in the Underground, and I guess this is my contribution. Of course, most people play the joke with Jasper as Frisk, and it's all completely in humor. I've gone in a little bit of a different direction, and this story takes itself way more seriously than it should, but that's alright, I think.

I wanted this chapter to be done before the next episode comes out, while the Jaspertale joke is still going strong and staying fresh. That being said, this story has multiple chapters. I have no idea how many, how long they'll be, or how long they'll take to write out. This isn't the only story I'm writing now, or that I want to write, and this is largely just a huge improvisation. I know a lot of things that will happen, there's a definite direction, and there's a definitive end coming. But I'm still making up a lot as I go, I made a lot of this up as I go. I don't really have that much of a plan, and it's probably obvious.

But if you want to bare with me, this WILL keep going. Jasper WILL see most of the Underground, she'll meet several more monsters. Even if it's long after the joke's played out and everyone's either sick of it or has forgotten, I will keep going and this will end.

Lastly, I have no idea if there's anyone to really credit for Jaspertale itself. If it's something one person came up with and everyone followed suit, or many people thought of it around the same time and it's really no single person's creation. If there's someone I should be crediting, tell me, otherwise, Jaspertale is absolutely not my own idea.

Once upon a time, in the year 201x, a giant earthquake split open part of the Earth's surface. Most around were relatively unscathed, but a giant orange body slipped through and fell underground. It'd be impossible for anyone who observed to tell just how far underground she went, but she was visibly gone. No one on the surface could see her. However, the only assumption they thought they could make, the only fact of her whereabouts, was completely false.

They thought that wherever she was, no one was down there with her, aside from some gemstone mutants that might be down there with her.

The fall underground was slow and long. She, of course, didn't mind. She couldn't mind at all, unconscious as she was. But it came to an end eventually, when she tumbled down an underground waterfall and fell next to a large pile of trash. Even now, she still hadn't woken up. No one was around either, so she stayed there, motionless and unnoticed for some time. She stayed there, until a small child wandered into the area.

"There's always tons of cool stuff in the dump," the child mumbled. "Maybe I'll find something cool this time, too. Something really fun."

The child was still at the entrance to the dump, a ways off from where the fall had ended, but they didn't stay there for long. Soon they were wading through the junk-infested water, digging through heaps of garbage to see what they could find. They didn't stop at all, until they found her. Of course, she was hard to miss. She was bigger than some of the garbage piles, and not much in this dump was as bright orange as she was. The child would have more difficulty missing her altogether.

"What's this over here?" the child asked themself. They slowly got closer, stopping immediately when they saw her face. This wasn't something, it was someone, they knew now. "Oh no! Um, are you alright?"

She was still unconscious, and couldn't respond. The child was quick to notice this.

"Um, um, okay. Um..." They looked around to see if anyone else was here, turning back to her when they saw the two of them were alone. "Um, it'll be okay! I'll get my parents to come help! I'll be back, don't move!"

They ran off, back towards the entrance. Never hearing their words, she didn't respond, but she didn't move, either. She stayed, once again in complete silence.

True to their word, the child did come back. This time, they weren't alone.

Following behind them were two others, looking very much like them. They hurried to her; the child running in front, the other two moving quickly close behind. Once the trio reached her, one of the others (probably their mother) knelt down and began to examine her. After a tense couple of minutes, she stopped and looked back to her family.

"It's alright, dear," she assured them, especially the frightened child. "They don't seem to be injured, they're just unconscious. It'll be okay. But we can't let them rest here, they could get sick. We can take them to our house."

The third companion nodded in agreement. The child looked at the two of them and smiled, though their eyes betrayed their fear.

"Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad."

"It's no problem at all, my child," the mother said. "We should hurry, before it gets too late."

The mother and the father carefully picked her up and started to carry her, out of the dump and towards their own home. The child was not far behind, still keeping a careful eye on her until they were all back home. They'd feel better when she woke up.

Eventually, the family made it back to their home. She, of course, made it back with them. She wasn't quite awake yet, but she was starting to show some sign of life now. This was good.

The mom and the dad put her down on a couch in a living area. It was...a little small for her, but for now it would do. They took turns watching over her, and the child never left her side. But it was when the mother was watching her that she started murmuring in her sleep. The words were hard to make out, but the mother and the child thought they heard her saying something about lasagna, or polka dots, or some kind of flower or something.

"Mom, what's lasagna?" the child asked. "Is it some kind of human food?"

"I am not sure," the mother told them. "I'm not even sure that this is a human. If they are, they're certainly different from any human your father and I ever saw."

"If it is human food, I bet they're hungry," the child muttered. "I hope they wake up soon..."

"I'm sure they will, my child," the mother assured them. "And when they do, I'll have a big butterscotch cinnamon pie waiting for them."

They waited in silence once more, listening to whatever she was mumbling about.

Around half an hour later, the mother left to work in the kitchen. The father wasn't back either, gone to take care of the garden. Thus, the child was left to watch her by themself. They didn't mind at all, of course. They were prepared to sit there as long as it took for her to wake up.

Their persistence paid off. Before either parent came back, she finally began to open her eyes.

"Lazuli..." she muttered, her eyes still only half open.

"Hey! Are you okay?" The child leaned over her, their face only inches away from her. They frowned down at her, their eyes huge.

She looked back up at them, blinking a few times. Hard as she tried, it was impossible to focus on who was in front of her. She frowned as well, her mind still hazy. "...Steven..."

"I don't know who that is, but that's not my name..." The child looked away for a minute, thinking, before looking at her again. "Just take it easy, okay? You'll feel better soon."

She made an indifferent grunt and closed her eyes again. The child smiled, now sure she would be okay eventually. Everything was quiet once again.

A few seconds later, she opened her eyes again, her eyes completely open this time.


"Hwaa-" The child flinched and jumped back. It didn't save them from her wrath. She sat up and roughly shoved them to the side, her gaze now searching around the room for her enemies.

"Those pathetic little...they've humiliated me for the last time!" Effortlessly, she stood up and stormed around the room. She continued her search, as if her foes were hiding in the corner. "I won't be defeated by the likes of them anymore! Never again!"

"A-are you sure you're okay to be moving around like that?" the child questioned. "You just woke up..."

She ignored them. "Even resorting to their cheap tricks didn't work. They just put more of them together. But I'll make them pay next time. They'll with they never..." She paused, visually sweeping the room one last time before sighing. "They're not here."

"Uh, it's just me and mom and dad..." the child mumbled.

"They'll PAY for this!" She ignored them and left the room. The child ran after her, concern evident on their face. "Those miserable Crystal Gems, that kid with Rose's powers, Lazuli...I'm never fusing again. Not after being trapped in this worthless planet's ocean." Not paying attention to where she was going, she went down a set of stairs, through a long hallway. The child stayed close behind the whole way. "Lazuli will suffer for this."

The child wanted to respond, but they didn't have the chance. They were much smaller than she was, and keeping up was a huge effort. It was all they could do to try to catch their breath.

"Once I get out of here, I'll find them. They love this planet so much, they're all bound to be around somewhere. And once I find them..." She went on ranting, most of it not really making sense to the child. She wanted revenge, that was clear enough, but that was about all they could figure out.

She, of course, knew exactly what she was talking about. She remembered everything that happened since she got to this stupid planet all too clearly.

Soon enough, the two found themselves in the father's garden. He was still there, looking out for weeds and watering flowers. He stopped when he saw her, awake and moving around.

"Howdy!" He waved, grinning up at her. "I'm glad to see you're awake and well. How do you feel? You're welcome to stay as long as you-"

She barely paused to acknowledge him. Quickly, she stepped forward and shoved him aside into the wall, making a beeline to the exit on the other side. The child wasn't sure whether to follower her or check on the father. A quiet "golly" from the father convinced them he was alright, and they ran after her.

"You should stop!" the child warned her. "You can't..."

She continued to ignore them. She went on, ranting and planning and scheming the entire way, until they reached the barrier. Not noticing anything that seemed odd, she tried to keep going, only to be forcibly stopped by the barrier. She walked into it again, and pounded a fist on it to no avail.

"What sort of cheap magic IS this?" she demanded.

"That's the barrier," the child told her. "The humans put it up here long ago to keep us in here. You have to have at least a monster soul and a human soul to go through. Only seven human souls can break it. You're...stuck in the Underground. You can't leave."

She groaned and sat down in front of it. "This is probably just another cowardly scheme from those Gems to keep me down here. They won't even face me in a real fight. They're despicable."

"Maybe...but we're all trapped down here," the child pointed out. "The barrier's been up for a long time, before I was even born."

Once again, she groaned. "I just freed myself from being trapped in the ocean because of Lazuli for who knows how long. I was only free for a few minutes, and now I'm trapped all over again."

"That sounds awful...I'm really sorry, uh..." the child frowned, tilting their head. "...What's your name?"

"...Jasper," she begrudgingly responded.

"Jasper. That's a nice name. My name is Asriel, Asriel Dreemurr," the child told her. "Don't worry, Jasper. You won't be stuck again if I can help it. We'll find a way to get you out, and everyone else, too!"

"...Heh." A smile sneaked onto her face as she looked to the side. "I don't know how much you can do, but I guess I appreciate it, kid."

"I am sorry that you are stuck here," the mother sighed, looking at Jasper and Asriel on the couch in front of her. "You must really want to get back to the surface. But you are welcome to stay here as long as you like. Even if you can take care of yourself, you don't have to be alone down here. No matter what, we want you to be happy."

Jasper nodded, looking off towards the wall. "Yeah...I guess I can stay. At the very least, I can learn more about this place."

"Excellent!" The mother grinned, clearly excited about this decision. "I'll go get the pie I made. We can have it to celebrate!"

She went back out to the kitchen, leaving Jasper and Asriel alone. While they waited, he turned towards her, a million questions on his tongue.

" did fall from the surface, right?" he asked.

"I guess so." Her gaze stayed glued to the wall. "I don't remember falling, but I wasn't down here before."

"Then, if you're from the surface..." Asriel frowned. "...Does that mean you're a human?"

Jasper laughed. "Those pathetic creatures? Please. I'm way more powerful than that, kid. If I were human, I think I'd rather be dead."

Asriel looked down at the floor, as if the answers to his questions were down there. "Are you a monster, then? I mean, if you're not human..."

"You mean like you three? I don't think so," she snorted. "I'm not from this planet, kid. I'm not anything you've probably ever seen."

"Then does that mean you're an alien?"

"I guess, if that's what you call it."

Asriel looked back up at her, his eyes lighting up. "Then you must be the coolest alien ever!"

She looked back at him from the corners of her eyes and smirked.

Later, the family of three with the addition of Jasper gathered around the table. The mother stood up to distribute her butterscotch cinnamon pie amongst the family, while everyone else sat at their places. Once she finished, she sat down as well, and they all prepared to eat.

"It's my favorite recipe," she told Jasper as the father and Asriel began to dig in. "I hope you do enjoy it, we eat it quite often."

"Uh..." She looked between the father and Asriel for a moment, before looking back at the mother. "I don't do that, uh, 'eat' thing. I don't think I can."

"Oh, well, that's alright!" The mother threw a nervous smile at her. "I'm sorry, I wouldn't have given you any if I had realized. I hope you don't mind."

"It's fine," Jasper grunted.

The mother joined the other two in eating the pie, while Jasper contemplated her own in silence. The room was rather quiet until the family finished.

"Thanks, mom! It was delicious!" Asriel exclaimed.

"That's the best one you've made yet," the father added, smiling at her.

The mother laughed. "You two say that every time! But than you all the same."

She laughed for another moment as the father turned to look at Jasper. He still wore the same smile on his face. It radiated kindness, which she was sure to meet with complete indifference.

"So..." He hesitated, thinking about his words carefully. "We're glad to have you here. It's been some time since we had a guest...but we don't mind at all, and there's nothing we want in return. And you don't have to tell us anything about us that you don't want to,'d be nice to know your name. To have something to call you, at least."

Jasper prepared a cut response, and she was about to give it. But Asriel broke in before she said a word, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

"It's Jasper! Her name's Jasper! She says she's not a human or a monster!"

Little brat. She'd only told him because he asked. She wasn't sure she really wanted to broadcast that if no one down here could tell. Maybe she should've just said she was a monster, if that was what the beings down here were. Blending in could've given her a tactical advantage. Unfortunately, it was far too late for that. Next time she needed to think before she spoke.

"Jasper? Well, then, Jasper, it's nice to meet you," the father said. "My name is Asgore. My wife here is Toriel. We promise we'll do everything we can to make sure you're happy down here."

I know this is short, I'm sorry. I have no idea if every chapter will be like this, or if the next one will be longer or maybe even shorter. I have no plan. But hopefully the next one doesn't take too long.