Here is my story of Haley McFadden. She is a twin to Guthrie. Please follow and let me know what you think? I have had this done for a while now. Thanks for reading... Enjoy.

This is my story of living with Seven Brothers. My name is Haley McFadden, I am 14 yrs old. My brother Guthrie, who is brother number 7, is also my twin. We were getting ready to head off to school. Daniel drives me and our other brothers as well too. Our names follow the alphabet, my parents did that so they could remember us. My parents are no longer alive, but that's another story to come.

"Haley ready!" Shouted my brother Daniel, who was waiting for me at the bottom of the steps.

"Geez. Tryin' to look good ya know." I told him, when I was coming downstairs.

Daniel just shook his head to me.

"Lets go." He said jokingly pushing me out the door.

Daniel takes the jeep and I sit in the back between Ford and Guthrie. Evan sit ups front alongside Daniel. When we arrived in the parking lot, Ford was helping me out. My friends Kathy and Leah were waiting for me.

"See ya guys." I said waving back to my brothers.

"See ya." Evan shouted back to me.

"Hey girl." Kathy said to me when i came closer to them.

We were heading inside by my locker. Thats where we hang out until the bell rings. We were just hanging out talking. Sometimes Guthrie hangs with us too. This 12th Grade guy passes us and gives me this weird look. Does he know im a 9th Grader? When the bell rings we all head to class. Kathy and I are heading to Math with Guthrie. I still could not get that 12th graders face out of my head. I dont even know who he was.

"You ok?" Guthrie whispers to me.

"Yeah fine." I said giving him a smile.

"You look lost." My brother said to me still trying to see what I was looking at.

"Nah I'm ok." I said to him, hoping he would believe me.

But knowing my brother and being a twin, I don't think he believes me. But he also knows not to push things with me. So we then took our seats. I really could not get that guys face out of my head. Why did he look at me like that? When that class was done, I was then headed to my next class. That class my brother is NOT with me. Kathy is.
We then got to our next class, it was English. Just before heading into class, that guy passed by me, while I was in the hallway talking with my friends. I could feel my heart beating so fast. Kathy saw the look on my face.

"You ok?" She asked me grabbing my arm.

I just gave her a look and she knew being my best friend and all what I was thinking.

"Lets go inside." She said taking me into the classroom.

While sitting down I was quiet. I was thinking of what he wanted. Class had then begun. I just happened to look out in the hallway and AGAIN there he was. My heart was really NOW beating fast. He was even suggesting me to come out in the hall. I don't know what came over me but I asked to get a drink from the fountain.

"What?" I asked him softly.

"You know what." He said to me putting his arms up against the wall so I couldn't run.

Thank god I am short , I was able to slip under his arm and run back into the class. The teacher saw me run in.

"Miss McFadden are you ok?" She asked me.

"I-I-'m -ok." I said to her while stuttering on my words.

She kept looking at me she must knew something was wrong. She then went over and used the school phone. I could feel my eyes getting watery. Within minutes, there was a knock at our classroom door. I jumped in my seat.

"Haley, you ok?" Kathy whispered when she asked me.

I just looked at her with my watery eyes. I heard a familiar voice and turned to see Daniel standing there talking to my teacher.

"Hey Hales, you ok?" He was then asking me when he knelt down next to me.

I just gave him a small nod. Next minute I know, he took me by the hand and led me out into the hallway.

"Hey what's up?" He asked me softly.

"Nothing." I said to him when a tear rolled down my face.

"Haley talk to me." He said to me.

I was looking down at my small feet verses his, from what I think medium size cowboy boots he had on. He lifted my chin up to look at me.

"Did someone say or do something to make you upset?" He asked me.

I shook my head no. I didn't wanna tell him. He then brought me into his arms, I could smell his cologne. My head comes up to the middle of his chest. I know I'm smaller than all my brothers. Guthrie is even taller than me.
I still wouldn't tell him what was wrong. He then told the teacher we were leaving. We only had 10 minutes left in class. I was getting my things. He needed to get his books as well. When we got to his classroom so he could get his books, Evan noticed me. When Daniel was in the classroom, Evan whispered something to him, causing them both too look at me. Hate that. Daniel had then come back out.
He then must of knew what I was thinking.

"He's worried bout ya." He said to me of what Evan said to him.

I do have the best brothers. We walked over to where Daniel has his locker. He was putting his books in there.

"Wanna put them in here or yours?" He asked me.

"I guess mine." I said softly to him.

"Ok. Lets go." He said to me taking me now to my locker.

Bell rang and the hallways were getting crowded and loud. It was lunch time.

"You don't know have to stay with me." I told my brother.

"Ya sure?" He asked me while wondering.

I nodded yes to him. With that Kathy came over to us.

"Hey guys." She said to us.

"Hey Kathy. Ya gonna walk with Hales to lunch?" He asked her.

"Yeah." She said to him with a smile.

Kathy and her family have been friends with us since we were babies. Her dad was my dad's friend.

"Thanks." Daniel told her, giving me a kiss on my head.

We could hear girls melting over this. Lots of girls think Daniel is hot. Too me he's one of my big bros.

"You ok?" Kathy asked me.

"Yeah I guess." I said to her getting my lunch down.

"HALEY DON'T CLOSE THAT!" I heard someone yell. It was Guthrie.

We share a locker, even thou his is next to mine. He's lazy.

"Thanks." He said to me when he saw my face.

I just stood there all quiet.

"Hey you ok?" He asked me, when he was then looking at me.

I nodded to him as well.

"Alright. Be careful." He said when he took off to his next class.

Lunch we don't have together. He has it with our brother, Ford. Daniel and Evan have it with me. I like that. Kathy and I were then headed to the cafeteria to eat. She didn't push it either of what was wrong.

"I know your close with Daniel, but if you need to talk, I'm here too." She said to me.

"I know. Thanks." I told her when we got into the cafeteria.

We were sitting down at our table. I was having a Peanut butter no jelly sandwich. I just could not shake about that guy. I kept looking all around. I was getting uncomfortable.

"I'll be back." I told Kathy when I stood up and walked away.

I was heading over to my brothers. I normally don't bother them. Daniel and Evan were talking and I guess they didn't hear me or see me standing there. Joe a friend of Daniel's saw me.

"Daniel- your sister." He told my brother.

That made Daniel and Evan stop quickly. When they saw me, they saw me in tears. That made them both jump up.

"Haley, what's wrong?" Daniel asked me.

Evan was standing next to Daniel in front of me. Evan has his hand on my arm.

"I-I- wan-na go h-ome." I told him as I sobbed.

"You have 2 hrs left." Daniel said to me.

I stood there looking down. Daniel held me once again in his arms. All his friends were looking at us, wondering what was wrong.

"How bout I take you to the Nurse?" Daniel asked me.

"I-I- can-go." I said to him.

"I wish you could tell me what's wrong." He said to me.

I was then walking away. I was heading to the Nurse's Office. Daniel and Evan went over to Kathy to talk to her. They wanted to see what happened.

"How bout you come home with us and you too can hang out?" Daniel was asking Kathy.

"Do you even have room in the jeep?" She asked him.

"We can make you sit where she sits and put Haley with Ford." Evan added when he was telling her.

"OK." She said.

"We'll even stop by your house to make sure its ok." Daniel told her before walking away.

When my brothers got back to the table, Joe's girlfriend was asking if everything was ok.

"I don't know. Something has her very upset." Daniel said when he was wondering what it could be.

I was lying down in the Nurses Office. I told her I felt sick to my stomach, so she had me resting.