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I didn't see Evan moving. I could hear Daniel calling his name out. Daniel had just got to him.

"DANIEL is he OK!" I yelled down to him.

"Evan. " Daniel called out to him.

That's when I saw him moving a bit.

"She ok?" He was asking Daniel.

"Scared but ok." He told Evan.

Daniel was so relieved that he gave Evan a quick hug.

"Can you get up?" He was asking him.

Evan was trying to get up slowly. Daniel took his flashlight and was shining it on Evan's face to check it.

"You got a nice bump on your head but anything else hurt? " Daniel asked him making sure he was ok.

"Yeah yeah I'm good." Evan said to him patting Daniel on his shoulder.

"Let's go little brother." Daniel said to him.

Just then heard I heard voices. I was now really scared. I then saw lights I knew it had to be a good thing.

"HELLO!" I yelled out.

That's when I saw a light shining on me.

"Either I'm dead or…." I was saying when I heard someone say my name.

"Haley McFadden is that you?" I heard.

"Yes sir it is." I said to whoever it was.

I laid their on the dirty ,wet ditch breathing heavy. I was happy to be saved.

"OVER HERE!" The person was yelling out.

"Hang on." He said to me.

"Hurry its my brother." I told him.

"Help is here." He was telling me when he was trying to keep me calm.

Within seconds people were coming over the railings. A bunch of people were around me.

"Anything hurt?" Someone was asking me.

"My head." I was saying to them, touching my head.

"Ok." He told me.

"Am I dead?" I asked him.

I heard chuckling.

"No honey, your safe." Someone was telling me.

"Haley, hi. Its me Mark Grots." He said to me.

"Hi Mr Grots. I said to him.

Mr Grots is Daniel's friend Joe's dad.

"Listen to me. Were gonna lay you on this stretcher and lift you over." He said to me.

"No I can walk." I said to him.

I started to walk. He knew I was scared.

"Hold it up. She's climbing up." Mark yells out to those who were standing up there.

There was so much commotion going on. I was trying to walk up the ditch. Someone had me by the arm. I tried to see who.

"Don't look back." Mark said to me.

"Was seeing who had me." I told him when I was scared.

"Its me, Joe and Alan walking with you.

"Joe." I said almost losing my balance again.

Joe grabbed me and then chuckles.

"Hang in there kiddo." He says to me.

I smile at Joe. When we get to the top, someone took me and placed me quickly on the stretcher.

"Where's my brothers? Are they ok? I need to see them." I would say so fast that they needed to calm me down.

"I think she's in shock from her head injury." I hear Mark saying to someone.

"Haley its ok." Joe says to me.

"Joe, is Daniel and Evan ok?" I was asking him trying not to cry.

"Hey, lay still. They are fine." Joe says to me trying to make me lie still.

They were loading me up in the ambulance.

"JOE! " I yelled to him.

"Yeah?" He asks me coming by me.

"Please don't leave me." I begged him.

He grabs my hand and smiles.

"Never kiddo." He says to me with a smile.

He comes with me. Daniel goes with Evan. I don't know where my other brothers are.

"You ok?" Joe then asks me.

"Where's the others?" I asked him.

"Others?" The EMT was asking Joe.

"Her brothers." He said to her. " We're meeting them at General Hospital." He says to me.

I lay there trying to stay calm but I start to get all excited again.

"You need to lay still." The EMT tells me.

"Haley, its gonna be ok." Joe kept telling me.

The EMT injected my IV with something cause I felt lite headed.

"J..oe." I said groggily to him.

He looks over at me and smiles.

"Shhh." He tells me.

I dont know what happened...