Dipper's PVO:

I dashed though trees holding 7 pages, I didn't bother to look at them.

I came sliding to a stop as a 15 feet tall man blocked my path. The man was in a black suit, he had long black tentacles exiting his back. The thing that got me most was his face, nothing it was like a human skull covered in white plaster but smooth.

As my eyes meet where his "was" static engulfed me.

I shot up screaming.

"~Yawn~ Dipper... what's wrong?" A girls voice asked.

I turn my head to my twin sister Mable who was rubbing her tried eyes.

"N-nothing..." I stuttered as I reached for the journal looking for the ting I saw in my dream.

Mable's PVO:

I arched an eyebrow at his action.

"Dipper?" He didn't answer. "Dipper?!" I asked again raising my voice.

He quickly snapped out of it turning to face me.

"What's up with you?" I asked.

"Mable it's nothing, really just go back to sleep." He demand.

I sighed rolling my eyes, as I climbed back under my warm covers.

Dipper's PVO:

as Mable covered up I went right back to searching the journal. I found a page at the back that was glued to the back.

I rose an eyebrow I've never seen this even though I'd read cover to cover. I grabbed a letter opener that was on the side table and ripped open the glued page.

Some folded pages fell from the opening. I unfolded one, there was a strange photo of a circle with a big X through it, it had that drip affect. The circle looked as if it was drawn in blood.

I opened the other page only a word was on it, "Creepypasta". I tilted my head confused.

"Creepypasta? What kinda name is that?!" I asked myself out loud. I then looked over the pages with a black light and got nothing. "~Sigh~ It's no use." I wined closing the journal putting it away. Crawling under the covers.

Time skip

I yawned entering the gift shop to find Wendy reading a magazine at the register, Soos fixing a light bulb, and Mable well I don't know what she was doing for sure.

It was a normal day, well as far as "normal" goes in Gravity Falls. But as I looked out the window behind the cash register I saw a strange guy dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda, I didn't see his face not even the side when he was turning his since someone had called his name so he started to run off.

I looked confused at the Link wannabe.

"Dipper?" Wendy asked snapping me out of my trance.

"Y-ya?" I asked studding.

"You okay?" She asked Mable and Soos looked at me with a confused exspreshen.

I look a deep breath and told them about my dream, the photo and the Link wannabe I just saw.

Wendy opened her laptop and searched something up.

"By any chance did the photo look like this?" She asked showing Mable, Soos and I a picture of the circle with the X drawn on a wall in blood.

I shock my head yes showing her the folded page.

(TK: Da da daaa! Cliff hanger!

Dipper: You can't think of anything?

TK: No! I want to start CH 2!

Mable: Well I hope the reason why Dipper screamed like a little girl is explained!

TK: Nightmare.

Mable: Oh.

TK: Anyway hope you enjoyed!)