I decided to rewrite the story as I wasn't happy with how it turned out

As usual I own nothing

Nick Wilde aka Agent N of the Animals in Black was having a really crap morning having to deal with a rabbit police officer going on about tax evasion and missing otters when he put on his shades took out and flashed his neutraliser and spun a story about getting a lead then sent her all the way to the rainforest district.

Agent N then got on the phone "O send a team to the rainforest district to plant evidence the cops are already on route" then after a earful from the boss he replied "I don't like it either but we've got to get the cops of the case or would you prefer the alternative" then hung up.

At this point his partner who had been pretending to be his son suddenly replied "what was all that about you should have just sent her packing or better yet killed the little bint". Agent N could only shake his head for only Agent F could come up with such an idea.