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? ゚フᄌ? ゚フᄌ?

Timoteo and his guardians left Tsuna alone in Japan to settle some important meetings and papers in Italy and it took them six weeks to complete them all.

No one has noticed Timoteo's disappearances and they were very glad for that and now that they are free from mafia tasks, Timoteo finally has the time to review the reports about Tsuna that his assigned men sent to him.

"The government's assigned assassins and hitman failed." Timoteo said.

"Even Lovro Brovski failed. Nono, do you think we should send Varia?" Schnitten suggests.

"If we send them to Japan, Reborn and Iemitsu will know about it and it will definitely upset Tsuna because there's a very big possibility that Reborn will be there and Iemitsu will send some of his men." Ganauche replied.

"And Arcobaleno is a big big no right now because of course there's Reborn, Lal and Colonello. "Nougat followed.

"Well then, we should wait until 3-E's summer excursion and we could always give Mammon a hefty amount of money to hide their mission and themselves from Reborn and Iemitsu. I have a hunch that they will very much fell for Tsuna's charm." Timoteo suggests.

"Wait, Summer excursion?" Visconti asks.

Timoteo shows the last report from his men in Japan that explains the last activity of Tsuna and his classmates.

"It seems like Korosensei made a deal with the kids. Those who get perfect scores in their exam will have the chance to shoot a tentacle." Timoteo explains.

"And seven of them have managed to get hundred percent. They even won the special trip to a private Island and to think that they would use that place as their assassination place. That's one hell of a deal. These kids are frightening." Bouche said.

"What's the plan?" Nougat asks.

As Timoteo relaxes to his chair, he tells them his plan. "Tsuna got good grades in their previous exam and I'm sure Giotto and Reborn will visit him because of the reports I've got from our men that Giotto wants to mend his relationship with Tsuna. Nougat, I want you to book a week-long vacation for every member of Giotto's Famiglia. Please, make sure that they're away for from Tsuna and their assassination."

Nougat nods as a yes.

"Nie, I want you prepare everything we need for our Japan trip. Make sure the gifts for Tsuna are there."


"Schnitten, prepare the money payment for Mammon."

"Roger, boss."

"And as for me, I need to talk to Xanxus."

? ᄒライヌです?

Xanxus frowned at the name that his phone is showing. He never thought that his adoptive father would call him personally after their dispute years ago and the fight for the Vongola rings.

His right-hand man looks at him waiting if he would answer. Xanxus snorts and let the call drop.

"Why didn't you answer?" Squalo asks.

"Let him call again. It could be a fake call." Xanxus said, waiting for his father to call again.

The phone rings again and it showed the same caller. Xanxus smirks and answers the call. "What do you need, Old man?" Xanxus hears a small laugh but disregarded it and let his father speak.

"How are you and your guardians there?"

A bit hesitant, Xanxus answers. "Good as always. Why do you ask?"

"I have a personal favor to ask."

With those words, Xanxus body tensed and stands up from his throne. He immediately felt the urgency of this favor or he should say task. His silence made Timoteo to proceed explaining his favor.

"I have been in and out of Japan for the past months. And to ease you, it's not because of Giotto. It's because of your little nephew, Tsunayoshi. I believe you and your guardians wasn't aware of the little Sawada?"

"No. Didn't even think that Iemitsu would have another one..." Xanxus replies in shock.

"That was also hidden from me. I have my men reporting to me about little Tsunayoshi and to think that he's been neglected was disappointing, so I decided to visit the child in person without everyone knowing, of course except my guardians. Iemitsu ordered for Tsunayoshi to be sent away and the child is forced to live alone in a mansion and attend a school with too much discrimination. They didn't even investigate the school. Fortunately, he's been doing great and his health and grades are now stable thanks to his teacher..."

"Teacher? I can sense some Reborn vibes from that person." Xanxus replies.

"Ahh... about that teacher... I can't explain everything to you in phone. If you want to know more join me in my trip to Japan tomorrow and I will give you a rundown about this task. It's a state secret and the world leaders knew about this and they have failed to finish this mission. Even Lovro failed. You can bring your guardians and I have some money to pay for Mammon's time and silence."

The call drops and Xanxus could only look at the phone. Contemplating whether to do this favor. A minute of silence later.

"Call everyone. We are going to Japan with the old man."

"VOI WHAT!?" Squalo asked in shock for the sudden decision.

"The old man didn't explain much, but he informed me about someone dangerous whom the world leaders failed to kill and now resorting to us. And this person happens to be a teacher and is currently teaching the youngest Sawada."

The last statement made Squalo to stop from his screaming fit and look at Xanxus with wide eyes. "That stupid blonde has a younger sibling?"

"Iemitsu hid it and the old man wasn't pleased. Seems like something is happening in Japan without Reborn knowing." After this statement Xanxus made a feral smile.

Seeing Xanxus sudden interest, Squalo immediately called the other guardians and gave them a very brief explanation.

Later that day, the whole Varia found themselves sitting with Timoteo and his guardians.

"I believe Xanxus has informed you about Giotto's younger brother?" Timoteo started.

The Varia Guardians nodded then; Nougat showed them a picture of a smiling Tsuna through tablet. The picture earned cooing sounds from Lussuria.

"I have a reason why I went to you instead of Decimo and Reborn. —To tell you the truth, it's all for Tsunayoshi-kun. I've been in and out of Japan because of making bonds with Tsunyoshi-kun.

He's a very fragile child and I made sure to gain his trust. My guardians and I ended up being pulled by him despite his weak looking appearance. He doesn't have a good relationship with his biological family and is very much scared of Reborn.

Because of Iemitsu's decision to send Tsunayoshi-kun away, I'm forced to personally meet the child which lead to many discoveries." Timoteo pauses and waits for Nougat to show the next following pictures which shows the trainings and assassination practices of Tsuna and his classmates.

"What the fuck..." Squalo could only say out of shock. The same for the others while the mist Arcobaleno remains his silence.

"These kids are being trained to become assassins. Their target is their teacher." Timoteo continues and shows a picture of Korosensei.

"The hell is that?" Xanxus looked at the picture of the yellow creature.

"This guy is Tsunayoshi-kun's adviser. Korosensei. The guy who is responsible for blasting the moon. He surrendered himself to the government and offered them a deal. They can kill him if and only if he gets to teach class 3-E, the class of Tsunayoshi-kun, and let the children kill him. Korosensei gave them a year to kill him and if they fail, he will exactly do the same thing to the earth like what he did to the moon. His bounty is around 87 Million Dollars and we've heard that if the children fails to kill him in their assassination by next week, there would be a raise for this guy's bounty."

"That's a huge bounty. What makes this guy special?" Mammon finally speaks up.

"Korosensei has unique abilities. He resembles an octopus, a shapeshifter, normal and flame powered bullets doesn't work on him, even poison, flames don't work, and many more. But the most important is his speed. His speed is Mach 20." Visconti followed.

Nougat plays a sample video of Korosensei. It was one of the class' forest drills where Korosensei tags all his students in a blink of an eye.

"Our first meeting with him was when he brought home a fucking missile as a souvenir shot by the Russian Military which was meant to kill him." Ganauche said, shuddering at the memory.

Ganauche plays another set of videos of class 3-E's assassination attemps and even though all of it were failed attempts, Xanxus and his guardians were amused by their skills.

"The government hired lots of assassins and all of them failed. Karasuma Tadaomi and Irina Jelavic are also in the picture. They joined the class as their educational and assassination teacher. When we were there, we have shared a few skills to the kids, and you won't believe their talent. These kids are monsters. So far, these kids are the only one who were able to catch Koroseseni off guard."

Timoteo pauses and looks directly at Xanxus. "—So, are you up for a challenge?"

The reply has already been decided before Xanxus even entered the meeting room. With a feral smile, Xanxus answered. "Of course."

? ᄒライヌです?

While Timoteo, his guardians, and the Varia are preparing to depart from Italy, the tickets Nougat prepared for their summer trip has arrived.

"Really? Where are we going? Giotto asks his tutor, who has been scanning his tablet for almost an hour.

"French Polynesia. It's a week-long vacation. I have informed your guardians and their siblings. Kyoya and Mukuro rejected the offer… Oh, we will be leaving tomorrow morning." Reborn confirms.

Giotto jumps from his seat. "Tomorrow?! Reborn! You should have said it earlier."

Reborn point his Leon gun at Giotto's face which immediately silence Giotto out of fear of getting shot. "Before you go on panic, Tsunayoshi's report card has arrived." Reborn removes Leon gun from Giotto's face and gave Tsuna's report card.

Giotto carefully reads it and didn't notice the small smile he made. "There are no fails. It means, Karasuma and Jelavic are really into teaching for them to help Tsuna pass his class… Wow, Tsuna has two A: P.E. and Home Economics." Giotto exclaimed.

"You sound like a proud brother. " Reborn dead pans and Giotto responds with a laugh.

"Do I?"

"You do. And About Karasuma and Irina, I confirmed that they are currently in a vacation and really did applied for teaching. It seems like they have a connection with the deceased advisor of the class 3-E."

"So they are not after us by using Tsuna?"

"As of now, I could confirm that."

? ᄒライヌです?

Tsuna was just passing by when he hears someone call him.

"Tsuna-kun, can I ask a favor?" Asked by the old man from the pastry store near Tsuna's house.

Tsuna drops carefully the newly baked brownies before looking up. His eyes meeting the older ones. "Of course, Makoto-san. What is it?" Tsuna replies.

"My delivery boy is sick, and I sprained my left ankle. I need someone to deliver some important orders to Namimori. Can you be my delivery boy for today? Don't worry, I will pay you. "The old man said with hopeful look in his old eyes which will make Tsuna feel bad if he refuses even though he doesn't want to return to that place.

"No worries, Makoto-san. I can do it." Tsuna replies with his well-known one-hundred-watt smile which made the old man happy.

? ᄒライヌです?

Tsuna just finished carefully placing two blueberry cheesecake and two dozen marshmallow cupcakes in the huge delivery bag when a very familiar person approaches him.

Tsuna greets Sugino with a smile. "Hi." The brunette cheerfully said.

"Hello, Tsuna. What's up with the delivery bag?" His best friend asks.

"Just doing a favor for Makoto-san to deliver some important orders to my hometown. He sprained his ankle and his delivery boy is sick." Tsuna replies with a pout. Sugino immediately notices the discomfort.

"Well— since I told my mom that I would be spending the whole day with you, I will be accompanying you to your hometown."

When Sugino said those words, Sugino already expected the blinding smile from the brunette. "Thank you! You're the best!" Tsuna cries in happiness.

'And scaring some bastards who will hurt Tsuna while on my watch would be full filling.'

An hour later Sugino and Tsuna find themselves walking in the streets of Namimori. Thank God that they haven't encountered any bullies.

What the two didn't expect is the rowdiness coming from the huge house they are delivering the pastries to.

Tsuna press' the doorbell and not even a second pass when the intercom went on.

"Hello~ who is it?" A very cheerful male voice said.

Tsuna gulps before speaking. "Uhm...Y-your order is here" Tsuna stutters due to nervousness of speaking to a neighbor from his cursed hometown.

Sugino chuckles at the sight of trembling brunette. "Tsuna, you're supposed to say what order you're delivering."

Tsuna blushes. "I-I'm sorry! W-what I m-mean is: The pastries you ordered from Makoto's Pastries are here." Tsuna said shyly between stutters.

The only response they hear is a loud gasp. Both student assassins looked at each other and shrugged, then all of a sudden, the huge front doors flew open and a white-haired foreigner came out while shouting, "CAKES!" And bolted towards Tsuna who is carrying the delivery bag.

Tsuna is sure that this man is new in the neighborhood because he has not seen him before. This eased up the tension in his nerves and he was thankful because this person will not berate him.

Sugino studies the person in front of them. Byakuran Gesso, the person they are meant to meet. 'You can definitely feel the slyness in this person despite his appearance.' Sugino exchange glances with Tsuna who is carefully taking out the orders and It seems like Tsuna also noted this.

After handing the order, Tsuna looks at Byakuran. "Thank you for ordering. Hope to have another transaction with you." Tsuna bowed and the two students bid their goodbyes.

Byakuran on the other hand watches the two walks away with amused smirk. "Well, Well. Who would have thought I would meet his brother here?"

? ᄒライヌです?

When they are few meters away from the house, Sugino speaks up. "That person is dangerous." He said. "I felt it too. Well, what do you expect from this place? This place is the den of Mafia." Tsuna replies and his assassin person is agreeing.

Sugino replies with an amused hum.

Their conversation was abruptly stopped when they felt an incoming assault coming from behind. The student assassins skillfully evade the oncoming assault and faces the person assaulting them. Tsuna's eyes widened a bit when he saw the person assaulting them.

"Hn. You've change, little animal." Hibari Kyoya said amused.

"Hibari-senpai." Tsuna regarded the older teen in front with caution.

Sugino is silent, but he is noting every single detail around him. And it seems that Tsuna knows this attacker. Him and Tsuna went on defense stance and waits for the tonfa wielding raven to attack them again.

Hibari on the other hand, smiled at the defense stance of the two. His instinct is screaming at him that these two are skilled fighters and will give him a good fight. So being the usual fighter he is, he attacks them.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Sugino exclaims as he evaded the raven's attack.

"Hibari-san! Please calm down. I'm sorry if we have disturbed Namimori's peace." Tsuna pleads while internally praying that no one would see him fighting with the one and only Hibari Kyoya.

Unfortunately, Tsuna only received a smirk from the raven head.

Tsuna shudders at that and decided to get near to his best friend. "Let's retreat. This guy will not stop attacking us until he beats us into pulp, or we could knock him out though doubt that we can do the second option." Tsuna whispers to Sugino.

"Korosensei would be disappointed if we get into any trouble here, so retreat it is." The two gave one last look at each other before sprinting away from the raven head.

Not liking what just happened before his eyes, Hibari chases the two.

"What the— would you knock it off!? Stop chasing us!" Annoyed, Sugino shouted at the top of his lungs.

Hibari's smirk widened and chase the two with faster pace which made the two curses as they run faster.

"The roofs!" Tsuna suggested.

"The what!?"

"Let's use the roofs! As far as I can remember, I've never seen Hibari-san fight there."

Sugino gave one more look behind. "Okay. The roofs it is." And with that, the student assassins parkours to the roof and put their hard-earned skills to use.

Hibari slowly halts in shock at the sudden change of direction of his targets. It really shocked him and his interest for the two made him want to chase them more and test their skills. So, he jumps at the nearest wall then to the roof and chases the two again.

? ᄒライヌです?

"Fuck" Tsuna curses under his breath which really shocks the baseball lover.

"Did you just curse?" Sugino gapes at the brunette.

"Who wouldn't curse when that demon is still chasing us!?"

"I'm definitely going to make you wash your mouth."

"What!? Do I look like a child?" The brunette gave his best friend a look.

"No! You're a baby!" Retorted the other.

Tsuna gave him a "huh" look and is about to respond back when they heard a familiar voice.

"It seems like Tsuna-chan and Sugino-kun are in trouble. Should I inform Koro-sensei?"

Sugino fished the phone in his pocket and stared in shock at Ritsu without loosing speed and continue running and jumping.

"Why are you in my phone?" Sugino exclaims.

"I installed myself in everyone's phone. Just in case" she said and giggled.

"I want to talk more, but we're really in trouble because if that guy behind us catch us, we're dead. So yeah, please call Koro-sensei." Tsuna said.

Ritsu gave them a smile and a salute before turning off the phone.

"Okay. We keep this distance from him and wait for Koro-sensei... Oh shit there are no longer houses ahead." Sugino said.

The two doesn't have any choice and jumps down from the roof. "Once Hibari-san lands, he's not going to stop and will definitely catch us." Tsuna said between breaths.

"What's wrong in tour hometown? Are all of the inhabitants are this crazy?

"You have no idea!" Tsuna answers. "Oh shit. Have we entered Kokuyo's grounds?" The brunette continued and Sugino noted the worry in his tone.

Tsuna loses speed and so is Sugino. "What's wrong?" Sugino worriedly asks as he faces the bow pale brunette.

Before the brunette could even respond, both felt chilling sensation. "Oya oya~ Look who's here."

Tsuna feels something wrap around his waist and in a blink, Rokudo Mukuro appears behind him and one of his arms around Tsuna's waist while the other hand is holding his well-known trident.

Tsuna tenses and curls his hand around his hidden BB-knife.

Sugino immediately went on defensive stance and released a little bloodlust, worried that this man who is holding his best friend as a captive would strike and hurt Tsuna. Then, it hit him. He knows who this man is.

"You're the guy from the amusement park." Sugino said. Not lowering his defense.

? ᄒライヌです?

Weeks have passed since the incident at the amusement park and Mukuro has been having stupid dreams and hallucinations about a certain brunette.

He really wanted to deny the fact that he fell in love at the female and badass version of the brunette, but he can't because he was really interested at the brunette. He didn't tell anyone about the incident and always kept it in his thoughts.

Mukuro doesn't have any issues liking the same gender and liking someone is bot his first priority.

He thought about telling Giotto about Tsuna and his excursions, but if he did that, he would lose any chances of knowing Tsuna's secrets so, he decided not to tell anyone. Simple as that and in addition, he has a hunch that taking Tsuna's side would be interesting than Vongola's.

And one day, while strolling around the borders of Kokuyo, Mukuro saw the person who has been bugging his mind for weeks. He didn't waste any more time and made himself known.

He gave a warning smile towards Tsuna's friend. Then the raven head stranger speaks. "You're the guy from the amusement park."

"Well, that's surprising. Who would have thought that someone would remember someone like me?" Mukuro replied playfully.

"Who wouldn't? Our friends won't stop teasing Tsuna for a week. And there's a video as proof of what happened." Sugino replied.

All of a sudden, something very dangerous flew towards Mukuro which he successfully deflected using his trident. Tsuna shrieks at the sudden attack.

"Oya~ Look at this wild bird. Not very cute, unlike Tsunayoshi-kun." Mukuro playfully said, but there's a hint of annoyed tone there.

"The hell. He caught up." Sugino said in panic and doubled his defense.

"What's wrong with my life!" Tsuna cries under his breath. Troubled that the two monsters are about to fight and Sugino and him are between them.

"Hn. Stupid pineapple, let go of little animal." Hibari said and attacks Mukuro with his tonfa which Mukuro deflected with his trident and the two metals created a spark.

Mukuro didn't let go of Tsuna, instead he held him tighter. "Let go of me!" Tsuna shouts.

When Mukuro only gave a stupid laugh as a response, Tsuna gave all his might and twists his body and wraps his legs around Mukuro's legs to immobilize him. It was successful and both of them fell on the ground. The arm around Tsuna's waist loosens and the brunette immediately performs a air choke hold to Mukuro and points the trident to Hibari's neck when he went for an attack while Tsuna is immobilizing Mukuro.

Both Mukuro and Hibari stopped at the brunette's actions and the sudden blast of bloodlust. "Move and I won't hesitate to kill both of you." Tsuna looks at Hibari in the eyes with cold eyes.

Sugino who watched the whole ordeal immediately went behind Hibari and decided to use his ballpen as weapon and points it at Hibari's neck.

"Hibari-san, I told you to calm down, but you kept on chasing us and endangers my best friend." Tsuna said coldly and Hibari and Mukuro definitely felt the anger hidden behind that cold tone.

"—and you, Mukuro. If you're going to fight with Hibari-san, you should've let go of me first." Tsuna said and when he noticed that his actions and warning sinks in Mukuro and Hibari's mind, Tsuna let's go of Mukuro and the trident.

Sugino immediately jumps away from Hibari, knowing that the other raven head will attack him. Tsuna walks beside Sugino and kept his cold look at the two. "If the two of you are going to keep on killing each other, go and do it. Leave me and Sugino-kun from your actions."

With one last glare, Sugino and Tsuna disappears with the sudden huge gust of wind that appeared out of nowhere. The bloodlust from the brunette went away with him, making the air more breathable.

Mukuro gave a wild smile. "Interesting... very interesting."


And with those responses, the two parted ways. Deciding not to comment about what happened.

? ᄒライヌです?

"Sawada-kun, Sugino-kun, are you both alright? Ritsu explained to me what happened." Korosensei asks the moment they landed.

Both students nodded as a confirmation that they are alright. Korosensei notices the dark clouds around Tsuna. "Sensei... I'm sorry." Tsuna started.

"Why are you sorry?" The yellow creature curiously asked.

Tsuna looks down. "Because I used the skills you, Karasuma-sensei, and Bitch-sensei taught me." And then Tsuna bows his head. "I used the skills at them."

Korosensei pats Tsuna's head and comfortingly said. "I know why you did that. You are just protecting your friend and yourself from getting hurt and as long as you know what you are doing and using those skills in right, then there's nothing to worry about." That made Tsuna to look up at the octopoid.

"We have taught you the purpose and importance of life. By making them feel that they are facing death, you and Sugino-kun survived from them." Korosensei finished and ruffles Tsuna's hair before bidding his farewell.

? ᄒライヌです?

"That was very entertaining." A man in red changpao said after witnessing a very interesting chase around Namimori which he ended up following until the three reached Kokuyo.

"Who would have thought that Tsunayoshi-kun would perform that perfect air chokehold and threaten Kyoya." The man jumps down from his hiding spot and his calm and serene expression turns sour.

'...that sudden gust of wind —there's something that created that... something very dangerous.' He thought and looks at the sky.

'Reborn doesn't seem to know about Tsunayoshi-kun's skills, because if he does, I am one hundred percent sure that the little Sawada would be included in Giotto's Family...It seems like I have someone to follow.'

And with that, the man in red changpao disappeared.


? ゚フᄌ? ゚フᄌ

Who might be that man? *winks

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