Chapter 2

Transfer student

After taking break from his tour earlier, Tsuna took his wallet and went out to eat lunch. Then, after eating, he proceeded on buying groceries. Well, he only bought some vegetables and meat and most are sweets. He's a sweet-tooth after all. He doesn't mind eating those for breakfast. When he got home, he immediately arranged the things he bought to his huge refrigerator. Tsuna smiled at the sight. The refrigerator is full of cakes, pudding, chocolates, cookies, Etc.

After that, he watered the plants in front of his house and at his backyard and feed his fishes. He even went to trouble by naming all of his five fishes. In his pond, he has five different types of kois: the biggest one is Red, a kohaku, the second is Japan, a tancho, the third one is Gold, a moyomono, fourth is spots, a bekko, and lastly, an ogon named Shiro. When he finished all of his chores, the sun is already setting, so he took an early dinner for him to rest early.

The next day, Tsuna woke up early to prepare his lunch and snacks (slice of cake and cookies) he's going to bring and when he's done, he changed to his uniform and went to school. While on his way, Tsuna started reading the pamphlet of the school and as he turned the pages, his face became black. "This place is much more annoying than my hometown". Tsuna said in annoyance after reading the contents of the pamphlet. "My section is 3-E which is the lowest and eye of discrimination." Tsuna continued and he didn't notice that he had already crumpled the pamphlet in his hands by clutching it.

"Damn. They really want to degrade me by sending me to this place." Tsuna said in whispered anger and gritted his teeth. " 'Good grade' my ass." Tsuna continued. After 15 minutes of walk, Tsuna reached the foot of the mountain. Before climbing, he looked up to see how long it will take him to reach his classroom. Tsuna sighed at the sight and started climbing.

When he reached the top, he saw an old one-storey building made out of wood. 'Discrimination to the highest level' Tsuna thought with no emotion as he made his way towards his new class. When he entered the building, he was greeted by a tall man wearing black business suit and has spiky black hair and piercing eyes. "Are you Sawada Tsunayoshi?" he asked. Tsuna looked at the other's eyes deeply without any emotion. "Yes. Are you my teacher?" Tsuna answered. The man was taken aback by Tsuna's look and frowned a bit. "No, but I am in charge of supervising your teacher. By the way, I am Karasuma Tadaomi." The man in business suit, named as Karasuma Tadaomi said. "Karasuma-san, then" Tsuna said and removed his gaze from the man and looked behind Karasuma. 'Why are they so many men in suit?' Tsuna asked himself.

"I'll show you to your room. We have something to tell you and to your classmates." Karasuma said and started walking away and Tsuna followed him behind. When they reached the room, Karasuma told Tsuna to wait outside for a while. When Karasuma opened the door, Tsuna's eyes widened when he saw a huge yellow something in the room and it is wearing an academic dress and a small graduation cap on his bulbous head.

'W-what…' Tsuna was too shocked to say that out loud. Then, to his horror, the yellow something looked at him with its huge smile. "HIEEE!" Tsuna shrieked in horror as he took a step backwards. "Nurufufufu. So you're the transferee. Why don't you enter, so I can now explain everything," the yellow something said. Cold sweats ran to his whole body after the yellow something spoke and his gaze went to Karasuma who signaled him to get inside the room.

Tsuna slowly walked inside the room as he exchanged glances with his classmates and the huge yellow something. "Everyone, this is your new classmate. Sawada Tsunayoshi." Karasuma said and Tsuna bowed. "Nice to meet you." He said without any emotion, but deep inside he's so nervous and scared, because of the yellow something who's boring holes at his back. Karasuma pointed the vacant chair on the back of the classroom beside the window and told Tsuna to sit there.

Tsuna did what the man said and when he got seated, the yellow something spoke again with its huge smile. "How do you do?" said the yellow something. Tsuna stared intently in front of them. 'I know that my family because of their special powers, then suddenly, out of the blue, the moon became forever crescent and right after that, here, in front of me is a huge yellow something with tentacles. What happened to our world?' Tsuna thought.

"I'm the one who blasted your moon." The yellow something said again.

"Eh?" all of the students reacted.

"And I plan to do the same to earth next year. Now I'm your teacher. Nice to meet you" he, the yellow something continued.

After he said that, Karasuma stepped forward and introduced himself as a member of the Ministry of Defense and continued as he explained what is going on. "First, please understand that what I'm about to say is a state secret. Let me be blunt:" he said and looked at the students seriously.

"I want you to kill this creature." He continued.

All of the students remained silent, but the aura around them became heavier until a boy with orange hair raised his hand and asked a question. "Uhm.. What is that? Is that the alien or whatever that came to attack us?" Then the yellow something started flinging his or its tentacle hands around and replied. "How rude! I'll have you know I was born and raised on earth!"

"I'm afraid I can't discuss the details but he's telling the truth. Until March next year, this creature who smashed the moon will destroy earth as well. Only the world's leaders know about this. If news of this guy gets out there, we'd be looking at a global panic. You've got to kill him in secret before that happens. In other words –" Karasuma continued to explain as he took out a green knife from his suit and tried to slash the yellow creature. "…an assassination." He said, but the yellow creature was able to get away before they even blink their eyes and he, the yellow creature was already on the other side of Karasuma. "but this guy –" he continued to speak along with trying to stab the yellow creature, but the yellow creature was really fast. "…is extremely fast. You try to kill him…" Karasuma stopped and so is the yellow creature, but he was holding some grooming kit and doing some make-over at Karasuma. "And he ends up grooming your eyebrows instead!" Karasuma continued, but this time he was starting to sound annoyed.

'A-ASSASSINATE!?' Tsuna mentally screamed.

After saying that, the yellow creature's head turned pink for a second then, Karasuma attacked him again. "This superbeing has the power to turn the moon into crescent. His speed tops out at Mach 20! In short, if he gets away, we'll be left helpless, awaiting our destruction." Karasuma finished.

And this time, the yellow creature spoke. "And that's no fun. So I made your government an offer: No killing me. Instead, I'll teach Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School."

The heavy atmosphere around the students were still there. 'What? Why?' the students thought.

"We don't know what he's after. But we were force to agree, on the condition that he doesn't harm any of you students. First and foremost, coming to a classroom every day lets us keep an eye on him, and second, it gives some thirty people the opportunity to kill him from extremely close range." Karasuma explained.

"Success will be rewarded with ten billion yen. A successful assassination will literally save the earth."

And that day, Tsuna's life started to changed.

Well, only the way he studies, not his whole life.

Or so what he thought.

A week passes by, Tsuna had already gotten used of using guns and knives and also to their monster-octopus-teacher, but getting along with his classmates is another thing.

"Ah, lunchtime!" their teacher said as they heard the ring of the bell then, their teacher walked at the window and opened it. "I'll just pop over to China for some mapo tofu. Any aspiring assassins are welcome to hit me up on my cell." He said and flew away with a huge gust of wind.

Right after that, students, except Tsuna, started talking about how fast and how good he is at teaching, but their bright mood turned gloomy because of the fact that no matter how they give their best, they are still the class E.

Tsuna watched his classmates with no emotion as they kept degrading their selves from the other students of Kunugigaoka. 'They're the same as me, but at least they haven't given up unlike me.' Tsuna thought.

While watching them from behind, he saw Terasaka and his friends ask Nagisa to plan their assassination attempt to their teacher. Tsuna chuckled not very loud. "That won't do" he said as he removed his watchful gaze from them to his bag. The only person who heard him was Sugino. "Sawada-kun?" Sugino looked at Tsuna with questioning look. Tsuna looked at Sugino in stolid as he took out his snacks(two slices of strawberry cheese cake) from his bag. "What do you by what you said?" Sugino asked and his eyes fell to the slices of cake and his quizzical look turned into worried one which made Tsuna frown. "Wait! Is this your lunch!?" Sugino asked in shock. "Yeah, why?" Tsuna replied with a bit black expression and this time, for the very first time in Sugino's eyes, he saw his classmate show a expression. " 'Yeah, why?' my ass! This is the third time I saw you eat cake for lunch! You'll get sick if you don't eat anything aside from that!" Sugino said in a very worried face.

Tsuna stared at his classmate's reaction.

"Why.." Tsuna muttered.

"huh?" Sugino reacted

"Why do look so worried?" Tsuna asked as he continued to stare at Sugino's eyes. On the other hand, their classmates started watching them with interest, since this is the very first time they saw their new classmate interact with one of them. They really wanted to talk to him, but they were too scared, no.. Scratch that, they don't know how they will approach the brunette because of the aura he is releasing.

"What do you mean 'why I look so worried'? Of course because you're so thin and you haven't talked to us except answering some question from sensei and I learned that you're only eating cake for lunch." Sugino answered sternly, but he still looks so worried and that really shocked Tsuna.

'No one ever bothered what I'm eating and then this person…'

"Don't tell me this is your everyday food?" Sugino asked with one eyebrow raised.

Tsuna was too caught up to this sudden change of action and answered his classmate. "Y-yeah"

Then suddenly, their octopoid for a teacher appeared in the middle of them. "That won't do, Sawada-kun. Eating cake is nice, but you have to eat nutritious food. Here, eat this." They watched their teacher put a big bento on Tsuna's table and took the cakes and he was gone.

Tsuna was out of words and he was only able to stare at the bento, then, he realized something that made him jump from his chair. "HE STOLE MY CAKES!" Tsuna shouted in annoyance; another expression that shocked again his classmates.

That same day, Tsuna saw their teacher get furious on the assassination attempt of Nagisa and Terasaka. That pitch black color made Tsuna tremble inside. 'He's worse than Reborn' He thought as he watched their teacher scold Terasaka and his friends about not checking out on Nagisa then, told them how to be an assassin that is worth to be proud of and telling them that they are capable of being assassins with their own power.

'…Reborn is amazing teacher, but of course, this octopoid teacher of us is much more amazing.' Tsuna smiled as he listened.

After their class, Tsuna was the last one to go out from their room. He was about to close the sliding door when a he felt something is approaching behind him, so he immediately turned around and at the exact time, their ocotopoid teacher appeared. "Nurufufufu, you're something, Sawada-kun." He said with amazed tone. Tsuna looked at the other deeply in his bead-like eyes. "That's rich coming from you, sensei." Tsuna said in deadpan. The octopoid started flinging his tentacles in the air and his face turned into red, meaning he is annoyed "How rude!"

"Oh, by the way –" he continued and his color returned to yellow. "What is a Vongola doing here? Leaving a teen like you without any guards is a big mistake." Tsuna's deadpan face became shock at the question. "You don't have to know" Tsuna replied and walked passed his teacher. His teacher didn't budge and followed the brunette. "Really? You eyes are telling me something. Just answer it and I will not ask anymore about your family."

Tsuna stopped on his tracks as he kept his gaze on the ground. It took him seconds before answering. "I'm useless and because of that, they had given up on me and threw me to this place." Tsuna replied without looking at his teacher and started to walk again. "and I also given up long time ago." Tsuna whispered.

No matter how low his voice, his teacher still heard him. "You said you had given up, but your inner self hasn't…" he watched as his student walks away.

"Your eyes is telling me everything." He continued and then a light bulb appeared above his head.

"A teacher must help his student. I did say I won't ask about your family, but I will make you tell me with different method." He continued with a tone of planning something and started walking to the faculty room.

"Now, I have to ask my student to partake on my plan 'Operation: Make Sawada spill the story.' " he said.

"Nurufufuf, I forgot to tell him that the cake was delicious."