A/N: Hello, everyone, this is my first OC story, so please be gentle. The cover art for this story is what she looks like. Yes, she looks a lot like Anne Hathaway. To me, she had a close enough family resemblance to Helena Bonham Carter and that kid that plays Charlie. Sorry, I don't know his name. Please don't sue me.

Summary: Toffee Bucket is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bucket, and older sister to Charlie Bucket. Before Willy Wonka closed his factory, she was his private secretary. But, when Mr. Wonka did close his factory, he fired all of his workers, Toffee included. This severed his connection with the outside world, and, most of all, his friendship with Toffee. But, one golden ticket might change things for the better.

Disclaimer: I know the story line might be similiar to other stories. I tried to change it more. Please don't sue me. Also, I do not own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That movie belongs to Tim Burton and Ronald Dahl. Not me. :'(

Toffee Bucket


Toffee Bucket is a tall, slightly pale young woman (about twenty-three) with long, lovely brown hair. She has lovely light brown eyes, and a beautiful smile that can brighten any room, even her home.

Before Willy Wonka closed his factory from workers, Toffee was his private secretary. After her first month working for Wonka's business, she had fallen in love with her employer.

But, after spies were discovered leaking information to his rival candy-makers, Willy grew paranoid beyond recognition. He didn't speak (except to Toffee), he didn't eat (he would only accept food that Toffee inspected), he barely even slept (he recorded Toffee's voice during the day so he could play it before bed).

The spies became too much for Willy (besides Toffee, he didn't know who he could trust), so he shut down his factory to search for an alternative to human workers. Toffee lost her job, plunging the Bucket family into a long period of poverty. Their only income of money was Mr. Bucket's poor-paying toothpaste top-screwing position.

Toffee decided to find another job in the city; unfortunately, the only position open was a job waitressing in a scrungy cafe.

The route to the cafe wound right in front of Willy Wonka's factory. Toffee, upon passing that marvelous factory every day, would shove her ungloved hands deeper into her pockets, and trudge a little faster past the gates.

Four years after the temporary closing of the factory, the Buckets were blessed with Charlie; a cheerful, smiling little ray of needed sunshine for the family.

The grandparents took an immediate liking to little Charlie, as did Toffee. When he was old enough to understand her words, he would beg for stories of her time in Wonka's factory. Toffee would laugh, and humor him by telling one of his many favorites.

Prince Pondicherry, the chocolate river, and most especially chocolate itself, were the sole members of his dreams and fantasies.

Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty were all but forgotten; instead, Toffee was their princess, and secretly, Willy Wonka was their Prince Charming (they didn't dare say out loud that they knew that Toffee still loved him, somewhere deep, deep inside).

Toffee grew in this environment, and blossomed. She grew more beautiful every year, and Mr. Bucket kept joking that they would have to fight the boys off of her. But, sadly, as she grew more beautiful, she learned to move on from her days at Wonka's. Charlie was the only thing tying her to the factory, with his constant begging for stories that she couldn't resist.

She would walk by the factory gates sometimes, and she would pause, standing ankle-deep in the snow, staring up at the cold iron gates, wondering if she could ever see the inside of that marvelous factory, just one more time...