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Bonus Features: Deleted Scenes

Toffee sat in the teal-painted bathroom, holding the small tube in trembling hands, the small plus sign glaring at her from the plastic.

She breathed with wide eyes, "I-I-I'm... pregnant?"

She stumbled out into the carpeted hallway, holding the wall for support.

Suddenly, Willy's voice sounded behind her, saying in a lightly concerned voice, "Honey, are you alright?"

She whipped around, and said with a large false smile, "What? Oh, nothing's wrong!"

He frowned, and said, "Toffee, what's the matter?"

She fingered the small golden ring on her left ring finger, and said, "Nothing's the matter, Willy, I'm perfectly fine!"

She saw concern build in his violet eyes as he said, "I know that Toffee, dear, something's wrong."

She collapsed forward into his arms, crying, "Willy, I don't know how, honey-"

He held her chin in his gloved hand, and said, "What's wrong, dear?"

She whimpered something into his jacket, and he asked her gently, "What was that, honey?"

Her legs fell out from underneath her, and she said a bit louder, "I'm pregnant."

He smiled gently, and said, "Toffee, why are you upset?"

She whimpered, "I thought you would be upset..."

He hugged her, and said, "Dear, I would never be upset with you."

Toffee leaned against him, and betrayed a small smile.

She said softly, "I've always wanted a family."

Willy stroked her hair, and said, "And I'm glad I could be the one to start it with."

She said as she kissed his cheek, "So am I."

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