Romance Once The Ship Pulls Into Port

An Anything Goes Fanficion

Notes: I started writing this story two years ago after seeing the Riverbend Youth Company Alumni performance of Anything Goes. Life got hectic since then so I am just getting around to typing it up now. This is my first Anything Goes story so please enjoy. I own no characters.

Once the S.S. American docked Reno Sweeney took a deep breath of the London air. The wedding had happened so fast and she couldn't believe she was setting foot in her new home with her new husband Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. Lady Reno sure did have a nice ring to it.

"Welcome home darling. Lord Evelyn said kissing her cheek softly.

"Thank you. I cannot wait to make so many memories together with you. " she whispered.

"You look distracted." her husband noted.

Reno sighed. "Well, I guess I feel a little bit guilty about messing up your marriage to Hope."

Lord Evelyn waved his hand dismissively. " Hope will be a lot happier with Billy. I know my parents were expecting me to marry her but honestly I can't please them all the time."

"Do you think they will like me?"

Lord Evelyn smiled. "Indeed, they will""

Reno was not sure that his parents would approve of her.

"Shall we go back to my flat?"

Reno nodded and linked her arm through his. "Yes, Let's"

Once they got to the apartment and Evelyn turned the key in the lock he noticed things looked a little out of place as he opened the door.

'I wonder what could be going on.' He thought to himself.

When Evelyn opened the door to the parlor all of his family was there with a hug cake.

"Welcome home darling. We decided to throw you a little party." his mother said kissing his cheek."

"Hello Mum. what a lovely surprise. We weren't expecting this."

"Hello everyone." Reno said.

"Wait a second, where's Hope? " his father asked

Evelyn cleared his throat. "Oh, about that... well you see she's married to someone else. This is my wife Reno Sweeney."

"It's nice to meet you all." Reno said. She shook Mrs. Oakleigh's hand briskly