A/N: Really just wanted to do more on this relationship because 2x07 was too cute!

An Unexpected Visit.

Miss Parker lay on the couch, not moving. Staring at the ceiling, but not really seeing it at all. Her tear ducts were all dried out but the sadness ran deep. She could feel it in her chest, in her very bones. She felt she could live on this couch alone forever.

Sure, Broots and Sydney had tried calling. She knew she should appreciate their efforts but right now, she couldn't appreciate anything. Especially when her dad thought it was appropriate to bring Brigitte over. At least it had given her an excuse to start a fight.

But the fight in her was all dried up too.

When the door bell, she expected it to be maybe Broots and Sydney. She hadn't answered their calls; it would be just like them to invite themselves over. She ignored it many times but it rang over and over again.

"Can't you take a hint?" she grumbled, "What do…"

She opened the door. She blinked in surprise.

"Debbie? What are you doing here?"

Broots' daughter stood before her, "I heard about your boyfriend. I'm so sorry."

Miss Parker froze for a moment before standing aside to let the young girl in.

"I thought you might like some company," Debbie continued.

"You've grown up," Miss Parker noted.

Debbie shrugged, "I guess."

"Hope you're giving your dad a hard time," Miss Parker smiled for the first time all day.

Debbie grinned, "A bit," she sat on the couch, spotting the old flannel shirt. The smile faded from her face.

Miss Parker sat down beside her. She didn't know what to say. Debbie didn't speak for a while either. She just reached over and held Miss Parker's hand gently. Miss Parker looked at their joined hands for a moment before squeezing a little tighter.

Her tear ducts got to work again. The tears coursed down her cheeks and her body shook. Still, Debbie remain silent. Miss Parker finally wiped away the last of her tears.

"Thank you," she whispered.

Debbie offered a small smile and reached into her bag, "I bought something," she pulled out a book, presenting it to Miss Parker.

"Little women," Miss Parker smiled, "Did you ever read it?"

"About a thousand times," Debbie nodded, pausing, "I bet you really miss your mommy today," she said quietly.

Miss Parker sniffed, "I do," she admitted, barely a whisper.

Debbie touched Miss Parker's hand before opening the book, "I thought this time I could read it to you."

Miss Parker didn't know what it was about this girl but she seemed to have a key and be able to let herself right into Miss Parker's heart. What she found even more surprising was that she didn't really mind with Debbie.

So she spent the rest of the night listening to the young girl read aloud. She half-listened, her mind often drifting off to Tommy but always coming back until eventually, she fell asleep. Debbie placed the old flannel shirt over Miss Parker and kept reading.