It's already winter break and Craig and I had to go under the radar. After I kissed him I fled from the scene. No one really bothered Craig. Some homophobes started ridiculing Thomas and me, not totally sure why Thomas started being more open. Thomas banded together with Wendy to start a gay straight alliance club. I think it was to get back at Kevin, he hasn't talked to Thomas and I in weeks.

Wendy started talking to us more and her odd friendship really surprised me and filled Kevin's absence.

I spent most of my time at the coffee shop. Wiping down the counter anxiously, fearing an angry customer even though no one has ever been mean to me at work. I missed Craig, him having to hide meant his job here had to end.

Clyde came back to work and I think Craig told him what happened.

(From Craig) I'm coming to buy coffee.

People can't call Craig a fag if he buys coffee from me apparently. Resorting to only phone conversations made it feel like I had a relationship with a boy from Finland.

"Tweek, you okay?" Clyde pats my shoulder, I'm just frozen staring at my phone with regret.

I don't tell him the truth, "Yeah," I don't say I miss your best friend touching me and him listening to my bullshit.

Bradley took off, the Biggles went on a family vacation to London. Who knows why, his parents and family dynamic confuse the shit out of me.

I wish he was here to kill time with me.

Guilty last minute Christmas shoppers sporadically come in and order a latte. Boring, boring, boring.

I'm awaiting on acceptance letters just like everyone else in our senior class. I hope I don't become an art school reject. If I get stuck in South Park I'm killing myself. I know Thomas is anticipating the same envelope that I am.

Craig's finally here and he's smiling at me with a present wrapped in his hands.

Clyde smiles at me before addressing Craig, "Oh Craig, you shouldn't have!"

Craig gives a half smile, "It's not for you dipshit. It's for...Tweek."

Clyde gives us a knowing smile and his eyebrows raise.

"Open this in private." I stand there with the small box in my hands that need desperate washing in preparation for whatever Craig bought me.

"I want a hot chocolate," Thankfully Clyde is paying attention for me. Making Craig's simple order should be easy for him.

Craig pays with cash and hits me with a, "See you around?" I love him.

I slipped on the ice coating the still frozen sidewalks trying to run home. I didn't hurt myself and I successfully held on to Craig's gift. Throughout the remainder of that shift I couldn't keep my eyes off of whatever Craig made/bought me. I had a pit in my stomach because we agreed on the phone to not get each other anything.

Taking my time through the snow and slush. I greet my mother who's sitting on the couch under a blanket.

"Hey Tweek, how was work?" Her green eyes soften and motherly appreciation kicks in.

"Not terrible, was a lot less busy than I anticipated." Her eyes laser in on the gift in my hands.

"Who gave that to you? Was it the Donovan boy?" Embarrassed, I don't correct her and awkwardly smile, she's trying.

"That's awfully nice of him." She warmly smiles at the television and allows me to hide and obsess in my room. I don't really care if my mom thinks I'm boning Clyde.

Diligently sitting down and opening the poorly wrapped cardboard box. I notice a letter and some new and pretty expensive drawing pencils.


I know we've talked about you kissing me in public like a lovesick idiot. I'm sorry that we can't talk at school anymore without some North Park assholes ruining your day. I know that wasn't what you wanted to happen in the face of hatred. It's in my best interest to make sure that you are okay. I know how you can get upset. I'm really glad that you're pursuing art. You're talented Tweek, Thomas told me that you were unsure of even applying. Don't doubt yourself. Also Clyde got into the University of Denver already so I'm confident that I will too. If we both get in we'll only be a ten minute walk away from each other. I don't know why I feel this way, Tweek, but you're someone I can trust.

If you're surprised by this, I'm normally thinking these things. I can't just blurt out how hot I think you look.

PS. Write me back, you know where my locker is/ where I live.

I'm not ready to end letters with love and sincerely is too gay and formal, Craig.

Tears slowly stream down my face. I wasn't sure what I expected. Craig's really sweet, sickeningly so. I fold the letter, kiss it and hold it to my heart.

I needed to put this somewhere safe so I could look at it again. I wish I did something for Craig.

My phone buzzes,

(From Craig) Open it yet?

(To Craig) Yes, you didn't have to.

I hatch an idea and begin to shed my clothing. I have an okay camera on my phone. Even if hackers break into my phone, how would they know that it's my body if I don't show my face? I stare at my nude body for too long and I feel narcissistic.

(From Craig) Merry Christmas Tweek.

(To Craig) Image pending…

(To Craig) Image sent.

Feeling self satisfied I prepare for a shower since I'm halfway there.

(From Craig) I accept this as your present to me.

I grin at my phone like a lovesick idiot.

Second week of January and I'm only at the halfway point of the year.

Homeroom is awkward since Kevin chooses to ignore me and I can't talk to Craig for obvious reasons. I had been thinking of writing him a letter as well. I started to read a manga that Bradley bought in London for me. It's about demons and time travel. The art style is what keeps me on certain pages for longer.

The bell rings and I totally stare at Craig's ass as he walks in front of me.

Art class makes me happy when Thomas bombards me with good news.

"I got accepted! Fuck yes!" Thomas giddily telling me. Our art teacher overhears and approaches.

"That's great news Thomas! How about you Tweek?" God damn, I uh.

"Not yet," Her mouth curls into a supportive smile.

"There's still time. Let's get started with the lesson I suppose." She glances at her funky multicolored watch.

I can't help the feeling of jealousy that Thomas already knows where he's going.

I mostly keep to myself in my classes, even in Psych when Craig is watching me.

I almost forgot that there's a gay straight alliance meeting today.

"So you guys don't need a ride today?" Bradley sounding disappointed while chewing on a soggy French frie.

"Yeah, shit! You can come to the meeting if you want to hang out after." Thomas suggests, we've been playing a Lovecraftian tabletop game. It caught Henrietta's attention and she's our fourth player now.

"I'm good, just head over after." I nod my head to show that I agree. I already ate my sandwich and I'm still starving.

Health class happens and I just doodle in my notebook, I feel pretty good about knowing the differences in mental illnesses.

I walk alone to AP English, sometimes I catch Wendy and we talk a bit on the way there. The final exam is looming over me, does this even matter?

I sit awkwardly near Kevin and we don't talk to each other. I'm not angry at him, mostly confused.

Wendy picks me out of the crowd, "You're coming to the meeting, right?"

"Definitely," Earnestly smiling at Wendy, I know the past few months probably affected her as well.

"Can I ask you something?" She peers around, "I'll wait till everyone leaves."

Wendy waltzes away allowing me to grab my bag from my locker. Looking at the barren inside, I never understood why people plastered pictures in their lockers. You're not here forever.

Ten minutes pass and most people have left or went to their extracurriculars.

Wendy catches me again, waiting at my locker.

"So this is a tough question, but please keep this a secret. I trust Bebe and then you the most to not tell anyone." Wendy stares into my eyes. I'm honored and she's too trusting.

"I promise, I won't what's wrong?" Secretly I'm worried that she's going to reveal a conspiracy to be real to me.

"Well, how do you feel about kids?" She rubs the back of her neck.

"Uh, bad?"

"Well how do you feel about abortion?" She nervously whispers.

Loaded question, I piece together that she's talking about herself, "Wendy, for real, you're the smartest person in South Park. Whatever you decide is probably the right thing to do."

"I already did," Her voice trailing, "Thanks, I think I needed that. We should go to the meeting, they're probably wondering where we are."

Agreeing with her, I follow her to the designated classroom we were assigned.

"Hey everyone, sorry if I'm a little late. On the initiative is to get same sex prom dates accepted!"

As Wendy begins her spiel, I sit next to Thomas, I don't even care about prom, but I would kill someone for Craig even asked me.

I'm not very talkative at these meetings, mostly because the underclassmen are more invigorated about the whole Scott death.

Thomas is technically the vice president of the club so I stay with him until the end of the meeting.

Wendy is organizing her papers, "Hey, you guys need a ride home? I don't mind, I'm a little bored."

Thomas shrugs his shoulders noncommittally

"We were going to hang out at Bradley's house after this." I feel weird to accept Wendy's kindness, but she offered and I think it would be more suspicious if we said no.

"Oh cool, I'm gonna hang out with Bebe after and he lives near her still right?" Wendy stuffs her supplies into her purse and trendy backpack.

I offer a meek, "Yeah." Wendy led us to her car in the mostly empty parking lot. Sitting in her front seat I noticed how clean the seats were compared to Bradley's.

The drive is only about a few minutes. Thomas, thanks her with, "Fuck! Thanks Wendy." She nods and waves goodbye.

Henrietta rolls her die, moves her game token, and picks up a card. "Interesting, Cthulhu drives you mad by forcing you to look into the abyss. Lose a turn."

Bradley laughs at his sister and she laughs as well, my phone buzzes and I expect that it is Craig.

(From Craig) Image attached.

(From Craig) Thought I pay you back.

Jesus Christ Craig Tucker, I'm not in my bedroom and I'm staring at your torso and dick. A nude bathroom picture is pleasant, but too much of a risk when Bradley is sitting next to me.

"Tweek it's your turn," Henrietta's smoker voice makes me instinctively hide my phone.

"Sorry," I take the two marble die and roll them. We've been playing for about an hour and I think Bradley should win soon.

Finishing my turn, I quickly text Craig back.

(To Craig) I'll call you when I'm done.

(From Craig) What are you doing?

"Son of a bitch, I was so close to winning." Thomas admits dropping his cards as Bradley gets to the middle of the board with the right weapon cards.

"Good game, you guys." Henrietta nods as we clean up and organize the board game pieces.

"I'll see you guys around, I think I'm gonna walk home. I have homework." I quickly make an excuse before Bradley and Thomas can suggest anything else.

"Alright dude, I'll see you tomorrow." Bradley gives me a thumbs up.

Heading outside, I hit the call button for my favorite cute asshole.

He picks up, "What's good, Tweek? Hanging out with Brad?" His vocal fry coming through the speaker.

"Yeah where else would I be?"

"You like my picture?" He almost giggles which makes me mad and slightly aroused? I hate my hormones.

"Yes," I admit.

"I got into Denver U." He tells me, of course I'm going to find out last.

"That's great." I focus on walking as Craig mostly stays quiet on the other line.

"I'm almost home, I'll call you back when I'm in my room."

"Okay," He hangs up.

When I open the front door, my parents are sitting in the kitchen eating dinner together.

"There he is, congratulations Tweek!" My mother jumps up from the table.

"I always knew you'd be an artist son," My father chirps from the table.

My mom lets go of me and hands me my acceptance letter.

"I'm really proud of you." I smile at her and try to not cry.

"Thanks, mom. I'm gonna shower real quick and then eat." This is a lie, I'm going to call Craig first then shower.

"Alright, I made a dish for you already, it's in the fridge."

Retreating to my bedroom, I dial back Craig.

"Hey, I got into art school." My heart flutters.

"That's amazing Tweek. I can't wait to get out of here."

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