Camelot Has the Hiccups by Emachinescat

A Merlin & How to Train Your Dragon Crossover Fanfiction

SUMMARY: A series of crackish drabbles set in a universe where the characters of Merlin and HTTYD know and interact with each other. Character study, humor, even an occasional deep revelation or two will abound.

A/N: See A/N after the story for more information on this new series! Please review!

1. Getting a Leg Up in Life

"I don't understand," Arthur frowned. "Your father is just as stubborn and selectively deaf as my own. I'm never good enough; he never listens to me. How did you ever get Stoick to take you seriously?"

"Um," said Hiccup awkwardly. "Well, I lost my leg, and I think it made him realize what I really meant to him. But that's—"

"Hold that thought!" Arthur sprang up excitedly. "I'll get an axe!"

Hiccup stared at his retreating back. "He wouldn't…" he murmured.

Distantly – "Hey, Arthur, what are you doing with that axe?"

"Oh Thor, he would. Arthur, NOOOOO! COME BACK!"

A/N: A/N: Let me explain.

No. There is too much.

Let me sum up. (Anyone who knows what that's from gets a virtual cookie!)

I've noticed lately that there are many similarities between Merlin and How to Train Your Dragon, character and plot-wise. There are many common themes and tropes that appear in both fandoms, and they fit together so well, this had to be explored. So. Mostly, these will be silly or flat-out crack, but there will be some amount of depth and character study involved. I don't know how many there will be.

This is written in a universe that I'm establishing as one where they already know each other. Since these are going to be drabbles, they aren't really part of a bigger story. They're just glimpses of conversations or scenarios that I think would make sense in a Merlin/HTTYD universe. There is little context because of this... but that doesn't make them any less entertaining. :)

Though this particular installment is crack, I do not mean to be callous toward Hiccup's loss or Arthur's relationship with his father. Indeed, I'm making the observation (maybe a little commentary) on the fact that poor Arthur, through much of the series, would do anything to make his father proud of him. :(

That being said, don't take this too seriously. It's a crack!fic, after all!

There will be more soon! Please review!

~Emachinescat ^..^