Her devil

Chapter 1 : my choice

Well hello everyone its my first fanfic i have read many fanfictions however i couldnt find many topics i wanted to read that's why i decided to write myself i hope you like it.

Summary: what if ritsuka chose to go with rem ? what if she chose to be a devil? what would happen to her ? how things will go between her and the Arlond heir. A dance with devil fanfiction

Disclaimer: i dont own dance with devils nor the characters maybe one or two if add them later however the others belong to Ai Yoshimura

Ritsuka took a deep breath and said with confidence looking at Rem

"I choose to live as a devil " He smiled softly to her and gave her his hand she took it with a smile as Lindo watched them happy for his cousin and sad at the thought of never seeing her again . Seeing that Ritsuka let go of Rem and walked to the one she loved like an older brother hugging him .

" Go with that devil he'll make much more happier than i'll ever make you . I dont like him very much but all that matters to me is your happiness Ritsuka " smiling to his so called sister . Hearing that Ritsuka felt tears rolling down her cheeks she buried her face in his shirt and said in a voice that only him could hear.

" I'm going to miss you nii - san . I promise that i'll never forget you and if there is any way i could use to visit i'll use it . But until then promise me to take care of mother ."

" I promise Imouto" said Lindo with a sad smile " Now go and find your happiness" he continued while wiping her tears

" Ah i think its time to go my little butterfly " said Urie with his usual tone .

" Ikuyo Ritsuka " said Rem

" Hai " She said going to Rem as for Lindo he said in a whisper " Sayonara , little sister " As the devils disappeared one by one their shadows was the only thing remaining .

(Rem 's POV)

I really thought she would choose to live as a human after all that happened however i was really surprised when she said "I choose to live as a devil " and now the hard part is starting i really love her and i dont want her to suffer specially after what she endured but i know that father wont be that easy to convince him of her living with me and if she accepts maybe i'll consider marrying her .

(End of POV)

Still having her eyes closed after the trip for the human world to the devil world . She felt like she was in a dream seeing her lover smiling to her .

"Rem -san" she said as she reached forward to him .

"Ritsuka ... Ritsuka ...Its time to wake up " As she heard a voice she stirred in her sleep "Hum ...?" Opening her eyes taking in her surroundings feeling the warmth emanating for Rem's arms surronding her small frame .

" We're here Ritsuka . Here in my world , the devil world . I hope you'll be happy to live with me and that i'll always be able to see that smile of yours " said the Kaginuki heir as he gently caressed her cheek . Blushing she looked up at him . "Oh things are heating up here " said Urie with his sing song voice

"Ah i feel myself shivering " moaned Shiki as he blushed

"Shut up you perverted masochist if you don't want to taste my whip . No actually i dont think its a good idea you're an M after all " replied Urie

"URUSAI! the maso and the womanizer we're disturbing " said Mage irritated

"Ah Maksis - sama save me for these idiots " Said Loewen face palming as Rem sighed

"Tsk, do you really have to ruin everything everytime " He said angry however he calmed down when he heard Ritsuka's laugh it was like music to his ears.

"See even my little butterfly is enjoying herself . Stop being so straight and enjoy yourself , you're like an old man isn't he my little butterfly ? " teased Urie as he wrapped his arm around the girl's neck and Rem felt a little jealous and he mentally cursed Urie for his childish behaviour .

" You dare treat your prince with the term old man " said the kaginuki heir with blue flames surronding him

" You want a duel with me little prince ?" asked Urie with a daring smile

" Hey Urie i said we should let them be let's go we have many things to do " Said Mahiro

" Pff maybe another time little prince it'll be interesting " as they disappeared

" Finally we're released from those idiots " sighed Rem as he looked at Ritsuka she looked lost in her thoughts

" Ritsuka are you okay? " asked Rem worried

" Yes Rem -san i was just thinking that you're lucky to have such good friend " she smile sadly

" Those guys friends are you kidding me? they always spoil my pleasure and piss me off " as Ritsuka laughed

" You really are an Emo -Liar "

" How do you know about that story?"

"Guess i have my sources " as she smiled at him

" Really ..." he chuckled closing the path between them, closing the distance between their faces .

" You really dont know how much i love you Ritsuka you dont know how much it would have broke my heart if you decided to part ways with me . Im indeed happy that you're here. I promise that i'll make you happy . Aishteru yo Ritsuka" he said in a husky voice now focusing his gaze on her soft lips coming closer until she felt his breath on her lips. Claming them and kissing her gently .

Well that's all for this chapter maybe i'll write more it depends if you like it then maybe i'll continue it .