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A blow out of nowhere pierced Raphael's right shoulder it was a burning pain that made him glare at the demon . All the archangels were shocked except Remiel who knew Uriel did something and then Uriel himself was smirking.

Eyes landed on Uriel who did not indulge any of them and kept his focus on the duel .

"And here I thought it was over " spoke Michael before letting out a sigh . Raguel rolled his eyes and annoyance could be seen on his face however he wasn't totally uninterested in Rem and like all the others he was surprised . Sariel could not comprehend how someone survived Raphael's attack as for Gabriel he hoped no one would suffer any lethal injuries .

- I'm done playing with you , you'll be down before you make your next move. You don't know anything about me you will lose , that I promise ! . menaced Rem.

Raphael was holding his shoulder his eyes silently finding Uriel's smirking face understanding that the archangel of wisdom had done something to trigger Rem . "Don't get so full of yourself just because you managed to land a hit on me , I will show you what happens when you cross me " his eyes glowed and the ground cracked under his feet . A golden light could be seen and chains came out from the the light making their way towards Rem who tried to avoid them moving at a much higher speed that he did earlier , however the chains were following him wherever he landed making a few holes in the arena here and there.

The archangel watched Rem jump from place to place attempting to dodge his chains "trying to delay the inevitable ? Perhaps , I should make it quicker " he raised his hand in the sky and black orbs appeared , he then smirked and let his hand fall the orbs extended into lines all going down on Rem . Luckily enough for him , he managed to avoid them , most of them that is , however the chains managed to catch his feet and pulled him to the ground down on his knees and Raphael summoned one last orb then he let it extend to pierce the demon's chest . The blonde male started having difficulties to breathe as a trail of blood ran down the corner of his mouth . He could hear Raphael's laugh "what were you saying again about finishing me off ?! Did you think YOU of all people could bring ME the almighty Raphael down ?! Know your place , it suits you being on your knees , after all , you are nothing "His eyes widened when he heard Rem chuckle his face going dark "what's so amusing ?! You're on the verge of death !"

"Perhaps I am , but get off your high horse a bit will you ? It was hard and it did take a while since it took me time to learn this ... you're done for" he looked at Raphael , a huge blue circle appeared under his feet with a huge star drawn inside " when I was dodging your chains I knew I couldn't do that forever , so instead , I dodged in a certain pattern " he snapped his fingers and the circle's blue light glowed brighter as blue flames burned Raphael , the screams could be heard , then suddenly it all vanished . Gabriel had stopped it along with Uriel . 'So ... I'm guessing that random circle I did ...it was ...some

Of my angelic powers ?... I feel so exhausted and half dead '

"Rayne , I'm happy to welcome you among us . You have passed the test . " announced Uriel a thin enigmatic smile apparent on his face . "Gabriel , I'll entrust you with Raphael , heal him as best as you can "

The blue haired man rubbed the back of his neck looking at Rem "congratulations Rayne , well then I will go take care of Raphael " he then walked away .

"You're coming with me , Rayne . You and I , have to discuss what will happen from here on " spoke the white haired man golden eyes looking around before finally resting on Rem . The chains that had previously trapped the demon turned to nothingness , the same could not be said for his wounds . "Michael , could you assist me here?" The blonde archangel walked towards them .

"The others already left , Sariel went with Gabriel whom you ordered to tend to Raphael , as for Raguel , well , you know how impatient he is , the moment the duel ended he disappeared . As for Remiel , he said something about Akane getting in trouble at the generals meeting ." He was about to start healing Rem when Uriel stopped him "actually , I'll take care of it , you may go too"

Michael was a bit surprised at the sudden change of heart but he didn't say anything , he merely nodded and took his leave .

"So? What are you going to do now that I most likely can't defend myself ? Kill me ?" Spoke Rem sitting up with great difficulty .

Uriel let out a chuckle "oh ? Interesting proposition , but I wouldn't step so low as to kill you when you obviously would not stand a chance . Rem Kaginuki , I gave you my blood , and except for Remiel , I never did anything like this to any of the other archangels , which is why , whatever you are planning , you will tell me , and you will not tell anyone that I know . Of course , I may or may not allow you to reach your ends , it depends on you after all the royal family has taken a liking to you . Now let me tell you that if I chose to oppose you now that I know , no one will be able to stop me , I'm the most powerful archangel . Now I'm giving you a choice , when your purpose here is over , and you start thinking about leaving . Instead you will remain here and perhaps entertain the princess as well as assist me . The son of a demon lord and an angel princess should prove valuable . Now I'm sure they told you not to get on my bad side . " he moved down a bit and whispered in Rem's ear "I sincerely hope you will take that advice to heart " he then noticed that Rem's wounds were starting to heal . Rem hadn't said a word the whole time . He was too lost , shocked to say anything . Now Remiel wanted to help them so it was fine that he knew , but Uriel ? That man was something else .

"Come on now , we're leaving , " stated Uriel helping Rem stand up on his feet .

Meanwhile in the general meeting

There were seven seats around the table , two were vacant, in one sat Ritsuka and then the present six generals . One was a girl with beautiful hazel colored hair resting on her left shoulder , emerauld eyes glistening with slight mischief as she wore the same military uniform everyone did . To her left was a hooded figure with light red hair and a scythe resting against the wall just behind him . The three other generals were , a young man with short wavy dark blue haired and glasses who wore a slightly different uniform than the others so Ritsuka assumed he was the army doctor . The second had a flower black tattoo on his left cheek , golden hair and crimson eyes , he wasn't wearing his uniform jacket instead he only wore the shirt half unbuttoned exposing his chest and the multiple necklaces he was wearing as well as golden earrings , he looked otherworldly , he was more handsome and beautiful than anyone Ritsuka had ever seen , the dangerous kind of beauty and if she didn't know any better she'd mistake him for a wicked god and not an angel . The third had mid length straight black hair , hazel eyes . . He looked very charming and he might've looked like the kindest out of all the others .

"So this girl , I'm guessing she's the new general . " spoke the blonde male a slight smirk apparent on his face . "I can't wait to watch her break under the pressure eventually , oh this will be quite the show " he chuckled darkly .

"Careful, Ryuho , whoever she is serving under won't appreciate what you're planning . Unless you want to get the archangels on your back " Warned Yume a disapproving look on her face "plus we need to see if she is worthy of the title or not " she watched Ryuho lean back comfortably in his seat crossing his legs .

"Frankly I don't care , I honestly think she's super cute and she may be promising. . I mean we can't judge can we ? If the council chose her she might be way better than we can imagine " he smiled "oh and by the way , my name is Natsume . You probably heard of me , I'm Lord Sariel's General " since he was sitting next to Ritsuka he leaned in closer and she looked away .

"Y-yeah , they mentioned you at the council ..." she mumbled .

" wow really ? I'm flattered , also , don't you guys also think she looks so much like the princess ?" noted Natsume intrigued .

"Nonsense , she does resemble her but barely . A mere regular angel could never compete with her majesty " spoke the female general .

"Any... ways...may...be...we...should ...get ... this ...mee...ting ...done" said the hooded figure lazily .

"Sure ! I agree with Azreal let's get this done right now " said the army doctor pushing back his glasses.

Natsume laughed then gestures towards the others " okay so that's Yume , the one and only most beautiful general before you showed up of course " the woman didn't spare him the countless daggers she glared his way . He then looked at the man with the glasses . "Speaking of which , since when do you wear glasses Yamato ? Trying to copy lord Raguel?"

The angel named Yamato took off his glasses "oh these ? I just thought it would be cool and that they would make me look smarter" he laughed .

Ritsuka watched the events unfold before her in silence . Then suddenly out of nowhere she opened her mouth to speak "hm ... well " perhaps she had felt a spark of confidence and decided to speak . She took a deep breath then spoke confidently "weren't we supposed to be holding a meeting ? I'm sure we are all busy aren't we ? "

They all looked at her in silence , she could feel Yume's icy glare and Azazel's intense stare . Yamato was just surprised that she had spoken up as for Natsume he just sat back down rubbing the back of his neck realizing that they were way off topic . Then it resounded in the room , Ryuho's laughter . "Now that was unexpected , the new girl having more common sense than all of you . Now Natsume you may be very talented and smart but you sure can get sidetracked pretty easily " he scoffed .

Yume bit her bottom lip not even bothering to look at Ryuho "hey you , Akane , yes? I will only say this once , appearances aside , don't think we are here for fun . I do not know the reason behind the council's decision into making you a general without the exam however don't think that you can just rely on the council's support forever . Each of us here has an important skill , you do not strike me as very helpful , don't get too cocky just because you were chosen by the council . I wonder which one picked you anyways , probably the one with the lowest ranking among them maybe even—"

Ritsuka clenched her hands into fists under the table her bangs covering her eyes , she was about to speak however she heard Yume suddenly stop and she heard a familiar voice .

"That will be enough , General Yume " a deep voice cut her off sharply . They all turned to the man standing at the end of the room . Orange hair and beautiful amethyst eyes .

"Lord Remiel ..." Yume's eyes widened and all the generals bowed low .

Natsume raised his head eventually "my lord , why would you come and attend our generals' meeting, is it because you do not have a general yourself ?" He tried to choose his words carefully . They all respected Remiel a great deal since he was one of the most fearsome archangels in Heaven .

"First of all , I will not accept anyone failing to show respect to General Akane . From now on she will be my general , it was I who made the request that she gets the position " stated Remiel his aura still dominating the room . He did have an imposing presence .

"But my lord , what's special about her anyways ?" Said Yume a somewhat saddened expression on her face .

"Are you questioning my decisions ? Do you do the same with Lord Raguel , I wonder " he said coldly and she didn't add another word . "I have matters I need to discuss with my general for the day . Since you were apparently only wasting time , feel free to send the report to my castle Akane will read it there and share it with me "

Ritsuka was surprised that he had showed up but more than that she was actually relieved that he was there . She could stand up for herself but she wasn't sure she would be able to hold herself in a battle against a general so she was glad he showed up considering his rank and helped her . She looked at Remiel and he flashed her a very quick smile before walking towards her and taking her hand making her stand up . "Well then , have a good meeting then " he walked ahead and Ritsuka could feel eyes piercing into her back . Yume was still glaring at her . When they were outside and got into the carriage . The archangel let out a sigh .

"I was worried sick , I was right though , I knew that woman would cause a scene ." He rested his chin on

The back of his hand.

"Why does she even hate me so much ? I didn't do anything to her ..." said Rituska " I mean they were all getting distracted because I was new so I just said that maybe we could get the meeting done first . But then she just , well , lashed out at me for no reason . Not that her words were totally misplaced . I have no clue about what generals do or how to deal with an army and all of that . I mean until a few months ago I was just a human girl ." She smiled looking into the distance "I wonder if I can do it—" she suddenly felt something on her hand and she shifted her attention from the window to the man in front of her . His hand was on hers and he had a smile .

"Don't think too hard about it . Luckily for you , you're my general and I'm on your side . Listen now , all you can do is train . Everything else depends on Kaginuki , he needs to make it to the heart no matter what . Once he becomes the knight , the hard part would have passed . However , Uriel is dangerous . I mean , I am dangerous too but Uriel May notice that there is something going on and to get him over to our side will be way harder than getting me since I am doing this for a friend ." He too started watching the scenery from the window .

"Hey Remiel san, thanks a lot for cheering me up ." She smiled brightly and his eyes widened in surprise " I know you're doing this for Amon san but i still think of you as a good friend. "

"I'm flattered you consider me someone that important . And of course I would try to lighten up your mood , you look better when you're happy plus that woman lashed out at you and acted like that even worse because I showed up . She had always wanted to become my general , let's say she came to me once before and she said that she loved me or something . I mean I did not even know her . And then out of nowhere you became my general and your are the second girl of this generation to be a general other than her , since I chose Amon as my general back then , she ended up as Raguel's , she did hate him and now it's your turn . Don't worry about it though , she knows perfectly she can't cross me . " He could see that they had stopped in front of the castle . " oh , Here we are , you can take some rest for now . When the sun starts going down I would like to see you for training . I hope you will put up a good fight " he winked and Ritsuka blushed hard .

"REMIEL SAN!" She looked away and she could hear him laugh hard .

Meanwhile at Uriel's castle ...

Rem was eating dinner with Uriel who had changed from his usual attire that was seen on him in meetings . They were both very silent as the demon was thinking of what the archangel had told him hoping that it was just a bad dream or that his brain played very bad tricks on him when he was heavily wounded .

"I knew you weren't very talkative however I never thought you would be this silent . My guess is you are still preoccupied with my earlier proposition . " he watched the demon carefully as he ate . "You are a hybrid after all , this may as well be your home too . "

Rem slammed his hand on the table and stood up "I lost my appetite " he pushed back his chair and turned around to walk away when he heard Uriel's commanding voice .

"Sit down " he looked intently at Rem . The kind of look that conveyed the words 'this is an order I'm not asking '

Normally the demon wouldn't let go of his pride and obey anyone's orders . However if he didn't do it Amon wouldn't get what he needed and worse than that his beloved fiancé's uncle would be doomed , he knew that then he would be the reason she hates herself . He resigned himself to go back to his seat.

"Great , now , I will help you earn the king's trust early so he depends on you . Then you will become the knight and I will go back to the royal castle . I will of course make sure you can get to the heart easily . All of this is on the one condition that when you are done . You immediately come back here . " he wiped his mouth with the napkin .

"You are asking me to abandon my family , my friends , my life , my identity and the love of my life behind ." He obviously didn't think that it was a fair trade .

"You see that does not matter much to me . You must make sacrifices in life . Plus forever is a long time . I may be benevolent one day eventually and let you go . Now all you have to say is yes or no . If yes , then I will uphold my own end of the deal without fail . If no , then feel free to walk away , but I will tear down your plan to pieces for the sake of heavens ." He leaned back in his seat waiting for Rem's answer .

Rem was deep in thought 'both cases lead to me losing Ritsuka one way or another ... now worst case possible if I stay here Ritsuka will still have her family , her uncle ...I have no right to deny her , her one remaining family member ... which choice is the right one ...this guy is asking me to stay away from her forever ...Ritsuka ...I'm sorry ...I can't do this...'

"I ...I decided that I will ..." he gritted his teeth before giving Uriel his answer .

End of chapter

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- I'm surprised that you came back Rayne ~ . Said the

princess her arms around Rem's neck.

-How could I forget such a beautiful woman such as yourself, princess Rebecca , I do not deserve someone of your status even if I am an archangel . whispered Rem seductively kissing her neck 'she really does look like Ritsuka ...'