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Warning: Contains blood, gore, sex, possible rape, sword fights, dark shit you will never be unseen, demons, angels, witches, wizards, medieval crap, and finally pure unadulterated badassery.

I would like to thank any who read this and I hope you all enjoy it. This is based off a manga that I really enjoy and if you can guess it PM me and I might let you help me decide things. Now let us begin our journey down the dark and windy path of a man on the edge of the nether world and the living.


I just stared up blankly at the scene before me, well to be precise I was currently staring at the sky before me. I have been for the last 2 hours as I blankly stared up at them trying to figure out what was happening. The stars in front of me were much different then I remember and it was making it hard to concentrate on the matter at hand. Especially the fact that I couldn't find even one constellation I knew at all.

Yet as I looked up at the stars I slowly started to realize that I was not where I should have been. If I remember correctly I should have just died, but yet here I am alive and well. No longer being struck down by Zeus after saving Olympus for the third time… don't ask, it is a long story. But the beating heart in my chest kind of gave away the fact that I was alive and I know for a fact that ghosts don't have hearts.

But if I remember correctly I should be in the underworld or even Tartarus seeing as how pissed Zeus was. My last memories were Zeus blasting me into oblivion and then waking up here, now I know what you're all thinking. This has the fates written all over it and to be honest I think I would be lying to myself if I said it didn't. I was going to get down to the bottom of this one way or another. But my first priority was figuring out where the hell I am.

Just at this point I finally got a feel for my body again as a fair amount of relief spread through me. I hadn't been able to move at all for the past 2 hours and now I was finally able to move. However, I was slightly shocked to find out what kind of body I was in. I was kind of happy it wasn't female, but the main problem of the point was the fact that this body… was that of a baby's.

I tried to not freak out, but my instinct got the better of me and I let out a cry of fear. In my little baby voice nonetheless. At this point I had completely lost it as my voice could only make sharp cries and gurgling noises. I was at a loss in all this as I tried to speak but no words would come out of my mouth. Still as time went on I finally calmed down enough to gain some bearings about where I was.

Slowly I managed to roll my head to see something that made me scream again, a corpse missing both its eyes lay before me. Quickly I turned my head the other way to find another corpse and another and another. Thanks to my years of battle hardened mind I quickly calmed myself down and continued to look around only finding more and more corpses. That was when I noticed the tree to my left with a mountain of corpses. More and more piled beneath it and even then many hung from the tree branches by rope around their necks.

It was almost too gruesome to look at as I wanted to vomit but I had nothing in my stomach. Alli could do was dry heave again and again until I finally noted one very last thing. Right above one of the mounds of corpses was a woman with an umbilical cord hanging from in between her legs. With scared thoughts I slowly looked down to see the other half of that very umbilical cord poking out of my belly.

At this point I was at a loss for words, I couldn't even believe what I was seeing as I stared at the perfect angle on the mount of bodies that lead directly to me. I was born from a corpse. As the thought went through my mind a shiver ran through my body and soul. All I could do was start to shiver in fear. What in the fucking hell have the fates done! I saved Olympus 3 times and this is the thanks I get! To be reborn as a baby born from a corpse in a mountain of dead bodies!

I couldn't even stop my wails of despair anymore as my little baby mouth cried out in horror, yet it seemed like nobody was coming as tears slowly streamed down my face. I couldn't even bear the thought of what was happening. But just then as I wailed out in my own internal misery a sound entered my ears. It sounded a lot like a horse. At this point I would do just about anything to get out of this place so I started to scream and scream.

My lungs hurt and my tears flowed endlessly down my face, I tried to grasp this person's attention as much as possible. Soon the sound of the horse drew nearer as I begged for whoever it was to save me from this hellhole. I didn't deserve this in any way, shape, or form. I bet Zeus cursed me or something! The thought of that bastard made my blood boil with hate, but throwing the thoughts aside I focused on noise making. Soon I saw the horse enter my vision as a gruff but responsible person in what looked to be iron plate armor on his back.

"Hmm?" He said as he stared down at me as I wailed out in agony to leave this place.

"Well I will be damned, a baby in a place like this..." He said as he hopped off the horse and slowly walked my way until I was gently scooped up into his arms as I finally stopped crying. A great deal of relief washed over me as the man held me close to him. I didn't care who he was, I just needed this comfort for the time being.

"Seems you have the luck of the devil himself to survive in a place like this for so long." Said the man as he looked up at the women that 'birthed' me as he gave a loud sigh. He knew in a moment that I came from a dead body but still he just stared down at me as I clung to him with all my might.

"I know it is bad luck… but I cannot just leave you here… maybe Trista will take care of you." He said as he got a cotton blanket and carefully swaddled me in it. I didn't care if it smelled bad but this sheer strike of luck was a god send for me. At this point I knew the fates were involved but since they were I had a feeling I was going to get a visit from them sooner or later. Still as my cold body warmed up in the cotton blanket the man got back on the horse and trotted away as I soon grew tired and fell asleep in his arm.


As I awoke I let out a huge yawn as I blinked a few times to find that I was no longer in the cotton blanket. Instead I was in some baby clothes and was much cleaner than I remember. Still as I laid there quietly I slowly looked around to get my bearings, the first thing I saw was the white tent ceiling. I looked around to see it had a large wooden pole holding up the middle and other small ones holding up the sides to give it a very spacious look. The next thing I saw was the very man who picked me up sitting down with a woman as they talked. Thankfully I could understand them, but for some reason I knew they weren't speaking English.

"Is this your idea of a joke?" Asked the woman in an irritated tone as the man sighed and rubbed his head.

"Just listen I couldn't just leave him in that place and I know that you recently… never mind." He said as the woman I presumed was Trista stared evilly at the man. Like she wanted to gouge his eyes out evilly. Still as Trista stared at him she finally sighed and put her head in her hands.

"Jake… I know you mean well but this place is no place for a child, let alone one who came from such a place. If word gets out that he came from the remains of a purged town then who knows what will happen to us. To be born from death… while I have heard many old tales about events like this I didn't know it was actually possible." She said as the man named Jake nodded.

"As did I, until I found him." Said Jake as he glanced over at me who was staring at the two. As he found that I was staring at him he just smiled as Trista turned to see me looking at the two. She then turned back to Jake as he turned to her. His pleading eyes met hers as she sighed deeply and gave me one last look as I saw signs of deep feelings in her eyes. Like she was thinking about the past.

"Fine I will take care of him, but I am going to need a raise and time off from battle." She said as Jake smiled and nodded.

"Anything is okay but I can't give you more than a year or so off. Winter is not far off and the battles should begin to die down for a while. About the raise I will see what I can do and I will get Mark to make you a baby carriage." He said as Trista nodded as Jake stood up and left through the flap in the tent. As he did Trista slowly stood up and sighed as I finally got a better look at her.

She looked young, maybe early 20 to mid-twenties, but her face told another story. I had seen that face many times in the battles I fought in before, that was the face of a person who has seen battle many times. Still as she looked at me a gentle ness washed over her face as her soft brown eyes seemed to glisten a little. Her attire was simple, just a brown cloth shirt and tight cloth pants. From the design I estimated it was at least medieval style clothes. But suddenly I was pulled out of my thinking as I was picked up by the women.

"Ah what was I thinking… still you are kind of cute." She said rubbing my cheek gently with a finger as I felt just how callused and rough her hands were. Though it was rough it held the gentleness any mother would. It was then I realized that as she looked at me her eyes glistened a little as tears threatened to fall out of them.

"You remind me so much of him… you even have his eyes." She said as a single tear slowly fell from her eye and landed on my forehead as I blinked lightly. I then put the puzzle together, she must have had a child that passed away. That is why Jake wanted her to take care of me to help her through her tragic past by giving her another child to love. In my previous life I had seen this a few times with demigods who lost their children.

"Oh my." She said as she rubbed her tears away and wiped the tear on my forehead away. At the same time my stomach grumbled lightly as I suddenly felt famished. But Trista must have heard it as a light laugh came from her as she smiled down at me.

"Seems like someone is hungry." She said as she carried me out of the tent. Instantly I got a feel for the world around me.

Around me were hundreds of tents just like the one I was just in with men outside them. Some were wearing their armor, some were wearing their normal clothes. Most were drinking and laughing and some were gambling and crying out in pain as they lost their wages. Some women were running around delivering food to the men as they all accepted it gratefully.

From what I could see with my tiny little baby head this was a mercenary group. I could tell that much due to the variety of characters around me, also normally an army for a kingdom didn't have such ragtag armor for their soldiers.

"Welcome to the Jester Mercenary Group." I heard Trista say with a slight smile as men who spotted me and her blinked a few times with surprise.

"Hey Trista you finally decided to steal someone's baby!?" A random man shouted.

"Go suck a dick Chuck." Trista responded without effort as I felt her hands lightly tighten around me. I guess the whole Trista and her baby deal were a little bigger than I first thought.

"Oh my, who is this cute fellow?" Said another voice as a woman in very revealing clothes came over to Trista and me. From the way her hair was and the light scent of sex on her I could instantly tell she was a prostitute.

"Jake picked him up on his patrol, kind of just dropped him on me." Trista said as the pretty woman smiled and looked up from me to Trista.

"That is just like him. Well if you need any help I am here." She said as Trista rolled her eyes.

"Whatever you say." She said as she left the prostitute to herself as she wondering off to the area I saw the gamblers. After a little walking we soon came up to a large tent that smelled of food as I felt my mouth water and my stomach growl.

"Hey do you guys have any animal's milk?" Trista asked as the women chopping what looked to be about 2000 potatoes looked up at her. Apparently she knew Trista because a smile spread across her face as she saw her holding me.

"Oh my, where did this handsome young man come from?" She asked Trista with a little nudge as Trista growled a little.

"Jake picked him up and dropped all responsibility on me." She answered bluntly as the women just stared at her.

"Well I am happy to see you are finally able to be around children again." She said as Trista glared down at her.

"Anyways you're lucky we just had a couple heifers that gave birth to a few calves recently and we managed to get colostrum from them." She said as she presented a basket full of crude glass bottles with yellow looking milk. As well as one baby feeding bottle. However Trista just stared down at the several dozen bottles and feeding bottles.

"Why do I have a feeling Jake already came here and told you to prep this?" She said to the woman as she snickered a little.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She said in a voice that suggested she knew Trista was right.

"Haaa… thank you." She said as she grabbed the crate container which had a handle for her to carry it.

"Anytime, also you might want to look into getting a wet nurse for him. We only have enough colostrum on ice for about a month." She said as I was kind of surprised they even had ice, then again winter was getting closer so I was not surprised by that.

"Alright, I will see what I can do." She said with a smile as Trista walked back to her tent. Soon I had a very crude milk bottle against my mouth as I sucked diligently on it. The slightly warm milk filled my belly as I enjoyed the taste. It was much richer than normal milk for sure.

"You sure are hungry." Trista said as I emptied the bottle. Soon I was burped and cleaned and in bed with Trista as she managed to create a makeshift crib with a few blankets as she just stared at me. I didn't mind since I was getting tired as Trist gently stroked my head which only helped me fall asleep faster. While all this was happening I reconsidered my new life, maybe the start was shittier than hell but this group of people seemed nice.

"Goodnight." Trista said as she lightly planted a kiss on my forehead.


The years flew by in this new world that I was brought to and the more time I spent here the more I came to understand that this place was not earth. I could tell as much since the people around me like to talk about stuff a lot. The place I was currently staying was called the Plains of Grass. I know it was a lame name and you know what it wasn't even all grass instead there were forests and mountains littered around it. But for the people who live in this place the Plains of Grass this place was basically their entire world. Due to poor communications and technology many had never stepped out of this place.

So it was widely believed that nothing existed beyond the borders of this place, at least to the common man. I have heard of a desert to the west and a vast ocean to the north but that was it. Also the plains were huge. Apparently one passing merchant said he knew a guy that took 3 years to travel across the entire plane. That gave me the estimate that this plane of grass and mountains was larger than North America or at least the same size.

As I figured this out I also discovered something else: the existence of humans that could use magic. I am not talking about humans with special blood like demigods, no I am talking about people that can train their magic or whatever and cast spells like fireball or ice spike. There were also people who trained certain species of dragons to fly them across the battlefield. All in all this place was kind of like a fantasy game… kind of like my old life… dammit. Can't catch a fucking break.

But then something strange happened on my fourth birthday. It was on the day of which we just finished a raid against a castle along with several other mercenary groups and the soldiers that the kingdom that hired us sent along. But the day had just finished and the castle now lay under the kingdom that hired us. I ran around giving people water and rations in our group as they all greeted me as 'boy' or 'little dude'. That actually makes me think of another thing that I learned while living here.

A person of common birth did not get a name until they were at the age of 10. This was because when a person was young and still a child it was very common for them to get sick and die. Or even get eaten by the monsters that roamed in the forests. Due to medical technology being reduced to simple bandages and some herbs or if you had the money a wizard or witch with the powers to cure people. But due to a wizard and witch's high cost normal people could not afford it so a child would die because they couldn't afford it. So because a high percentage of children died before the age of 10 they were not given names until then.

But it was the night of the battle and I lay snuggled up to my mother, yes I admit I loved Trista like I did Sally. She cared for me and took care of me in time of need, she fed me and earned money that we both lived on. In the end I loved her and she loved me, like any mother and son. As I drifted to sleep that night I had a dream about my past, all my friends and family. As this continued suddenly my dream froze. It was right in the middle of a pancake eating contest as well so I was a little ticked off.

'Age reached, activation of [Adventurer card V2] achieved.' Said a stoic feminine voice in my head as my dream in front of me started to fizzle out like a TV that just lost reception. I tried to escape but nothing seemed to work as I was forced into a dark world. Nothing but darkness around me as I tried to wake up only for it to not work.

'Loading… [Adventurer card V2] loaded.' Said the voice as I looked before me as suddenly a giant screen popped up in front of me as it scared the shit out of me. Yet as I tried to run back I was surprised to see what was in front of me. At first I was confused as I stared at the hologram, a small version of me on the right of it and numbers of things on the left. But then it hit me.

"Holy crap, it's like a fucking videogame." I said to myself.

'Correction [Adventure card V2] is a stat board in which a person can view their skills and abilities on whim. Would you like to take the tutorial?' Asked the voice around me as I looked around to try and find something that was speaking but I couldn't find anything.

"Who are you!?" I yelled.

'I am an artificial intelligence made from the will of this world and its magic. You may call me the [Gaia System] or [Gaia] for short.' It replied, I was a little more shocked than usual, sure magic was weird but I have not heard a single word about this from anyone.

"Why can I hear you now and not earlier?" I asked.

'Due to special characteristics of your soul and birth rights you have been enabled to access me sooner than others. But this was all locked until you reached the age of four. Would you like to take the tutorial?' It asked me again as I sighed. It is just like a fucking video game.

"What the hell is an [Adventurer card]?" I asked Gaia as the stoic female voice replied.

'An [Adventurer card] is given out by the [Gaia system] of this world to keep track of the numerical stats of the individual and skills as well. But normally each person will receive theirs on their 10th birthday and will receive a card from the [Gaia system]. Normally guilds will use this information to keep track of the individual and assign them appropriate tasks. Would you like to know more about the [Adventure card]?' It asked me as I thought about it.

"What is with the 'V2' on my [Adventurer card]?" I asked her.

'This is due to your special characteristics of your rebirth and your current birthright of your race. A normal [Adventurer Card] is only listed at 'V1' but due to your special circumstances you were enabled to receive 'V2'. The difference between the two is with 'V2' each level up you receive 5 points you can allocate skill points to increase your natural abilities and skills you might have.' As she finished I was trembling, not with fear but excitement who in their right mind wouldn't want to do that. As she said that I looked at the stat card and read through it.

Name: Perseus Jackson

Age: 4

Title: Trista's Boy


Jobs: (3/3)

Mercenary, lv-1 (56%)

Delivery boy, lv-3 (10%)

Mommy's Boy, lv-MAX

Level: 1 Xp-15/100

Health 200/200

Mana 50/50










MONEY- 0G (you're broke as fuck)

PERSONAL INFO- Perseus Jackson was the son of Sally Jackson and Poseidon but he is now the son of ? and ? his adoptive mother is Trista Knightdale and is thinks of him as her own son. Due to his new life he no longer possess his powers from Poseidon and is now as close to human as he has ever been.

STATS- Due to his birth #$$%1^^W%7%78#%72286# $%+\5 $%# $%

As I read through it a few things surprised me. The first thing on that list was apparently I was not human at all. In fact even my [Adventurer card] didn't even know what race I was. The second thing that surprised me was how high my Intelligence and Wisdom were.

But after I thought about it I guess it made sense since both were part of my mind. Since my rebirth my mind was the only thing I kept so it would make sense that I would keep both of those. Kind of scares me to think if my Intelligence and Wisdom was that high then how high were Annabeth's? Let alone Athena's, that made me shiver a bit.

Finally the last thing that caught my interest was the stats at the end which seemed to glitch out as it seemed something powerful was keeping me from knowing anything about my birth. The only thing that I knew about my birth was that I was born from a corpse but this seemed like there was more to it.

"Hey… what's with this about my birth?" I asked Gaia.

'The time is not right for you to learn who your parents are. In time you will learn and in time your destiny will be revealed before you. But that will all happen in due time, until then that knowledge will be restricted from you.' As I heard Gaia I could only sigh as I continued to look at my stat board which seemed reasonable for my age.

"Well that's convenient." I said.

'I do not understand, how could this be convenient?' Asked Gaia as I sighed, this was going to be rough.

"It's called sarcasm." I said.

'I do not understand what this sarcasm is.' Said Gaia as I raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you said you were some sort of AI, how do you not know what sarcasm is?" I asked Gaia.

'Thought I could be considered an AI of a sort, understanding human emotions is very difficult. Even during my time of existence I have still yet to comprehend all emotions.' She said in her normal stoic voice.

"…" I couldn't respond to that as I stared at the adventure card.

'So is there anything else you want to know?' She asked me.

"Yeah, is there any other advantage that I get for having a [Adventurer Card V2]?" I asked her.

'Yes there is. Due to special circumstances-.' She started.

'"Yeah with my birth and all." I said.

'Actually this is because of your rebirth. For each 10 levels you possessed in your past life you are given one special point to use on bonuses that will help you in your future.' Said Gaia as I was surprised.

"So it's like a restart bonus." I said remembering some of the games I used to play.

'In simplest terms yes it is. You have 9 points you can use for these abilities with your past level.' She said which surprised me that must have meant my level was in the 90's.

"So what are the options for bonuses I get?" I asked her. Just then another screen popped up in front of me.

[XP Requirement Reduction]

Point-1 (1/2 reduction)

Point-2 (1/5 reduction)

Point-4 (1/10 reduction)

Point-8 (1/20 reduction)

Point-16 (1/40 reduction)

[XP Increase]

Point-1 (10% increase)

Point-2 (20% increase)

Point-4 (40% increase)

Point-8 (80% increase)

Point-16 (160% increase)

[Receive mystery weapons and armor with special effects]

Point-1 (Ring)

Point-2 (Sword)

Point-4 (Necklace)

Point-8 (Shield)

Point-16 (Armor set)

[Increase discounts and money received from trades, quests, and random finds.]

Point-1 (5% increase)

Point-2 (10% increase)

Point-4 (20% increase)

Point-8 (30% increase)

Point-16 (40% increase)

[Increase item drops rates include rare drops]

Point-1 (1% increase)

Point-2 (5% increase)

Point-3 (10% increase)

Point-4 (20% increase)

Point-5 (40% increase)

[Receive Special Skills]

Point-0 (Gaia's System)

Point-1 (Bonus Skill Leveling)

Point-2 (Detect Analysis)

Point-3 (Title and Job King)

Point-4 (Consumption Absorption)

Point-5 (Spirit Eyes)

Point-6 (Party XP or HP or MP Share)

Point-7 (Internal Dungeon Mapping)

Point-8 (Dungeon Gate)

Point-9 (Evolution/Rank Up)

[Receive Supreme Special Skills]

Point-1000 (Everlasting Soul)

Point-1500 (Everlasting Body)

Point-2000 (Everlasting Being)

As I read through those I just wanted to have them all, just like a kid in a candy story with only a little bit of money. As I continued to read them all I gathered a few questions in my head like the Supreme Skills but seeing as they were completely out of my reach I decided to not bother with them. But as I went over them again I noticed that the [Gaia System] didn't need any points to unlock.

"What is [Bonus Skill Leveling]?" I asked Gaia.

'It's a skill that lets you get a point to purchase these bonuses for every five levels you get.' She said as I raised an eyebrow. Basically it would allow me to get these so-called 'restart points' or 'bonus points' every five levels to purchase more of the Bonuses. But then a thought accrued in my mind.

"But if I get one every 5 levels then I wouldn't be able to get the Supreme Skills." I said.

'You can get more bonus points through quests but if you are wondering about your level limit there is not one.' She said as I nearly let my jaw drop.

"W-What?" I asked her.

'You heard right, there is no level limit.' She said it like it was common knowledge.

"Wait then how high a level was a person like…Zeus?" I asked her.

'Roughly 486.' She said as I felt my face twitch a little. A level 90 insulting a level 486… surprised he didn't make me explode sooner.

"So I can get all of these bonus abilities?" I asked her.

'In time, yes but that can take years even with other bonuses.' She said as I sighed, I guess nothing was that easy.

"So what is the highest level on this planet?" I asked her.

'That person is too high level for you to know about, when the time comes you will know.' She said as I sighed. Gaia and her mysteries. Soon I turned back to the board before me and started to think this all through.

First thing first, I spent the 0 bonus skills it took to acquire the [Gaia System] instantly a small ding went off in my head as she spoke again.

'With this perk I can give you advice about events and things that might affect your future. Also it allows you to speak to me at all times like a guide. This will not only protect you but also give you someone to talk to when you are bored.' She said as I swore she was being sarcastic but I paid her no mind.

After that I was left with 9 points to spend as I grumbled over what I should pick. For the time being I knew I didn't need [Increase discounts and money received from trades, quests, and random finds] bonus since I was only 4 and had no need for it at the time. Same on [Increase item drops rates include rare drops] but as I looked at the others I grimaced my teeth together.

Finally I decided to allocate one point into [Special Skills] so I could obtain [Bonus Skill Leveling]. My next 3 points went right into [XP Requirement Reduction] to get a 1/5 reduction in XP to level myself up. The next three went right into [XP Increase] so I got a 20% increase in XP for everything I did. This left me with 2 bonus points as I glared fiercely at the screen.

"Can I reset these?" I asked Gaia.

'No you cannot.' She said back as I continued to stare at it.

"I guess I will go with [Detect Analysis] which I assume is a skill that lets me see stats and info about other things right?" I asked.

'Indeed it will, but if you meet a person 30 levels higher than you it will be ineffective on them. Also if you encounter items that are leveled above rare it will be ineffective. This skill can also be leveled as you continue to use it.' Gaia said as I nodded.

"Sounds fine to me. At least it will let me do something for the time being." I said as I nodded at my selection. Though in time I knew I was going to get more I was still a little worried about my choice as I looked at my [Detect Analysis].

Passive Skill: Detect Analysis lv-1 (0%)

This skill lets the person see information regarding the object they are looking at. As the level rises more information will become available to the user and more stats will appear.

As I read through it I smiled as I nodded.

'Well if you are done then I think you're in need of some sleep, this all can be stressful on the mind.' Gaia said as I nodded.

"Well you try and get some sleep as well." I said.

'I do not need sleep.' Said Gaia in an emotionless tone.

"Haaa… I was trying to be nice. Maybe as we stay together you might become more human. Hell you might even start to get emotions. Who knows?" I said as my consciousness slowly drifted to darkness. The first thing I was planning on doing was telling my mom about me getting my [Adventure Card] while keeping the secret about Gaia and all the mother skills. I had a feeling if I told her I would be hunted down and dissected by the wizards of this world. Or worse forced into a school and placed under surveillance.

In the end little did I know about how much my future would change at this point. The things that would force me into situations that would make me a monster. Things that would make that monster into something that even the powerful people of this world would fear. Even the part about how I was not alone in the world.


Okay I know most of you are reading the other Percy Jackson the game and just to let you know I am not copying it. Okay the plot is different but the game system is open for all to attack and feed off of. Just clarifying for the people who are plagiarism Nazis and think that things like game style plots are all the same. Well I