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Warning: Contains blood, gore, sex, possible rape, sword fights, dark shit that will never be unseen, demons, angels, witches, wizards, medieval crap, and pure unadulterated badassery.


"Don't move another fucking muscle. I will deal with you in a moment. Also if you hurt her, you will wish you never met me." A violently angry voice of Percy that whispered in behind her ears. She turned to see if he was there but he was not, turning to the ground he was still down by the slowly breaking apart dome.

"W-What the hell did I get myself into." She whispered to herself and covered her face, but if you were to look closely it wasn't a face of fear but one of complete excitement and ecstasy.

"So you finally showed up." Percy said as she slowly walked to the charred man before him. Each step covered a huge distance as he got closer.

"You're pretty chatty for a meal." Said the man as Percy suddenly erupted into laughter that shook the world around him. This caused a frown on the man's face as Percy slowly stopped.

"I could say the same to you. Now show me your true form so I can kill you properly." Percy roared.


With a burst of anger and power the man's body began to swell into a huge form and Percy violently kicked off the ground causing it to concave as the fight between Gabe and Percy officially began.



The first strike was like that of an atom bomb, a deafing explosion erupted around them and even caused a soundwave to explode outwards ripping the ground apart as Percy's fist met the meaty fist of the growing monster in front of him. Gabe's form continued to morph and grow and soon a nearly 80 foot tall blob of muscles and fat with hundreds of mouths across its body stood before Percy as their firsts continued to press against one another..

Just the site caused many people's stomach to churn in disgust at the massive being with its drooling mouths. But the two continued to hold as a pressure built between them, their strength seemingly equal as the ground could no longer take it and crumbled. It forced them both back as Percy turned into but a blur of black the instant his feet touched the ground. The battlefield continued to crumble apart as cracks spread slowly to the city. Each second Percy attacked more than a hundred times but Gabe's true form was faster than it appeared.

The air began to fill with Percy's deadly miasma as Gabes skin seemed to burn as it touched it, but each time they punched the air would blow it all away leaving it useless for the fight. However there was only so much the air could do as more and more was released from Percy, Gabe's skin continuing to burn with contact as Percy aimed for the affected spots causing them to explode as he punched them. Seeing that he was doing damage made Percy smile, but his hopes were dashed in an instant.

Gabes flesh began to regenerate rapidly, faster than anything he had ever seen. Giant tumor-like growths appeared in the wound, splashing poisoned blood everywhere. The next second it would shrink down and the wound was gone. Percy knit his internal eyebrows together as he stared as he tried to think to get around this insane ability. But all he could do was keep punching him and causing more and more damage, but even then Gabe was fast.

Each fist met another causing explosion after explosion, the world did not seem to want to stop trembling as the city suffered. Soon Gabe's mouth began to spew forth an ungodly green looking slime, Percy narrowly dodged the first spit towards him. As he did the area it hit began to sizzle and instantly melt as it sunk into the ground. Percy just glanced at it and then turned back to Gabe as all his mouths smiled at him.

"You're as nasty as I remember."

"I do not know what you refer to boy!"

Gabe roared as he finally moved towards Percy, as he did a trail of acid slime was left behind leaving deep craters in his wake. Percy just clenched his fists as his tail whipped around even faster and was then off yet again. Percy avoided what slobber he could as he attacked, his fist sometimes hitting Gabes flesh causing it to rip and sometimes break apart only to bubble and heal in the next second.

Gabe just laughed and laughed as if having the time of his life as he continued to attack Percy. Their fist sometimes meeting as Gabes fist would crack and break only to heal, Percy's exoskeleton brushed off and actually reused any energy that was caused from the attacks. However there was a limit and Percy could feel his body tremble even more as he approached it. But then one of Gabes mouths opened up as a ball of black light gathered in front of it and a beam erupted out, Percy's eyes winded and he dodged at the last second.

The beam carved into the ground with ease leaving a dozen ditch in its wake. Percy thankfully was much faster than it as it didn't touch him in the slightest, but even then it seemed to Track Percy a bit. But Gabe's attack was not over in the slightest.

"Eruption!" Gabe roared as every mouth on his body opened up wide as hundreds of black balls started to gather in them as Percy felt his spine tingle, in the next second his vision was filled with dozens of beams. Due to his large form the beams were tough to dodge as some back contact with Percy leaving a sizzling exoskeleton in its wake. But Percy just gritted his teeth and backed up as fast as he could. But then Gabe started to spin his giant fat body. Like a blender everything around him was ground to dust as his magic attack ate through the earth.

"Heat shield!" Percy said as his exoskeleton began to vibrate violently as the air around him began to shimmer red. Using the kinetic energy he had stored to vibrate his body it in turn superheated the air and with that a shield was made. Each beam that tried to hit Percy was dispersed or warped from the extreme temperatures. But Percy was overheating as well in the ball, but he could only wait as Gabe seemed to notice his attack was no longer having any effect.

"Bah!" Gabe roared like a child as his attack finally stopped his attack leaving the earth decimated and Percy in a molten pool of rock. Percy just stood still for a minute locking eyes with Gabe as he slowly walked out of the knee deep pool. But with the last step the pool suddenly chilled rapidly from the point of Percy's foot. In a second the pool was now solid rock again and Percy let out a roar and sped towards Gabe.

Gabe just smirked as he prepared for yet another series of punches but suddenly Percy's black blue black blur turned into a streak of black light. In an instant Percy's speed tripled as he released his first speed limiter. Gabe was caught unprepared at the drastic increase and didn't have time to block or dodge. Almost instantly Percy appeared right in front of him and slammed both fists into his massive gut causing his many mouths to vomit even more slime. But in turn he was thrown backwards at an incredible speed away from the city.

"FIRE!" Percy roared as suddenly the air cruiser in the distance lit up and the sky was torn to shreds by hundreds of cannons firing at once. The location Gabe was thrown to was drowned in explosions and dust as it rained down on him. Finally the main cannon of the cruisier lit up and what seemed like another sun was born in the sky as a 12 foot thick beam shot forward at incredible speed. It slammed into the area but did not explode but created a massive ditch that carved deep into the surface.

The shots finally came to an end with the main cannon leaving the world rumbling yet again and the air shaking and moving all in the direction of the beam. However from the dust stood Gabe tall and disgusting but damaged, parts of his fat and mouths were gone as his poisonous blood sizzled as it hit the ground. Part of the ground was left untouched by the beam behind him even as Percy frowned.

"Quit testing me boy, just submit!" He grumbled as his flesh began to bulge in the wounded areas as Percy narrowed his eyes. He had hoped the cannons would do something, but it seemed he was too naive. Gabe was much more powerful than he first thought. But with each second Gabe's flesh restored to new as he stood completely normal once again and gave a billowing deep laugh. As he began to walk forward in the deep trench as Percy just stared at him. He then slowly got into a stance as both his hands clenched into fists.

"Lets see if this works you fat fuck, [Flowing Fist] 6th stance Unending Waves" Percy said as his vibrating body seemed to go into overdrive. The air around him started to turn to steam and glowing red spots even began to appear on his exoskeleton. But Percy remained still as Gabe stopped and frowned as he felt a sense of danger from him, he was too far away to do anything as his arms began to bulge and grow into massive lumps of flesh like shields. Soon nearly 200 feet of thick calloused meat with many hungry looking mouths stood between Gabe and Percy.

Percy then began to take one small step and the world seemed to jolt backwards as he instantly appeared in front of the meat wall. The world seemed to be delayed as even the air before him didn't burst or move. Then the heat spots on his exoskeleton began to move rapidly as they all went towards the fist he was punching with. The instant his clenched fist landed on the wall it was glowing white hot and then the world shook once again.

Several hundred explosions erupted at once as hundreds of air rings rippled outwards from the point of Percy's fist. Then a white flash and an eruption of light from the heat spread out, not a single being could stare at it as they turned away, even from nearly 100,000 feet away in the capital. It was like the sun itself had descended on the world.


Then the sounds hit them as the sky shook and even the cruiser was thrown backwards in the air, everyone panicking as Athena quickly directed everyone to straighten the beast out to keep it from falling out of the sky. Gaia however didn't look away as worry filled her gaze, something of such a scale was beyond what Percy's body could handle even in this form. Finally the explosion ended and everything calmed down, just the rumbling in the ground was left but the world otherwise was quiet.

People finally began to look towards the scene to find a massive 15,000 foot crater that sunk deep in the ground. As they stared suddenly a black blur rushed out of it as Gaia's face relaxed but then filled with worry as Percy stopped and his form was revealed. His fist that he had punched with was now completely gone from the elbow down and part of his exoskeleton was seemingly warped and cracked as green blood dripped from his wounds as he seemed to catch his breath.

He just stood silently as he slowly turned to face the crater, on the other side of it rocks began to crack and fall apart from part of the ridge. Slowly an injured figure was revealed as it crawled from its rock tomb. Gabe pushed rocks away with little effort as his eyes were stark red in pure anger. But finally Percy noticed a difference in Gabe, besides his emotions, he was shrinking. His once grandiose size of 80 feet was now the same as Percy's measuring 40 feet tall.

It seems all the damage Percy did to him was good for something after all. But now missing an arm and with a warped exoskeleton Percy really only had one choice at hand. One he wasn't too thrilled to make but he needed to make to end this fight.

"Fucking bastard! I will skin you alive and make you watch as I rape your women! I'm your fucking owner! Now fucking submit!" Gabe roared across the chasm as he flailed his arms wildly like a child. As he did he began to run quickly towards Percy, but due to the distance it would take him a bit.

But just the words he said made Percy even angrier, his anger this entire time had held steady since had seen what happened to Zoe, but now it flared. Pushing Percy's decision towards the ultimate goal, killing Gabe. He then began to prepare his final all out attack in this form.

"Lets make you into nothing but a bedtime story to keep kids out of mischief." Percy grumbled deeply as he leaned forward and dug his heels into the ground and his exoskeleton began to vibrate once again. However with more and more intensity than ever before as the air began to superheat and the ground began to melt into liquid.

'Percy don't do anything stupid.' A mental thought was sent to him as Athena tried to calm Percy down a bit as he inwardly smirked.

'Me? Do something stupid? Of course not!'


'I'm not! I swear!'


'Maybe a little, but I'll be okay. I promise on my Sally's blue cookie recipe.'

'With the extra chocolate chips?'

'Of course with the extra chocolate chips.'

'Just Don't die you idiot… you have people who are waiting for you to come back.'

'I know I know.'

'...I love you, Percy.'

'I love you too.'

'What about me?' Suddenly a new voice spoke as Percy laughed a bit.

'I especially love you, Gaia.'

'Good! Now go kick his ass!'


'Well there goes that moment, you two are idiots.' Athena said with a sigh as the mental communication finally came to an end as Gabe approached Percy. Percy at this point was actually floating in the air due to the heat coming off him and its propulsion keeping him afloat. Also around him was nearly a 1000 foot pool of magma that was expanding every second. His entire exoskeleton was also a vibrant white from the heat. Such a stark contrast from his usual black was eerie in a way, it was then a glowing circle suddenly formed above him like a massive halo.

In the very center a bit X also formed but it did not touch the sides as Percy just slowly raised higher as Gabe didn't pause for a single second. Even when he touched the heat he just brushed it off as his skin burnt under the intense heat. At the same time Percy's exoskeleton began to heal and his missing fist also healed to full as well. But Gabe's face was full of rage as Percy's face smirked.

" Blessed ability! [True Killer] activate!"

ALERT! Due to activation-

"Shut up! [Flowing Fist] 10th stance infinite water drops!"

With one last shout the world seemed to freeze except for Percy and Gabe as and then in a blink Percy shot forward. The Air suddenly lit aflame as a white beam of light was all that was seen that slammed into Gabe. In the next instant the ground ripped as the two slammed into the ground, but it was too fast. No massive explosion, no massive dust cloud, only one loud boom from Percy moving and a molten hole that the two disappeared into.

But while others were at a loss of words for what just happened Percy and Gabe were spiraling into the very earth itself. Percy's speed and his kinetic energy and heat was so much it melted a perfect hole for them to sink into. A river of molten liquid was flowing around them as Percy wrapped his around Gabe and sank with him. Percy would unleash hundreds of thousands of punches in a second but Gabe was on the defense as his skin calloused and sealed himself in a ball like shape.

But after sinking for a while suddenly they hit air, Percy and Gabe blinked in surprise as they both looked down to see a massive dungeon level. They had only hit the edge of the level but it was truly surprising to see how deep they had gone. It was the very Dungeon that Percy was supposed to explore for the academy. But Percy didn't relent as he kept punching Gabe even harder.

Both slammed into the dungeon floor and melted through it as well. Floor after floor the two sank. As they did, Percy's body just grew hotter and hotter as beast-like screams rang from his throat. Monsters too unlucky to be caught up in their fight were vaporized in an instant, but Gabe kept just taking more and more damage. But it seemed like his skin had adapted to Percy's damage as no longer chunks were being blown off.

Seeing this Percy decreased his punches but just punched harder and harder to make up for the damage. But soon they suddenly hit a solid surface that the heat couldn't melt through. In and instant Gabe struck back with one punch but it landed solidly on Percy's face throwing him back at extreme speed. Percy was able to correct himself in the air as his eyes focused on the lump of flesh with one arm extended out.

"Fuck! Why are you this strong boy!" Gabe roared as he slowly stood up, his skin now gray like ash as his mouth all remained closed. He also stood about 30 feet tall now, but somehow each foot he shrunk Percy realized Gabe was becoming tougher and tougher to kill.

"Dammit, how deep did you push us? It's gonna take me months to get to the surface!" Gabe roared in anger as he slammed his fist into the ground as Percy finally got a layout for the floor they were on. It was full of snow capped mountains as far as the eye could see with what looked to be like dragons flying in the sky. Percy even swore he saw one of the mountains moving in the distance, but thinking the same thing Percy glanced up to find his hole actually already cooled off and sealed shut.

"It looks like the dungeon didn't like my little trick." Percy mumbled to himself as he focused on Gabe who was just just staring at him.

"Looks like I need to finish this." Gabe said to himself as suddenly his body began to bulge and morph as Percy's eyes widened. In a second Gabe's body inflated to nearly 200 feet tall like an over inflated balloon. Then like a balloon it suddenly popped, the skin tore and green blood and other stuff shot everywhere as Percy's mind blanked for a second not making sense of it.

Percy just floated silently as the gunk that rained down on him was turned to ash. At the same time from the massive pile of skin, gunk, and other stuff slowly stood an 8 foot tall person. His skin was ash colored and his gray hair hung down to his waist. His face could be said to be extremely handsome, but it looked like it had a permanent devil's smirk on it. But vertically down his naked body was a massive mouth that was currently closed from his shoulders to his pelvis.

Seeing this Percy's nerves fired on all cylinders as he felt immense danger from the being in front of him. Like nothing he had ever felt before, Percy's body even tensed a bit as the man shook his head a little and ran a hand through his hair and then looked up at Percy.

"You know it is rude to stare, boy. But I present to you my true form, you know as the empowered grow stronger and stronger they become more and more deviated and monstrous or more and more human shaped. Once I consume you I will finally be able to push past my limit and complete my true form!" Gabe roared with laughter as Percy stayed floating in the air.

"HAHAHA… Well come boy… come and kill me." Gabe said with spread arms as Percy just narrowed his eyes. In the next second he shot forwards and sliced towards Gabe with his claws out. However his slice was met with nothing as Gabe now stood a foot away from him and just stared as Percy confused.

"Come one strike me boy!" Gabe roared as Percy gritted his teeth as he started to rapidly attack but each attack missed its mark. Gabe's new form was fast, even faster than Percy was in his current form. It even as Percy pushed forwards with all his might and tore the ground apart around them. This far down in the dungeon the earth was much more sturdy than the surface, it stood well against his strikes.

Still it broke apart and cracked as with each missed strike as Percy continued to attack. His speed to fast it the friction superheated the air, yet Gabe still hadn't been hit once. Finally after thousands of strikes with his hands and even his tail with no success Percy stood still as Gabe did the same. Gabe still hadn't attacked him even once this entire time.

Even the heat no longer seemed to have an effect on him and any miasma that Percy put off also had no effect, nothing he did worked. He was stuck.

"So slow!" Gabe laughed as Percy gritted his teeth. But Gabe suddenly gave a yawn like he was growing tired.

"Meh! Let's finish this game! You… whatever your name is… thanks for the women. Mouth of gluttony." Gabe said with a smirk as suddenly the mouth his chest snapped open and Percy tried to back up. But an instant later the mouth snapped shut.

BOOOM! Suddenly the ground in front of Gabe was carved away like a giant mouth and just bit and tore a large portion of it away. Just like that Percy disappeared as Gabe gave a satisfied sigh as a large tongue ran the length of the massive mouth. He even let out a moan of a little as he threw his hands up in the air.

"Ahhhh! Such a fine meal! Truly, worth the wait! Nothing can ever compare to this! Even the spice is right! Such perfection, truly it was worth it to use this form the mouth of gluttony. If only I could use it more often." At the same time the sky seemed to shake as Gabe frowned and looked up.

"Shut the fuck up! I don't want to hear your grumbles! You old grandpas and grandmas always complain about everything I do!" He roared as the sky continued to rumble.

"They are like that sometimes aren't they?"

"You're telling me."

"Which one is your favorite?"

"The dark god Thi-."

But Gabe stopped as he held his tongue as he realized he was talking with someone. He slowly turned to see Percy in just his previous equipment just standing there looking up at the sky. He then glanced at Gabe with a smirk on his face.

"H-How?" Gabe asked as suddenly he burped as a small flame excited his mouth. He then slapped down his hand over his mouth as his eyes widened.

"Just a small skill I got, doesn't really do much of anything important other than maybe some hygiene. Anything with an exoskeleton does it, they shed. Also just so you know, what you ate right then was my exoskeleton. I admit when I saw all our mouths on your body and you kept going on about eating me I kinda devised a nice trap for you."

"I had been trying to hold in as much kinetic energy in it as possible, to make it into a Kinetic heat bomb of a sort. I was actually worried you would catch onto my plan or that your skill was different from what I imagined. Thankfully I was correct and proven right, otherwise you would have had me." Percy explained as Gabe felt more and more burning from his throat.

Shedding lv-10

For healthy skin and or and exoskeleton make sure to shed that old stuff! Provides a very nice cleaning effect that will attract the ladies.

Effect: Shed your outermost layer of skin or exoskeleton in an instant, heals any minor wounds, and will cancel any negative effects from skills attached to the physical body. Will not work with magic effects.

Cooldown: 1 year (on cooldown)

"Also you shouldn't eat something so hot, don't you know anything will combust if you get it hot enough? Stomach acid included." Percy said as he slowly twirled his sword in his hand as Gabe's once flat stomach suddenly began to bulge outwards as steam began to lick at the sides of the giant mouth. Percy just stared at Gabe as the man kneeled over putting a hand on his stomach as well.

"Also when you should get a better eating skill, not one that is connected to your actual stomach. Like mine for instance." Percy said as he brought up a stone from the ground and bit into it with ease as Gabe's eyes winded. As an empowered focused on gluttony itself he felt the difference in an instant. To see such a skill was mind boggling. Nothing of such a nature should exist in this world, unless you were maybe a god.

"Well as much as I'd like to stick around… you're gonna pop here any minute." Percy said as Gabe's form was now as fat as he was back on earth when he tormented Percy and Sally. At the same time a large black warp gate appeared behind Percy as the unique skill [Dungeon Gates] was put to good use.

"However before I leave…" Percy said as he squatted down in front of Gabe whose skin was beginning to crack and break as more and more steam and even bits of fire spewed forth from it.

"What does the name Gabe mean to you?" Percy asked as he met the gray eyes of the man in front of him as he saw no emotions besides anger and pain flood out of them. But Gabe said no words or any hints towards anything as Percy just nodded and stood back up.

"Kinda figured as much. Was kinda hoping you would remember that name and who I was in the past. Mostly for my own benefit, mom did you in before I could in that life. I guess I beat her to it in this one." Percy said with a sigh as he slowly walked to the gate as Gabes mind raced. He couldn't move an inch as his body finally seemed to tip off the edge and began to rapidly expand.

With that Percy disappeared into the gate that would lead him towards the top of this dungeon. Gabe's body wouldn't stop expanding and expanding as his mind raced, praying to his dark god but no words were exchanged between them. Nothing could be done as he finally was meeting his end, his years of planning for nothing! His constant efforts and ordeals wasted, all on one boy who tricked him into death! He was so furious that he could… explode.

But in his last instant as his body reached its maximum size right before he popped, Gabe's rage and pain-filled mind suddenly had a strange thought. It was an image of a… head with snakes for hair?


Alert! You have killed the empowered [Benhill Grotesque (Gabe)] passing your mission for the [Chaos System] and breaking level 2000! Please accept your rewards!

Percy ignored the message as his feet landed on the ground he suddenly lost all the strength in his body as a cold sweat covered him. Looks like shedding didn't quite remove all the penalties that happened when he used his blessed ability.

'I'm alive… Gabe is dead.' Percy sent a mental communication quickly and just waited by the entrance to the dungeon which was now completely empty.

'Thank the gods, after you disappeared…*hick*.' Gaia said as Percy just smiled as he heard the two women begin to cry. It seems she was with Athena at the time which is good.

'I'm at the entrance of the dungeon beneath that capital, I can't really move right now.' Percy said.

'I will send someone immediately!' Athena yelled through tears as Percy chuckled and nodded as he just waited. But as he did a newcomer suddenly joined him as his eyes filled with fury as they threw up their hands in surrender.

"Listen, I'm here to just drop this girl off. Fuck that gross ass pig… am I right?" Said as Yen who currently had Zoe on her shoulder. Percy however was full of warryness as the purple haired woman slowly, under Percy's watchful eyes, pulled Zoe off her shoulder and sat her down a few feet from Percy and then backed up.

"So you're the new and upcoming divinity walker huh? You apparently have the gods in quite an uproar." She said with her hands behind her back as Percy just eyed her as he didn't say anything, anything he tried to use [Analyze] on her it wouldn't show him anything as he frowned a bit.

"Anyways… no hard feelings… Chaos system mission and all that. But I don't have that mission anymore so no worries." She said with a playful smile but Percy just put on a stone-like look as she just stared at him but then approached him as he stiffened. Right now he couldn't move a muscle as she quickly approached and got a better look at him as her purple irises looked into his.

"Hmmm… pretty cute you know that?" She said Percy's heart rate quickened immensely as suddenly Yen suddenly straddled Percy's legs with her own. Their faces only inches apart as she cupped his face and turned his head up and down then side to side as if appraising him.

"Wh-." Percy tried to speak but Yen covered his mouth with her thumbs.

"With all your powers and bloodline and even your attitude, it just makes you perfect! Even the way you talked to me earlier was amazing, made me shiver to the core! I can even see in the future you will be a cut above the rest! Alright, I've decided! You will be mine and only mine in the future! I promise you this!" She said confidently, stunning Percy, she then suddenly leaned forward and planted a kiss right on Percy's lips in his stunned state.

Percy tried to pull back but her hands were too strong at the moment and held him firmly in place. Though it was a simple kiss on the lips, her lips were so soft like velvet on Percy's lip, but she just kept her happily planted on his as Percy struggled a bit. But then she pulled back with a confident grin and slight blush on her face.

"A taste for what is to come later." She said with a wink and then suddenly she was gone. Like she had never been there in the first place other than a light scent of lavender in the air. Not even the air seemed to move. However Percy was utterly stunned at the moment as thankfully his help was quickly approaching. But then a system alert had him nearly fall over while sitting as he quickly gave it a read.

ALERT! Yen Bell Victoria (Piper Mclean) has placed a tracking spell on you. Since she has sacrificed her first kiss with the opposite gender to place the spell, the god Devan supports her and enhances the tracking spell so it will not be able to be removed unless by godly influence.

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