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I know what's going to happen to Megatron since this story idea is inspired by Cosmic joke itself but instead of human, it's animal form. Now what I need to know is should Megatron either have a non-combat animal form and a combat animal form or just stick to one animal and if so which one out of this choices? If two forms is chosen then the Pegasus is already chosen for one of them. So…

A: One animal form

B: two animal forms (Pegasus is one of them for this option) = 1

And the form

1st: Gypsy Vanner/Friesian horse hybrid based Pegasus

2nd: Black Panther the size of Ravage

3rd: Larger than normal Dire Wolf =2

4th: A Night Fury = 7 (All I have to say is...SERIOUSLY people? The fact this one has the most current amount of votes makes me laugh my aft off at all the fun I can have with this..)

So it seems that 1 votes has the two forms choice win and Night fury takes the Vote for the Combat based for form!


Empty eyes gazed around the room from the large plastic "cube" cage she was in, her Uncle and Aunt had pretty much sold her to the….monsters in human form with lies of her being an alien like freak before they had gone to visit some family that lived here in the USA. She wanted her cousin Sam, her "Aunt" Judy and her "Uncle" Ron but the girl sighed as she felt a small poke at her Aura causing a tiny smile to appear as she opened the bond and said mentally "Bored again, Papa?"

The girl leaned back against the plastic and sighed as she looked at the only other "test subject" as they called her in the room who was frozen solid, she saw the red optics flare for only a minute as the Mech replied through the bond "Yes but I can also sense something's wrong, Sweet-spark…what's running through your pretty little helm at the moment?"

"I…miss the 3 biological family members that actually cared about me. I want to see them again but…."

The mech watched from his frozen position at the young femme he had somehow created a Parental bond with by complete accident sometime after she was brought in and placed in the cage by the humans who worked in the base, The child had been so scared and yet resigned to her fate at these humans' hands that his spark practically ached at seeing any light leave her eyes the minute they placed her in the cage. He wasn't sure when the bond exactly came into being but…he now wouldn't trade the bond for anything with how much the child need him and he as much as he hated to admit it, need her. They would talk for hours to pass the time as they watched what went on around them day in and day out when they weren't being used as lab rats, the Mech softly vented and replied "It will be fine, my sweet-spark…I'll get you out of here somehow, some way. I swear to Primus."

The small girl's trust and faith in him showed through the bond as she then said "I know you will, Papa…."

4 hours later…

The 13 year old girl watched the workers rush around base with an uneasy feeling at hearing them talk about a new test subject that had just been caught and brought to the base, she then saw the head of the Agents and the Agent named Simmons come in leading a group of people when one in particular caught her eye cause her to gasp and scream "SAMMY!"

All eyes fell on her as the teenaged boy's eyes fell on her and widen in horror as he yelped "SKYLA! What the hell?!"

The head agent and Simmons were stunned and weren't able to stop Sam from charging forward as he quickly made it to the large plastic cube and looked for a way to open it, Simmons quickly tried to grab Sam and pull him away only to get a powerful punch to the face as Sam snarled in anger "WHAT THE FUCK IS MY BABY COUSIN DOING IN WHAT APPEARS TO BE A CAGE?! WHEN THE FUCK DID YOU IDIOTIC PEOPLE KIDNAPP HER WHEN MY PARENTS AND ME HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR ABOUT 3 MONTHS FOR HER?!"

The head agent froze and then said "Son….what do you mean kidnap? We were sold the girl by a couple claiming she was an inhuman alien freak of nature that had supposedly raised her…"

Sam's eyes went wide then narrowed as he said "The couple's names wouldn't happen to be Vernon and Petunia Dursley…would it?"

Simmons and The head agent's widening eyes was all Sam needed as he let off a angry string of nasty curses then said "That's my Aunt and Uncle from England…they told us that Skyla who is the orphaned daughter of my Aunt Lily was kidnapped from the airport when they were making their way for their annual visit to your place…that was back in the very end of May or very beginning of June. Aunt Petunia had always been jealous and hateful towards Aunt Lily over something that happened as children, she always did resent having Skyla placed with her but this is a whole new low for her and the walrus she call a husband…"

Keller looked at Sam in shock along with the rest of the group before Keller's eyes grew cold and said to Simmons and his boss, "Let her out…NOW. I can't believe you people took the ….idiots' word on this young lady being an alien and never ran a background check to make sure!"

Simmons quickly released Skyla from the cage as she scrambled out and tackled Sam with a heart wrenching sob, the older boy quickly pulled her into a hug then picked up the 13 year old with ease as a look of worry overcame his face. Skyla clung to him as he walked over to the rest of the group and a pretty girl asked "Sam…is she OK?"

"I don't know Miklea…but I can certainly tell she is FAR too light for her age right now."

Simmons spoke up "She refuses eat anything most of the time no matter how much we tried coaxing her to eat…We may be a secret government section but we agents aren't heartless, hell we agents wanted her in an actual room that could be monitored at certain times but the head guy of this whole sector wouldn't even listen to us…"

Sam looked at the two agents carefully as he saw the truth in their eyes at that statement, he nodded then said "Still pissed at Simmons though…if he had just bothered to ask nicely rather than treat me, my girlfriend and the Autobots like dangerous criminals…we'd be far more cooperative and Bee could have helped us explain everything better…"


Megatron watched his adoptive daughter cling to her cousin in surprise as he never thought the boy was the one who owned the glasses his men was looking for, his spark ached as his daughter looked exhausted when one of the soldiers who had been badly injured offered to watch her for Sam since she obviously in need of sleep while the others went with the agents. The boy hesitated but gently passed his cousin to the man who was sitting on a bench and said "Just….take care of her for me…please."

"You have my word."

Sam nodded and then left as he threw worried glances over his shoulder towards the small girl before they moved out of sight, Megatron watched the boy leave then focused on his little one as the solider gently cuddled the teen as he whispered "You poor kid…I have a daughter myself and I would go sparse if something like this ever happened to her. Something tells me your parents, bless their souls are proud of you for being such a tough cookie though…"

The whole dam suddenly shook as the power suddenly cut off causing the generator keeping the Mech frozen to fail, he quickly broke from the ice just as a part of the ceiling started falling over the Solider and his daughter causing him to move and cover them while the large boulder sized rubble smashed into his back and fell to the ground on his right. The solider had fallen unconscious from stress, exhaustion and fright while Skyla jerked awake to see her adoptive father crouched around her with a slight look of pain on his face, Skyla's eyes widened as she yelped "Papa!"

Megatron looked into her forest green eyes and gave a small smile as he said "I'm fine sweet-spark…but I need to get you somewhere safe and out of the fight."

Megatron quickly moved the solider to a safer area where he would be found quickly then scooped his daughter up and held her close to his spark as he made his way out of the dam, he quickly changed into his jet form causing his daughter to be in the pilot seat as she grinned and snuggled into the seat. Megatron couldn't help but smile mentally at her joy as he took to the sky causing his sparkling to laugh in delight as he pulled few small barrel rolls for her; he made his way to the city where he quickly searched for a spot to keep his little one from the danger of the battle now ravaging the city….

4 minutes later…

Megatron hide Skyla inside a nearby building away from the fighting as he told her to stay put and he or someone he trusted came for her as he told her the names she could trust, Skyla whimpered then clung to his finger he was using to rub her head gently as she said "Papa, Don't go! I have some bad feelings about the near future and I don't want to lose you…"

The mech's red optics softened and then he gently said "I will never leave you alone for long my sparkling, Adopted you may be but you're my daughter now and I'll never leave you for long no matter what happens…I'll always protect you to the best of my abilities. Now stay here, I don't need you getting hurt, Skyla."

"OK…be careful."

"I will my sweet-spark."

Skyla watched as her adoptive father left and quickly got comfortable as she thought back to when they first talked through the bond they had created somehow and before finding out it was a parental one…


Skyla whimpered in pain and fear as the workers placed her back inside the cage from the testing they had done before she looked up at the large Robot that frozen on the other side of the room, her heart ached at the thought he was a prisoner like her in this hell and had been trapped here far longer than her two weeks. She then felt her magic react to something causing a blinding flash of light to dance through her eyes as she suddenly felt some sort of connection happen between her magic and the unknown source, she gently poked at the mental string signifying the connection and heard a male voice rudely demand "Who the Pit is this?"

Skyla squeaked then apologized as she said "My name is Skyla…I'm the girl that these morons bought with no second guesses, all because my Aunt and uncle told them I was an alien freak of nature…"

"So you're the one I've been watching for the past 2 weeks from where I'm frozen…."

"Wait….you're the huge Alien Robot they've also been torturing here in this hell hole?!"

Skyla felt what seemed like a mental nod and sighed as she asked "How long have you been down here for if it's not too much to ask?"

There was brief pause then he told her "I'd say about a 100 years or bit more…and that was after I was found by a human…"

"Ouch…you must be pretty bored then if you're unable to move…."

Skyla felt a small amount of amusement come through as the mech then said "Very much so. Now since I answered your question, will you answer mine?"

Skyla blinked as a small smile appeared on her face and said "So a game of twenty questions then to pass the time?"

She could feel his confusion at the term and quickly explained "Basically we take turns asking questions we want to know about each other, things we've seen in the past…stuff like that. So what's your question?"

"Why would your creators even let your Aunt and Uncle put you in this situation?"

Skyla froze then sighed as she said "My parents were murdered in front of me by a mad man when I was only 15 months old on Halloween night, Aunt Petunia was my only supposed living relative so….I wound up living with her and her husband."

Skyla felt the male Alien wince mentally then heard him apologize softly, she told him it was fine then she asked "So…what's your name? I can't just call you Mr. Red eyes…or something like that."

"Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons."

"It'sNice to meet you then, Megatron."

"Aren't you scared of me, Child?"

Skyla made sure he saw the raised eyebrow on her face as she said "To be honest….I've seen and faced scarier at my boarding school. I mean try facing a just over 1000 years old, HUGE magical species of Snake that can kill with only a glance and has the most deadly venom in the world with only one incredibly rare cure armed with only a broadsword at 12 years old…that is way Scarier especially since I was bitten by it and survived thanks to the animal that could heal me being nearby at the time. That doesn't included the Giant ass Spiders that tried to eat me, the 3 headed Cerberus in first year and the mountain troll I took on to save a close friend…"

There was silence for a few moments before Megatron said in shock "Dear Primus child, how are you even still alive?"

"I really have NO clue…"

An awkward silence hung between the two for a few minutes before Skyla then said "Awkward silence aside, What was your home like before whatever had happen for you come to earth?"

Megatron couldn't help his amusement at the child's open honesty and curiosity then told her about his home before the war, Skyla listened in delight to the Mech talking as she couldn't help but feel so safe in his presence...

Suddenly a loud bang sounded near her hiding spot causing Skyla to squeak softly and curl up in a corner just out of sight of the building's front window, she then let a startled scream as the front of the building suddenly crumbled from a large Red, Blue and white mech with bright blue eyes and a feeling of safety like her Papa being knocked onto his back somehow. Skyla whimpered as she was then grabbed by another Mech only this one had the same red eyes her Papa but the bloodthirsty aura he gave off scared the 13 year quite badly as he held her up in front of his face, the mech then said in a cruel voice "Well what do we have here? A Tiny organic femme to squish just for me? What a nice day..."

Skyla whimpered then yelped loudly as the mech began to squeeze her, Skyla never noticed the mech that had fallen moving to help her as she called for her papa over the bond and showed him the mech who was hurting her...

Optimus swore at seeing the small teen in Cyclonus's hand and quickly made to move to help when a familiar engine was soon heard as his brother dropped to the ground with a look of pure fury on his face, Optimus tensed before realizing that his older brother wasn't even focused on him but on Cyclonus and the teen held in the nut-case's hand. Megatron snarled then said "Put Skyla down safely NOW, Cyclonus! My sparkling is NOT to be harmed at all!"

"Lord Megatron, you must be joking! She's nothing ore then a disgusting little organic, not a sparkling! Let me kill her and we can focus on getting the all-spark...Ugh!"

Megatron had Cyclonus by the throat in one hand and used his other hand to free the small girl as he quickly pulled her close to his chest just over top his spark, he then snarled "She is my ADOPTED sparkling, Cyclonus! We somehow managed to form a bond as Sire and daughter while held in captivity by that sector seven and I'll be damned if someone including ANY of my men hurt my Daughter!"

Optimus was stunned as he looked at his brother's furious face and then at the way the child clung to his brother quietly shaking from fear and pain as Megatron protectively held her close to him, Cyclonus struggled to get free as he was then tossed to the ground hard and was ordered to go back to base and wait for the others to come back. The mech nodded in fear then quickly left as Megatron relaxed slightly then looked down to the teen and asked "You alright, my sparkling? He didn't hurt you too badly, did he?"

"I'm fine papa...a bit sore but fine. What about you?"

Optimus realized his brother hadn't noticed him yet and managed to slip away from the area to a decent hiding place nearby as he listened to the two talk, he then noticed his brother vent then say "I need to take you somewhere safe..."

"What about Sammy, my cousin? He would rather die then let me get hurt and has always been really protective of me."

Megatron then sighed and said "That would probably be best, my sparkling...I'll get you as close to the soldiers as possible that he was with so I won't reveal myself. If something does happen to me, at least I know your uncle will look after you..."

"You mean uncle Orion, your little brother?"

"Exactly, now let's get you somewhere safe, Sweet-spark."

"OK...I love you papa."

Optimus watched as his brother's optics softened quite a bit then he gently kissed the teen's head and said "I love you too, Skydancer..."

15 minutes later...

Skyla raced towards where she could sense her adoptive dad and made it on to the scene just as Sam shoved the cube with a glazed look to his eyes into her dad's chest, Skyla screamed in shock as a brilliant white light surrounded the two seconds before a large cloud of dust was kicked up from a small but powerful shock-wave. All Skyla could do was wait for the dust to clear so she could find out if her family members were OK, the young girl was completely unaware that the All-spark had a plan and had quite the sense of ironic humor...


Sam blinked at the star filled void around him just as he heard a groan behind him and turned to see Megatron on the "ground" holding his helm in pain as he said "What the frag happened?"

Sam winced then took a deep breath and said "I have no clue how or where we are, the last thing I remember was watching you and Optimus duking it out on the street..."

Megatron's helm jerked towards him but instead of anger like Sam was expecting, he looked stunned as he said " don't remember shoving the Cube in to my spark... chamber..."

Megatron trailed off then said in confusion "Ok, there's no way I should even be online then if you did that and if you don't even remember doing that..."

Suddenly a gentle but commanding voice rang out, "That would have been because of me, I had to get both you at least in some kind of contact with the cube to talk to both of you."

Both males turned and found a large Mech standing behind them that was colored pure white with gold and sky blue accents and gentle purple eyes, Megatron's jaw dropped as he then bowed and said "Lord Primus..."

Sam just looked confused as hell because the large Mech just chuckled then explained to Sam that he was the Creator of Optimus and Megatron's people and Planet, Sam then blinked and said "Ok I can understand Megatron needing to be here if you're their "God" but why am I here?"

Primus chuckled and then said "Because of your young cousin...Skyla, I believe her name is."

Sam stiffened and also noticed Megatron had froze at the name of his cousin who was more of a baby sister to him before looking at Primus and asked "What does she have to do with this?!"

Primus sighed and said "You're aware of your cousin's little gentic quirk that the Dursleys hated her for?"

"What does this have to do with her Magic?"

"Far more then you realize, young Samuel... your cousin managed to pull something off that even the very deity of magic was stunned by and Lady Magica has pretty much seen everything under the sun but in all our years...this was the first time a Child of True Magic has EVER pulled off bonding with one of my children and on the level she's quite unheard of."

"Who did she bond with and why is the level the bond is at so important?"

Primus smiled and then said "the bond's level is that of a Parent and their child...but instead of an adopted child level, it's that of a blood related child. As for the mech that bonded with her...You need to look no farther then right beside you..."

Sam blinked then jaw dropped as he yelped "Wait, My Baby Cousin bonded with Megatron as Father and Daughter?! How is that even possible?"

Primus then told him that even Lady Magica didn't even know how it had happened but Skyla truly needed Megatron as much as the Warlord needed her, Megatron then spoke up and said "but the cube was shoved into my chest...I wouldn't be able even survive something like that..."

Primus smirked then said "normally no you wouldn't but...for the sake of your daughter, you'll live but there's a catch I'm afraid..."

Sam and Megatron looked at each other then up at Primus as Megatron asked "What this "catch" you speak of?"

Primus then looked at Megatron and said "Consider this catch your "punishment" for the war but Lady Magica was the one to come up with this idea so you could easily go with your daughter to protect her from those who seek to either use her for their own gain or who seek to end her life. The catch is you'll be bound to the form of an Organic animal but you'll have two forms, one to protect her which will be your combat form and the other will be the form to use among normal humans when she's not at Hogwarts for the most part."

Megatron's jaw dropped in disbelief as Sam blinked then asked "What are the forms he'll given?"

Primus chuckled and said "the Magical/mundane form is a Gypsy Vanner/Friesian horse based Pegasus that can withdraw its wings where they'll show as tribal wing like markings on the shoulders and the second form that will be more combat based...Sam what's your cousin's favorite species from the Dreamworks movies that released the sequel to a movie about Vikings and their "Pest" problem...

Sam blinked as he thought about that then a huge grin came over his face as he said "That's hilarious and it's certainly going to make her day!"

Megatron blinked then asked worriedly "Mind filling me in on what the pit you're talking about?"

Sam grinned and then said "And spoil the surprise? Heck no, plus I want a camera to catch both of your guys' faces when she sees that form..."

Primus just laughed softly then said "I'm afraid I must let you both go back now...Megatron, I'll visit through your dreams soon to fill you in a bit more on what the terms will be for this "catch"..."

Before either male to say something, the starry void began to fade until darkness reigned...

Sam groaned then sat up just the dust cloud faded into the air and felt something knock him back onto the ground, Sam moaned in pain then sat up to find Skyla in his lap as she looked scared and worried as she asked "Sammy, where's Papa? I saw you with glazed eyes when you shoved that metal cube into his spark, Is he OK?"

Sam blinked then smiled as he pulled the younger girl into a hug and said "He's fine, kiddo...Look over at where he was last."

Optimus and the other Autobots including Jazz who had been dropped before being torn into due to Megatron dropping him and taking off suddenly were now gathering around when they heard Sam's words, Optimus watched as the young girl his brother had called his daughter stood and made her way over to the crater where her father had been. The girl's eyes widened in shock as her mouth opened wide at what she was seeing before she turned and looked at Sam with wide eyes and said "Sammy...what happened to Papa? Why is he..."

"Apparently, Primus, their creator decided to punish him but also made it so he could still be with you. He spoke to me and Megatron about that..."

Skyla's eyes widened then she turned and ran for the crater before anyone could stop her as she slid down the side and made her way to the middle of the large hole to the large black lump laying peacefully in the center, Optimus and the others watched in barely hidden shock as Skyla reached out and began to shake the large lump gently as she called out "Papa, Papa...please wake up! Papa!"

Everyone stiffened and quickly tensed for a fight as the lump began to move and uncurled to reveal...

" that...Toothless from the "How to Train Your Dragon" movies?"

Sam snickered then said "Nope but same species as him though..."

The night fury yawned then blinked sleepy blood red eyes in confusion as he looked around, he then noticed Skyla and his ears promptly perked up as he woke up completely at seeing the 13 year old girl next to him. The dragon then noticed the stunned look on her face then opened his mouth and said in a familiar voice, "Skyla? What's wrong, my sparkling? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Needless to say, Sam nearly collapsed from trying not to laugh at the expressions on everyone's faces at them hearing Megatron's voice from the adorable looking Night fury. They then heard a loud squeal of pure delight and a startled yelp as they quickly paid attention to the dragon and 13 year old only for Sam to finally break down laughing his ass off, Optimus looking highly amused and everyone else blinking in amused confusion at the scene before them. Skyla had tackled the dragon in pure delight and caught the poor guy off guard enough that he was knocked on to his back with his wings spread off to the side and Skyla hugging his neck happily as she laid on his stomach, the large black dragon blinked in confusion then he smiled happily as he began to nuzzle the young girl with a look of pure adoration and love as the teen then said happily "I love you matter what form you're in."

"And I love you, my little Skydancer..."

needless to say...everyone was going to have a few busy weeks up ahead as they dealt with everything...