Inception/Harry Potter

Paring: Arthur/oc ( Serafina) Harry/Eames

I don't own anything except oc

Eames P.o.V

It was over we were home Sato's mission was over and everything was fine.

Some odd reason Arthur decide spent night together, not that I had something against Arthur but we don't have much common he is too serious.

But there is looking at sky like stupid romantic.

When I go next to him he looks hurted and sort haunted.

I know we all have our demons.

"So dreamer what's is in your mind?" I ask boredly and he looks like he doesn't undestand what I said, he just slidely rises his left eye brow.

"Don't dare act like that I can see there something on your mind after sooner or later we will have demons inside our mind." I say and he takes couple deep breaths before speaks "There was a girl who I loved... Her name was Serafia, she was British lovely and charming as can be, then there was car accident and she ended up coma... I was driver in that accident."

Then there was silence his confession burns in my mind and then he shows picture and I see my Harry and his daughter Serafia, from his short marriage to Gabrielle Delacour.

"I know them, he is my Harry." I stutter.

"I'm sorry. What happend?" He says and I take beer and I give him one and I'm surprised he drinks it.

"Harry and I started date after his wife died in work accident she worked as chemist. After Serafia ended up coma Harry changed, he started spent time alone we are still together and he is getting better." I tell him calm manner and he nods.

Then we sit in the balcony listening silence.

I notice worried and sad look face and I look small garden that Arthur has built in here.

"You should go see her, I drive you in there." I say fastly.

Next morning we drive to the hospital. We don't talk much and when we arrive in there, I left Arthur alone with Serafia she looks like her mother with golden hair but she has her father's eyes.

Arthur tell is so sorry and that he would do anything to change this then something happens she wakes up.

"She woke up." I hear familiar voice and I turn around and I see Harry and hug him.

"Everything is going to be okay." He says weakly and hug him and I whisper "Yes it will be."

And I know it's true.