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" Hey, hey! Did you hear the rumour about that monster?" The pink-haired bundle of energy knowns as Nora Valkyrie asked excitedly as teams RWBY and JNPR were seated around a table in the dining hall.

"What kind of ludicrous drivel has she been listening to this time?" Weiss Schnee, the white haired heiress asked in a tired tone. It wasn't the first time Nora started talking about something nonsensical and insane. "What was it last time? A black and golden armoured giant that appeared out of nowhere?"

The energetic girl was about to answer, but Lie Ren, her calm and stoic childhood friend cut in.

"Supposedly a team of third years saw a large, bipedal, stocky being with a long tail, clawed feet and hands, orange skin with blue stripes and a brown bone plate covering the upper skull of a vaguely reptilian head with two horns on the side and one on the tip of the nose." He calmly and slightly monotonously explained, while his childhood friend hummed and nodded her head in agreement.

That was exactly what she had heard.

"Wait, orange? Brown?" Blake asked curiously, the raven-haired cat Faunus sporting a slightly confused expression. "That doesn't sound like a Grimm at all."

"Apparently it was fighting the Grimm the team had been sent to hunt, but it disappeared before the fight was over." Pyrrha chipped in, the red-head having heard the story before.

"They're obviously making it up." Weiss dismissed it with a snort.

"Well, the signs of the fight were still supposed to be there. Unfortunately, the story does not include the location, and considering it was supposed to be a third year team going there, it might be deep into the wilderness." The stoic teen added sagely.

"So you're saying- "Yang started, mischief in the busty blonde's eyes.

"Yang. No." Ruby interrupted her half-sister, the red-haired younger girl knowing full well where it was going.

"Aw, come on!" The elder sibling said with a pout.

"Hasn't there kind of been a lot of weird rumours like that recently?" Jaune said, the confidence lacking blonde sporting a thoughtful look on his face.

"I guess it IS a bit odd. I wonder what brought it on?" The youngest member agreed, her expression turning thoughtful as well.

"Eh, who cares?! Let's go to the library, I finally got my 'Remnant: The Game'." The bodacious blonde exclaimed dismissively, an evil glimmer in her eyes.

"The library? Good idea, we have some studying to do anyway." Pyrrha remarked happily.

The rest of her team didn't share in her enthusiasm.


As the fierce game raged, with many twisting turns and unexpected developments, a new set of faces entered the Library.

The first to spot them was Blake, who had lost interest in the game, and whose attention therefore was drawn to the newcomers.

Leading the way was a tall well-built girl with shoulder-length purple hair and golden eyes. She had an odd red jewel in some sort of gold piece on her forehead, but the cat-girl couldn't spot the rest of the ornament.

After her came a trio of boys, two of them slightly taller with strong physiques and one of them slightly shorter, and more lean.

One of them had a spiky dual-coloured hair in dark-red and light-blue of medium-length, with blue eyes. He had a serious and unamused expression as he surveyed the room.

The other one that was equally tall had cropped silver hair with one ridiculously long pony-tail sticking out. His yellow eyes were slightly softer, serious, but with a hint of amusement in them.

The last one, and shortest, had short pink hair and pink eyes, and was absentmindedly twirling a red rose in his left hand, holding it near his face while looking around with a disdainful expression on his face.

They all wore the uniform of Haven academy.

"What are we doing here? Surely we must have better things to do?" The one with pink hair spoke up, his tone arrogant and disdainful.

The girl sighed. "You guys have some reading up to do, and this is the best place to do so without leaving Beacon." There was a sage tone in her voice, even as it was chipper and unconcerned.

"She has a point. It wouldn't do if one of us were unaware of something important." The silver-haired guy agreed, his voice serious and concise, with a strong undertone of an honourable warrior.

"Fine." The dual-colour haired member heaved a sigh. "I see your points." His voice was as serious and unamused as his expression.

Blake watched as they went their own ways. The girl started looking through the shelves, presumably looking for some book.

In the meantime, the three others went to a terminal each and sat down with varying degrees of grace. The pink haired one sat down with all the grace he could muster, almost like he was showing off. Actually, he was a bit effeminate, and the longer Blake looked at him the harder his gender became to discern.

But his voice was most decidedly masculine.

The silver haired one sat down lightly, with practised precision. In a way he reminded her of Pyrrha actually. There was a similar warrior's aura around them. His expression made it seem like he was looking forward to the coming task.

The last one plumped down unceremoniously, clearly in a slightly foul mood. He still carried an aura of a warrior, but it felt more like that of a fierce warrior who had no interest in his current task.

The raven-haired huntress actually expected him to just fiddle about or something, so when she noticed that he was going through data at a ferocious speed, bordering on what was humanly possible it caught her completely off guard, enough that she flinched and alerted the others.

"What's up Blake?" Yang asked curiously. "Did you see something interesting?"

"Nothing really, I was just observing some newcomers." She answered, embarrassed that her observation had been noticed.

"Wait really?" The blonde looked towards where Blake's gaze had been. "Holy shit."

"Huh? Wait what?" Ruby said confusedly at Yang's comment.

At first she thought it was about the reading speed, but…

"Look at that guy, that's what I call masculinity!" Instead she made a comment about his form.

"Looking at my team-mate?" A voice called out behind them.

Blake almost jumped out of her chair in surprise.

'When-! I didn't notice her at all!'

Close behind them stood the girl from earlier.

She looked over to the person in question and frowned.

"Hey, Omegos! Slow down! Are you even getting anything!?" She then shouted, causing him to look up with an annoyed look.

But before he retorted he looked down onto his screen, frowned and then looked up again.

"Don't underestimate my information management skills, Riina!" He then retorted light-heartedly before returning to his previous task, his seriousness returning simultaneously.

The girl, now identified as Riina, heaved a theatrical sigh. "He's incorrigible." She said cheerfully while slowly shaking her head.

She then took a few moments to look at each and every one of them.

"Hello everyone, my name is Riina Onyx, leader of team ROAL (royal). The incorrigible hunk over there is Omegos Alabaster. Other than him we have Albion Dracul- "Riina pointed to the silver haired guy. "and Lavender Orchid." She supressed a laugh as she pointed towards the last person, who was actually seated somewhat close to them, and therefore reacted.

"Lavender Orchid? What kind of a name is that?" Nora questioned, in the process receiving several incredulous stares, while Ren just sighed.

"Is it not a most beautiful name, fit for my extravagant beauty?!" Lavender responded, unfazed by what some might consider an insult, instead making a loud proclamation and a fabulous gesture.

"So, I have introduced myself and my team. I expect introductions in return." The purple-haired girl said amusedly.

"Oh, right. I'm Ruby Rose, leader of team RWBY (ruby)." Ruby began.

"Ah! Such a radiant name!" Lavender exclaimed, perhaps not unsurprisingly considering the object he still held in his left hand. It looked like he was about to say more, but a glare from his team-leader silenced him.

"My name is Weiss Schnee. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." Weiss introduced herself politely and with a slight curtsy.

"Likewise." Surprisingly enough the gesture was returned with a small bow, like one might expect from a knight.

"Name's Yang!" Next was the blonde bombshell, who looked Riina up and down appreciatively. "Maybe we should hang out sometime… I think we might get some good catches…" She then added suggestively.

Riina laughed. "Perhaps."

"And I'm Blake Belladonna. Nice to meet you." Blake said curtly.

"Nice to meet you too." Riina answered. "Belladonna, eh? I must say you don't seem to match up to that name overly much." She then said with a certain glimmer in her eyes. "Unless of course we go with the other meaning."

The Faunus huntress simply stared at her in confusion.

After this the odd Haven student moved on, settling her gaze on Jaune as if she expected him to go next.

This caused flustering and confusion in the poor teen. "O-oh. I'm Jaune Arc. L-leader of team JNPR (juniper)." He stammered out.

This prompted a small nearly imperceptible smirk on Riina's face.

"My name is Pyrrha Nikos, of the same team." Pyrrha went next, her polite mask firmly secure.

"A pleasure to meet you miss Nikos. I have heard a lot about you." The purple haired girl responded in kind.

"I'm Nora Valkyrie!" Nora exclaimed happily, preparing to launch into a barrage of questions.

"Nora." But she was stopped by a single word from Ren. "I'm Lie Ren. You may call me Ren."

She nodded, a knowing smile on her face.

Finally, she looked to Sun and Neptune, who had so far stayed out of it.

"I'm Sun Wukong, and this is my pal, Neptune Vasilias." The monkey Faunus said excitedly, ignoring his friends clear displeasure over having his introduction stolen.

Still, the blue-haired boy recovered. "As my gracious and glorious team-leader said, I'm Neptune." The boy flashed his best smile. "I must say, you are radiant Riina."

But the other party was unaffected. "Thank you Vasilias." The purple haired girl turned to face all of them. "It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I hope we will be able to get along. Now, I am afraid I must go. It seems my team has grown tired of their researching, and the hour grows late."

She waved friendlily as she left, her team waiting for her near the entrance.

They returned the gesture.

It was only Blake who heard the words spoken by Omegos as team ROAL left.

"Why did you fraternize with them? It was a meaningless gesture."

She couldn't hear the rest as a door came between them, and her friends spoke up again.


Amber eyes met golden.

It was some time after the encounter between Riina Onyx and teams RWBY and JNPR as well as Sun and Neptune, and the purple haired girl was now walking about alone.

It might have been intentional; it might have been a coincidence.

The two Haven students looked at each other, one suspiciously and confusedly, one with simple friendliness and mirth.

Cinder Fall's companions were equally confused, but she held them back.

She didn't know who this person was. She was pretty certain she knew the majority of the students from Haven.

Had she missed this one? Or was this someone who like her and her accomplices only pretended to be a student of Haven academy?

No no, she needed to reign herself in. The girl made no sign of suspicion. In fact, she seemed friendly, as if she was glad to encounter someone else from Haven.

She schooled her features, smiling gracefully and waving in a friendly manner.

The girl returned the gesture, but to her relief moved on.

Cinder missed the complete change that came over Riina's features as they passed by each other.

The carefree expression turned sombre and sagely. And suddenly she seemed no longer a young girl in her teen years, but an ancient wanderer with far too much experience.

"Poor girl."

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