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Blake had been wandering, pondering upon the recent happenings while winding down between matches, when she spotted Albion.

The Royal Knight, Dukemon, she believed, was slowly strolling about, alertly scanning the surroundings without for that matter being completely obvious.

His expression was both somewhat severe, while also being kind of soft, in… amusement?

Without really thinking about it she approached, and once she had come close enough Albion turned towards her.

"Lady Belladonna. My compliments on your and your team's performance during the competition." He said with a smile.

"T-thanks." She hadn't expected such a sincere compliment, much less from a member of team ROAL.

Each and every one of them always seemed to use a far different measuring stick, causing them to have a reputation for looking down on everyone.

Their immense displays of prowess and ability didn't exactly help, and Blake had first-hand experience with the ability of two of the Royal Knights.

Huckmon and V-mon might not be overwhelmingly powerful, but they were experienced and skilled warriors nonetheless, even if they insisted Huckmon was still inexperienced.

"Relaxing between bouts?" Albion queried on.

"Something like that. How about you?"

"I am… merely looking around, taking in the sights, seeing the various events, and finding interesting stalls."

She didn't feel like he was being completely sincere, but she was hesitant to actually bring attention to it.

She froze up when a deathly feeling combined with a feeling of being watched struck her.

Albion must have sensed it as well, as he made an instantaneous switch from casual conversational manners to fully alert protector.

Somehow it made her calm down, feeling almost… safe.

And as quickly as it came, the feeling of being watched and of a deathly presence disappeared.

"No way… it's still around…?" She said in a low voice.

"It would appear so. This speed of retreat… could it be… it isn't moving in the physical realm?"

Blake was somewhat taken aback by Albion responding, not having expected it.

"What do you think it is?" She tried querying.

"I have my suspicions. The possibilities are… concerning, but judging from this caution and swift retreat…" Albion shook his head. "My pardons, I hope you my careless words haven't caused you any concern."

"I would be lying if I said they didn't, but I think the very existence of whatever was watching us causes more concern than anything you can say."

"Is that so? I wish I could easily ease those concerns, but I have yet to ascertain the identity of our 'friend'… And I… lying is…"

Well what do you know. The chivalrous one doesn't like lying, seemingly even when it might be to the benefit of the other.

Blake smiled slightly. "I'd heard you described as honourable and gallant. I think I can see it."

Combining all she had seen, that did certainly seem to be the case.

"Someone described me as honourable and gallant? I am happy to hear Huckmon remains as enthusiastic as ever." Albion returned the smile. "We are allies, to some capacity. Do not hesitate to turn to us should the need arise."

"Are you seriously admitting it so easily? I kind of expected you to… act dumb and dance around it or something."

He laughed. "Did you sincerely think me capable of such actions? I admit, I should probably have tried to maintain just a bit longer, at least until I could consult with my comrades. But I could not."

Blake did feel like that was the case. She felt a bit like she was starting to understand the Royal Knight.

As such, she kind of already knew the answer to the question she was about to ask…

"But… is it really okay for you to say that? That we can turn to you guys… I was under the impression you were under orders not to interfere in Remnants affairs?"

Albion looked troubled.

"I suppose you are right. But while that may be the case, I simply cannot lightly ignore the plight of others, more so if they are… allies."

"And since Ruby and Yang partnered up with some of your comrades, we are your allies?"

"In my eyes, at the very least. I do at least swear to assist to the limit of my capacity, and vows."

With that solemn vow Albion walked away, leaving Blake to her thoughts.

To the limit of his capacity and vows…

Hearing that just made her want to rely on him less, for his sake… because she felt like there was just no way he could actually keep within said limit when that happened…


The room felt dark and treacherous, despite being well-lit.

Neo supposed it was the presence of a demon and… well, someone probably possessed by a demon.

After her attempt to escape Roman, or that thing inside of him had done something, cast some kind of spell it had seemed like, and she felt… shackled, for lack of a better word.

She could move about just fine, but her abilities, and therefore her only option for escape, had been severely hampered.

Their numbers had swelled.

People, ruffians and scoundrels, mostly, who had been drawn in by honeyed words and promises, and who were now practically… thralls, as best Neo could tell. They might still sincerely believe they were masters of their own fates... but if they did, it was false.

And… well… monsters. There was of course whatever thing that possessed that Knight… but there were also others, from who knew where, demons and apparitions, but not Grimm. Possessing various of the people enthralled by those two.

She'd thought she would become enthralled or possessed at some point herself… After all, why else keep her around?

But, unless it was far more insidious than she thought, to the point where she didn't even realise… Not yet.

Honestly, it was torture. Her only solace, a small, no, miniscule one, was that she had front-row seats to the plot masterfully crafted by whatever it was that was possessing Roman.

Beelzebumon, as that demon was called, didn't seem to have had any part in the crafting of said plot. It seemed… uninterested, to put it politely.

It was antsy. Seemed to be itching for another fight with some group they called 'the Royal Knights'. It was being patient, as best it could, but she could feel the restlessness of the being.

It was uncomfortable, because it made her restless as well. Only Roman seemed exempt, as a matter of fact. There had already been fights between the minions.

They couldn't wait that much longer, if only because of Beelzebumon…

But she could almost feel it. The time was approaching…


Weiss wandered, lost in her own mind.

The tournament was… going well, actually. V-mon and Huckmon had actually helped them quite a bit in terms of getting stronger.

Sure, it didn't feel like it, because those two were strong. Strong and with battle experience and instincts that none of the girls of team RWBY could match.

Of course, the heiress wasn't overly happy with her own progress…

She'd become a more capable fighter, true, but she still couldn't control her own Semblance…

Something a recent encounter with her sister had reminded her of.

Truth to be told, it was that meeting with her sister that had triggered Weiss' current state.

And it irked her, because right now something lurked out there, more terrifying than any Grimm…

The image of the towering demon they'd encountered in Mountain Glenn flashed in her mind. How easily it had swatted Professor Bartholomew aside…

If Huckmon hadn't powered up and changed the way it did…

She shook herself to get rid of the thought.

Looking around herself, she realised she'd wandered just a bit too far…

No good. She can't let herself get so distraught that she'd stray into dangerous places…

Especially not-

A loud crash echoed through the forest, and the ground shook.


What was that?

Before she'd even considered the situation enough, she'd already started heading towards the origin point of the sound.

She needed to know what it was. Because if it was danger-

She gaped in awe at the figure she spotted through the trees.

Even from a distance she could tell the figure was large…

No, it was enormous.

It was covered in metal, either plating or armour, which shone red.

As she inched closer, she started being able to make out more detail.

It had six leg that seemed almost equine, although it was hard to make out because of the crashed position of the figure.

Had it fallen from the sky?

A great white tail burst from what appeared to be the rear end of its body, and purple hair flared from the other end, along with golden spikes.

The being stirred, and she realised it had a humanoid body attached to what appeared to be a body like that of a horse…

An equine head sluggishly turned in her direction, and purplish eyes locked onto her.

This presence…

There was no doubt, this was some kind of Digimon.

"A… human?" It asked with a weary voice.

Weiss now noticed the signs of battle damage all over its body.

Did she seriously manage to stumble across another injured Digimon?

"A-are you… alright?" She asked, and almost slapped herself.

Is it alright? What did it look like?

There was no way it was alright.

"A strange question… I'd have thought the answer apparent. Still… if a human is here…"

"You can't stay in that form. You should regress, if you can…"

Weiss was almost astounded just how worried she felt for the being.

Perhaps because she'd been around Huckmon and V-mon, and realised these were sentient beings…

The Digimon's eyes widened, and then in a burst of light it shrunk, turning into a peculiarly different, really small, smaller than even V-mon and Huckmon, form.

It had what seemed to be white fur, with golden markings almost like circuitry and a golden band just beneath the head. Its body was kind of serpentine, although it had a pair of arms with tiny claws, as well as a pair of pointy ears. Its eyes had turned golden.

But just because it regressed didn't mean it was safe.

The injuries hadn't disappeared, and it didn't have the energy to sustain itself.

Weiss ran over to the small creature, who looked up at her with clear curiosity.

"You knew about regressing and our inability to maintain ourselves in this world… Human, where did you learn about Digimon?" It asked.

"I've met some before… They told me about it all… Even like this you still can't maintain yourself, right?"

What could she do…?

"That is true. You have a kind heart, human. You may know me as Kudamon, may I inquire as to what your name is?" It queried with a glimmer of appreciation in its eyes.

"Weiss, Weiss Schnee." She replied with a smile.

The glow that appeared around Kudamon and the appearance of a strange device just like the ones Ruby and Yang had did not go unnoticed by Weiss.

They both stared at each other for a while, Kudamon's eyes filled with surprise, and Weiss certain her own were the same.

""Ah."" They both let out at the same time.

It seemed neither of them had remembered about that.

It had certainly slipped Weiss' mind…

She looked at the pure snow-white device that proved their bond.

"My, a stroke of mixed fortune…" Kudamon remarked. "While it pains me to put my duty on hold in order to bind myself to a human… The alternative… was worse."

A strange premonition struck her.

"Kudamon… you wouldn't happen to be… a Royal Knight?"

"You know of us?"

Weiss sighed.

What were the bloody odds?

She picked up the still injured but improving Kudamon, which comfortably wrapped itself around her neck, and she started telling it what had happened recently as she headed back.

As it heard of this strange twist of fate where two of her friends were already partnered with Royal Knights, it laughed at how unlikely it all was…

And remarked that it might just be the hands of fate at work…

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