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"Still, that team ROAL seemed like a really odd bunch, don't you think, Weiss?" Ruby said as she strolled down a small path in the forested area near Beacon academy alongside her partner.

It had been a day since the meeting with the new team, and even though they never really got to talk with anyone other than their leader Riina, they had left a bit of an impression on them.

"I… suppose one could call them odd, yes. I mean, miss Onyx's conduct was impeccable, but her team-mates… We shouldn't deliver any judgement. We haven't had any time to talk to them yet." The white haired Huntress-in-training answered, hesitating to say anything bad.

She was working on not letting first-impressions colour her opinion. It could hurt her severely in negotiation after all.

The two had felt like taking a stroll in the beautiful weather, and decided to walk together while they were at it.

"Yeah, she seemed really nice but… the way she suddenly got behind us…" The red-headed girl agreed hesitantly.

Weiss shuddered slightly. "Yeah. I wasn't even looking at that… Omegos? Yet she still managed to catch me by surprise. She must either be an experienced Huntress, or very skilled, in order to pull that off." The heiress said contemplatively.

"The worst part is she didn't even feel like a warrior. The rest of her team had this warrior's presence about them or something, even that Lavender guy. But she had me completely fooled, and if she hadn't pulled of surprising us, or if she hadn't been the team leader of that group, I would have taken her for a civilian…"

"I wonder where she got that piece of jewellery from…?"

As the two of them continued their stroll, they moved away from the topic of the newcomers they met yesterday.

They briefly mused on the composition of Sun and Neptune's team, since they didn't know who the other two were, and they didn't know the name of the team itself.

They made a short joke that it would be pronounced 'Sun', then dismissed it since they didn't think that was a reasonable team name, the joke originating from the fact that their own team name was pronounced the same as its leader's name.

Thankfully Weiss was over the fact that she wasn't team leader by now, or they wouldn't have been able to make the joke in the first place.

They also briefly brought up what kind of boys they liked, but Weiss couldn't quite bring herself to discuss it, and Ruby was oddly evasive about her preferences, so they never got anywhere, and an awkward atmosphere formed around them.

But before either of them could break it Ruby caught sight of a piece of red cloth.

"Weiss? What's that?" She tugged at her partner and pointed in the direction of the cloth.

"It looks like a… wait, that's a red cloak, isn't it?!" The heiress noted that it wasn't just a piece, but a whole cloak.

"There's someone there." The younger girl said, approaching curiously.

"Wait! You can't just…!" Weiss tried to halt her, but Ruby had already reached the pile.

As they got closer they saw it wasn't a Human, or even a Faunus underneath.

Instead it was a silver-scaled, no, plated? reptile, with the cloak fastened around its neck, and a hood pulled over its head, with a pair of ear-like protrusions sticking out through it. The cloak itself was tattered, and a pair of goggles were perched precariously on top of its head, having suffered damage as well.

The creature itself was battered, with several wounds all over its body. It had lost consciousness and... its very presence seemed… weak…

It groaned lowly in a, for the white heiress at least, disturbingly human manner.

"He seems hurt! What do we do?" Ruby asked in a slightly panicked manner.

"I don't know… It seems a bit… dangerous, don't you think?" Weiss responded uncertainly.

The other girl ignored those words.

"We need to help him…" She muttered as she reached out for the creature.

It was somewhat heavy, but for someone used to swinging around a monstrosity of a weapon like Crescent Rose it was nothing.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you…" She said to the creature, and the two girls could see an amber eye creak open.

But neither of them noticed the faint glow that surrounded it for a short few moments, nor the slight strengthening of its presence, which they couldn't really feel properly anyway.

After all, one of them was busy fretting over the clearly injured being in her arms, while the other was busy worrying about how unsafe it seemed, what with that really sharp metallic looking horn or those sharp, really long claws…


But the red and white members weren't the only ones outside on this wonderful day, although Blake wasn't quite able to enjoy it, caught up in a maelstrom of various thoughts, both regarding, just like her team-mates, team ROAL, but also about the White Fang, a Faunus' rights movement turned radical that she was a former member of.

While she had no good ground upon which to worry about team ROAL, after all, apart from their leader Riina who seemed too harmless they didn't really seem like dangerous people, and she had no reason to suspect them of anything.

But the speed which with that data passed on the monitor… Even the fastest of users shouldn't be able to just get up into such speeds… and there shouldn't have been anyway an ordinary person could process that much information…

Yes, this thought kept bothering her.

She knew she probably shouldn't worry about it.

But if she saw the signs of something dangerous, and didn't act upon it, then wasn't that her fault?

"Ugh. What is it with this damned place?!" A female voice drifted into her ears, causing her to jump out of her thoughts. "To think that… even though I regressed to such a lowly form I… still can't repair this damage…"

The voice was weak, and angry. It also sounded like it came from someone rather small and… fanged?

(Un)fortunately she didn't have to wonder over this for long, for soon a large feline emerged from the undergrowth, its fur black, with purple tufts on the tips of its massive ears, at the end of the tail and then in stripes along the tail. Its front paws seemed to be covered in a pair of purple gloves, and its amber eyes shone with a wicked spark of intelligence.

It was also covered in wounds.

At first Blake wondered if it was some stray cat that had gotten into a fight with some Grimm, but it was larger than most cats she could think of, and she didn't think any ordinary cat could survive a Grimm attack…

It also didn't really look like any cat she knew of.

When it caught sight of her its eyes widened in surprise, but it didn't run, as a matter of fact it didn't seem particularly afraid of her at all.

Then it smiled.

It literally smiled, much like a human would, and in a way no cat ever could.

And that smile chilled her to the bone.

"A human… no, not quite. Doesn't matter." It spoke. The female voice the cat Faunus had heard earlier emerged from the creature before her.

A green light covered the Huntress-in-training's vision…


In a dark run-down warehouse, a man with orange hair, in a white coat and with a bowler hat perched on top of his head sighed as he exhaled a puff of smoke and surveyed his surroundings.

There was no one else there, all the beasts had already finished moving the goods out, and the kids had gone to Beacon with that smoking hot freak of a lady. And he meant those words in every sense he could think of.

Honestly he was a bit sad they had moved all the Dust. He had always been filled with a certain sense of… satisfaction when he looked upon the stacks upon stacks of Dust containers.

At least he was being compensated royally for his work. If there was one thing that could overpower the pride he felt in his skills it was his desire for more money.

Or anything else for that matter.

But somehow his musings were cut short by a dark rumbling laughter. "I sense strong greed within your heart human. I like it." A dark, yet somehow trust inspiring voice echoed throughout the room.

"Who's there?" The master thief asked, scanning the area around him cautiously.

"A friend, with a proposition." The voice sounded old and sage.

Roman didn't trust it. Anyone who introduced themselves with 'a friend' and immediately followed up with saying they had a proposition was no one you should trust. Especially when they don't show their face.

But even so, the criminal mastermind didn't get where he was without being opportunistic.

"Really now? I'll listen, but I would like to see your face first."

"Very well." Suddenly the voice didn't echo all around, but instead had a clear source of origin from his right.

Out of the shadows cast by the nearby rafters came what appeared to be a wizened old man, with greying skin, and shin length white hair, as well as an equally long white beard. He had a golden beaked mask covering his face, and was clad in luxurious robes, with a ridiculous golden necklace with large red gems draped around his shoulders(!).

In his left hand he held a large wooden staff, with a spiked metal band coiling around the length of it. It was crowned by a metallic skull of some sort that clutched a massive red ball of some unidentified material.

What troubled Roman the most was that he couldn't quite tell whatever or not the person before him was human or not, and the fact that this being, despite trying to look frail by supporting himself on his staff, seemed to be possessed of immense power didn't help at all.

Besides, no human could carry that necklace around!

"I am known as Barbamon." The being introduced himself. "I would like to propose that we aid each other… I can offer you an opportunity for great wealth and power, if you but agree to help a tired old man." Barbamon's voice truly did sound tired, and even Roman found himself hard-pressed to detect any falsehood in it.

"Tempting, but I'm currently under someone else's employ, so…"

"Worry not. You needn't break your current employment. As a matter of fact, I think you would find that accepting would be a great boon in fulfilling your current task."

"Okay. And what does this little agreement entail? What do you want me to do?"

The being in the guise of an old man chuckled darkly. "You need only act as my host while I recover my strength!"

A strong purple light flared up from around the old man, and a purple circle manifested before it.

Inside the circle formed letters, and then an odd geometric symbol, followed finally by an unusual symbol above it that he couldn't place put that looked vaguely familiar.

Of course, what perturbed the thief the most was that the monster, and obviously it was, especially now that it suddenly had six red bat-like wings sprouting from its back, had apparently decided that he had agreed.

"Wait a moment! I didn't agree to anything yet!" He shouted in aggravation, noting that he couldn't move anymore as another purple circle formed underneath him.

"But you did!"

"Wha- "

Roman Torchwick cried out as the demon disappeared in a blinding flash of light…


Blake cautiously carried the cat she had found back with her, careful not to aggravate its injuries.

She kind of felt like she was forgetting something, but even so she was still worried about the White Fang more than anything else.

She pointedly ignored all the odd traits of the feline she held in her hands, because it didn't matter. She wanted to help it, and she would.

After all, wasn't it the duty of a Huntress to help those in need?

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