Chapter 1: Feather Touch

Fresh summer breeze rushed through the dense mists of Cloudsdale, harped down kindly by a warm sun, peaceful with calls of birds and distance echoes far away. It was seen as a good day. Just a day to relax and do nothing else. A huff of contentment gave out as a young cyan colt Pegasus as the heated sun warmed his fur more, flexing his tiny but strong wings against another gentle wind picked up. A school bell ranged off in the distance, but the young colt made no move to go towards it.

Choosing to face away from the sound and sleep some more, but the soft stroke of a feather to his nose, made his right eye crack to the softness. Quickly has the touch came, it was gone. To that he closed his eyes once more, slowly letting sleep take hold. Yet again, seconds later the feather touch came.

"Umm, e-e-exuse me, b-but c-cl-class started. P-please w-w-wake up. Or you'll . . . oh umm, y-you'll be late again."

The words just barely near a whisper, the breeze mixing so uncanny to it, like it was always came to bothered him for how long; he never kept track and saw no need to do so, and again the young colt hardly caught a word of it. Though slowly he open his eyes, mostly to just glare at the annoyance that awoke him. But before he could say a word, an elder voice, at a simple guess was the teacher calling out to where he and the other was. Tone meant business and not wanting to get into trouble again. The colt rise to stand. Missing the small squeak from the other, who likely took off before he could open his eyes and at least look more awake and rushed to where the teacher was still yelling for him to hurry up.

"I'm coming. Geez." The young colt grunted out, soon making to the pale cloud building. Going in and not even glancing at the teacher that was giving him a disappointment glance. Not quite a glare but it was something that got the point across.

"Rainbow Blitz, I will warn you one more time. Tardy again, and I will write you up. You should be glad to have such a nice friend to come get you."

He rolled his eyes as he went to his seat, thinking the teacher must have lost a marble or two. In thinking he a friend at all. Ignoring a snip at him from a fellow classmate that jostled a cruel tease to him. Anything about trash, hits, or even crashes. The words fell to deaf ears, has he kept his dark eyes either at the board or the window. A low sigh came from his muzzle when seeing the nice day just passing, without him to enjoy it.

Soon, as the minutes ticked away. Slowly as it went. He couldn't be anymore glad to be out of class. About to high tail it out before the teacher had one more thing to say.

"Now class. Before you leave, if anyone is interest in entering a year early for flight school, starting this summer entrees, come see me before you leave or at the end of the week for the sign up. Have a nice weekend."

Rainbow Blitz took the chance and hurried up to be in front of the teacher. Followed by a familiar sounding squeak as he passed by. Glancing over his shoulder and saw nothing. Shrugging it off and hurried up to the teacher and filling in what needed to be done. Dashing out before the teacher gave one those famous rants about things like this serious. No time for that. Got to fly.

Once gone. The being of the small squeak walked up to the teacher. Stuttering so hard, the body shook with each word to ask the teacher for the board for a sign up.

"That's a very bold thing for you Fluttershy. You'll be a fine flyer, I can see it. Besides, I don't anyone else who can keep Rainbow Blitz under wraps like you do. Kind one you are, little miss."

Fluttershy shook her head, disagreeing, but still she signed her name. In seconds out the door. Unknowing what could come after all this. She was doing this for someone else and how else could she say no, even to her parents.