Chapter 4: The Last Forgotten Hello

Summer Flight School was over and it was back to normal schooling, much to the dismay of Rainbow Blitz, but he made due of it all. Taking the chance now that it was a free day from school, he was doing tricks and testing his speed. Rainbow Blitz didn't know what it was, but there was just this passion running through him, that is just the need to go faster than ever. With how big Cloudsdale was, that itch to explore it was hard to let it die.

Doing some distance jumps, over shot one cloud when seeing a sleeping figure on a nearby cloud.

"Fluttershy!" He shouted with glee, making a harsh U-turn back, surprise for a second that his shout didn't awaken her, though shrugged it off, as he carefully landed on the large cloud. Feeling a tad mischief, decided to repay the favor of something she normally did for him. With the gentleness of a butterfly rose and lay the tip of his left wing on her nose, that twitched within contact.

Fluttershy gave a gentle sneezed when the feather gave a few stroke motions, enough soon she wiggled her nose to sway the soft touch away. Likely in thinking it was a butterfly or something smaller than that. Blinking away sleep from her eyes and let a short yawn leave her, she awoke, bolting up right when seeing she wasn't alone. In time to see Rainbow Blitz to set his wings back in place, very holding a smug look.

"Afternoon Blitz." She mummeries out in another loose yawn, rubbing away any linger sleep from her eyes with one hoof.

"Hey Fluttershy. I saw you while flying and doing some awesome tricks. I thought maybe you would like to tag along?"

"I don't think I would be able to keep up with you, Blitz, even if I tried." She replied back, a sleepy smile back to him, soon going on with. "I would love to really. But I wouldn't want to slow you down is all."

"Fluttershy, we talked about this. No bad mouthing yourself."


He let huff out with a roll of his eyes, once more setting them on her with a pointed look. Which she caught on right away.

"Oh! Oh, umm, sor-no, I mean what kind of tricks do you have in mind?"

Another eye roll but happy to see her trying.

"Well, I haven't thought of anything yet. I was thinking of trying to go in the fastest speed changing temper gametes of clouds to fog. Last time I did it was under thirteen minutes, I am hoping to cut that down in half. Would you be my ref or something."

"Sure! Is that something the Wonderbolts do?"

"I haven't check really, but it could be an awesome way to get noticed. Any means to get closer to that dream, I am all for it. So, will you help?"

"Of course."

After finding a place to practice, Rainbow Blitz set into motion while Fluttershy found a place to view it all.

"What's the time you are hoping to get?"

"Half of thirteen. So I guess four minutes."

Fluttershy tilted her head to that, wanted to say something but choose not.

"Whatever works right?"


Fluttershy kept her eyes on a tree's shadow as a clock timer, setting Rainbow Blitz ready when the time was fair to count. And he set the moment in motion the moment she called out for him to go. Rainbow Blitz spin around each cloud at the right speed, when he was certain the cloud was no more and only a mist was left behind. When he was certain he got all the clouds in reach and in a timely matter. Once he was sure he was done, he shouted he was done.

"Fluttershy! Time!"

With steady breathing, he was hovering near her as she finished in thought of his time.

"So? How did I do?"

Fluttershy stiffed when hearing how close he was he, glancing again at the shadow. Before looking over at him.

"Umm, well it isn't four minutes."

"Darn, I felt like it was so close."

"Well you did very well in doing it in four point nine minutes. So I guess . . ."

Fluttershy was cut off from speaking as she was pulled into a bear hug, her face pressed deeply into his shoulder area as he spin them around.

"I will take that! Yes! Thank you, Referee Fluttershy."

"You're welcome. Umm, can you, umm let me go? I can't breathe."

Rainbow Blitz quickly let her words sink in and swiftly let her go and gently back on the cloud she was perched on.


Though from that smile, he was beyond giddy for what he was able to pull of.

"It's fine, Blitz, you should be happy. You did really well."

"Aw, now you are just trying to butter me up here."

Fluttershy tilted her head in confusion.

"I wouldn't lie to you Blitz. You're my best friend. Right?"

"What I say about doubting yourself?" He asked her, even though his words were brimming with cocky smugness.

She nodded in understanding, before giving her wings a few good few flaps. A little dodgy compare to how her friend flied, but nothing she couldn't handled. Soon she was at eye level with him, glamping a smile before flying ahead of him.

"You want to go get a snack or something, it's a nice day out still. I'm not needed home quite yet."

"Sure! After all that, I am so hungry I could get a mountain."

Fluttershy let a giggle out to that, fully knowing of his hungry could be at times. Soon they were flying at a peaceful pace, no racing just enjoying the afternoon setting as it was.

"So, Junior Speeders Camp is happening next summer. You thinking of going? I heard some of the older members of the Wonderbolts will be teachers there and help out. So yeah, I am so going . . . you?" Rainbow Blitz asked, lazily flipping around Fluttershy in slow circles around her, in boredom but mostly trying to keep in mind, of trying not to ditch her in his need for speed.

"I don't I think will be." Her answer was so low, her friend almost missed it.

Shock as he was, he stopped with the circling and hovered in front of her with wide eyes of disbelief.

"You're not coming? But I thought we made an oath to be their for each other, Squeakers? Come on, you got to go. I know it may not be your thing, but they have other things too. And hey, if anyone says otherwise, I got your back. Come on please."

"My parents want me to go. But I don't think it would be a wise thing. They're still sore about what happen last summer and I just couldn't even think of putting them through that again. Blitz, you almost got kicked out and I don't want my parents thinking you're a bad influence on me. It would be best if I don't go."

"Hey, hey . . . I did not get kicked out. I had you at my side and set things right. Come on we're a good duo. We got this. Come on."

Fluttershy stayed silent for a while, to just think for a moment. Her light blue eyes looking anywhere but at her friend, who had the kicked puppy look down to an art form. She didn't want to lose her good friend if anything like last summer happen again and it being her fault. There was no forgiveness there for herself, if that happen. She wanted to keep her family happy as well and that was to make choices but also for her to be happy. With a light sigh, she looked to Rainbow Blitz, whose face hadn't change an inch, and couldn't help but let a tiny smile slip through her lips.

"Are there visitation rights?"

"Yeah, I can mark you down as a sister and if anyone asks, you're my half sister or something. Full proof. Am I genius or what?"

"Now what did we talk about your ego?" She whispered out with a slight smile to it, trying to be daring.

He just stuck his tongue at her in a playful matter.

"So please?"

"I'll try. I don't know if it will work, but the summer wouldn't be the same."


They kept as planned to what they promised and saw each other on days Fluttershy could come and stay as long as she could at times. Nothing much changed, and they enjoyed it. They never thought to meet up with certain ponies though, much to Rainbow Blitz dismay but he was always too happy to put them in their place. Though soon, without much a noticed Fluttershy was able to show up as often and when ever she could say, her parents kept her busy. Till one day, Fluttershy saw Rainbow Blitz hanging out with a fellow speeder and barely even knew she was there. Called her by name but beyond that, he wasn't the friend he was to her, as of month and half ago, leaving her a very easy target for the past to catch up.

"Well, well, Klutzsky is flying solo. Figure he get bored of you soon enough. True flyers are thick as a thieves. Enjoy your wake up call."

Nothing else and they left, likely to go bother another poor filly or colt. Fluttershy stood her ground, heavy in heart to what they said and started to leave, yet stopped when seeing Rainbow Blitz and those bullies chatting, she got close enough to hear her friend challenge them to a race. Very much something he would do. Thinking for a spare moment to see how this turned out. Stayed and root for him in the distance, as a farewell in a way. She never thought that during the race, one of the racers would knock her down from the clouds and to the ground. In a way opening her eyes to a new kind of wonders.

Though when a shock wave upon her, looked up to a sonic rainboom and smiled proudly knowing well who was the cause of that now once mare tales.

"I'm so proud of you Blitz."