Chapter 5: Feather Loss

After finding her talent, Fluttershy moved from Cloudsdale and into a nice cottage near a nice village called Ponyville and has been making a fine living there with helping the animals large and small in the area. Becoming a fine caregiver to pet owners as well for those in need of a helping hand. Even with much worry from her parents, they were proud of her and hoped she visit as often as she could. Rarely now as years went on, but made an effort to let them know she loved them dearly and missed just as much. Soon to that, she had gotten to a good amount of the locals and was a fine speaking terms with them.

More so happily with Applejack who was a firecracker with her work and was greatly welcome when she made deliveries. Bubble Berry was a loose cannon but a very welcome one at times, though the loud parties Fluttershy could handled without. Twilight Sparkle was a smart one and always welcoming plus she had a baby dragon, Spike. And lastly Elusive was a dramatic unicorn, a type she would tend to stray from, but time again and again, found ways to enjoy each other's company.

Counting as now, Elusive won some tickets for two for a day long spa treatment, and he thought of no one else to bring along, would be someone who needs a moment to relax. Fluttershy never thought of how he could see it, of how easily her stress could wash off her and be seen by him. She had try to play it off and say it was nothing, but soon her wonderful though troublesome pet bunny, Angel took noticed and it couldn't be glanced over anymore.

So as she locked up her cottage, strolling down the path to her check on her mail and see if anything was new. Letter from her parents, usual. Smiling kindly when seeing another party invite from Bubble Berry saying that a new neighbor had and wants to welcome greatly. Just this once, maybe she'll go. For the sake of not seeing Bubble Berry zooning on her with those heartbreaking eyes and rivers of tears. Mostly ads and junk mail, placed her mail back inside with a lock for now and coming for it later, carried on her walk to Elusive's shop.


She shifted in steps, almost tripping by the sound of a voice calling her name. Even though it was deeper and a tad raspy, it was coming off loud, cocky, and very happy. Looking to the sky and right away saw the faint blur of a rainbow mane coming at her. Soon dark pink eyes were right there in front of her. Happy as ever to see her.

"Fluttershy, hey, long time no see. Remember me?"

She blinked, slowly letting it set in. That her friend from foal school was back. Older but still very much the same.

"Hello Rainbow Blitz." She replied softly, a matching smile as she moved to hug him.

In reply, he returned it with a hearty laugh.

"So great to see you again. I didn't think you moved here."

"I sent you a letter some time back. Oh, it must have gotten lost or something."

Rainbow Blitz cuts in right away, when seeing that sorrow look.

"Well no matter. I'm here now and guess what? I'm moving here. Cool huh?"

Fluttershy was now shock of that news, before letting out in a whispered out. "So you're the new neighbor that has moved in. Ah, oh, glad to know the party is going to be great. Bubble Berry is never one to disappoint newcomers. You're going to love it."

"Are you going?"

"I have thought about it. Berry always gets so frustrated when I don't, but I promise this time I would." She said in a peaceful and quiet matter, even though a party starved Bubble Berry is no joking matter. In that thought, spoke again in a hurry. "Speaking of promises, I have to go, I have a spa date with Elusive and I can't be late."

Rainbow Blitz stayed quiet for a moment, letting what she said sink in enough, that he rose an eyebrow to most of the words she spoke. Even though she was a few steps ahead of him, he was able to catch up. A smug smile in place.

"Why don't I tag along. Could you show me around the place on to . . . where again?"

Fluttershy gave a giggle and nodded in agreement before answering. "Carousel Boutique, Elusive's clothing shop. He makes the most beautiful dresses and suits. Breathtaking really."

"Really? He's that good?"

Fluttershy wasn't sure what to make of that tone, eyeing him for a second and saw nothing to worry about. Still she had a smile in place and nodded again.

"Yes. I even model for him a few times. Says I have a natural look most mares can't do and it makes him happy to see his dreams come true. So I'm happy to help whenever I can."

"Sounds like you two are close. Even going on a spa date."

"He would have asked Applejack, but she had to head out on a family emergency. So here I am."

"That's, umm well, nice of you. I was kind of hoping you and I could hang out and catch up. You know after the party or something?"

Fluttershy smiled at him greatly.

"I would love nothing more than that."

"So how about now?"

"Blitz, I promised I go with Elusive, it's just for today and after the party. We can hang out as much as you want and I can show more of the town. You'll love it."

Rainbow Blitz's ears sagged only a tad, barely enough for the other to noticed.

"Oh, okay." He looked away with a slight pout. Not much else to do but go with the flow, not much of his thing, but it was her thing. So he won't push it. Greatly as he wanted to, Rainbow Blitz didn't know the pony who she being hangout with, he could be nice. Nothing to worry about.

"Here we are." Fluttershy responded, showing Rainbow Blitz the building, in time to see a unicorn walking out of the shop, locking it up. A white coat stallion, well style purple mane and matching eyes.

Yeah, nothing to worry about at all. Rainbow Blitz thought grimly and not fully knowing why.

"Fluttershy, darling, glad you are here. Ready do to go?" The stylish stallion asked, as he walked over to the duo with a setting smile that could ease anyone.

"Yeah, I was just showing my friend here, Rainbow Blitz, a bit of the town. Blitz this is Elusive."


The other stallion took a glance over, a bit shock of seeing such a wild style this one was, but welcomed it all the same.

"Hello. Rainbow Blitz you said, Fluttershy?"

She nodded.

"Oh what a charming day to finally meet you, Fluttershy spoke of fond times about you. Good gentlecolts always doing the right thing, no?"

Rainbow Blitz gave an unamused look to him, but agreed for the most part.

"So I have been told." He grunted out.

"I do wish we speak more, but the day is wasting. Fluttershy and I have a get-to-gather we have to hurry off. Maybe afterwards we can talk some more."

"Sure, Lucy, sounds like fun."

"Umm, that's Elusive, my dear sir."

"I know."

Fluttershy spoke out, feeling a tension she didn't understand was coming from.

"We better go, Elusive, those tickets aren't good forever."

He sighed, glancing to Fluttershy with a large smile. Eyeing Rainbow Blitz for a reaction, it was a small one but it was there. To that, he pushed on the matter.

"Yes, we should. Fluttershy hurry off ahead. I need to make the locks are good this time, there a bit a mishap that happen last week and I don't feel like repeats."


Soon it was just the two stallions.

"Well, my dear lad if it makes you feel any better. You have nothing to worry about."

"How so, Lucy?"

"I did say she spoke fondly of you. I be wise and not let simple friendships, like what her and I have, cloud your better judgement. She's a sweetie and I would rather she should look elsewhere. But she just doesn't know it yet. If you care, you better be there for her. That's all I can on the matter."

"Let's assume I understand most of that. Humor me."

"If I have to out right tell you. Than I guess you have fully lost your little Squeakers."

Rainbow Blitz ears took straight edge before bending at a certain angle later at that, it almost match a glare without the eyes showing it.

"Excuse me?"

"You'll get it but you have to play nice. Or you'll lose her."

Rainbow Blitz just full on glared at the other.

"Just for the record. I don't like you for certain reasons."

"I will agree to certain wording to that as well. Farewell."

Later that night, during the party at the Cake Shop, Rainbow Blitz was having a hard to enjoy it. Mostly because he noticed two ponies had yet to show up and very, very much late. Though at least Fluttershy was right about Bubble Berry never holding back to have a good time. Soon as the hours ticked away and nearing midnight, the partygoers were slowly filing out. Leaving a few scatters and quickly noticed another walking in.

"Blitz, I am so sorry that I am late. The spa date was longer than I thought it would have been, then I had to go home and check on Angel . . ."


"My pet bunny."

"Oh, okay."

"But really, I am so sorry that I am late. Elusive's sends his regards and hope you had a fun time."

"For the most part. Thank you for coming, even if the party is almost over."

"Again, so sorry."

"Fluttershy, I forgave you when you walked into the door." He said back, with a smug smile though to her, it came off as teasing.

She returned it gently and wholeheartedly. Enough so that it made her wings flutter a tad, showing enough that she had a strap bag under her wings.

"What's that?"

She followed his sight to the bag. And without a word, pulled off the bag by her teeth and held it out to him with a puffed smile. The look made him a crack a laugh to it and took the bag with ease after he stopped laughing and open the bag.

"I remember of how badly you wanted to become a Wonderbolt and I know it takes time for that. So I thought I craft you something like a metal of honor in saying; you're already a Wonderbolt to me and all the title that goes with it. I was going to give to you at the camp years back, but things came up."

"Oh?" Was he could mustered as he pulled out the soft velvet neck cloth with a metal plate with a gold color tint, that match his cutie mark.

"You like it?"

"I love it. Thanks Squeakers."

She giggled before replying. "I haven't heard you call me that in a long while."

"Well, let's just say I have a lot of catching up to do. So you and me, tour tomorrow. But tonight, we do some stargazing like we used to do as kids?"

"I would like that very much. Maybe we can ask Twilight if we can barrow her telescope for the night. I saw she was still here."

"Sounds great and after that?"

"Well you are living here. Skies the limit, Blitz."

"Just like old times. Awesome. Already looking forward to that, thank you Fluttershy."

"For what?"

"Well you know . . . being my friend and much else to me. Come on, don't make me turn into a sap, that's not me."

She gave a nod in understanding.

"I would never. And thank you too, for being my friend. We have a lot of catching up to do."

"Good thing that skies the limit, right?"

"Right!" She squeaked out with a smile, to which he could only matched it.

The End.