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The man was dead. Dead. Dead. Dead! The man was at least in his mid-thirties, wearing a nice black work suit and having light blue eyes and blond hair. The only unnatural thing about the man was the large black hole in his suit and the large cauterized wound over the man's heart. Of course there was also the young black haired youth with bright poisonous green eyes.

The youth who look to be about seven or eight was not shock or fearful of the blond man's death for he was the one who caused it. Covered in rags, the boy's upper half was clothed in a dirty sweatshirt which had seen better days along with the patch-job sweatpants, along with all of that the boy was also just plain dirty over all.

Harry Potter hated his lifestyle, he hated the grime and dirt, he hated how his own aunt and uncle had dumped him into a random orphanage as soon as they got the chance too. He hated how he was traded from orphanage to orphanage and from parent to parent. Before long Harry found himself across seas in the famous city of New York, all alone and without his last set of adopted parents.

They had taken Harry overseas after adopting him from a British orphanage. It was not long before Harry did not meet his new set of parents expectations and was sent back to a orphanage. After all of this adoption juggling Harry had finally ran away and had been on streets for a year now.

But if they was any thing Harry had figured out through all of this juggling was that Harry loved money and magic. Both had allowed Harry to survive in the harsh streets of New York City. It was fear which drove him to money and magic but it was love of those two things that made sure Harry persevered.

Harry made to mutter an apology about how sorry he was for ending the man's life but not a peep come from his lips. For Harry was not sorry for the tightly clutched stolen wallet in his left hand nor the crackling lightning in his right.

For what was dead besides the end of this man's happiness and the continuation of Harry's own?

Harry had promised himself he would never die. Never.

The banging on his apartment door was something Harry had grown use to over the years while living at his building. Harry had grown not just in stature but in riches and standing too. Over the years Harry had accumulated the addiction to both power and wealth. Harry at first had started small, his jobs being petty theft before growing into full on bank robbers and his spells started as just a slim bolt of lightning were now a raging storm of thunder.

Now eleven years old, Harry Potter had seen and tasted the finer side of things. Harry would never give any of this up, his drugs were selling and his markets were blooming. Harry was climbing the ladder and making his own at the same time and nothing that anybody did would make him fall.

Throwing open his door, Harry was not happy to see one of his most loyal cronies nor did he care that the grown man was a stuttering mass spewing only nonsense. Roughly grabbing the bald man and showing strength no eleven year old should have threw the forty year old man into Harry's apartment.

Harry soon place Aaron Cobwell into a nice looking chair, he was one of Harry's first real loyal cronies. Harry had recruited Aaron with dreams of leaving riches for his family when he was long and gone from his cancer. Aaron knew his way around both the streets and the higher ups of society and it was Aaron who taught Harry almost all of his manners and skills when dealing with the human side of things.

Not caring for seeing the man continued to rave like a man mad, Harry raised his right hand and brought it back across the raving man's face. Leaving a red welt on Aaron's face but also doing it's job at freeing the man from his yelling, staring hard at Harry it still took Aaron a couple of seconds to realize that he had made it to his boss and could now probably accurately tell Harry what was going on.

Harry took in the man's bloodied and ripped suit and Aaron's hurt frame. Harry also took notice of the gun tightly held in Aaron's right hand.

Obviously there had been a fight and Harry wish to know who attack him by attacking his workers.

"Who did this Aaron?"

Waving a hand at Aaron's worn out body, Harry continued.

"Was it the dealers?"

A shake of the head was all he got so Harry tried again.

"The shops up north? Or maybe somebody pushed onto our tuff?"

Again all Aaron gave was a weak head shake in 'no'. Taking a gulp of air, Harry tried again but this time there was a hidden hint of nerves in his voice.

"Was it someone from the other side?"

When Aaron just gave another shake of the head Harry loss it, with his magic getting the better of him, he spoke again, Harry's voice was much lowing this time and much more deadlier. Harry was done being patient and sparks of electricity were visibly rolling of his tongue.

"Then who the hell was it?"

Harry watch as the man he had come to know and trust held up a the palm of his left hand to him showing the world and Harry a simple rune. A tracking rune.

Glaring hatefully Harry barely had time to throw a piercing bolt of lightning at the grinning form of Aaron before loud snaps and pops echoed around him and lit his world up bright red. Harry hit the ground like a sack of bricks and laid there as two red rode men approach Harry prone form.

"We finally did it Alastor, we finally found him!"

The man's deep voice bore only satisfaction, for years of they all tried to find this one missing boy and now after all this time could they bring the boy home.

"I know Kingsley I know, just grab the boy and let's get ou-"

The scarred man never got to finish because Harry decide he was done playing dead and with a rumbling crack Harry's body lit up with white lighting. Both intruders were surprised at the sudden light and covered their eyes to shield them. It was only the magic eye of one of the intruders that saved both of them. Grabbing a hold of his partner's red robe and with a quick pop disappeared out of the apartment just as a ray of thunder brought itself down on the black haired boy's body.

Both Alastor and Kingsley appeared atop the building across from boy-who-lived's apartment and both of them watch as the thunder tore on through the building and surprisingly retracted from the building carrying the form of Harry Potter to who knows where.

One of the first things Harry did when he escaped from those two wizards was get a new set of cloths, having vaporized his old set in his escape. The second thing Harry did was put out a hit for by Alastor and Kingsley, both were wizards but Harry knew that most wizards usually had a form a muggle identification.

Harry dealings with wizard-kind was usually violent. When Harry started coming up in the business he knew he needed backing and with some type of knowledge of what's out there Harry started to track down others of his kind and demanded to be taught.

Of course wizard-kind did not take kindly to this. Wizard-kind was not known to be a sharing race, hoarding both of their society, riches, and knowledge of magic from everything that wasn't one of them. Even then witches and wizards did take kindly to anyone trying to take their knowledge.

Eventually Harry did find a teacher of sorts, and from this teacher did Harry truly learn of magic and greed.

Standing in front of a large brick wall, painted with a large grinning mouth over most of it. Harry after making no progress with his small network of conections, turned toward his teacher once again. Placing a hand on the brick wall, Harry watch it sink through it and before long Harry push the rest of his body along with it.

Emerging onto the other side Harry was greeted to the sights and sounds of Bloody Night, one of the greatest supernature clubs to ever be created. From succubi and incubi to dwarfs and goblins, mostly however there were humans and vampires. Beady eyed and drunk on the blood from surrounding sources, the vampires lorded over the other entities of the Bloody Night, confident that their lady was watching over them in her club.

Soon the vampires noticed Harry and the once arrogant and proud vampires bowed their heads not in respect but in acknowledgement. Vampires of all ages new or old bowed their head, some not even willing to do so but their lady would have nothing less than their absolute obedience.

Walking through the slowly splitting crowd of natural and supernatural beings Harry, head held high and shoulders squared, quickly cut through the crowd and ascended up a set of suspended glass stairs directly located in the middle of the club, block off to all except the wanted by a thin line of runes surrounding the it.

Soon Harry found the club changing around him as he climbed upward, where once was a raging club of drugs and magic had now become a luxurious and grand large room. Large glass panels surrounded the room, showing not just the club he had come from but also many other ones as well. A large bar set to the in the middle of the room, stock full of vials and bottles of multiple different colored liquids. From blue to green and from red to purple Harry knew that the only liquid they all carried was blood and magic.

Despite the absurd amount of furniture in the room only one piece of it was being use, a grand chair made using the finest craftsmanship one could ever hope to have, lavished with both gems and magic this chair was made with the full intent of being used by a person of high standing.

This grand chair was also being used as nothing more than a toy, standing on one of it's four legs, the chair slowly rotated on it's axis all the while supporting a woman but calling her just a woman would be an insult.

Dark strands of hair fell down well past her back and poured out around her, pale skin and an voluptuous figure incomparable to any Harry had ever seen. All of the woman was simply inhuman and ethereal, coming to a stop from it's spinning the chair gave a low groan before stopping before Harry allowing him to seen the teeth-showing grin atop the woman's face, She had been waiting for him. The woman's teeth were perfect just like the rest of her, white and size nicely. The only thing off about them was that they were all sharp and pointed, unlike most vampires who only had four of their incisors sharpened, this woman's entire mouth was lined with only blade-like teeth.


The now named Kallari did not greet Harry right right away instead like how Harry had made her wait Kallari shall make him wait, Standing from her worn chair, Kallari spread her arms wipe, beckoning Harry closer.

Harry did not move closer to his teacher and took two steps backwards instead, away from Kallari and her warm-like gesture.

"What's wrong Harry? No love for your mother."

Kallari was not Harry's mother nor was she close to any close to family for Harry. It could not be said however that she did not raise him. Kallari had picked him right off the streets on a whim and nurtured him into what she called her son.

Harry had never known the emotion love nor had he experienced it, instead Kallari gave him true greed. Nurtured the sprout in Harry's heart into a towering tree and as for happiness Harry was given magic.

Kallari instantly loss the large grin on her face for her natural expression, which was just a simple frown, Kallari did not known real emotion. Kallari was not normal vampire nor was she anything close to one. Kallari was the progenitor of vampirism or rather the progenitor of the progenitors. Kallari was the first vampire to ever be created, making Kallari a very special being.

Kallari was a primordial, one of the few still willing to exist. Being a primordial meant she did not have to follow the old rules but could lie and steal all she wanted. It was also because she was an primordial that why she could not move freely. The beings that represented their races had dared to give her limits, dared to go against her! Kallari the devourer. But these beings had succeeded partly and limits she was bound too.

Kallari could not go pass her bounds, could not go past her walls, her territory. Kallari for hundreds of years sought to break these walls and expand her territory. Sadly her only advancement was being able to go wherever her race had the strongest presence, but vampires were a dying race and Kallari did not want to be bound to one place for ever or worst.

Then Kallari had found Harry and her world changed. In Harry, Kallari saw the same growing greed for all things as she had now. So Kallari took him and made Harry her's and through Harry Kallari saw the world again. In exchange Kallari taught Harry of greed and magic.

Kallari was a harsh teacher.

Before Harry could even brink Kallari was gone and behind him, her arms tightly holding him and with a snap Kallari sank her fangs into Harry's neck. This was their true greeting not some family bullshit. Giving only the smallest of winces, Harry stood strong and waited for his benefactor to finish. Kallari was done quickly and gave a sensual lick over her love marks and they healed in a flash, leaving unblemish skin behind.

After this was all done with Harry started to get to the point of why he was here and it was not for Kallari love bites.

"I need information."

Harry voice did not hold a grain of respect for the being before him, Harry did not give a shit for what Kallari was but only for what she had for him and Harry always paid out the ass for it. Like just now and people thought that getting bitten was hot. 'That shit is painful!'

Still Harry had payed and Kallari gave, with a wave of a well manicured hand two maila-colored folders appeared in Harry's hand and atop each were two names. Kingsley Shacklebolt and Alastor Moody was printed across each respectfully.

With a grin Harry tore into both, seeking to understand just who these men were, who they loved and why they wanted him. The information gave Harry all of this and more. Kallari's network of connections was large and spanned the globe and beyond. With Britain however times were beginning to change. The vampire colonies had chosen to follow a rising dark lord in years past without Kallari's consent and found themselves on the losing side.

Kallari had been quite upset with the british vampires and brought the remaining vampire leader's heads back personally and installed new leaders to restart her empire. The new vampire clan leaders quickly ran into trouble with both the werewolves and one Albus Dumbledore.

The werewolves were easily handle and any chance at getting one up on the food chain was put down harshly. With Dumbledore however it was a much different story, where the werewolves were beaten and push back Dumbledore was not. Threats did not make him back down and bribery did not reach his ear and with Dumbledore's campaign against all things dark and evil the vampire's standing in the isles were at an all time low. Meaning Kallari's reach was at an all time low in the Britain isles which lead to her being upset and when Kallari was upset she like to take it out on Harry.

So yes Dumbledore had made it onto Harry's shit list and so when Kallari produced another folder with Dumbledore's name on it Harry knew it was time to put their foot down with Dumbledore. If threats would not scare Dumbledore and bribery would not make him turn the other cheek then maybe a dagger in the old man's back would change his views.

Tightly wrapping the enchanted cloak around his form once again Harry took a couple of seconds to make sure he did everything right. Ahead of him was both a wall of runes and arrays of the darkest wand-variant and ahead of that was the infamous Nott manor and around both Harry and the manor was a raging snowstorm.

'Fuck all the people who had a hand at building this accursed place!'

It was not hard getting to the Nott manor it was just a bitch for Harry to transverse a blizzard which was both natural and unnatural raging around the Nott manor but the thing was Harry was on a deadline and he would rather not miss it.

It had taken hours to get to the place and from there another one to poke and prod the wards to find a certain ward which was connected to the master ward inside the manor all without getting noticed.

Harry eventually found what he was looking and with a practiced movements brought forth a syringe and quickly pulled back the syringe. It's glass container filled with a blackly-blue magic substance. The stuff reeked of foul magic but it was what Harry needed and with a wave of both his hand and magic the blackly-blue substance turned a snowy-blue.

With a cocky grin Harry wasted no time in injecting the magic into him. Soon the Notts would not know what hit them.

"Eureka bitches! Better watch out and better not hide cause Harry's coming for ya!"

The cocky grin had not left Harry's face since his entrance into the Nott's manor and with satisfaction Harry had started running his hand along the walls of the dark manor. This was not done out of childish pride but with reason. The blue substance Harry had injected himself with was an ancient piece of vampiric magic, taking the very core of cast or casted magic this piece of magic allowed Harry's magic to take on exact properties of the taken magic for a limited time.

As of just a little bit ago Harry was the master ward to all of Nott manor and gods was he loving every last bit of it. Still all good things must come to an end and with a roll ahead Harry easily dodged the pale red spell aim at his back. Raising and sidestepping and dodging any magic thrown at him by the elder Nott and slowly Harry's cocky grin had started to turn into a arrogant one filled with contemptment for the older wizard.

The elder Nott's eyes were alit with both anger and magic, his wand a blur of motion and his body advanced by dark magic gave chase and easily kept up with his younger enemy. Soon that grin was lost however when the elder Nott sprung his trap. All around the walls Harry once thought his own turned on him and bound him with dark tendrils of energy and once Harry was safely secured did the man speak for the first time. The man's voice was deep with anger and rage.

"Who are you and who sent you boy!"

Harry did not answer and instead shot the man a cocky grin, like anything the man did would not break him. Elder Nott did not ask again and sent forward a spell to get the answers he so desired.


The spell hit true and along with a hefty dose of legilimency Nott waited impatiently for the telltale signs that his magic work only when seconds passed and Nott did not see the glassy eyes of his victim did he know that something was wrong but it was too late by then and the presence of Harry's mind broke into Nott's own, tearing it apart and slowly started to remake it from the ground up.

With a burst of lightning the dark tendrils fell broken around Harry, looking towards the still man Harry knew his job was almost done. Turning away from the broken man Harry casted a murderous grin towards the hidden form of Theodore Nott, frozen stiff after watching his father face the boy and lose.

With a mental jerk Harry commended the broken elder Nott to capture and bound his own son and watched with glee when the man did so effortlessly. With all of that done Harry continued along his merry way, his hands once again trailing along the walls, rewriting the wards for what they did and who they served.

Still there's more work to do and a potion to brew.

Harry stared into his reflection, taking in his new sickly pale complexion from his once healthy tone and Harry's once neatly combed raven hair was now blond and slicked back. Harry's cheek bones were set higher and much more defined than they once were. Harry had completely turned into Theodore Nott and it was all thanks to the Draught of Janus. A potion long lost to the annals of time and replace with a more easier brew called polyjuice. The Draught of Janus did not just give the drinker the appearance of the desired but also the memories and mannerisms and magic as well.

The process and ingredients needed for the potion were mind boggling yet both were something Harry was long since taught and given by Kallari. Kallari did not train Harry of this world's magic but of her magic. Where Harry's people were taught to use a wand Harry was taught to use magic itself as a focus, where witches and wizards were taught to always fear what magic could do Harry was taught to love what magic could do. Where Harry was brought up into magic and lived in magic, witches and wizards were taught to live alongside it.

It was this difference that made Harry despise his kind, His kind had grown content with magic and did not truly value it like Harry thought they should. Wizard-kind had stop moving along with magic and instead let magic pull them.

Now for who knows how many years Harry was going to have to co-exist with his kind and learn among them all to get closer to his goal of building his own empire among Kallari's.