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With a stride not his own and a walk and a talk surely not belonging to 'Theodore Nott' Harry Potter was roaming the magic castle on a mission. Unlike most however Harry was not looking to occupy a broom closet nor did Harry have the responsibility to watch over Hogwarts's hallowed halls also Harry was not among the few that had insidious plans tonight either.

The entire reason Harry was out tonight was because of greed. Greed made him and greed drove him. Greed was like Harry's goddamn gospel and Harry the priest following it to the letter. Tonight his destination was the headmaster's office and the Book of Registration which resided in it.

The Book of Registration held all of the permitted registered magic signatures of the many children and staff of Hogwarts. The magic signatures were given by parents or guardian who were seeking to put their children into the most leading magic institution of all of Europe. If their children were accepted most people left their magic signature in the Book of Registration allowing Hogwarts to always remember them.

What most people didn't know or rather didn't bother to care about was that if your magic signature was in the book then Hogwarts could always find you and the book would always offer it's knowledge to the current headmaster. Well at least until the magic signatures were older than seventeen then they just another name among many in the book.

It was Harry's process of reasoning that led him to researching all of 'Hogwarts a History' and finding out about this information allowed Harry to understand just how those two men had found him at his former home meaning both of those two men were in league with Dumbledore which was already something he had expected.

So Harry was planning on taking his name out of the book which would also make it harder for Dumbledore to find him.

Walking the halls of Hogwarts was something Harry like to do. Seeing the magic flowing through the walls and castle was awesome. Feeling the magic flowing through the castle was epic. Hearing the magic sing throughout Hogwarts was awe-inspiring. Touching the magic in Hogwarts was breathtaking and if Harry could without Hogwarts itself turning on him then Harry would consume the magic in Hogwarts as well sadly that was a no go right now.

Magic surely was his drug.

Arriving at his destination Harry look upon the form of the stone gargoyle which act as the buffer between the headmaster and the outside world. What most people didn't know was that the stone statue was so much more. The stone statue did more than just act as the doorman for the headmaster it also acted as the lock and key for the entire headmaster's office ward system. If one were to get past this statue then either the headmaster had accepted them or Hogwarts had. The password system which was introduced in 81' for the statue was because of the amount of effort it took just to see the headmaster. If the statue did not deem you 'worthy' or if the statue thought that the headmaster was too busy then it would not allow entry even if the current headmaster gave the go ahead.

So the once advance ward system was reduce to nothing more then a door stopper and with only a password could students and staff access the famed office of Hogwarts headmaster. Of course some things about the system were not changed and the one thing Harry had to watch out for was the statue's storing of anything or anyone passing or going through the headmaster's office.

Harry had something for this and with a quick motion of Theodore's wand a bright yellow spell impacted the stone statue. The incantation was a small hiss coming from his lips.


The spell splashed against the stone statue uneventfully the magic of the spell was severely overpowered yet the intent of the spell was missing Harry could not just form his magic to do such low grade magic.

Still the grin on Harry's face only slipped a bit and the failure of his spell would not get him down too much. Pocketing Theodore's Harry forgoed wizard-kind magic and decided to use his magic. Bringing forth his magic seen only by him Harry directed onto the statue's magic. Harry's magic twisted and pulled along the statue's forcing it to bend to his will and become what Harry wished of it.

"Seduction of Hecate."

The spell was beyond ancient and the requirements for the spell was something most could never give and just the amount of magic it took to bring forth the spell in the first place was beyond most common day wizards.

Harry directed the spell onto the statue and watch it's magic change to what he wanted. The spell tore into the password ward and reformed it to allow Harry passage whenever he wanted and to never take his magic signage but to overlap it with a mix of already taken signatures. Finishing with that Harry waved his hand and watch the statue move to allow him passage and quickly walk upward to the headmaster's office.

Seduction of Hecate was a spell long lost to the annals of history and rather than calling this piece of magic a simple spell Harry would call it a ritual simplified into spell like form. Once upon a time this piece of magic would take days if not weeks to cast with heaps of requirements but Harry improved it into something he found acceptable.

This type of magic was Harry's go to spell when invading or destroying wards or just magic in general. The magic tried to form a two way pact with the the goddess of magic Hecate. Only few of his kind knew how to do this type of ritual and do it right and even fewer actually succeeded and even fewer actually survived after while not having their magic or worse souls taken by the beings they tried to summon.

Harry however was among the few in the world who succeeded and bore the right to call upon Hecate's word of magic itself and more but Harry was hesitant to ask of Hecate any more than what he had taken because just like with Kallari Harry usually paid out the ass for more.

But Harry couldn't just help himself he always wanted more!

Arriving shortly at the door of the office of the men he was hoping to destroy Harry let his magic prod the door's magic for any surprised and improvements made by headmaster's pasted. He only found a few and none of them would activate because they were all linked to the magic of Hogwarts herself and Harry did nothing to bring about the wrath of Hogwarts.

He was just simply removing his name of the Book of Registration and nothing more it had been done in the past and now it would be done again and just because Dumbledore wanted to know his whereabouts didn't mean Hogwarts had to let him.

Opening the door to the Office Harry stared around the room in amazement for the magic in the headmaster's office was the best he had seen in Hogwarts yet. Colors of all kind bathed the room in a beautiful rainbow like no other but still Harry had work to do.

His magic hiss out, lashing upward at the magic paintings of the previous headmasters and headmistresses Harry turned their magic inward forcing them to hear nothing, see nothing, and when Harry was done they would remember nothing as well.

When that was done Harry turned upon the ash filled unique bird stand of Dumbledore's phoenix. The phoenix ash was almost overflowing out of the bowl and Harry knew his calculations had been right. Dumbledore's stupid phoenix had not been seen nor heard by Harry for almost a week meaning it had started its process death and rebirth.

With that knowledge in mind Harry stuck and forced Dumbledore away from Hogwarts for a short amount of time.

With of motion of his hand, a large amount of phoenix's ashes poured into a conjured glass box layered in stasis magic. After all freshly burnt phoenix ashes were beyond rare and Harry just found a way to stock up.

After Harry shrinked down his glass box and place it into his enlarge school robe's pockets it was time to get down to business. The book was easily found and his name easily removed.

There was no need for grand feats of magic nor some confrontation with Dumbledore. Harry was just in and out and he had no need to mess up his perfect planning.

With his name out of the Book of Registration Harry had gotten rid of the only known method to track him down well there were other ways but for right now Harry was sure Dumbledore wouldn't go as far as to go into Kallari's territory. Right?

Still what was done was done and Harry was slowly putting his pieces on the board.

Walking toward the Slytherin dungeons, Harry enjoyed his walk through the darken school back to Theodore's dorm. There was only darkness along the way, no longer did the prefects and teachers roam the halls and those looking to get it on had either been caught or did what they were up too.

Harry smiled for no doubt mistakes were made tonight, kids who thought they were in love and those just lusting after the other sex. There was just something funny about both of them. Absently Harry wondered just what he was.

Was he the fool who was trying to love or the hot-blooded fool trying to get his rocks off.

'Totally the fool trying to get his rocks off.'

And what was Daphne? Was she a fool trying to find something outside of her castle or was she content to just go along for the ride on other's coattails. Actually it didn't matter what Daphne was for Harry was going to make her into what he wanted and force it onto her.

Harry did nothing to stop the red light of a stunner as it impacted his back for it did nothing but feed him. Magic of that level would do nothing to him. It was too weak and it had no intent.

Turning around to face his attacker but the only thing to greet him was a darken hall of Hogwarts and nothing more.

'Where are you little princess?'

Suddenly a silver light slammed into Harry's side sending him flying into a open classroom door. Standing up Harry looked around the room him as found himself thrown into. Of course Harry didn't recognize it but he did recognize the small form of Daphne under an invisibility cloak.

She thought she could hide from his sight well she was dead wrong. With flash lightning lit up his palms brightening the darkened room.

'Time for a little fun!'

Daphne hesitated only a second at seeing the lightning before she was in motion. The first thing she did was conjure slim metal poles connected into the ground.


The second thing Daphne did was move around the room throwing the same silver magic at him and around him over and over again. Harry easily recognized the spell as the reductor curse a high grand piece of wizardkind magic.

Yet as Harry called upon his magic to defend him the spell did nothing as it splashed against his multi-color shield and with a hiss Harry let loose his lightning. The electricity tore across all of the spare room, as it struck the metal poles it melted them soon after and still Harry did not let up.

How long had Harry not been able to cut loose, how long had it been since Harry could let his magic flow.

Surprising Harry's attack did not land anywhere close to Daphne but it did destroy all of her well place traps and charms she had placed to make sure this was a private affair.

When Harry was good and ready he look upon the fear stricken face of Daphne Greengrass. No longer could she keep up her metal shields and her hastily made defence of conjured metal poles was melted all around her. She was even shivering!

Harry took all of Daphne's fear and got off on it. This was the kind of stuff which got his blood pumping and his magic roaring. To break your enemies was one thing but Harry loved it so much more to make them his pawns. Now Daphne was no enemy and she was never going to be just a pawn but it was the thought which counted.

Harry with a wave of his hand got rid of all the melted metal and did his best to improve the charms upon the room to make sure this stayed a private affair.

Walking over to the downed Daphne, Harry extended a hand toward the shaken girl and waited for what she would do. The girl had attacked him but she did so with reason no doubt the girl thought herself above 'Theodore Nott' and she was.

But no way in hell was she above Harry Potter.

Daphne did not take his hand right away, her fears and her mind holding her from taking his hand but eventually she gave into her curiosity, she gave into her hope of something more than what her magical world could give her, Daphne gave into him and in doing so Daphne gave up her comfortable lifestyle and whatever life she would have led.

Maybe in a different time Daphne and him would have meant under different circumstances, maybe in a different time they would have never have said a word to each other or maybe they could have been even lovers.

Yet that was not here nor there instead Harry was left out for the cold dark world to play with but instead of being chewed up and shat out, Kallari had found him and made him what Harry is today.

A dashing manipulative megalomaniac bastard.

And Daphne was not as happy as she could be in another time. Here she had lost her mother to the cruel world and her father had taken it bad. Daphne's father raise her away from the world and with only magic and comparison to how she was just as brilliant as her late mother but Daphne was proud of what she had become.

A young blossoming powerful witch with so much promise.

When Daphne took Harry's hand she threw all of that promising future out and was given a new one. A darker one.

Of course hurdlers were going to have to be overcame. Like just what was Harry was doing in her dreams but overcome them Harry would as for once Harry did not want a pawn but a queen who would say 'no' to him.

"Just who are you?"

Making sure Daphne was not hurt after his outburst, Harry handed her a neatly cut piece of paper. Reading it Daphne eyes widen before shooting to Harry's own.


Nodding, Harry took back the paper and let it burn between his fingertips.

"Nice to really meet you Daphne Greengrass."

Glaring at Harry, Daphne still gave a small curtsy which was still much better then when she had first meant 'Theodore Nott'.

"It's my pleasure Harry Potter now why don't you tell me why you have been in my dreams and why I should even think about giving you the time of day?"

Harry never saw the slap coming.

"And you better be worth my time."

"Stop slapping me women that shit hurts!"

Daphne gave a small sigh of contentment as she set back in her Hogwarts's train compartment. Just thinking about how the rest of her first year had went almost made Daphne want to scream and rage about the stupidity of it all. Instead Daphne decide to just allow a small sigh to pass through her mental walls.

'To think the fools would even think i would have any sort a relationship with 'Theodore Nott'.'

To the masses Theodore Nott and Daphne Greengrass had something going on. The Hogwarts's rumor mill, which was something Daphne was beginning to really hate, had begun produced all types of theories or fantasies about the two first years.

Daphne hated them all for they all pitched her and Nott and not Her and Harry bloody Potter. Daphne would had thought them worlds apart with how the wizarding world had portrayed the boy instead Daphne was coming to find out that her world knew nothing of the-boy-who-lived but she did.

Goodness just thinking about the boy got her mad. She had tore into him about staying out of her mind and dreams, she had gotten Harry's word to always ask her permission before entering her mind and finally Daphne learned of Harry's magic and secrets.

Daphne learned about how far she was below Harry on terms of magic and knowledge. Surprisingly Harry was leagues above her and both, despite Harry's lack of use of wizardkind magic the boy knew more about their magic then even some professors or at least Daphne thought so.

Harry was horrible arrogant jerk yet he could back up this arrogance with power and a frightling mind. Daphne could just not understand how Harry's mind work. In one instance Harry could be planning how much they should show Hogwarts or should they just remain in the shadows. Should they become become a power group or should they let someone else in their year get the right.

Daphne was all for staying in the shadows, doing nothing but gathering power but Harry had countered her with.

"Would you be ok with just being the Ice Princess and nothing more?"

That stupid moniker was given to her after her first year at passed by and yet made no attempts to 'befriend' any of her fellow Slytherin. Daphne just sat at the top of her year and did nothing but look down upon her lesser yearmates.

As such she was given the name 'Ice Princess' much like how Neville Longbottom and his little gang were given the name 'The Golden Trio' after they saved some guarded Item from the clutches of their late DADA professor winning Gryffindor the house cup in the process.

Daphne thought the entire thing smelled funny and when she had asked Harry about what he knew the cursed buffoon only gave Daphne his stupid smug smile and blew her off.

Her Daphne Greengrass!

That made her just want to know more, it all just made her want to control more than just what she saw and heard like how Harry seem to know what was going on before it even started.

Over all Daphne knew she had fallen prey to Harry's words. She did not just want to be the effortless Ice Princess. Daphne wanted to try to be something more. She wanted to bleed, to cry and sweat for her effort for that was how she would truly be great.

Greater than her father, greater than her schoolmates and professors, greater than Dumbledore himself! Daphne wanted to be as great as Harry seemed to be! She wanted to stand among the titans themselves like how Harry did. She wanted to let her wings burn under the sun and just not care like how Harry did.

Daphne wanted to stand and be among the sodding fool which is Harry Potter.

So over the summer and until their next school year Daphne resolved she would find a way to get in contact with Harry and learn of his secrets and forced the idiot to train her of his world.

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