Hey guys I'm finally back with a new fanfic, & maybe a new series. I really hope you guys enjoy this series ;).

In this series, Dawn decided to skip the Grand Festival because she wanted to practice more. Ash lost at the Sinnoh League & decided to stay so he could help Dawn practice. Brock went back to Kanto. Paul is wanted by police for attempted murder & armed robbery. Ash & Dawn are going back to Twinleaf Town, they're currently on Route 213. Ash & Dawn are 16 yrs old; Paul is 19 yrs old.

"We've been walking for a while," said Ash.

"I know, my feet are killing me," Dawn replied.

"Wanna stop & have lunch?"

"Sure, but have you forgot? Brock left, so we don't have a cook."

"Don't worry, I bought some food before we left Sunnyshore.

"Oh okay."

They stopped walking & started setting up the picknick table. While they were setting up the table, they let there pokemon out to play. Meanwhile in a nearby bush...

"Look at them, playing without a care in the world," said Meowth.

"Yes, so it will be easier to steal them," said James.

"So lets go get them!" exclaimed Jessie.

Pikachu's ear then twitched. He started walking to the bush where Team Rocket was hiding. Ash noticed this & followed him. When they got to the bush where Team Rocket was hiding, Ash found them arguing about how they where gonna steal Pikachu.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Ash questioned.

Dawn then glanced over at Ash just as Team Rocket jumped out of the bush.

"Prepare for trouble..."

"Shut up & lets get this battle started!" Ash intrupted.

"You impacient little brat! Seviper go!"


"Buizle! I choose you! Buizle use watergun!"

"Seviper use haze!"

"Carnivine use pin needle!"

Buizle's watergun hit Seviper before it could use haze. It pushed Seviper into Carnivine making Carnivine's pin needle go off-course & go straight towards Dawn.

"Dawn look out!" Ash yelled as he pushed her out of the way. The pin needle pounded Ash's body. Ash fell down on to one knee & covered his stomach with his arm.

"Pikachu use thunderbolt!"

It hit & Team Rocket launched.

"We're blasting off again!"

By then Dawn was by Ash's side.

"Ash are you okay?!"

"Don't worry its mearly a scratch."

"Just let me see."

Ash moved his arm to show his shirt covered in blood.

"Ash you're bleeding!"

"Well sh*t".

Ash then collasped to the ground & blacked out. He awoke hours later laying in a hospital bed. The room was completely dark other than the moonlight shining in through the window. He noticed Dawn asleep in a chair beside the bed, her face illuminated by the moonlight. Never before had he felt what he was feeling just then. He was in love. Ash started nudging her so she would wake up. When she did, as soon as she saw Ash she hugged him. Ash gladly hugged her back.

"Please don't scare me like that again Ash."

"I'm sorry, but I had to protect you."

"I know that but," she started tearing up,"if something happened to you, I don't know what I would do."


"Ash... I... I... I love you."

Ash started to blush.

"Dawn," he said as he wiped the tears out of her eyes, "I love you too."

Ash kissed her on the cheek.