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(Planet Auraxis, Amerish Continent, eighteen years later)

(Harry's POV)

Harry was moving through a bullet ridden hallway making his way to control point Bravo inside a Terran Republic Stronghold. So far control point Alpha was already in NC hands but to slowly convert the base to New Conglomerate territory, at least two of the control points need to be captured, and since Harry was closest to Bravo, he instantly went their, but knew that point was contested, since he witnessed three Light Assaults, a Combat Medic, Combat Engineer, and one MAX suit go in there, but failed to capture the point, meaning the TR had already either killed them or they were still trying to defend the point.

Harry slowly had to pick the dead soldiers part because he never heard a single crack of gunfire when he was directly outside the control point area. Upon checking the room, his fears were proven true as he saw two TR Heavy Assaults, one Combat Medic, one Engineer, with his mana turret facing a different door, and two Light Assaults, and with them, several dead NC soldiers, including the MAX scattered around the room. Harry noticed that in the room the two Light Assaults and the medic were close together near the engineer, and knew that if he tossed a frag grenade, they could easily avoid it, so to fix that Harry reached up to his left shoulder pad and pulled out what looked like a forward grip to a rifle, but upon flicking it away from him, the grip extended to a collapsable, 11 1/2 inch wand, painted in NC Colors. Harry then aimed his wand towards the group of soldiers and yelled "BOMBARDA MAXIMA!" the curse flew towards the group of soldiers and before any of them could react, the medic, and light assaults were caught in the blast and killed instantly, while the engineer was sent flying into a nearby terminal, only to be electrocuted upon smashing into it and died soon after.

That left the two Heavy Assaults who began firing upon Harry's position. Harry immediatly holstered his wand and pulled out his NC12 Sweeper Shotgun 'Ripjaw', made sure it was loaded with slug rounds and began returning fire on the Heavy Assaults. He managed to catch one with a few shots to the head, but before he could target the other one, the remaining Heavy Assault activated his Nanite Mesh Generator making him twice as tough.

"Damn it!" Harry cursed loudly knowing that taking the Heavy Assault down became much tougher. Harry then loaded Ripjaw with regular pellet rounds, activated his thruster pack and flew over the Heavy Assault, but not before his shields took several bullets, and were drained by the time he landed behind the TR trooper. The second Harry landed, he immediatly fired several rounds point blank into the TR's back, killing him almost instantly. Harry took a minute to reload, checked his surroundings, and when he realized the room was clear he began moving towards the capture point, unaware that his shields hadn't recharged yet.

However, before he could make contact with the Control Point, Harry gasped in pain feeling a very sharp stab enter and exit his right abdomen. Harry placed his right hand where the pain originated and when he looked at his hand, he noticed it was covered in blood. His blood. Harry's vision began to fade as he collapsed onto his back to witness a TR Infiltrator deactivate his cloaking, and was seen holding a bloodied combat knife in his hand. Before Harry began to black out, a loud buzzer went off and Harry's body was immediatly covered in the bright green light of a Medical Applicator. As Harry's wounds began to heal and his shields began to recharge, the room around Harry, and the Infiltraitor in front of him were engulfed in a set of nanites before reverting to a blank room surrounded in a nanite grid.

"NC Light Assault Harold Franklin, unable to continue, ending simulation 379 Alpha" a female computerized voice said.

Harry groaned realizing that he messed up big time on another simulation test.

"I keep warning you about the Infiltrators, gotta keep your eyes open for a distortion..." a mans voice said.

Harry looked to the source and saw his friend Michael Rohas leaning against the wall smirking amusingly at him.

"*groans* I know.. I just can't see them until they are directly in front of me, and those damn darklights don't help me either, so don't say carry a darklight flashlight!" Harry told Michael as he got up from the ground and began walking towards the exit.

The TR holographic troopers Harry just killed, along with the infiltraitor reappeared and upon looking at Michael, they all saluted.

"Nice jobs boys, you did the TR proud today, and remember..." Michael told the holographic soldiers

"Victory is our tradition!" the holograms chorused before disappearing again.

"Hey are you here to gloat that I still couldn't beat the TR, or do you have something I need to know?" Harry asked in an irritated tone.

"Yeah, Gringotts wants yah, says its important, and from what I hear, the three leaders are gonna be there too, so I'd hurry" Michael said in a serious tone.

"Well why didn't you say so earlier?!" Harry yelled as he sprinted to the nearest vehicle terminal, summoned a flash (I always get the names of the Flash, and Harrasser mixed up :/) and sped off to the nearest warp terminal, but not before Michael yelled in his direction.

"I would have, but I wanted to see you get your ass kicked again!" Michael yelled switching back to his cheerful demeanor, with a sh*t eating grin on his face.


(No ones POV)

Soon after Amber and John Franklin adopted Harry, they noticed something was off about the scar on his forehead. Normally, if you got hurt, your magic would patch up the wound, but for some reason the scar wasn't healing, and remained as a fresh cut. It wasn't until the couple brought their new son to Amerish's Wizarding Hospital that they found out what was wrong, and the result shocked the duo beyond words. It turns out the scar on the infants forehead was actually an incomplete horcrux, a means of extreme dark magic in order to obtain immortality. The only way for a horcrux to work is to kill with absolutly no remorse what so ever. To say the couple was angry would be an understatement, they had murderous looks on their faces finding out that their new son had been marked by a wizard hoping to achieve immortality, but what really set them off was a set of blocks found on Harry's magical core placed by a man named Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, the person who had the letter addressed to the Dursleys.

The blocks found on Harry contained:

Magic: 85% Blocked (Weakened)

Animagus: 100% Blocked

Parselmouth: 90% Blocked

Wandless Magic: 100% Blocked

Occlumency: 95% Blocked

Legilimency: 100% Blocked (Resulting in vision damage)

Transfiguration: 95% Blocked

Healing Magic: 100% Blocked

Amber had asked the healer who examined Harry to cover the room and cover harry in silencing charms. The healer obliged, and upon placing the charms, the healer was about to ask why until Amber exploded screaming and swearing at Albus Dumbledore in five different languages with a voice that could send shivers down a dragon's spine. Amber even threatened to kill Dumbledore in the most violent and painful way that would make the killing curse, and the cruciatus curse look like a cheap parlor trick.


(Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)

(That same moment)

Right now Dumbledore was currently trying to find a way to figure out where Harry, his 'weapon of the light' went. He asked his phoenix Fawkes to see if he could find the boy but instead, his phoenix burst into flames at that moment and revealing itself from his ashes was a now reborn phoenix. Because of this Dumbledore was about start using other means until he sneezed and felt himself shiver violently, and somehow began feeling an intense amount of fear towards somone or something.

The Sorting Hat who saw Dumbledores fearful look smirked amusingly realizing that where ever Harry went, he just dug Dumbledore's grave.

'Well done Mr. Potter, you just made my job a lot more amusing' The hat thought.


(Back on Auraxis)

After what sounded like hours of ranting, Amber had finally calmed down... well after going through several calming draughts the healer had given her. No one could blame her, if their child had their magic bound to the point of being a squib, they would be pissed too but never in his lifetime had he witnessed a mother yell THAT many swear words, in FIVE languages none-the-less! John was currently wearing two ice packs on both sides of his head, his hearing having been shot due to the intensity of his wife's screaming, still though he showed a look that said he would launch a nuke at any moment if angered.

After calming down, the healer asked if they knew why the block on Harry's magic was weakened. Amber responded by saying that Harry's accidental magic may have been responsible for the weakened block, mainly because his accidental magic was the reason how he got to Auraxis. The healer didn't believe her at first until she swore a magical oath. Upon hearing said oath, he looked gobsmacked at the infant before them, but then returned to a calm manner and, with the help of other healers, began removing the magical blocks, which wasn't easy due to the fact that said blocks were conjured by the legendary Elder Wand.

After several painstaking hours removing the magical blocks, and Harry's vision slowly repairing itself, the healers had to call a group of Goblin Healers from Gringotts to remove the horcrux in Harry's forehead. When the Goblins heard of the Horcrux, they were outraged someone would dare make one, especially if it was implanted within a child, and immediatly rushed over with a group of their best healers. If theres one thing the Goblins despise out of everything, it is a horcrux. After another hour, the horcrux was removed, and destroyed, the scar slowly began to heal, and would soon be a very tiny mark. Soon after leaving, the Franklin's then began adoption procedures, renaming the young boy from Harry James Potter, to Harold Joseph Franklin.

Over the next few years, the family lived a peaceful life in the newly constructed city 'Eagle's Liberty' (AN: if you have a better name PM me and I'll change it, I couldn't think of anything! D:), the family witnessed Harry's accidental magic first hand when he was four years old. during dinner, Harry was asking if he could have ice cream, but when his mother refused saying that he should finish his dinner first before asking for desert, Harry held his hands out and accidentally summoned a tub of ice cream from the fridge, narrowly missing the back of his father's head. Harry missed the tub and it flew past him grazing his face, before it hit the wall. Although the outcome scared the living day lights out of Harry, his family was happy to know he wasn't hurt, and knew that when he was capable of controlling his magic, he would be a great wizard. Upon reaching the age of ten, Harry's parents explained that he was their adopted son, and that how his birth parents on Earth had died by the hands of a dark lord Named Voldemort. Harry was sadenned to know that his birth parents had died to the hands of a mad man and swore to avenge their deaths, and had also asked on how he somehow managed to get to Auraxis. His parents had explained to him that he had made it to Auraxis via a huge amount of accidental magic, which weakened the magical block Dumbledore had placed on him. Harry had promised himself that if he ever went to Earth, to make sure never to let his guard down near Dumbledore.

When Harry was eleven, he recieved four letters in the mail, all of them invitations to the four magic schools on Auraxis. Having favored being close to home, Harry chose the Amerish Academy of Magic, and began his seven year education at the school. Upon arriving at the school, there were three houses: House Vanu, House Terran, and House Conglomerate. The sorting involves a loyalty test, and trusting what you believe is best. Harry, believing all should remain free, was sorted into House Conglomerate. If he valued peace through strength and unity, then he would have been sorted into House Terran, or if he valued that change was everything, then he would have been placed in House Vanu. Harry's first year was rather uneventful, unless he counted the fact that during his first flying lesson he learned that he was a gifted flyer, but decided not to test his limits until next year for quidditch tryouts. In second year, Harry discovered how talented he was in quidditch, and became seeker for his house's team 'The Freedom Flyers'. Third and Fourth year were rather uneventful, but in fifth year, Harry managed to discover his Animagus form which he discovered to have two. A Peregrine Falcon, and a Puma, both animals showing jet black fur/feathers, with their eyes being Emerald Green, the tail feathers on Harry's falcon form shone emerald green as well. Harry had also managed to pass his O.W.L.s with flying colors in the same year. In sixth year, Harry had found his familiar, a female Albino Coyote, which Harry had named Blizzard. By the end of Harry's seventh year, he had passed his N.E.W.T.s, but ran into a small problem after graduation. Harry had wanted to become either a soldier in the New Conglomerate, or become a quidditch player for the Amerisian Juggernauts. It wasn't until a pirate attack had occured in Eagles Liberty that made Harry join the NC military after several civilians were killed.

Due to Harry's natural skills when flying, he easily mastered the use of his thruster pack in basic training and was assigned as a Light Assault trooper. Harry had also found out that he was more suited to wield an automatic shotgun instead of an assault rifle when in combat, and had stuck to the Light Assault's specialization 'Close Range Drifter'. for two years, he had served the NC's military, and for two years he had ensured the New Conglomerate's people had remained free, all while meeting his two best friends Michael Rohas, and Kai Forge on the way.


(Planet Auraxis, Koltyr continent, Gringotts)

Harry had made his way towards the towering bank in front of him, before making his way up the marble staircase, for reasons unknown, the Goblins had decided to keep the traditional gringotts seen on Earth. Harry couldn't figure it out either. Tradition perhaps? Harry was positive he would never be able to fully understand Goblins but gave them a great deal of respect, knowing they are not to be taken lightly. Upon reaching the doorway, it was guarded by two Goblins dressed in what would look like New Conglomerate Light Assault armor, only without the thruster pack and the NC colors were were replaced by a dull grey, and were armed with Trac-5 Carbines. The Goblins simply stared at Harry sternly before moving asside and letting Harry into the bank. Upon entering the bank, Harry caught site of the bank's plaque.

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there

Like most people Harry knew attempting to rob Gringotts was straight up suicidal, having to deal with the intense security below the banks surface. The only people who didn't get the memo were pirates. Gringotts was raided at least five times after the war ended, and not even a single pirate was successful in stealing a single knut. 80% of all the pirates that attempted to raid gringotts were dead, the other 20% facing life inprisonment within the Goblin mines, most of them have probably died by now.

Harry made his way to the back of the bank towards the master Goblin.

"Greetings Master Goblin, may your enemies die by dragon's fire. I do believe I was summoned here." Harry said

The Goblin looked surprised to see a wizard addressing him kindly, but quickly replaced it with a stern look. "Name?"

"Harold Joseph Franklin" Harry said.

"hmph.. right this way" The Goblin said leaving his post and leading Harry deeper into the bank.

Upon reaching a set of doors, the Goblin knocked three times before a gruff voice answered.

"Enter" the voice said.

Harry and the Goblin entered the room revealing the Auraxis Goblin King Tiberius IV, and five humans, one of them dressed in a Terran Republic Uniform, one dressed in a New Conglomerate Uniform, and one dressed in a Vanu Sovereignty Uniform, the other two people were Harry's parents, Amber Franklin, and John Franklin. John Franklin had 5 cm long Crimson Red hair with black eyebrows, cobalt eyes, a strong jaw, and a scar going across his nose, with the figure of an athlete. Although he looks menacing he's actually a pacifist. By the end of the Auraxian War as it was called, John had renounced violence all together. Although he was a tad disappointed that his son had joined the military, he was proud that Harry was doing it to protect the New Conglomerate's freedom. The three other figures were the military leaders of the three factions.

The one in the TR uniform was a man that looked to be in his mid fifties. He had white skin, light brown hair buzzcut, with a five o' clock shadow growing in on his face, green eyes, and a set of small feint scars on his face. He was General Daniel Haverson, a mundane born wizard and military leader of the Terran Republic. The person in NC clothing was a thirty year old woman with light brown skin, black neck length hair wrapped in a ponytail, with cobalt eyes. Her name is Catherine Jason, a non magical mundane, and military leader of the New Conglomerate. Finally, the last figure in the VS uniform was a forty year old man of Pan-Asian decent with brown eyes, short black hair, and a very feint mustache growing on his face. His name was Firaxis Xiao (Only name I could come up with, sorry if you don't like it), leader of Vanu Sovereignty's military. (Also, pretty much describing the three people in the planetside 2 tutorials).

"King Tiberius, may your enemies die by your sword" Harry addressed the goblin king, he then looked at his parents "Mom, Dad" then turned to the three leaders and gave them a salute, which they promptly returned. "Sirs, Ma'am"

"Mr. Franklin, may your enemies fear your undying wrath. Are you aware of why you have been summoned?" King Tiberius questioned.

"No my lord. Has something happend" Harry said with a look of concern.

"Indeed something has, it appears that in the year 1995, the Triwizard Tournament has been enacted and your name has been called from the Goblet of Fire, in the country Great Britain, within the school Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, however there is also an ancient magical binding contract that will kill you if you fail to arrive, and before you ask, no, the revival technology your nations have come to possess cannot save you if you refuse." King Tiberius said.

Harry paled realizing that he's most likly screwed. "Is there anything we can do, cus I don't feel like suffering a permanent death right now!"

"We have discovered a way for you to make it back to Earth to compete in this tournament, and the three factions have agreed to send emissaries to assist you and help the 20th century wizarding world adjust to the major changes humanity and the magical world has embraced." Tiberius said.

"However, we haven't tested it yet, and even if we sent somone, they would need to set a beacon to give us the go ahead to send our forces" General Daniel said.

"We have agreed that you should test it along with two others of your choosing, so they could place the other beacons as well, allowing us to send an expeditionary force through" General Catherine said.

"What is in the expeditionary force generals?" Harry asked.

"Two Galaxy class transports, and two sunderers from each faction, with twenty soldiers from each faction as well. We are coming along as well, hoping to make contact with these people" General Firaxis said.

"And you said I could choose anyone from the three factions?" Harry questioned

"That is correct trooper Harold" General Catherine answered.

"Then I choose TR Combat Medic Michael Rohas, and VS Heavy Assault Kai Forge" Harry added.

"Very well then, Clawtooth!" King Tiberius called, and the same goblin that lead Harry here reappeared.

"Summon Misters Rohas, and Forge immediatly and lead them to section 349" King Tiberius ordered. The Goblin identified as Clawtooth bowed before heading out and King Tiberius began escorting the six humans towards section 349, which revealed a large enchanted portal, several dozen TR, NC, and VS troopers occupied the room, with Sunderers and Galaxy transports, upon reaching the portal, Harry noticed three Hexagonal pods near it.

"Wait how exactly are you sending me, Michael, and Kai to Britain?" Harry asked suspecting what the answer was.

"The three of you will be deployed via instant deployment pods, something wrong?" General Daniel said with a stern look.

"No, its just that Michael can't handle the speed in those things sir. Last time he entered one of those things, he ended up losing his lunch upon the landing. Harry said scratching the back of his head sheepishly. General Daniel merely rolled his eyes thinking that every TR soldier should have been used to the pod's effects.

After an hourb of waiting, Harry had his armor and weapons equipped and when Michael and Kai arrived, debriefed on the situation, Harry noticed that Michael had a look of annoyance, apparently he found out how they are getting to Britain.

"Are you sure theres no other way? Because my motion sickness kicks in when I get inside those pods, and the Anti Nausea pills I take don't help at all!" Michael said exasperated.

"Sorry Mickey, only way there..." Harry replied before turning to his parents. Harry's mother looked tearful knowng that her son's life was now on the line, while his father had a look of sadness. "I'll be fine, and I'll be back here in one piece. I promise" Harry said before his mother engulfed him in a bone crushing hug.

"Be safe, and be careful Harry" his mother said as she let go of Harry, John then moved in and gave Harry a hug as well but his was more brief.

"They won't be expecting us." Harry said with a small sad smile as he stepped into one of the pods, with Michael and Kai taking the other two.

An alarm began going off letting everyone in the room know it was time to move, and all the soldiers began entering their stationed vehicles awaiting deployment, while the pods were positioned over the portal.

"Good luck to you three, we'll see you on the other side" General Catherine said as she then punched in the commands to drop the pods.

The pods then shot out of their restraints and into the swirling vortex, making their way towards the Wizarding World.


(Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Great Hall)

(No ones POV)

Although his face didn't show it, Dumbledore was seething, for thirteen long years he had tried to find Harry, and for thirteen long years, his weapon was no where to be found. He worked very hard with all the power he had to get the Triwizard Tournament back up, as it was now the only way to find the brat, and he knew Voldemort would use the tournament as an oppritunity to find and kill Harry. Dumbledore had also known that the Moody impersonator, Barty Crouch Jr. had placed Harry's name into the Goblet, indicating that Voldemort is planning his return.

The Goblet of fire lit up as it selected this years champions for the tournament. After a moments silence, a piece of partchment shot out and Dumbledore caught it.

"The Beauxbatons' champion is... Fleur Delacour!" and with that the students of Beauxbatons along with a select few from Hogwarts and Durmstrang cheered as Fleur got up and moved towards Dumbledore.

Another piece of Partchment came out. "The Durmstrang champion is... Viktor Krum!" and with that the students of Durmstrang, and a fraction of Hogwarts roared in approval at the famous Bulgarian seeker as he got up and followed Fleur.

After Dumbledore called for silence, the Goblet lit up again releasing a third partchment. "The Hogwarts champion is... Cedric Diggory!" Dumbledore said proudly, and with that every Hogwarts student erupted in cheers as Cedric moved forward. "Excellent! We have our champ-" Dumbledore didn't get to finish his sentence as the Goblet lit up again revealing a fourth partchment, leaving the entire great hall stunned.

Dumbledore grabbed it and tried his hardest not to let a triumphet face show, and covered it with a face of curiousity and shock "Harry Potter!?"

That statement alone left everyone jaw dropped, the missing Boy-Who-Lived was selected as a fourth champion.

"Harry Potter!" Dumbledore yelled but no response. Everyone then heard three audible firey cracks outside of the school and when Dumbledore and the other headmasters/mistress went with him to investigate, the entire school followed closely, along with the champions.

Upon reaching the outside no one could locate the source of the noise, it wasn't until a student looked up to see three meteors hurtling towards the grounds.

"look!" the student yelled as he pointed at the sky. Everyone then saw the three burning objects head for the grounds, and after a few seconds, the three objects crashed onto the ground, engulfed a huge cloud of dust. After the dust settled, the objects appeared to be three metalic hexagonal pods, the one in the center was painted blue and gold, the one of the right was painted red and grey, and the one of the left was painted purple and yellow green.

Everyone was curious on what the pods were until they began opening, revealing three humans in strange looking armor, one in red and grey, one in blue and gold, and one in purple and yellow green, they all appeared to be male, they all appeared to be carrying what looked like muggle firearms, with the purple one carrying what looks like a cannon on his back. The one in red and grey suddenly collapsed onto his hands and knees upon exiting the pod and began ripping off his helmet, while the other two ran towards him. The second the red and grey individual got his helmet off everyone saw that the mans skin was Caucasian, with a set of brown eyes, and brown hair. He began vomitting on the ground while the one in purple began surveying his surroundings and the one in blue began comforting the one in red.

"Ah! Dammit! I told them I can't handle Deployment pods but do they listen to me?! nooo, they don't!" the one in red yelled.

"As much as I hate to ruin your little rant, we have company" The purple one said as he pointed towards Dumbledore and the rest of the school.

The one in red slowly got to his feet and with the support of the one in blue, the trio then made their way towards Dumbledore.

Upon reaching Dumbledore, the one in Blue spoke up "This wouldn't happen to be Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, would it?" the armored man in blue asked in curiousity.

Dumbledore was curious on who these strangers were. "Yes, but may I ask who you are?" Voicing the thoughts of all the students and staff.

the man in blue and the man in purple both removed their helmets, the man in purple appeared to have blond hair, with red eyes, and had white skin, while the one in blue was Caucasian and had a famaliar set of messy, jet black hair, and a pair of stunning emerald green eyes.

"Kai Forge, Half Blood Wizard of the Vanu Sovereignty" The man now identified as Kai forge said proudly.

"Michael Rohas, Non Magical Mundane of the Terran Republic" the one in red said having regained his strength and stood in a proud manner, though his face was still pale from vomitting earlier.

"Harold Franklin, formerly known as Harry Potter, and Half Blood Wizard of the New Conglomerate" Harold said fixing his hair slightly, unintentionally showing a very feint lightning bolt scar on his forehead.


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