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Harry's day had been normal as usual, he woke up at 7 AM, did morning exercises, checked his weapons and gear and made sure everything was up to code. Minus the fact that now he had been stationed at some castle in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of fan girls eagerly wanting to rip his limbs off, and now has to compete in a tournament that might kill him if he decides to participate or not.

After going for an hour long jog, Harry took a quick shower and equipped his replacement armor, since the fan girls trashed his last suit and stole some of the parts, and met up Kai and Michael five minutes later.

"Hey Harry, you heading to the mess hall?" Kai asked.

"Nah, wanted to check out and see what Hogwarts has on the menu... and yes I know the fangirls are still there... but hey, I'll keep my eyes and ears open." Harry said, noticing his friends concerned expressions, still they thought it was outright hilarious on how vicious the girls here can be, and were secretly hoping to catch Harry running from a group of fan girls so they could record the moment with their helmet cams.

"Mind if we tag along? Might help a little if we come with you." Michael offered.

"Eh. Don't see why not, besides, maybe you can help me scout out every nook and cranny this castle has, not only so I could get around here more easily, but just in case... you know.." Harry shuddered, unable to finish his sentence. Michael and Kai managed to fill in the blanks, realizing he was talking about the love potion maniac Ginny.

"Okay it's settled then... lets go." Kai said.

The trio managed to get to the great hall without running into trouble, But Harry immediately regretted entering it, because the second he set foot in there, dozen's of girls started eyeing him like a child in a candy store, he even managed to spot his old helmet at a table where everyone was wearing blue and black robes, with some sort of bird on it, the girl that stole the helmet had it in a vice grip refusing to let it go.

Harry was actually surprised to see that some of the NC, VS, and TR decided to eat in the castle as well, Harry figured they were just as curious as he was.

Harry also noticed that most of the people at the table in the far right were giving him uneasy looks, where everyone was wearing green and silver, with a large snake emblem, about a fraction of the people there were glaring at him for some reason, he also noticed that none of the three nations decided to sit there.

Harry decided to sit at a table with red and gold colors, with a large lion emblem. Harry sat in front of a bushy haired girl, with Kai and Michael taking the seats next to him in case anyone, more specifically Ginny, got any bright ideas.

before Harry grabbed a plate he looked around the table, some people were looking at him out of curiosity, some were staring at him awestruck, and some looked at him neutrally, he wasn't really surprised to notice some of the girls were swooning over him... again... one girl even fainted the second she noticed Harry was looking at her.

What caught his attention for about three seconds before he became uninterested was a boy around fourteen years old, he had flaming red hair, similar to Ginny's, which made Harry shudder slightly, hoping that if this was her brother or relative, he wouldn't be as crazy as she was. That thought however died because the second the red haired boy saw Harry, he gave him a creepy smile, and gestured him to come sit where he was. Harry ignored him, hoping to avoid any crazy fans for once.

"Excuse me but are you alright, you seem a bit troubled." Harry heard a girls voice say, he looked in front of him and saw the bushy haired girl talking to him, he also noticed she was looking at him with a calm face.

"Sorry. Just a little jumpy, *shudder* fan girls nearly tore me apart last night and I'm still sort of... recovering from when they stole my armor." Harry said as he turned around and eyed the girl who stole his helmet, who was currently trying to keep it away from another girl. The bushy haired girl happened to notice and looked back at Harry.

"It's not your fault your famous, you did somehow defeat You-Know-Who when you were a baby" she said calmly.

"You-Know-Who? You mean Voldemort?" Harry said confused.

The second the girl heard that name she flinched and looked around paranoid, along with the students nearby.

"What? Oh for- don't tell me people here fear his damn name" Harry said facepalming

The girl slowly nodded.

Harry sighed before speaking again.

"No one should fear a name, it's just stupid, and I mean come on, there were worse people than Voldemort- *everyone flinched again* Damn it... alright you know what I give up... Might as well introduce myself." Harry said. "Harold Franklin, formerly known as Harry Potter, you?" Harry asked.

"Hermione Granger, and you two must be... Michael Rohas, and Kai Forge correct?" The girl now known as Hermione asked, looking at Michael and than Kai, who nodded with small smiles on their faces, realizing that this girl was not a fan girl, and most likely heard the trio introduce themselves when they arrived.

"What exactly is the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and Vanu Sovereignty if I may ask?" Hermione asked curious about the new comers and hoping to learn more about them.

Harry grabbed a plate and filled it with bacon, eggs and toast, and got a goblet of water to go with it before answering.

"Terran Republic is an Earth based government, on our world Auraxis, the Terran Republic upholds peace through strength and unity. We're also the most militaristic of the other two nations" Michael said with a grin on his face. He would have added that they have been trying to contact Earth for years, but some secrets are best kept under lock and key. "Our motto is 'Loyalty Til Death! Strength in Unity!'"

Hermione nodded before turning to Kai.

"The Vanu Sovereignty was named after the long dead alien race the Vanu, in our world, there are several alien artifacts, we wish to experiment and learn from these artifacts in hopes of finding the key to humanity's future, we also began experimenting ways to improve the human body, and managed to make advanced plasma based weaponry that rivals the Terran Republic's and New Conglomerate's weapons. Experimenting is actually the reason my eyes are red, they used to be brown, but thanks to genetic experimentation, my depth perception has tripled completely. Our motto is 'Technology Equals Might'" Kai said proudly, Hermione made a mental note to herself to learn more about Vanu Sovereignty later.

"The Vanu?" Hermione asked

"Ancient aliens that exist in our world. it is unknown to what happened to them, but my people believe that they reached a new form of existance" Kai explained.

Hermione nodded before turning to Harry.

"What is the New Conglomerate?" She asked curiously.

Harry smirked before answering.

"Well the Terran Republic kind of went a little overboard with their laws and pretty much restricted almost every right a man or woman could have, especially on Nanites and the Reborn Technology we made, which allows us to revive fallen soldiers without magic, and erases the memories of how they died. Basically, the New Conglomerate started out as a separatist faction wanting to overthrow the laws the TR developed. Our motto is 'Freedom Over Oppression'. We believe that any form of control is oppression, and believe that a depressed free man is certainly better than a man trapped in an oppressed driven government... no offense Mickey..." Harry said, the looked at Michael sheepishly. Michael shrugged.

"Eh.. I don't care, stuff happens, besides they fixed that when the war ended." Michael said.

Harry then took a bite of his bacon, and upon doing so, his face lit up in satisfaction.

"Mmm! Let me tell you somethin', after going through two years in the military eating nothing but those nasty M.R.E. packs, this... *he gestured his food* tastes like heaven" Harry said as he continued eating, earning an amused look from Hermione, Michael, and Kai.

"Hey uh... Hermione, quick question. Who's the red head down there? The one who keeps staring at me and keeps shoveling down his food like its his last meal?" Harry asked, starting to get annoyed with him constantly trying to get his attention.

Hermione scowled slightly.

"Ronald Weasley, he's not one of the nicest person here, and he's possibly the most rude person you'll ever meet. In first year, he kept barging into compartments on the train trying to find you, saying that he was your 'best friend' and would not stop talking about it for years." Hermione said with narrowed eyes.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me... not only is he related to that Ginny person, but he's after me for my freaking fame, something I don't give a damn about. All I care about at this point is 1) Finishing this Tri-Wizard Tournament, I don't care if I win or lose, I just want to get it over with so I can go home. 2) make a couple of new friends, and 3) live the rest of my life in peace" Harry said, facepalming.

"I understand" Hermione said checking the time.

"Well, I would ask more questions, but I need to get to potions" Hermione said packing her stuff up.

"Mind if I tag along, we can keep the conversation going and answer a few questions you have along the way buddy" Harry offered.

Hermione stopped when she heard the word 'buddy'.

"You really want me as a friend?" Hermione asked.

"Of course, your kind, and ambitious, I can tell, and smart considering that you understood pretty much everything we said" Harry said with a smile, Kai and Michael agreeing.

Hermione seemed to blush slightly at the compliments, which amused Harry but he didn't show it.

"I'm nothing special... I'm just a lousy know-it-all" Hermione murmured.

"Well whoever said that was completely wrong. You are the exact opposite, from what we can tell, you are going to be one heck of a bright witch" Harry said cheerfully.

Harry then got up and walked in front of Hermione, offering his hand.

"So what do you say? Friends?" Harry asked.

Hermione looked at the hand for a few seconds before smiling and shaking it.

"Friends" Hermione said.


(a few minutes later)

During their trip to the dungeons, Kai had left to help train a couple of rookie Heavy Assaults back at the camp, but Michael had decided to stay with Harry in case he ran into any fan girls along the way, and was still hoping to score a video of a chase scene. Harry had filled Hermione in on everything he knew about Amerish Academy and asked Hermione what the houses were, and what she knew of Hogwarts, and how the students were sorted by a hat listing off their mental traits and what house suited them best. Harry learned the traits and names of the houses.

Gryffindor, house of the brave and chivalrous,

Hufflepuff, house of the loyal, and hard working,

Ravenclaw, house of the wise and intelligent, something that made Harry ask why Hermione was put in Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw, since he figured she was more suited for that house, given her love of knowledge. Hermione answered saying that she is willing to take risks to help the professors, or students.

and finally Slytherin, house of the cunning and ambitious, Harry was intrigued by this house, realizing that he was a bit cunning when it came to fighting pirates.

Harry then told Hermione about how there were three houses in Amerish Academy instead of four. House Terran, The house of unity and strength, House Conglomerate, the house of Liberty, and justice, and House Vanu, the house of ingenuity, and might, and how their sorting involved a loyalty test on what you truly believed. If Hermione grew up on Auraxis, she definitely would have been put in house Conglomerate due to her wishing all should be free like Harry.

"So, did anything eventful happen here I should know about?" Harry asked curiously.

Hermione's eyes narrowed slightly before answering.

"Well in first year our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was possessed by You-Know-Who, and tried to get a Sorcerer's Stone in the third floor corridor, in second year, we got a DADA teacher who knew absolutly nothing. All he did do was take stories from other people, obliviate them, and sell them as his own, not only that but a giant basilisk was attacking muggleborns after the chamber of secrets was opened, and a student was almost killed when the dark lord tried resurrecting himself using a diary he made to possess the student. Third year was worse, a mass murderer broke out of Azkaban, the wizarding prison, and as a security measure, the ministry sent dementors to the school! We did have an amazing DADA teacher though, but he was sacked when the ministry found out he was a werewolf." Hermione explained.

Harry was pissed.

"What the f- why the hell would they fire a teacher for being a werewolf!? Ever since wolfsbane was discovered, werewolves could keep their instincts in check, they should be fine! And a bassillisk?! Dementors!? Who's idea was it to hide a snake that can kill you with just a glare inside a school, and who the hell thought it was a wise idea to send aggressive, soul sucking creatures to a school full of innocent children?! That's just asking for a death wish!" Harry ranted at how stupid the British magical government was, Michael was in a similar rant as well.

After Harry and Michael cooled down, the duo began following Hermione again.

"I can't believe how racist they are at werewolves, I mean my former freakin' headmaster at Amerish Academy is a werewolf and they never sacked him! He even publicly announced it the day he got the job and they didn't give a crap!" Harry said deeply annoyed as the trio made it to the class room door.

"Is it the same with Vampires and other creatures?" Harry asked, regretting what the answer may be.

"Unfortunately yes, the ministry believes any monsters or creatures such as werewolves or vampires are inferior and cannot be trusted" Hermione said frowning.

"Damn it... Monsters and creatures have equal rights on Auraxis! We got blood banks for Vampires, Wolfsbane centers werewolves, every creature and creature half breeds are treated equally! It's ridiculous how things are so bad here!" Harry said exasperated.

Harry was about to ask another question until the red head identified as Ron Weasley came up and rudely stepped in front of Hermione.

"Hiya Harry, Ron Weasley, your new best friend, I can tell we're going to get along just fine. You know Quidditch? Probably not, but hey, hang around with me and I'll teach you everything I know!" Ron said, holding his hand out eagerly.

"If you don't mind, me and Michael were busy talking to our friend Hermione, and besides, I already got a best friend, two of 'em, Michael's one of them. Also, I don't feel like chit-chatting right now because I'm pissed off at the British Magical Government." Harry said annoyed, pointing his thumb as Michael who was also annoyed at the red head.

"Ah Hermione doesn't deserve any friends, she's just a stuffy know-it-all, and besides, that guys a muggle! You don't-" Ron didn't get to finish his sentence because Harry had grabbed him by the shoulders and tossed him aside.

"Insult my friends again, and I'll hang you by your underwear in the great hall" Harry said angrily, he was one step away from wanting to break his nose but stood against it.

"I'll see you later Hermione, if you got any more questions about us, let me know" Harry said giving Hermione a thumbs up.

"Thank you Harry, goodbye." Hermione said as she entered the potions classroom.

"Come on Mickey" Harry said, and before he left he turned to Ron who was currently getting up. "Let me make this clear Ronald Weasley, I don't make friends with people who are after my fame, and I certainly don't make friends with people bullying others, I only make friends with people who don't give a crap about the Boy-Who-Lived. Oh and tell your sister to stay away from me! I don't date thirteen year olds, or love potion users!" and with that, the duo stormed off.


Harry had just escaped a group of fan girls, most of them wearing Gryffindor Colors, along with a couple Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws. Michael managed to hold them back by dropping a smoke grenade in front of Harry when they reached a fork in the hall, leading into three directions. Harry used the moment of distraction to change into his falcon form in the cloud of smoke and flew out a nearby window undetected, making the perfect get away, Michael managed to sneak away in the confusion, saving him from being interrogated by the fan girls, which most likely would not have been pleasant. However Michael did get a screen shot of Harry running, something that will keep him laughing for weeks.

After about ten minutes of flying, Harry flies behind and tree, and once he's sure no one is looking he changed back into his human form, and begins walking back towards the camp for a little R & R. However, something, or rather someone catches his attention. On his way back to the camp, Harry spots a familiar set of blond hair, belonging to a certain veela near the camp. She appeared to be facing the sunderer Harry is currently staying in, a noticeable blush on her face, and a rather embarrassed look can be seen as well, Harry could tell she was trying to figure out if he was here or not, most likely wanting to speak with him about something.

Harry got a small teasing smirk on his face before walking up behind her.

"Lookin' for someone Blondie?" Harry says, startling Fleur.

Fleur wheeled around and ended up smacking him dead in the face.

"Ju suis vraiment desole! You scared me!" Fleur said quickly apologizing for her actions

"Ow!... No no it's okay... maybe I did deserve that one for scaring you" Harry said rubbing his cheek which then began to slowly glow into a red hand print shape, Harry a sheepish look on his face.

"So uh.. can I help you?" Harry asked.

"Well... first I wanted to know if you could tell me about the-" Fleur didn't get to finish her sentence as Harry interrupted her.

"You want to know about the TR, NC, and VS right? And sorry for the interruption" Harry apologized.

Fleur nodded.

Harry then explained everything he knew about the three nations, and what their beliefs are. Harry had also explained how creatures such as Werewolves, Vampires, and Goblins were treated equally and with respect (though the Goblins are still holding a grudge thanks to the pirate raids), especially the Veela which were treated very kindly on Auraxis.

Fleur was both gobsmacked and happy to know her people were treated respectfully on Auraxis, and was trying to consider if she could visit this place for herself.

"I'm pretty sure the only racism we ever encountered on Auraxis were from the pirate factions because all they care about is pretty much robbing people and getting rich. Assholes" Harry said, grimacing at all the times he encountered a pirate faction, and their rather brutal treatment towards hostages"

"Anyway, Auraxis is a nice place, you'd like it" Harry said cheerfully.

"If you don't mind me asking 'arold, what kind of weapons are your people carrying?" Fleur asked.

"You can just call me Harry Fleur, you seem to be someone I can trust" 'Well that, and the fact that she's not a fangirl, thank God for that' Harry thought.

Fleur smiled upon hearing she can be trusted, and for some reason that smile just about made Harry resist the urge to blush.

"The weapons we are carrying are muggle weapons called guns, and if you don't know, think of them as metal wands that are meant to kill by launching projectiles at high speeds towards people" Harry said pulling out his pistol and took out a few bullets.

"these are whats launched from the gun, a bullet. When it hits the target it will pierce the flesh and will injure the target, and if aimed correctly it can kill. Don't worry, we have a special type of ammo that's meant to stun people, all three factions were told to use stun rounds only if attacked by anyone here, we don't want to cause an international incident" Harry said, and Fleur nodded.

"Alright in our military, the same with TR, and VS, we have six classes total. Infiltrators are our recon and sniper specialists. They can sneak behind enemy lines and sabotage enemy defenses so we can gain an advantage, or they can snipe enemy soldiers from a distance, pick 'em off one by one. They have cloaking units built within their armor so they are pretty much wearing an advanced version of an invisibility cloak, but it doesn't last forever" Harry said, Fleur nodded, understanding what Harry said.

"Light Assaults, which that's the class I chose, are pretty much the basic infantry of our armies, equipped with anti infantry assault rifles, or shotguns. We're also equipped with thruster packs which can be used to scale rough terrain or used to flank enemy forces. Or in certain cases, prevent a fatal fall" Harry said before shuddering.

"I can't tell you how many times I had to use my thruster pack to keep myself from painting the floor red" Harry said. During basic training, Harry had to practice war games inside a Bio-Dome, and Harry had fallen out several times. Despite the fact that everyone's armor was equipped with inertia dampeners, and that Harry could use the 'Arresto Momentum' charm they are only meant for short distance falls, mainly off a two story building, or when jumping out of a Galaxy Class Transport, not for jumping off buildings as high as a skyscraper. Harry could never get the timing right when he had to use the Arresto Momentum charm either.

Fleur noticed the shudder and decided not to question it, understanding what Harry meant by 'painting the floor red'.

"Anyway, next is Combat Medic. Think of them as healers, but instead of carrying potions and such, they carry a little device called a medical applicator" Harry said.

"A medical applicator looks a little like a muggle pistol *Harry pulls out his sidearm and removes the magazine* kind of like this, but different. When aimed and fired at someone, it engulfs the user's target in a beam of emerald green light called nanites. Nanites are little gizmos we use for construction, medical purposes, defense, and manufacturing. The nanites in a medical applicator will heal almost any wound you receive in battle... almost..." Harry said then frowned.

Fleur noticed his frown.

"What do you mean by 'almost' 'Arry?" Fleur asked curiously, but sensed that the answer was not pleasant.

"Well.. before I was adopted, my mother and father were part of a war that happened between the three factions called the Auraxian War. It lasted for eight years and the casualty count was higher then the First and Second World War here! When we colonized Auraxis we discovered a way to bring back the dead without the use of magic, we called it Reborn Technology or Revival Technology, take your pick. It allowed us to revive dead soldiers and help them remove the memories of before they died, but to make sure we don't start a means of immortality, we restricted it to military personnel only, and if a soldier goes home, we remove them from the revival tech, making them able to live a normal life"

"Before the war had ended, my mother suffered an injury that the nanites couldn't heal... it made her unable to have children, which made me an only child" Harry said frowning, he had disliked being an only child and wanted to have a brother or sister to play with when he was still a kid, and orphanages were pretty rare on Auraxis.

Fleur frowned in sympathy for Harry.

"I am sorry for what happened to your mother 'Arry" Fleur said feeling bad for Harry.

"It's alright, now, on to the next class, Combat Engineers are support class soldiers that can repair vehicles and summon turrets as well as resupply our troops when we're low on ammo. They make sure our tanks, planes, and MAX suits stay in one piece, and help maintain base defenses. I'll tell you about MAX suits in a minute" Harry said, noticing that Fleur was about to ask what a MAX suit was.

"Heavy Assaults are the demolitions experts of our armies. They carry Light Machine Guns which are bigger, more deadly versions of a rifle, Rocket Launchers, which is a hand held cannon meant to destroy vehicles, and have a special nanite shield that can withstand more damage then a normal soldier's shield" Harry explained before Fleur before asked about the nanite shield. " forgot to mention that every class except the MAX have nanite shield generators. Nanite shields are pretty much mundane versions of the Protego charm, but instead cover our entire bodies and will recharge automatically when the user is not in combat. When magic users made themselves public to my people, we upgraded the shields to withstand curses and jinxes, and made our armor magic resistant as well, giving us two layers of protection against the enemy" Harry said, grinning as he enjoyed the astonished look on Fleur's face on how advanced the mundane world on Auraxis had become.

"And finally MAX Suits. MAX Suits are heavy weapons suits equipped with anti infantry cannons, anti vehicle cannons, or anti air cannons on their wrists, and are the most heavily armored soldiers we have, but all that heavy armor makes the MAX slow. They make up with that slow speed by taking on multiple groups of enemy soldiers, and with a couple of combat engineer's backing them up, they are walking tanks" Harry said, before he looked over Fleur's shoulder and noticed an NC MAX on patrol.

"Speaking of MAX suits, there's one right now" Harry said pointing at the giant menacing hulk of machine and metal ready to tear someone apart. When Fleur saw the MAX she went wide eyed on how intimidating it looked. Almost every square inch of the MAX was covered in armor plating, and the user's face was hidden behind a bulky looking helmet with a golden visor. She noticed the triple barreled cannon on it's left arm, and the large cannon on it's right arm. Every step the MAX took it made a loud thump, and left deep impressions in the ground making it more terrifying.

"When you hear that thing heading towards you in the middle of a battle, you better start praying that you have either backup with you, or hope you got enough firepower, because nobody stands a chance fighting those things alone, and one punch from it will turn your bones to powder" Harry warned, Fleur nodded instantly, even though she can defend herself well against others without fear, she had to admit, this war machine looked like it can withstand a lot of curses.

Harry then suddenly got a little nervous and he couldn't understand why, he never got this way when talking to anyone.

"So uh... you got any hobbies?" Harry asked nervously. Fleur smirked amusingly at his sudden nervousness

The duo then spent the next two hours learning everything they could about each other, something that seemed to make Fleur happy for two reasons.

1. Harry wasn't ogling her because she was a veela, despite the fact that she accidentally hit Harry a few times with her allure, which he resisted, but told her that the sensation did feel soothing, something that made her blush slightly.

and 2. was because Harry had wanted to know the real her, instead of automatically assuming what her personality was because of her heritage. Fleur also noticed that every time she smiled at Harry he would resist blushing, but failed at least twice, something that somehow made her heart flutter.

All in all, at the end of their conversation, although the duo didn't realize it, they were slowly growing feelings for each other, what they also didn't know was that they were being watched by a certain Heavy Assault in purple armor, who was giving a warm smile at the possible future couple, but inside his head he was cackling that he was going to have a blast teasing Harry.


(Headmasters Office)

Dumbledore was pacing his office in an annoyed fashion. His plans of trying to get the boy sorted into Hogwarts had failed, and the boy had refused to listen to him. He had tried to persuade the three generals that it would be in Harry's best interest to stay at Hogwarts, but they refused saying he was allowed to make his own choices and that their governments had decided to bring every last soldier back home once the tournament was done.

Dumbledore had tried to read their minds to extract info from them, more specifically on the muggle woman leading the New Conglomerate but instead was threatened to be arrested for invading their minds.

What also annoyed him was the amount of power he was showing, especially in his wandless magic when he casted the patronus.

It also made him scared to know that this 'Amerish Academy' on Auraxis if he remembered correctly from the planet's leaders had indeed been teaching wandless magic and other forms of powerful magic to third years or higher, then his plans to be the world's powerful wizard of the light was in jeopardy. Even with the Elder Wand, most of the witches and Wizards within their mlitary showed powerful magical cores, Harry's being one of the strongest.

He had tried to bribe students into befriending them in hopes of learning how they did it so he could either stop the flow of powerful magic, or add it to his own, but all his attempts failed, mainly because they were trained to be what the muggles call 'Lie Detectors" which would tell people if someone was lying. Even trying to get Ronald Weasley to befriend the boy had failed because he knows Ronald was only after him for his fame and money, something that Dumbledore was trying to keep under the wraps.

"How am I suppossed to lead the boy to his destiny if he refuses to listen, and how is it suppossed to be completed if he defeats the dark lord?!" Dumbledore asked himself out loud, only to hear a voice chuckle at his suspense.

"Maybe because the prophecy has already been broken you old fart, I don't sense a horcrux within the boy's scar" the voice said, belonging to the sorting hat.

Dumbledore paled slightly.

"Impossible! The only way for the horcrux to be destroyed is for him to die fighting the dark lord!" Dumbledore said stubbornly.

"The wheels are already in motion you old coot, your plans are already falling apart as it seems" The hat said grinning, Fawkes shaking his head annoyingly at Dumbledore.

Over the years, Fawkes had begun to slowly weaken the bond between him and Dumbledore, and right now the bond was at it's breaking point.

All Fawkes had to do was wait for the perfect moment to leave and find someone else worthy to be their familiar, and patience was key, something he had done so willingly for the past thirteen years, despite the annoying demands Dumbledore gave him.


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