Narrator's POV:

Once upon a time, in the land of Ever After, the world of fairy tales, students were spending another good day at Ever After High and they were hextremely happy except for Raven Queen, the daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She is the leader of the rebels.

She was having a fairy bad day. Ever since Legacy Day, all the royals were mad at her because she didn't sign the Story Book of Legends.

She was being bullied, teased, and receiving death glares from the Royals. To make things worse, during True Hearts Day she was heartbroken when she saw Dexter holding hands with C.A. Cupid, daughter of Eros, the god of love. Her job is to help the people from Ever After follow their true hearts. She is also a transfer student from Monster High, the school of monsters.

Before True Hearts Day, Dexter Charming, the son of King Charming, wrote Raven a letter saying that he is in love with her. Raven did not know who the secret admirer was. She thought it was from Daring Charming, the son of King Charming and Dexter's older brother. When Raven asked Daring about the letter, he told her that he didn't write a letter to her.

When she found out that Dexter was in love with her, she was hextremely happy because she was secretly in love with Dexter ever since they were in Nursery Rhymes School. She wanted them to be together forever. However, she can't since she is the daughter of the Evil Queen and nobody intends to date the daughter of the Evil Queen.

She was walking to the castleteria with her BFFA (Best Friend Forever After) Madeline Hatter; aka Maddie, daughter of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. She is a tea obsess girl who owned the Hassleberry and Tea shop in Book End. She is a very energetic and mad crazy. She always wears her hat of many things that contain well anything. Even her pet mouse Earl Grey lives inside that hat. She even speaks the language of Wonderland Riddlish. She also has access to Wonderland magic. She can even hear the narrators.

Wait what!?

Maddie: Yes, your right narrator I can hear you.

Okay, now I'm being disturbed.

Maddie: Say what happened to the old narrators?

Maddie this is a new story, so I am the narrator and author of this story.

Maddie: Okay fellow narrator, can you tell me what is going to happen in this new thing?

No Maddie, as the narrator of this story, I cannot say what is going to happen. That will spoil the story, and nobody likes a spoiler. You just have to wait to see what is going to happen next.

Maddie: Okay fine.

Raven: Maddie, who are you talking to?

Maddie: The new narrator. Oh right, I forgot you couldn't hear him! Only me, Kitty, and my dad can hear him.

Wait, your dad can hear me too?!

Maddie: Of course silly, only people who are mad like me and from Wonderland can hear you.

Okay, now I know other people can also hear me.

Moving on to the story.

Raven: Maddie I don't know, what if the Royals will do something wrong to me?

Maddie: Relax Raven; I'll be there with you the whole time. Plus the rebels will be there to support you.

Raven: Thanks, Maddie, you're the best. I still can't get over the fact that Dexter likes me, but spent so much time with Cupid! I kind of like him too since Nursery Rhymes Elementary School.

As they enter the castleteria, most of the royals were talking and saying mean things about Raven, giving her death glares, and started booing her. Raven completely ignored them, and sat on an empty table with Maddie next to her and ate their lunch.

A few tables away, Dexter was looking at Raven admiring her beautiful face with her flowing violet and raven black hair. Her beautiful purple eyes were mesmerizing and all he wanted at that moment was to pull her into his arms and kiss her luscious lips.

Dexter's POV:

As I was eating my lunch, I saw the love of my life, Raven Queen. I wanted to ask her out, but I always get nervous around her. Ever since True Hearts Day, I wanted to ask Raven to be my girlfriend. However, I lacked the courage to talk to her. I was hiding in the shadow of my perfect older brother Daring. I was euphoric that Cupid encourages me to be myself, but I am still nervous of what Raven might think of me.

Daring: Uhh... Dexter, why are you looking at that loser?

Dexter: Uhh, I was glaring at her.

Dexter is thinking to himself: That's totally a lie! Man, I hate people calling her that.

Daring: Okay, I just want you to ignore her, she is pure evil.

I was so angry at what my brother just said. Raven isn't evil. She is the most beautiful, smart, caring, thoughtful, helpful, hardworking, loyal, friendly, brave, and kindest girl I know. She was brave when she decided to change her destiny. If anyone is evil, it would be the people who are being mean to her.

As soon as I saw Raven leaving the castleteria, I tried my best to get away from the other royals including my brother.

Dexter: Daring, I have to do something.

Daring: Okay little bro.

After I had left the castleteria, I went to look for Raven, so I can help her feel better.

To be continued.

Hey, everyone WinxStarDracoFire here, I just wanted to say this is my first story, so I just hoping that a lot of people will like and review it. I will try to finish the rest of the story, but I might have a case of writers block, and I'm not so great grammar. I can't wait to see how this will go. Also, after the story, there will be a sequel to it. I'll tell you more about it after I finished the story.

Also, here is the information that I wrote about the characters that are going to be in my story

Raven Queen daughter of The Evil Queen. She became the leader of the rebels by being the first to oppose her destiny. She is a really kind and loyal to her friends. However, she gets annoyed when people keep telling her that she acts like her mom. She is more like her dad The Good King. She usually relaxed by listening to Taylor Quick on her headphones. She even sings while playing her guitar or piano when no one is around. She has a pet dragon named Nevermore.

Apple White daughter of Snow White. She is the leader of the royals because she believes strongly in destiny and has worked hard to follow tradition. She has a perfect life, since she is from the best famous story in Ever After. She is really famous, and all the boys will do anything for her. After when she is finished with her story is going to marry her prince charming Daring. When she found out that Raven started to rebel against her story, she tries to find a way to get her back on the right page.

Briar Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty. She is a party girl. She wanted to have as much fun as she can before she sleeps for 100 years. Sometimes, she usually falls asleep even in class. However, even if she sleeps in class, she still pays attention. She is Apple BFFA and a royal.

Madeline (Maddie) Hatter daughter of the Mad Hatter. She is a tea obsess girl who works at her father's tea shop, The Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe in Book End. She is a very energetic and mad crazy. She is really good at throwing the best tea party. She even makes the best tea ever, even though they taste a little weird. She always wears her hat of many things that contain well anything. Even her pet mouse Earl Grey lives inside that hat. She even speaks the language of Wonderland Riddlish. She also has access to Wonderland magic. She can even hear the narrators. She is Raven BFFA and a rebel.

C.A Cupid (full name Chariclo Arganthrone Cupid) is the adopted daughter of Eros the god of Love. She is a myth, not a fairy tale. She was a transfer student from Monster High, a school filled with monsters. She came to Ever After High to help solve people's love problems. She has a crush on Dexter when she first arrived in Ever After High, but she couldn't admit her feelings for him. She is a rebel.

Cerise Hood is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood. Her mother secretly married The Big Bad Wolf. People always wonder why she always wearing her red cloak. Some people thought that since she is the daughter of the Little Red Riding Hood she always has to wear that red cloak. But that is not it. It's because she has to hide her wolf ears that she inherited from her father. She also inherited her wolf-like speed and eyes. She is the team captain of the Track and Shield team. The only people who know about her wolf ears are Kitty Cheshire and Raven Queen. Since she is the daughter of The Big Bad Wolf, she loves to eat meat. She is a rebel.

Kitty Cheshire is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat still up some chaos. She also inherited her mother's Cheshire grin that allows her to turn invisible, and teleport to a different location. Hard to categorize since she pull a nasty prank on people like a rebel, but being a prankster is following her destiny which makes her a royal.

Blondie Lockes is the daughter of Goldilocks. She is a really tough critic and her favorite food is obviously porridge. She is a reporter from her mirrorblog "Just Right". Dexter helps Blondie by being her cameraman. She looks for juicy gossip for her mirrorblog. She is has great skills in lock-picking. She is a royal, well kinda.

Cedar Wood is the daughter of Pinocchio. She is cursed to tell the truth. Everything she says is true (even though she wished to tell a lie). She is a rebel.

Holly and Poppy O' Hair are the twin daughters of Rapunzel. Holly is the older twin who is destined to be the next Rapunzel, while Poppy is the younger twin who is finding out her destiny since Holly already got the part as the next Rapunzel. Poppy's hair is short, while Holly's hair is really long. However, they kept a secret so they can get the destiny they want. The secret is that Holly is actually the younger twin and Poppy is actually the older twin. Poppy owns a hair salon called Tower Salon in Book End. Holly is a royal and Polly is a rebel.

Darling Charming is the daughter of King Charming. She is Darling may be a princess, but she is not a damsel in distress. She actually wanted to be a hero; she disguised herself as the White Knight so she can help rescue people. Her charming thing is her flowing platinum hair. She is a rebel.

Ginger Breadhouse is the daughter of the Candy Witch. She is a really good baker and loves baking sweet treats. She enjoys the love of baking and she wanted to share her treats with everyone, not lead them to their doom. She is a rebel.

Melody Piper is the daughter of the Pied Piper. She is the best D.J. in Ever After, and also enjoys the love of music. She is a rebel.

Rosabella Beauty is the daughter of Beauty and the Beast. She is a kind girl and stands up to what's right. She is an animal lover and loves all animals. The cute and the not so cute. She is a rebel.

Ashlynn Ella is the daughter of Cinderella. She is a nature lover and a shoe obsess girl. She was once royal, but she decided to become a rebel so she can be with Hunter. Just like her mother, she usually worries when the clock strikes noon. She is more of a morning person. She has the power to talk to the animal.

Faybelle Thorn is the daughter of The Evil Fairy. She is the captain of the cheerhexer. Just like her mother, she tries to prove that she is the evilest person in Ever After. The two people who she hates are Raven and Apple because everyone thinks that Raven is the evilest person in Ever After. While Apple is the most popular person in the school. Faybelle can cause spells like Raven to curse people. Since she is the daughter of the Evil Fairy, she doesn't get invited to parties because she might ruin them. She is a royal.

Duchess can turn herself from a girl to a black swan. She is a graceful dancer, like a ballerina. She can even dance on water. Since her story isn't that good, she tries to steal other people destiny so she can have her own happily ever after, and be on the top of the royal rankings. She is a royal.

Lilly-Bo Peep is the daughter of Little Bo Peep seems to live up to her destiny quite well, as she's seen chasing her lost sheep from time to time.

Helga Crumb is the daughter of Hansel and cousin of , and is relentless in her pursuit of candy. Of the two, she seems to be the instigator and the leader.

Bunny Blanc is the daughter of the White Rabbit. She can transform herself into a white rabbit and back into a human. She loves going on adventures with Alistair. She kinda has a crush on him, but she thinks that he sees her as a friend. She is a royal.

Lizzie Heart is the daughter of The Queen of Hearts. She is famous for saying her mother phrase "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" She is also captain of the croquet team, and a fashion designer. She is a royal.

Sparrow Hood is the son of Robin Hood. He is an annoying guitar playing who sings and playing his guitar annoying into other people's faces, literally. He is the leader of his band The Merry Men. He is a rebel.

Hunter Huntsman is the son of the Huntsman. He loves nature and doesn't like killing animals. He is the best athlete in archery. His girlfriend is Ashlynn and he is a rebel.

Alistair Wonderland is the son of Alice from Wonderland. He is really good at solving any type of puzzles or riddles. He loves going on adventures with Bunny. He kinda has a crush on her, but he thinks that she see him as a friend. He is a royal.

Daring Charming son of King Charming. He is Dexter's and Darling's older brother. He is the perfect prince that all the girls love. He loves looking at himself in his mirrors. His charming thing his is shining white teeth which blind anyone who looks at them. He is a royal.

Dexter Charming son of King Charming. He is Daring's younger brother and Darling's twin brother. He is usually shy when he gets to a girl, but he is actually quite friendly. He has a crush on Raven. His charming thing is his eyes whenever he takes off his glasses. He is a royal.

Chase Redford is the adopted son of The Red Queen (from a game of chess). He is known as the Red Knight and the Wonderland High attendance officers. He transfers to Ever After High because he wanted to find out his destiny. Since he doesn't have. He was in love with Darling Charming since he was impressed by her skills as a knight. I think he is a rebel.

Humphrey Dumpty is the son of Humpty Dumpty. He has been described as an egghead, figuratively. He is good with technology and is often found in the. He is a bit flustered around but is equally eager to impress her. He likes to rap in his free time. He is a rebel.

Hopper Croakington II is the son of the Frog Prince, is suave, debonair and a master wordsmith... when he's a frog. When he turns back into a human, (via someone kissing him) he becomes an awkward dork who struggles to say what he means eloquently. This is a problem when it comes to wooing his crush, Briar Beauty. He is a royal.

Tiny is a timid and helpful giant who is the the son of the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk and also appears to be quite clumsy. Like most of the male student body, he has affections for.

Gus Crumb is the son of Gretel and cousin of . In the true spirit of his destiny, he has an eye for candy opportunities and packs a bag of bread crumbs for his lunch.

Son of the Hero of Haarlem The keeps his place by plugging a leaky pipe with his finger, but is easily prone to be distracted.

Headmaster Milton Grimm is the headmaster of Ever After High. His job is to make sure everyone follows their destiny.

Giles Grimm is Headmaster Milton Grimm's younger brother. He was trapped in the lifairy under the high school. His brother cursed him with a babbling spell since he can only speak Riddlish. His curse was broken thanks to Apple, Raven, Maddie, Cupid, Cedar, Ashlynn, Briar, and Blondie. He believes that everyone should write their own destiny.

Baba Yaga is a witch and one of the faculty advisors in Ever After High. Her job is to help the rebels stay on the right path and follow their destiny.

Snow White is Apple White's mother. She is a very powerful executive who employs over 700 dwarfs. She is also a very busy woman who wants the best for her daughter. Also Ever After High best graduate.

The Evil Queen is Raven Queen's mother. She was an evil witch who wanted to take over Ever After. She stole the Storybook of Legends and placed a curse on Wonderland. She was sent to Mirror Prison in the Mirror Realm for her crimes. She is waiting for her revenge to rule Ever After with her daughter Raven by her side.

King Charming is Dexter's, Daring's, and Darling's father. He teaches Heroics 101.

Madam Maid Marian , well-versed in the art of waiting to be rescued, is appropriately the teacher of Damsel-in-Distressing class at Ever After High.

Rumpelstiltskin is depicted as a very short man with a Russian accent. Just like in his story, he's incredibly greedy, and is more interested in scamming his students into making him money than actually teaching them.

Mr. Badwolf is a teacher of villainous students and the Head of General Villainy. He encourages their evil behavior as long as they stick to the schedule. He is also Cerise's father.

Evil step- librarians The are the mean librarians of Ever After High. They can make the students re-catalog a whole section as a punishment, and they tend to shush people for even the slightest whisper.

Gingerbreadman is the Grimmnastics teacher of Ever After High goes by Coach . He is strict about which sports are played and when. He is predictably interested in teaching students how to run, which is his area of expertise.

The Mad Hatter is Madeline (Maddie) Hatter's father, and the owner of The Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe in Book End.

The Good King is Raven Queen's father. He spends a lot of time with his daughter and especially worries for her well-being since her mother was imprisoned. He encourages Raven's kindness in spite of her Charming is Dexter's, Daring's and Darling's mother.

The Queen of Hearts is Lizzie Heart's mother, and Queen of Wonderland.

The White Rabbit is Bunny Blanc's father and a counselor from Wonderland High.

Jack B. Nimble is a somewhat eccentric teacher of Literature or some form of Creative Writing. The students seem to like him and his outlandish stories.

The Cheshire Cat is the mother of Kitty Cheshire. She loves her daughter very much, but pushes her to make her practical jokes as outlandish as possible. Like some, the Cheshire Cat did not make it out of Wonderland in time.

Little Red Riding Hood is Cerise's mother.